Ice Hockey Bull

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I watched her big sweaty tits bounce under the harsh fluorescent lighting of the arena bathroom as she rode my stiff throbbing cock. Her pretty face was flushed red with the combination of sexual excitement and physical exhaustion.

We had just finished playing an intense overtime ice hockey game in a no checking adult league in Maryland. I had been playing hockey my entire life but I had never played on a team with a woman much less two.

I was a recent transplant from Northern New England and I was elated when I found a new team to play for in my first winter in the area. The team had five new players including Jenny and Heather. They were both brunettes in their mid twenties, short and thick with strong legs. Heather was the better player but Jenny had a much prettier face and she had great tits.

Jenny and I had been flirting subtly for two months before things escalated. She made her move in the parking lot after the game as several players drank beers and talked.

“I love sweaty men,” she teased as she tustled my soaking wet hair.

“Really,” I replied as I reached around her waist and pulled her closer. We had both had a few beers and we both knew what we wanted.

“Come with me,” Jenny whispered softly so the others couldn’t hear her as she walked toward the ice rink. We were both married but I didn’t care. It had been weeks since my wife and I had fucked. I was horny and I was very attracted to Jenny. I quickly followed her into the building. She took my hand and pulled me into the ladies locker room. She locked the door and dragged me into the empty shower stall.

Jenny’s body pressed against mine as our lips met in a deep passionate kiss. Our tongues entwined as our hands roamed freely over each other’s body.

I squeezed her big 36dd tits and she moaned softly into my mouth. I had been drooling over her tits for weeks and I couldn’t wait to see them bare and beautiful.

Jenny pulled my shirt off and kissed my sweat covered neck as she unfastened my pants and dropped them to the floor. She licked my salty neck and I groaned quietly.

“My husband, Mike, would love this,” Jenny teased as she grabbed my hard dick and sank slowly to her knees.

She knew her way around a cock and I groaned loudly as her hot mouth engulfed my turgid rod.

“Mmmm,” Jenny purred as she licked and sucked my throbbing dick. “Nice and salty too,” she cood.

Her casino oyna head bobbed over my pulsating cock bringing me closer and closer to the point of no return. I could feel my climax building. I was close and I groaned with disappointment when she stopped suddenly and stood up. She pressed her lips to mine and we kissed again. It was a deep wet kiss and I could taste a hint of salt on her soft lips.

I pulled her shirt over her head and freed her mammoth but youthfully firm tits. My mouth descended on her giant orbs and I nibbled, sucked and licked sweat from her soft skin. My fingers found the snap and zipper of her jeans and I pulled them down her thick alabaster legs. Her pussy was framed with a well groomed patch of short blown fur and I felt the overwhelming need to taste her juices.

I dropped to my knees and parted her smooth shaved lips. My tongue flicked over her pussy and she let out a low soft moan. It was raw, primal and animalistic like the soft growl of a tiger.

Her thick meaty lips were covered with salty sweat and her succulent juices ran down her muscular thighs.

I pressed my face against her molten sex and inhaled the sweet scent of her arousal as I slipped two fingers inside her.

“Make me cum,” Jenny panted as my tongue found her hard swollen clit. Her legs quivered and her body shook as I pumped my fingers in time with my oral assault on her clit.

Jenny came hard. Her body shook and she cried out loud enough for anyone outside to hear her pleasure filled screams. She pushed me onto my back on the cold tiled shower floor and straddled my waist. She lowered her pussy onto me as I guided my granite shaft into her liquid core. Her strong muscular body moved sensuously over me as she felt my cock glide in and out of her slippery slit. Her big tits bounced enticingly as I thrust hard to meet her wide hips.

We fucked hard and fast as sweat covered our bodies anew. I felt my cum boiling as I watched her ride my stiff prick.

“Cum inside me,” Jenny cried out as a second climax shook her soft, sexy round body.

“I’m close,” I panted as I flew past the point of no return. I sank my dick deep inside her womb and jettisoned buckets of thick hot cum inside her wet warm canal as she collapsed on top of me.

Our lips met in a deep slow languid kiss as my dick went soft inside her. Our chests heaved and the room filled with the sounds of our heavy canlı casino breathing as we struggled to catch our breath.

