I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 07

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I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 07
Madeline sat on the edge of her couch, eyes brimming with tears that hadn’t yet started trickling down her cheek. She looked at her phone, at the message Shelly had just sent her. As the first tear rolled slowly down her cheek, Madeline tapped out her reply.

MADDY: I’m not going tonight.

SHELLY: What?!? Why not?

MADDY: I just can’t.

SHELLY: Can I come over and talk?

MADDY: I think I’d like that.

Minutes later, Shelly was sitting at Madeline’s kitchen table, fresh cups of hot coffee in front of both of them.

“Alright, girlfriend,” Shelly stirring sugar into her coffee. “What gives? We have been planning this night out all week.”

Madeline hung her head, needlessly stirring a spoon through her own mug of black coffee. Her eyes were still puffy, but she had mostly stopped crying.

“We didn’t have sex last night,” Madeline confessed, holding back more tears. “Again. Scott came home late from work, exhausted. I tried to entice him, even for just a quickie. I -”

Madeline put her hands in her face and sobbed.

“Oh, honey,” Shelly said, real concern in her voice. She swung herself around to Madeline’s side of the table, putting her arm around her BFF. Madeline buried her head in Shelly’s shoulder and cried. Shelly rocked her slowly, comforting her.

“It’s been over a week, Shelly. We’ve never gone this long without having sex, except maybe when I was late in my pregnancy. Even then, we found ways to … you know.”

Shelly nodded, understanding. In the last few days, she had discovered that Madeline’s husband had a strong sexual appetite. Shelly’s heart raced at the very thought of their most recent secret rendez-vous.

“I know it’s partly my fault. I was a tease all last week, wearing my silky nighties to bed, getting him all hot and bothered, and then leaving him high and dry. Now he’s not interested in sex at all.”

‘Oh, honey,’ Shelly thought to herself, patting Madeline’s hand. ‘He’s still very much interested in sex. We fuck like rabbits!’

“I have to fix this,” Madeline continued. “He’s not working overtime tonight. He made a big deal out of mentioning that even though the boss said he wants him to work OT. Scott knows it’s normally our little Girls’ Night. He told his boss he needs to stay home and take care of Thomas.”

Madeline paused, wringing her hands together.

“I’m going to stay home and talk with him … figure out what’s up between us. Before it’s too late.”

“Unh-uh, nope, I have a better idea,” Shelly said, lifting Madeline’s head. “Listen to me: you’ve told me before that the sex is really, REALLY good after Girls’ Night out, right?”

Madeline blushed a little, nodding her head yes. She had told Shelly that. Because it was, especially after they had gone out clubbing together. It was probably one of the reasons she kept letting Shelly drag her out every Tuesday night. Scott was always quite good between the sheets, but he was noticeably more “vigorous” after she got home from Girls’ Night.

“Why do you think that is?” Shelly asked, arching her eyebrow at her girlfriend.

Madeline contemplated this a moment, but didn’t really have an answer. She shrugged, helplessly.

“Your man is alpha,” Shelly continued. “He lets you go out, because he knows that after being a stay-at-home Mom all week, you desperately need a break. Otherwise, you’ll go stir crazy! But he also sees how you dress when we go clubbing together. He has seen how you doll yourself up, put on your most sexy clothes, and do up your hair and makeup. He knows you’ve been gawked at by other men. He fully knows that their hands might have been on you, even if just briefly, while you danced with them. He knows a sultry beauty like you would flirt playfully with the men, tease them a little-”

Madeline snorted, interrupting her.

“That’s you, Shelly, not me. I’m just there for a little dancing and fun. I could never bring myself to flirt like you do, certainly not kiss another guy.”

Madeline’s memories flashed back to last week. After Shelly had been missing from their table for an unusually long while, Madeline had gone looking for her. She found Shelly in a dark corner of the club, making out with some guy she had just been dancing with moments before. And not just that … later, she had caught Shelly-

“Oh, Madeline, that’s part of the problem. You really should! Gosh, you’re so pretty. You don’t know the power of your good looks, the men you could entice with that beautiful body.”

Madeline was flabbergasted. Shelly was the stunner in the group, not her. When they went out clubbing together, or really anywhere, all eyes were on Shelly. Madeline might get attention eventually, but only because she was in Shelly’s company.

“But what I’m really trying to say is that Scott EXPECTS you to have fun, to get a little release on Girls’ Night. To play a little – not a lot, but yes, just a little bit. And when you come home late at night, smelling vaguely like some other man’s cologne, he can’t wait to get his hands on you, to dominate you, to show you who is top dog. Calling off Girls’ Night? That’s the worst thing you could do if you want to set things right tonight.”

“Alpha?” Madeline repeated, more than half believing that every word Shelly had just uttered was true. “Do you really think so?”

“Woof, woof.” Shelly smiled. “Trust me, Bill is the same way. The only reason I tolerate his frequent traveling is because he is an absolute a****l when he comes home.”

