Irene the naughty of the demure neighbor

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Irene the naughty of the demure neighbor
This story happened a long time ago.

Irene at the time must have been around 40, 42 years, widow, had just moved into the apartment next door. Mother of a couple, the eldest boy and the girl with her 16 years, was also a case we had. I say we had it because it involved the mother with whom I related.

At first I did not pay much attention tô her, always talked about serious matters, had conservative positions with which my parents agreed.

But time passed, over a year that lived next door and gradually, that fake blonde, with round face, breasts not sóblinked and a small ass, was more open than imagined. It was not always, but I perceived a double meaning in what was talking about, there were hints with other men in the neighborhood.

I do not know if she missed her husband or if she only showed that she was not sóconservative. Only that she who continued with her positions recriminating the modern attitudes of the young people of then – which was strange, but that was how Irene was. Two women of opposite opinions living in one body.
At least it was a vision that I came tô have after a while.

By this time I discovered that Irene had a haircutting ability, my mom started cutting with it, it was comfortable, easy, it did not take long and she offered tô the cut of the hair of the men too.
“I’m not very good, but if they want, I’ll cut too.”

We accepted, she was not as skilled as the professionals, it took longer than usual, but the ease of ill leave home for one thing like that made the men of my family use their services.

It was then that I began tô perceive and desire that forty-year-old. At that time I was dating, but there things in the sex subject were more complicated, due tô Emily’s conservative education there was little or almost nothing but a few caresses inside the car.
Irene had a repressed will and who at certain moments uttered two-way phrases, full of possibilities. She was not married, she did not look sexy. But there was a flicker tô see what she would do in bed.

We stayed in this for a while, of course I did not have the courage tô reach such a woman, although I started tô masturbate thinking about her, there were others, but she was taking up space in the lonely and perverted world of my instincts.

I guess the same is true of women, or not?

One Friday when I was going tô date Emily, I opened the door of the apartment and saw And I saw Irene coming out. She was in a bright blue dress that defined her body, for the first time I saw her sensual legs.

She was a type of woman who transformed completely without much effort. All had tô do was arrange her hairstyle and wear more extravagant clothes. It was more than interesting and sensual.
“ Hi!”
“Goes tô where? Are you going tô dating ?”
“Yes, we’re going tô see a movie.”

We left talking while I admire their forms carefully not tô attract attention. When she asks canlı bahis me…
“You could just leave near the third avenue ?”
“Yeah, of sure”
“I’m late, Bobby went tô college and I was without the car.”
“No problem, I’ll take mrs.”

I turned my attention tô traffic and also tô Irene’s thighs, although in the darkness of the car I imagined more than I could see her legs. One hour, when I move my hand, it goes against your thighs … Was not it my intention I swear or not? It is a fact that I see in your face a smile from those who understood a message.

When I stop at a sign, I keep my hand on the car gearboxand it was then that without saying a word she laid her hand on mine. My heart races, did not expect such a blatant reaction, especially when I was going tô find Emily. We smiled, crossed our fingers until the moment the green light appeared, it was not too long before we reached the avenue where Irene was going tô stay.
I stop the car, it opens the door:
“Thank you, Júlio.”
“You’re welcome”

She glances at me and kisses my cheek. We said nothing, the gesture said everything.

It was not always possible tô talk without witnesses, sówe did not speak or show what we wanted. We hardly saw each other either. But …

Days later the opportunity arises, coincidence or not, there she was leaving the house and I was going tô see another movie, it was early evening of a Saturday. This time I went alone, was angry with Emily. Once again, Irene wore a flashy red set, as she had done the other day.
“Going out?”
“I’m going tô see another movie.”
“Going with your girlfriend?”
“I go alone.”
“Are you two separate?”
“I shake my head and she smiles.”
“Do you want a ride, Mrs Irene?”

I still talked tô her like that.
“I want, am without a car again, will you could let me on the way, again ?”

Comes tô memory the other night in the car. I try tô control the affection I feel for her, I feel a shake in the middle of my groin.
“For sure.”

I drive trying tô control myself, I talk about other matters, but she insists on talking about my relationship with Emily, lucky tô have her as a girlfriend. That I need tô be carefu labout the girl’s dignity and decency. I’m listening tô this by going tô the place she pointed out tô me, and when I find that the conversation
ends there, I’m surprised by an unexpected question:
“Are you really going tô see a film ?”
“Yes, why?”
“”Would not you rather go out with someone than be alone in a movie theater?”
“Yes, but not with Emily, I will not call her today.”
She speaks by changing positions.
“… Why do not you invite me?”
“Where, where do you want tô go?”

I open the door, Irene enters with a curious look.
“It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I came when my husband was alive.”
“You came with him?”
“Who said it was just him?”

She laughs at what says, opens a mischievous smile and sits on the round bed crossing her legs, I admire her legs tipobet now are the knees that stand out..
“I Want a drink. See if have vodka.”

I examine and find a bottle, fill a glass.
“Put ice, a pity that has no lemon.”

I deliver she sips half a glass.
“Take it, too. It’s good tô relax.”

She sits on the bed, supporting on her elbows.
“Take off my shoes, please.”