The scent of sex hung heavy in the air and my cock twitched with new found arousal. I kissed her softly and then more deeply as my excitement continued to climb.

“I need you again,” she said playfully as though she read my mind. “Let’s go back to my place and really make this a memorable night.”

My wife was out of town and Jenny knew that I had all night to play. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse and it would change my life forever.

Twenty minutes later we stumbled into the dark foyer of Jenny’s condo as we kissed frenetically and tore at our clothes.

My shirt was cast aside with reckless disregard and her tee shirt soon joined it in the dark abyss. Jenny’s huge tits pressed against my naked torso and my cock throbbed against the confines of my jeans.

I kissed her neck and tasted the salty goodness of dried sweat on her soft supple skin. My hands lifted her big beautiful breasts, feeling their weight as I lowered my mouth to worship them in the darkness.

Jenny moaned as I sucked hard on her swollen nipples. Her moans sent my excitement to new heights and I frantically pulled her pants over her wide hips.

The aroma of her arousal danced in the air and tickled my senses as I continued to lather her tits with my tongue.

“I need you inside me again,” Jenny moaned as she pushed me away and tore my pants off my body.

My eyes had adjusted to the darkness and I could see her curvaceous siloette as she knelt on all fours.

“Fuck me from behind,” she panted as I moved behind her big round ass.

I rubbed the big drooling head of my cock across her engorged pussy lips and she moaned softly. I rubbed my shaft across her hard clit and she moaned louder. I pressed my cock against her hole and she cried out with desire.

“Please,” she begged. “Please put your big hard cock inside me.”

I pressed my hips forward and sank 7 inches of hot throbbing flesh into her molten pussy.

“Oh yes,” she hissed as my balls slapped against her hard clit.

I grabbed her generous hips for support and pistoned my cock into her doggy style in her dark family room.

Jenny pushed back against me as I thrust hard into her juicy pussy. Her legs quivered as waves of pleasure rolled through her thick curvey body.

“I’m kaçak casino cumming,” she cried out as I furiously thrust my hard cock into her quivering cunt.

I looked up and saw Jenny’s husband standing in the doorway watching us fuck. He was naked and stroked his hard dick in time with my thrusts into his wife. He moved toward us with his dick in his hand until he stood over Jenny’s pretty face. He slowly lowered himself into a kneeling position in front of her and guided his dick into his wife’s waiting mouth.

Jenny accepted her husbands smallish 5″ dick into her mouth and her head bobbed as I continued to fuck her from behind. She sucked noisily on his dick and the sounds of sex filled my ears.

I could feel my climax building and Jenny could sense my excitement. “Don’t cum yet,” she said softly between loud slurps of her husband’s hard dick. She directed her husband onto his back and he quickly shimmied under her in a tight 69 position as I slowly fucked her juicy cunt.

“Fuck me hard lover,” she requested as she looked back over her shoulder at me.

I pumped my cock into her as her mouth descended on her husbands dick. He licked her pussy as I fucked her hard and fast. I could feel his tongue on my shaft and my balls brushed across his face each time I thrust my dick inside her. It was shocking but it felt hedonistic and good.

“Cum inside me,” Jenny begged as I approached the zenith of my excitement.

I thrust my granite shaft hard and fast into her soft wet cunt. My balls tightened and I buried my long shaft inside her as hot cream shot from my dick. Her husband licked my balls as I filled Jenny’s pussy with my thick seed.

I pulled my spent dick from Jenny’s sloppy pussy and her husband grabbed my ass and wrapped his lips around my cream covered dick. He sucked hard and drew every drop of cum from my flaccid cock before he released his firm grasp of my ass. I had never had a homosexual experience before but inspite of my initial shock his lips felt good on my spent dick.

Jenny raised up as her husband fastened his mouth to her cum filled cunt. He noisily slurped my hot cream from her pussy and willingly swallowed it all as she moaned and groaned with excitement.

Jenny came over and over as her husband licked her well fucked pussy searching for more of my thick creamy cum. I knelt beside her and kissed her as her body shook from a series of minor tremors.

When her body was spent Jenny led us upstairs to their bedroom. She climbed naked into bed and her husband and I slid on either side of her. It was well passed midnight and we drifted quickly off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20