Incestia [1]

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Incestia [1]
A warm night. A distant half-moon. A home of adobe in the Kassanian remote. A man in the soft rustle of sexual motion, the only whisper of sound in a clandestine setting for a necessary coupling.

Necessary? Yes. But also i*****l.

And yet, it continued. Slowly. Lewdly. The man moved in obscene cadence, pushing in and pulling back, his erect tool slow-plowing like a tiller before seed. His back arched and his loins swiveled as guttural moans emanated in his depths.

Criminal. Criminal copulation.

And, there were witnesses. Four of them.

Two young girls sat close. They watched. Two weeks before, they would have fled such an idea, but things had changed and so had their understanding.

They were not ordinary girls.

These were the man’s own daughters.

Two other witnesses were Avan Volka, the man’s brother, and Xia Zan, a roundish Asian woman who toted a leather bag. They were acquaintances who lived apart in the nearby nation of i****tia.

The daughters were pretty with petite features, aqua eyes, golden hair that wisped past their shoulders, and virtues of untouched innocence. While few would have believed that Verity and Cambria would ever watch their father engage in a sex act, none would have believed they had become part of it.

Under Uncle Avan’s direction, the two had seduced their father with “strong drink”, a mixture of alcohol and passion berry. They had dressed themselves provocatively and with exotic perfumes and the promise of a prostitute—a mouth-whore—their father had followed them to his bed.

With dancing streams of moonlight and shadowed bedding, they watched and smiled while their father was breaking two of the most strident laws in the nation of Kassan—i****t and sodomy; sodomy because the nation of Kassan was the only one in the region that treated penetration of the mouth under that ancient definition.

i*****l? Yes. But also necessary.

In secrecy and darkness, Yuri Volka was enjoying the passions of the mouth-whore yet under the influence of that strong drink, he was unaware of one thing: the mouth-whore he was defiling was his own son, Caci.

The boy was the youngest of the three c***dren. He had an appearance much like his sisters and was nearly as effeminate. He had been willing right from the start, willing to lay side-by-side with is father and receive his father into the depths of his throat, a throat that had been prepared for just that.

Avan had worked with Caci to take it deep although he had not used his own cock since that would have betrayed his brother’s trust. Instead, he had used a dildo and he was pleased to see that it had worked well.

He had told his nieces that it would not be difficult for them to seduce their father because Yuri had not been himself for months and had not been with a woman for just as long, not since their mother had left amid a growing chaos.

And indeed, the seduction hadn’t been difficult. Yuri’s fall from cognition had been fast. His ongoing stupor was fueled by alcohol for what lay behind and fanned by the dread of what was yet to come. In his weakened state, he had obediently followed his temptress daughters to a bedchamber of iniquity.

Verity leaned toward her father. “Do it, daddy. Fuck her!” she said while seeming mildly shocked at her first use of a four-letter word. “She’s a prostitute, daddy, and she’s here for you!”

Yuri was moaning more now as his hard cock burrowed deeper and pulled back before pushing back in with a pace that was slowly building.


Unaware that he was fucking the mouth of his own son.

Cambria was silent. It wasn’t fair! She should have been the one to lay with their father and receive their father’s seed. She was the one who should replace their departed mother and satisfy their father’s sexual needs and even bear his c***d. Yet, Caci was laying with him instead of her!

She had pleaded with Uncle Avan beforehand but he had staunchly declined and said, “We don’t have time for that! If we don’t get this done soon, the lot of you will find yourselves in the sex markets of Talamira.”

Verity whispered again, “Do it daddy! And, you MUST ejaculate inside of her. You must!”

For quite some time, no one spoke as they watched the i****tuous coupling. Yuri’s slow and a****listic undulations began to move with greater urgency. His güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri pace increased a little and then a little more. His moans became more commonplace while his son’s eyes were closed in fervent rapture.

The girls were startled when they saw their father’s hands grasp Caci’s head more firmly and they hoped their father would not figure things out. They looked to Uncle Avan and he calmed them by shaking his head in silent assurance that Yuri was oblivious.

The man was fucking now. Yes, fucking. Like a man desperate for release, Yuri clung to the mouth-whore and pistoned his erection deep and fast until…yes! Yes! His body was convulsing and trembling and he…he was ejaculating! He was ejaculating deep inside his son’s throat in an orgasm that lasted for nearly ten full seconds.

And Caci lay still and received it all.

In time, Uncle Avan pried the boy from Yuri’s grip and Xia was quick to her task. She pushed a tube into the boy’s throat and let loose of a suction ball at the top. The others watched as thick, white sperm was drawn from the boy’s throat, up into the tube, then emptied into a sealed container.

Yuri was already sleeping as they left his room.

Verity danced in silent glee as Avan asked Xia, “When will we know?”

Xia responded, “It sometimes take days and there are no guarantees. And, one is not enough.”

“Yes. I know,” Avan replied. “That’s why you must be here the next five nights, Xia. Promise me!”

She promised, then departed for i****tia.

