Influencer to Sex Slave Ch. 02

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Author’s note: This is erotic fantasy and completely fictional. The main character, Jack, is a fictional, generic social media star / influencer, and is not a real person. As always, would love to get feedback in comments and messages.


Jack wakes up naked in bed, being spooned by his master, in his Airbnb in LA. Recent events still kind of feel like a dream, and he’s not sure when the shock will wear off.

Only two nights ago he got drunk for the first time, hit on a sexy guy at a club, and blacked out, only to wake up to Snaps on his story of him stripping and blowing the man, instantly ruining his career as a social media influencer. Feeling desperate with his income cut off and his family disowning him, he agreed to take orders from his new master in return for a place to stay and an allowance.

Then at 2am last night he found himself sitting nude at the table, his chest covered in his own cum and his ass full of his master’s, editing his first “new” video on his laptop. In the evening, he had been fucked in HD on camera, losing his virginity to first a dildo and then his master’s huge cock, and he had been ordered not to shower or go to bed until he had it edited and online.

Right as his prostate was getting pounded, his master had made him agree to a list of commands. After re-watching all the footage so many times while editing the video, Jack had them all memorized now.

You to do everything your master says, or else you will be punished.

Yes sir!

Your body is no longer yours. You are a sex toy to serve real men like me, online and offline.

Yes Sir!

Everything else you own is now mine, and you will come live with me twenty-four seven.

Yes sir!

I will get access to all your digital accounts, so I can manage all your communications, and get you fan requests to do.

Yes sir!

Wearing clothes beyond underwear is a privilege for you, and you’re not to do it unless I give you permission because you’re going out.

Yes sir!

Every single orgasm you have needs to be with permission, and filmed for the world to see

Yes sir!

With much apprehension, he hit “upload” on his new XVIDEOS account, and watched as the progress bar inched up. At first, this made him extremely nervous – grainy snapchat nudes were one thing, was he ready to upload a full quality, full length video of him being a slut to the world? But as the bar approached 100%, he noticed his spent cock getting hard, inching up off his bare thighs, and his mind started to cloud. And when the page refreshed and he sees his video live on the web, he felt like he was close to orgasming, hands-free.

“Every single orgasm you have needs to be with permission, and filmed for the world to see,” repeats in his mind. He shuts the laptop and tries to distract himself to cool off. He hasn’t eaten all day so he checks the fridge, but it’s an Airbnb and his master ate all his leftovers earlier. At least he can take a much-needed shower, and then finally get some rest.

Now awake the next morning, he does what he usually does in bed – checks in on his online persona. He types his name into Google.

The video has gone viral. A bunch of pop culture news sites had written articles about the “famous online influencer” who has been “completely corrupted.” Jack’s smiling face was on the front page of some gay site called Queerty, with his full video embedded.

He switched to Instagram and found he had doubled his followers to two million. This absolutely floored him. He had spent the last few years of his life obsessing over his follower count, and he thought back on how long the first million had taken. However he got here, two million made him feel proud and validated.

Finally, with much excitement and a bit of anxiety, he opens up the XVIDEOS link. It has over one million views already, and the whole world wasn’t even awake yet. His head spins trying to process this… just two days ago, literally no one had seen him naked. He was saving himself for marriage and the furthest he went with his girlfriend was making out shirtless. He had some underwear photos on the internet, but always under the pretense of “artsy” and innocent. But now over one million people have seen every inch of his body, seen his virgin asshole get pumped full of cum by a dominating man, and watched casino oyna his orgasm face as he exploded all over himself.

In the comments section, people are calling him every kind of name (“slut”, “slave”, “bitch”, “cocksucker”) and making demands of him. Each one he reads seems to make his erection harder, and precum ooze out into the sheets. People want to see him eating on all-fours like a dog, split-roasted by two old men, and locked in chastity for weeks. After a couple minutes of impulsive scrolling, he feels his master stir behind him.

“Hey boy, what do you have there?” and, yawning, he yanks the phone out of Jack’s hand.

“We have over one million views, sir.”

Reaching around under the sheets, his master manhandles his body before finding and gripping his hard cock. Jack lets out a soft moan.

“Seems like you love this, don’t you, slut?”

“Yes sir,” Jack whimpers, starting to move his hips a bit to stroke off his cock in his master’s hands.

“Stop,” he says, slapping Jack’s cock.

“Yes sir.”

There is a pause, as the man scrolls through the video comments.

“You’ve done a great job with this boy. This is more than I could have ever imagined for you, and a lot of these commenters have some great ideas. I am concerned about how hard you get all the time – it may tempt you to jack off… maybe we should get a chastity cage.”

“Whatever you say, sir.”

“Okay, well we’ll sort that out later! Today is the last day you have this Airbnb, right?”

“Yes sir.”

“So we need to get you relocated to my apartment, where you will be living from now on.”