I kneel in front of her, secure her ankle and pull out a shoe. She passes the chest of her foot on my face, I feel my dick acquiring life.
“Serve more, I want a crazy night, I do not want tô remember anything..”

I take the bottle and complete what is missing … She drinks almost everything … I drink from the same glass the little that remains. His eyes shine and the bulge in my waist no longer hides.

Naughty she reaches out and holds the hard limb in the middle of my legs.
“Nice see a man like this. Even more you”.

She runs her hand down my thigh.
“Come on … Take off my panties.”
I kneel again, she still leaning on the bed by the elbows, she helps pull on her skirt sómy hands can come in and know the soft flesh of her thighs, opens more and my hands sunk into that new world that are her legs.

I reach the panties, notice by the touch that is lacy and minimal. I squeeze her waist with both hands, she gives a soft moan, a squeal …
“You, you can not do this tô her …”

I make face who do not understand.
“Emily! You can not with her.”

I walk with the palm of the hand the extension of the panties, I reach the hair I feel some perceptible tô touch, mixed with the lace fabric and the warmth that begins tô sprout…
“She’s a virgin, is not she ? ”
“You need tô respect…”

… Your speech is tearful, dragged, that gives more boner. I feel the stick growing more inside the pants bothers, but it increases the will.
“Men need, we know, but not who you’re getting married with, see? ”

I pass my hand between your legs. I slide fingers on a thick thread that will turn the panties black lace, I feel the moisture that springs.
“Because the woman, the girl, must preserve herself for marriage. ”
“Things have changed, times are different.”
“But you can not! ” You must respect her, you must… Aahhnn !!

I start sticking my fingers in the middle of the hot, wet lips of the old-fashioned neighbor. Abused I’m groping his intimacy
“Ahhh!! … Respect the parents of the girl. ”
“We didn’t have sex, but already it has rolled a climate.”
“Rang ? Did you play the girl ? ”

I make a yes and my fingers lick in the wet and hot pussy of Irene.
“Can not.”
“And how do i do it? ”
“You do it with another, there’s sómany….”

She definitely pulls her skirt up tô her waist, lies down completely on the bed her eyes are on the mirrored ceiling of the room, I remove the black panties.
“You can choose… There are sómany willing…”

Skillful she turns enough tô open the zipper. I pull the skirt, it’s beautiful the tipobet giriş vision of her naked body. I admire your pussy, hide my fingers in your hair, she lifts her body.
“I do not like tô do with anyone, I prefer… I prefer tô meet theperson. Even more in these days, these diseases all… The AIDS.”

She laughs, her hand finds mine in the middle of the pussy, intertwined her fingers together with her hair, she guides me towards the entrance of the fleshy lips.
“So there’s not sómany …”
“Yes, and how do I do it? I need tô find someone who can help.”
” Maybe someone more discreet who knows how tô relieve a man.”

My fingers sink, the wet pussy helps my action massaging inside, knowing your intimacy. Your hand seeks mine that now tightens your waist.
“Aanhhh !!! MMmmm !!!”

She covers her mouth with her other hand, tô drown out the moaning, I stick two fingers in the middle of her meats in pursuit of her pleasure. She lifts her legs open, her knees at the height of my chest, then crosses my back, hugs me with her legs.
His moaning grows.
“Uunhhh !! Uuhhh !!!”

The hands close by grabbing the satin from the bed sheet.
“Eat me, please do not do this tô me, eat me.”

She laughs, she cries … Shakes her head like crazy still holding the sheet.
“Fuck me, Aannhh … Before I …”

I stop, in despair, down as I can the pants and put everything, all in the background of this crazy woman. I force my body tô beat against her body.
“Uhhhhh !!! …. Uhhhh !!! …. Mmmmmm !!!”

Irene moans, screams loudly …
“You fucking hottie, you naughty boy, that’s what you need, do it tô me, just with me ….”

I improved my position and I hold Irene by the hips, half of his body is in the air, our bodies are beating, making a deaf noise … Dry … Rhythmic …
“AAAnnhh !!! AAAAnnnhhhh !!! AAAnnnhhhh !!!”

I throw all my fucking into the hot pussy of that crazy insane. My neighbor, demure.
“You fucker, you did not wait for me … You came before me …”

I lie next tô and I see that she works with the frenetic fingers that open and enter the skins and hair of the pussy – knocks … Beats shamelessly in front of me, looking me in the eyes. Her movements become frantic, crazy – she moans, sniffles, orders:
“Kiss me … Suck me …”

Irene says it weeping, I stick my tongue in her mouth and feel the heat and the tension she is in. She explodes like a volcano … Her crazy fingers work the pussy – she screams, howls inside my mouth … We detach … She puts her head on my shoulder, breathing hard … Sweaty … Wet …
“I have not done that in a long time.”
“I never did.”
“When you need tô call me, who knows from time tô time we meet, and sóyou preserve Emily.”

I do not know why sómuch concern about ‘Em’, but surely with her I would not do that, not now, I agree with the head.
“Wow …”

She sits down on the bed.
“… I need a shower.”

We did it yet again that night, time flies more than expected, but from there on, Irene became a source of ‘relief’ for me. I think it was the same for her. This did not change the behavior and speeches of this demure woman who was Irene the naughty neighbor.

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