Avan didn’t return to i****tia immediately because Verity was worried.

“What if…What if we’re missing something?” she asked. “What if we do all of this and the officials say it isn’t enough or they say it’s not real or it doesn’t count because Caci is a boy or it was only in a mouth instead of…well, instead of…?”

“Sit down and I’ll read something to you,” Avan replied. “I got this from friends in high places in i****tia. This is a copy of the actual law that applies to us”

“‘Clause 9d: Fathers penetrating sons – oral:

In the matter of fathers engaged with oral sons, emergency refugee status shall be granted if:

a) the family seeking refuge is in immediate peril, and,

b) there is valid evidence of i****t in which a father has penetrated, copulated in, and ejaculated in the mouth or throat of his natural son, and,

c) the father’s semen has been ingested by the son, and,

d) such oral copulation has occurred at least three times with each act taking place on a separate day within a recent three-week period, and,

e) there is corroborating forensic evidence and accredited eye-witness testimony.’”

Avan knew he could prove the family was in peril, but until he had three certified sperm samples from Caci’s throat and signed statements from Xia as witness, he would never prove they were a family of i****t. And, it had to be done soon because Yuri’s trial was coming in less than two weeks and it seemed the grand tribunal was already leaning toward his guilt.

There had been one hurdle for Avan to overcome in the plan of seduction.

His nieces could not be the ones to lay with their own father. They were pure and beautiful girls and once they were in i****tia, their value would be immense! If his brother ever emerged from his months-long stupor, how would he ever explain that he had squandered their great value? Despite Cambria’s pleas, that could never happen! Instead, it had to be the boy.

Avan thought of Caci as peculiar, a boy who didn’t talk much and seldom expressed emotion. But, if Avan would have had a million bucks, he would have bet the boy would agree to being mouthfucked by his own father because, if his instincts were correct, the boy was a cocksucker-in-waiting.

So yes, Avan would help the family and he would also see to it that he helped himself. Once they were in i****tia, he would see to it that young Cambria got her wish and she got good and fucked by her father and once that happened, the plan for his own pleasure would be well on its way.

Before he departed, he warned the girls, “Kassanians hate i****t and they hate queer things and we’re doing both. If they find out about it, they won’t wait for your dad’s trial so we must keep all of this secret. What we are doing is reviled in Kassan, but once we are across the border to tipobet i****tia, you will be welcomed because in i****tia, i****t is celebrated.”

For the next five nights, Yuri’s daughters plied their father with strong drink and lured him to his bedroom and the man had sex in the mouth of the “prostitute” and each time, he buried his bone deep in his own son and he ejaculated deep in his son’s throat.

By then, Xia had six samples and soon thereafter, she announced that four of them were valid and within hours, Avan announced the family had an appointment with the i****tia Court of Immigration early Thursday morning.

Verity jumped for joy and hugged her uncle. “We were so close to terrible things Uncle Avan! Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping us!”

“We will leave tomorrow and stay in a hospice near the border,” he said. “We’ll cross over to the courthouse first thing Thursday morning. Pack only what you can carry but make sure you have pretty dresses to wear in court.”

As the sun rose on Thursday and they prepared to leave for the courthouse, Cambria was upset because her father was not going with them.

Avan explained, “He is in no condition to be in court. The attendants here at the hospice will take care of him til we get back. He’ll be fine.”

He found it amusing that for the family to escape Yuri’s prosecution under one Kassanian law, it had to break two others. Yet had those things occurred in i****tia, none of it would have mattered because in i****tia, the standard was: “Everything that is agreeable is also legal.”

The courthouse boasted huge columns on the outside with an interior of rich woods, brass railings, wall coverings of rose-colored velvet, and a mammoth judge’s bureau that was elevated about five feet above the courtroom floor.

There were a few people s**ttered in the audience section while a court recorder and bailiff sat near the judge’s bureau. The Volka family was ushered to the front where they joined Xia who was already seated.

“ALL RISE,” came the commanding voice of the bailiff.

An older, robust man in a long robe entered and the bailiff announced, “The honorable Judge Ciro T. Nikolai.” Once the judge sat, the bailiff continued, “This court is in session. You may be seated.”

The recorder addressed Xia and the Volkas and swore the group to truthful testimonies.

Judge Nikolai read aloud the case before him, then announced, “This court will stipulate that Yuri Volka is incapacitated and will be represented by his brother Avan Volka. The court will also stipulate that semen samples provided by Miss Xia Zan are those of Yuri Volka, taken on the dates and in the manner that have been stated.”

Avan and the girls smiled.

“Now Miss Zan, let me ask you some questions. Your signed affidavit says that on multiple occasions—six to be exact—you witnessed Yuri Volka and his son—let’s see, that would be Caci—engaging in a sexual act in which Yuri Volka penetrated the mouth of his son. Is that true?”

“Yes, Your Honor. And, it was full penetration.”

“By ‘full penetration’ I suppose you mean all the way into the boy’s throat.”

“Yes, Your Honor.”