Jack had agreed to this already, but hearing the words still made him nervous. This was still uncharted territory for him. But he agreed to be a sex slave, so he said what sex slaves say: “Yes sir.”

“But first, get your lips down around my cock and give me a blowjob. Make sure to get the cum sprayed all over your face.”

“Yes sir.”

He still has Jack’s phone in his hands. “I’ll record it too, for your Snapstory.”

Thirty minutes later they were done, his master hopped in the shower and told Jack to get to work packing his thing to leave the Airbnb. From his bag, Jack started to pull out a fresh pair of underwear along with shorts and a t-shirt, but remembering his new rules about wearing clothing, he popped his head through the open bathroom door.

“Sir,” he asked his master, who was standing in a towel, shaving in the mirror, “Do I have permission to wear clothes for when we leave?”

“Huh – good question boy, thanks for remembering to ask.” He grabs his phone from the counter and searches something. Jack waits patiently.

“No, you don’t.”

Jack is visibly shocked, his cheeks getting red.

“It says online that being in your underwear in public is legal in LA county. It’s just up to certain restaurants or stores they want to require more clothing. So go put on a pair of cute, tight underwear and flip flops. Oh and one more thing, don’t you dare wash that cum off your face.”

His master walked into the living room a bit later to find Jack sitting on the couch. He was wearing clean, bright red Calvin Kleins, and was trying to placate his nerves by re-checking his DMs and comments on his phone.

“Give me your phone. I’m going to call the Uber with your account, in case the driver decides to be an asshole and rate us poorly. Don’t worry, I know you don’t have an income anymore. We’ll figure out your credit card bill later.”

With a car coming in five minutes, Jack had no time to stall. He grabbed his duffle bag, the strap rubbing up against his bare shoulder and the bag itself laying against his bouncy ass, and with cum crusted all over his face and in his hair, and he followed his master out the door.

The hallway was outdoors, with a flight of steps going down to the street where the car could pull in. Jack’s heart was racing. The air felt cool on his skin and gave him goosebumps, even though it was warm outside. It felt similar to being naked on camera, except much less abstract because he was literally exposed to the world.

He was hyper-aware of any people in their presence and didn’t see anyone the whole way down. When they got to the curb the Uber wasn’t there yet though, and there was a couple (a man and woman) walking down the sidewalks canlı casino towards them. From a distance they had noticed Jack’s bright red briefs and he saw the man point at him, smiling.

“Shit, this was crazy,” Jack thinks. He looks up at his master but he just has a smug smile on his face, eyeing the couple out of the corner of his eye, pretending this is no big deal.

As the couple gets closer, they move on the sidewalk so they’re walking behind Jack. The woman makes a comment to her partner, “I guess he forgot his clothes today,” and laughs. Jack tries to ignore as they pass within a couple feet of his almost-naked ass. He glances down at his front, and is shocked to find his cock is getting hard.

His master notices too. “Again boy, you are so hard-wired for this life. We really do need to think about chastity to keep that cock of yours under control. I’m not sure what the law says about erections in public.” And then he laughs.

“Hey guys!” he calls out to the couple, who were finally walking away. “What is he doing?” Jack wonders.

“This here is my boy Jack, and he’s always in his undies outdoors to raise publicity for his Instagram. Want to take a picture of him? Just so long as you tag him!”

The woman finds this super hilarious. “You guys are so fucking weird,” she says as she laughs. To Jack’s horror, and excitement, she pulls out her phone and takes a picture. He instinctively smiles and gives a thumbs up.

His master then tells her Jack’s full name and username, and she types it up as a post. “Oh wow,” she says after it’s published, “you can really see his hard-on and pre-cum in this picture. I wonder if Instagram will even leave it up or not.”

Jack looks down so see she is right. His underwear has a massive wet spot in the front, and his cock is pulsing hard and pulling the waistband tight. He also knows second-hand that even when inappropriate content gets taken down from Instagram, if a famous influencer is tagged in the picture, someone from the internet will have already downloaded it and reposted it all over Tumblr.

With a mixture of relief and dread, the Uber pulls up and they climb in the backseat. Jack is sitting diagonal to the driver, so he is in full view of him in the rear view mirror. The guy is a gruff older man, who just kind of rolls his eyes at them and tells them to put on their seatbelts. Jack does so, while still trying to keep one hand casually in front of his raging, wet erection.

“Okay, while we’re in the car, let’s take care of a few details…” his master says.

During the ride, Jack adds his master’s fingerprint to his phone, so he can unlock it. Also, at his master’s request of course, he types out all his social media account passwords in a text and sends it to him.

“Okay slut, now text your bank passwords and social security number.”

Jack snaps out of his subservient headspace a bit upon hearing this. “Don’t give your social security number to anyone!” was drilled into him when his dad first taught it to him ten years ago.

“Um… my social security number?”

“Did I stutter you bitch?”

