It Can Be Fun Out of Town

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My job takes me out of town every week. I try stayed occupied at night, going to dinner or quick beer somewhere near the hotel. One night was not what I expected. I had dinner at a different place than normal. Nice little steak house with a lounge.

I sat in the bar and had a couple of beers, and sparked a conversation with a guy sitting near me. Jim was his name and he asked if he could join my table, I said no problem and was about to order dinner. He said great and was starving. We ordered a couple steaks and beers.

He was out of town on business as well and thought it would be cool to sit and talk. We talked about our families at home and what we did to have fun. Pretty casual, once we finished dinner we sat back and talked for a long tome and really sparked a good feeling with each other.

After another beer he asked if I wanted to go to his hotel for a drink. They have a bar where he just runs a tab. So we left and I followed him to his hotel, just a couple blocks away.

We went into the bar and it was not to busy, we ordered a couple beers and he also ordered a couple casino siteleri SHOTS of tequila. We sat and drank for another couple hours, the place thinned out. I told him I should go, but we both new I was to drunk to drive. He offered his couch in his room. I declined as first, but was talked into it, ordered a couple more beers for the room and went up to his room.

I felt weird going up to another’s man’s room, but he made me feel comfortable. We got to his room and he said make your self at home and relax. I took my shoes off and sat on the couch, he said he needs to get out of his clothes, don’t be alarmed. No problem, I said. He stripped down to his tight underwear. And sat on the couch.

He turned on the TV and asked what I wanted to watch, anything. He said how about adult video, I don’t care. The movie started and it was some good action, two guys going at it with a girl. They would often touch and grab each others hard-on. I looked over at Jim and noticed a bulge growing as in mine. Jim spoke up and said he does usually beat off to this, I encouraged him don’t let me stop you. canlı casino Jim said fuck it, pulled his underwear off and sat back down. He was just a couple feet away with a total hard on. Jim said what about you, I hesitated and said I am hard.

I stripped in seconds, both of us naked stroking our cocks. The girl on TV was sucking both cocks; I said I wish that was me. He replied the girl or guy, laughing I said guy I guess. Then he looked over said ok, took my cock with his hand and started stroking. Not missing a beat, I grabbed his and helped Jim. Jim then turned and got on his knees, started sucking my cock. It was the best head ever; he worked my cock in and out of his mouth. I grabbed the back of his head and starting fucking his hot mouth, faster and faster. I told him to hold on because I was about to come, he pulled my cock out and said let him do it. Jim’s mouth was awesome and really worked my cock, I warned him then shot my load down his throat, and he took it all then licked my cock clean.

He stood up with little hesitation; his cock was in my face. I said payback time, never kaçak casino sucking a cock before. I started licking the shaft, and then worked it into my mouth. Jim said hold on, after sucking my cock he will not take long to blow. He took the back of my head and pumped my mouth, making me gag. But I got used to it and then he exploded down my throat and on my face. He ordered me to lick him clean, no probe, I said. Taking his cock in my mouth and sucking the warm cum from it, it was nice. I cleaned his cock and he sat back down.

We both sat back a starting watching the movie again; he noticed my cock was hard again. That was quick he said, must have been your cock in my mouth I told him. He asked me to fuck him, never had another man fuck him and wanted to feel my cock in his ass.

I never fucked anybody in the ass, so I said what the fuck. He licked my cock to get it wet, then turned bent over making his ass ready for my cock. I slowly worked my cock into his hole, it was tighter than any pussy I ever had. After working it around for a while I was pounding him good, my whole cock could feel his tight ass. It was nice, I new I would not last and shot my cum up in his ass slipping it in and out for a few more strokes. I said thanks, that was awesome. He smiled and wanted a turn soon, no problem once you get hard…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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