“Would you say what you witnessed would be an act of copulation? By that I mean, a man moving in a sexual manner with an apparent goal of achieving orgasm?”

“Very much, Your Honor. That is exactly what I saw.”

“And, how long did these sex acts usually last?”

“Twenty minutes; sometimes thirty.”

“And, did you also witness with your own eyes the completion of those sex acts? Did Yuri Volka achieve orgasm in the mouth of his own son?”

“Yes, Your Honor, although it was actually in the boy’s throat.”

“So it’s your testimony that you actually saw Yuri Volka inseminate his own son.”

“Yes, Your Honor.”

“Miss Zan, it is imperative that we be clear. Did you only witness the act of irrumatio, or mouthfucking as we call it, or did you actually see Yuri Volka inseminate the mouth and/or throat of his son?”

“I actually saw it, Your Honor. On six occasions. That is how I drew the sperm samples.”

“It seems odd to me that you were even there. Can you explain why a stranger to the family would be in such a situation?”

“Oh yes, Your Honor. Because of the laws and harsh penalties in Kassan, there was no way the family could trust any Kassanian to witness their acts of i****t. perabet They needed someone from outside of Kassan and Avan asked me and I said I would. They also needed certified sperm samples.”

“I see. Very well, Miss Zan. You may be seated. Avan Volka, it says here that you also witnessed these events. Is that true?”

“It is, Your Honor.”

“Would you say it is commonplace in Kassan for an uncle to watch his brother copulate in the mouth of his own son?”

“I…I don’t think so but my brother is incapacitated and they needed my help as a witness.”

“I see. And, is your testimony also that you witnessed your brother engaging in sex acts with his son and that it included the thrusting of his penis in the boy’s mouth?”

“Yes, Your Honor.”

“How many times did you witness that?”

“Six, Your Honor.”

“And is it also your testimony that you actually saw your brother inseminate Caci. Did you actually see that?”

“Yes, Your Honor, all six times.”

“How well do you know Caci Volka?”

“Very well. I’ve known him his whole life.”

“So, do you think you would be a good judge of the boy’s demeanor in different situations?”


“Did you see any evidence that the boy was in any disagreement to having is mouth used that way by his father?”

“Not at all. I’ve long suspected Caci was interested in doing it and—”

“Doing what?” the judge Ciro interrupted. “Sucking cock?”

“Yes, Your Honor.”

“Well, we’ll find out how agreeable he was in a few minutes and his answers better match yours.”

The judge seemed to study some papers, then continued. “Since I have the testimony of two witnesses and since this family has been through quite an ordeal, I will not require that the girls testify at this time. However, the matter of willingness has not be settled and the law requires that I question the boy.”

“Your Honor,” Avan intervened, “Caci is a bit different. He doesn’t talk much.”

“Can he manage one-word responses?” the judge challenged.

“I…I suppose.”

“You suppose!?! Mr. Volka, if the boy cannot manage even a one-word response then how is it that you can tell this court that he agreed to having sex with his father?”

“I mean…I just—”

“Sit down, Mr. Volka.” Judge Ciro Nikolai’s head turned side-to-side as he scoffed, “Can’t give a one word response…!”

He continued, “Now Caci, I’m going to ask you questions and you must answer truthfully. You must answer with words and not just shaking your head. Do you understand?”

The boy nodded.

“Dammit!” the judge hissed. “Answer yes or no! Do you understand?”


“Now Caci, I have two witnesses that claim you engaged in a sexual act with your own father. Did you?”


“And the testimony before me states that your father put his penis into your mouth. Is that true?”


“And did you let your father do that? Were you willing to have your father’s penis in your mouth?”


“And did your father move in a manner that we often call ‘mouthfucking’?


“And, were you willing to let your father do that?”


“Besides being willing, did you want your father to fuck your mouth?”


The judge stared at the boy and adjusted his position.

“I have semen samples and the testimony of others that say in the past week, your father ejaculated in your mouth or throat. Is that true?”


“In the past week, how many times has your father ejaculated in you?”


“And you were willing to let him do that each and every time?”


“You said earlier that you wanted him to fuck your mouth. Did you also want him to cum in your mouth?”


“For the record, let’s make this clear. In the past week, you willingly let your father fuck your mouth and you willingly let your father ejaculate in you.”


Judge Nikolai told Caci to be seated while he whispered to the court recorder.

Eventually, he spoke.

“The evidence and the testimony seem compatible, but I am not able to render a decision at this moment. I must see Mr. Avan Volka and the boy in my chambers in ten minutes. Court is recessed until 11am.”

The bailiff called the court to stand while the judge left through the same door he had entered.

Verity panicked. Avan assured her that there was no reason for concern and it was all just part of the process.

He hoped that was true.

The bailiff’s eyes had an ominous glint as he led Avan and Caci through a back hallway to the judge’s chamber. As they reached the chamber, the bailiff leaned toward them and said, “You all be nice to the judge ‘n’ he all be nice to you.”

With a wink, he opened the door and ushered them in.

[Part 2 follows]

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