Jack registers his situation again. He’s in red briefs in the back of a car, exposed to the annoyed driver. His bag with all his current possessions is in the trunk. And, most shocking of all, he has a video online, with his real name, of him getting fucked on camera and admitting his subservience to this man at his left.

You to do everything your master says, or else you will be punished.

“Yes sir,” he says, as he types out and sends the text.

The man’s apartment is nice – a private one bedroom in West Hollywood, which Jack vaguely knows as the gay district in LA. Jack plops his bag down on the couch, and then turns around to ask his master where the bathroom is.

He’s slapped across the face.

“You hesitated when I gave you an order in the car. I couldn’t punish you in front of the driver, but that is not acceptable.”

“S-sorry, sir,” Jack says, putting his head down and putting his hands behind his back.

“Fetch your camera and tripod boy, and set it up with this chair is frame,” he grabs a chair from the kitchen room table and carries it in the center of the living room, “Record a fun intro naked about how you’re about to get punished, and you don’t know what that means, and then lay kaçak casino down on the chair, with your belly on it sideways.”

“Yes sir,” Jack replies, and then he springs into action. His master disappears into his bedroom.

He opens the blinds in the living room to let in the right amount of light, and then sets up the camera to get the space around the chair in frame. He stands in front of the camera, bending over some to get his head in, and puts on a classic Jack-smile.

“Hey everyone out there on the interwebs. It’s Jack here, back with another video! Just a few minutes ago I hesitated when my master gave me an order, and so as you know from my new life rules, that means I need to be punished. I’m not sure what is in store, let’s find out!”

He spoke cheerfully, but he was actually kind of nervous. He lays down on the hard chair, his knees on the ground on one side, and his head dandling on the other, and waits. His asshole still feels sore from being fucked for the first time less than twenty-four hours ago.

He hears his master come out, and sees his feet walk over to him. He speaks to the camera, “I’m so glad so many of you out there have enjoyed Jack’s video. He is such a pathetic bitch, isn’t he?”

Smack! Jack yells out and his ass is stinging. He was just hit with some kind of paddle.

“What do you have to say for yourself?!” his master screamed in his ear (he was going to have to do volume leveling when he edited this, he thought).

“I’m sorry sir!”

He gets whacked again. Shit, that hurts. Then again. He can feel his ass jiggle and riple after the paddle leaves it (he may want to make that slow motion for the video).

“Tell the world what you are, boy”

“I’m a slutty bitch who deserves to be punished.”


“That’s right,” and with one move, he grabs Jack by the hair and yanks up. Jack instinctively gets off the chair and upright, still on his knees, and his master kicks the chair away.

Smack! Then he throws Jack onto the ground. Jack hits the hardwood.

Smack! “Get on all fours, and face the camera!”

Jack gets up on all fours, doggy-style, instinctively arching his back, and then turns his head to look at the camera. The flashing red light reminds him he’s on camera, in HD. His ass must be red… it hurts so much, and his knees hurt too from being on the hardwood. And his face is still covered in dried cum. He feels so ashamed.

“Now don’t you ever hesitate with me again.”

“Yes sir!”

A wet, gooey liquid gets squirted into Jack’s ass crack. Then his master’s hands grip both his ass cheeks (ouch, they’re tender!) and pulls them apart. Without any warning at all, he shoves his huge cock up Jack’s ass.

Jack wants to scream “stop!” but he bites his lip. He doesn’t want any more paddles today. His master gets right to it, pounding over and over into him. His knees and palms ache against the hardwood, but he holds position.

He starts to zone out after a minute of it, and then the stinging of his ass starts to feel kind of good, and he finds himself enjoying each thrust of the cock filling him up. He’ll notice later on the film that his soft cock is starting to drip a stream of pre-cum on the ground.

His master reaches around his hip and smacks his balls with his open palm. Jack hops on all fours and lets out a high-pitch yelp (he looks a lot like a dog just then), but immediately after his cock starts getting hard because it was touched. This all starts to feel really good.

Just as his cock is sticking up, fully hard, his master pumps faster, and then Jack feels his ass being bred for the second time ever. His cock drizzles more pre-cum into the puddle on the floor.

“Good boy,” he’s told, and then his head is pat like a dog. He feels the huge cock slip out of his ass and be wiped off all over his raw cheeks.

“Thank you sir. May I cum sir?”

“No slut, you should stay horny for a bit I think. Comments on the video wanted to see what your slutty brain gets like when you don’t cum for a while.”

Jack is mentally freaking out. He’s never felt hornier than in the past few days, and now he may not be able to cum as frequently? But feeling his raw ass, he says, “Yes sir.”

“Now get this cleaned up and start editing your video. I want it posted before dinner, when we’ll record another one.”

Jack has never posted this frequently. Editing takes a ton of work and usually he barely manages once a week, with the rest of his time spent goofing off. But he says what he has to: “Yes sir.”

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