Madeline had a hard time believing that last bit. Bill was balding, short, and more than a little round in the belly. It was sometimes difficult for Madeline to fathom what Shelly saw in him, particularly after seeing the types of guys she attracted at the night clubs. But she and Bill certainly seemed happy every time Madeline saw them together.

“Besides, I went shopping Sunday, and I bought you some presents …”

Madeline had noticed Shelly carrying a shopping bag from Francesca’s when she arrived. It was one of their favorite fashion stores. Shelly got up to fetch the bag from the nearby kitchen counter.

“Want to see?” Shelly teased, clutching the bag close to her chest, then turning slightly to hide it.

“Show me,” Madeline laughed, surprised at how quickly Shelly had been able to turn her mood around. It was good to be with Shelly. She was so good at chasing all her worries away.

Shelly reached into the bag and pulled out a pleated, white mini skirt. Shelly held it up to her waist, and Madeline saw how scandalously short it was. It wasn’t just short. It was short short!

“Oh my god, Shelly … I could never wear that!”

“Oh my God, Madeline, you would look sooooooo good in this. Ready to see the top?”

Madeline nodded, hesitantly.

Shelly pulled a matching white tube top. It had an extremely narrow cut. The tube top had wired supports under the breast, to lift and separate Madeline’s bosom.

Shelly wouldn’t need such support, Madeline thought, glancing briefly at Shelly’s chest. Her boobs were fake: always perky, always looking great, always “in the right place”. Madeline, a healthy, natural 36DD was more than a handful, but “the girls” weren’t as firm as they were in her twenties. They’d benefit from the firming under support of the tube top.

“And here,” Shelly continued, reaching into the bag a third time, “is a sexy, little choker. I have a different outfit, but the same matching choker. We’ll look so cute side by side!”

The choker looked like the top of a men’s collared shirt, the part that folds in half over the neckline. It was white, with a black bow tie. The neck choker seemed reminiscent of something bunnies from the 1980’s might wear while serving cocktails at a Playboy club: the only thing Madeline thought she’d be missing was the bunny ears and fluffy tail.

Madeline picked up the skirt, held it to eye level, and looked at it skeptically. She didn’t think it would cover the bottom curve of her ass cheeks – it wasn’t long enough to come more than a quarter-length down her thigh!

Still, Madeline admitted to herself, the outfit was super cute. She and Shelly had been working on their tans all summer, lounging by the pool, while Thomas was in school. The color offset by this all-white skirt, top and choker would look pretty savage against her sunkissed skin.

“And …” Shelly said, reaching into the bag again. “New shoes for Cinderella.”

“Oh my gosh,” Madeline got up from the table, walking over to stand near her friend. “I love these.”

Madeline recognized the shoes immediately. She had commented about them the last time they had gone shopping at Charlotte Russe. The all-white, high-heeled sandals had skinny straps, creating a criss-crossed pattern over the foot, with skinny stilettos and zippered closures at the back of the heel. They were incredibly sexy!

Madeline looked at her friend with fresh tears in her eyes, then pulled her into a hug.

“What would I do without you?” she laughed, wiping fresh years from her eyes. “You’re the best.”

“Does that mean you’ll come dancing with me tonight?” Shelly asked.

Madeline made up her mind right then and there: Girls’ Night was on. They would dress up, go out, drink a little too much and dance the night away. Madeline might even flirt with a guy or two, this time. Really flirt! And when she came home, Scott would ravish her!

Madeline leaned back from the hug, but still held Shelly in her embrace. Shelly’s luminous eyes held Madeline’s gaze, twinkling mischievously.

“Yes, I’ll go dancing with you tonight.”

Shelly looked at Madeline. Madeline looked at Shelly. Their eyes kept darting to each other’s lips. Madeline knew what was about to happen, just as she knew she was powerless to stop it.

Shelly leaned in slowly and kissed her. Now there’s nothing wrong with kiss from your girlfriend, Madeline had told herself in the moments leading up to the kiss. After all, you see women kissing in the street every day, perfectly normal.

But this wasn’t a simple kiss. Shelly’s lips lingered as they pressed softly against Madeline’s, then her mouth opened. Reflexively, Madeline parted her own lips, and soon the two were kissing each other fully, passionately. Madeline felt Shelly’s hands cup her face, and then her hot tongue was in Madeline’s mouth, dancing across her lips, tasting her tongue – French kissing her!!

“Mmmmm,” Shelly sighed, breaking the kiss at last. “I’m glad. I’ll drive tonight. Pick you up up at 7:45?”

“Umm, yeah,” Madeline replied, confused and a little out of breath. “7:45 is good.”

“Ok, great,” Shelly said, picking the clothes up from where they had fallen onto the floor. She put them in the shopping bag and handed it to Shelly. Then she turned and headed for the door. “I’m glad you invited me over for this chat!”

When the door closed, Madeline stared at it for many long moments.

“What just happened? Did I just make out with my best friend?” she asked out loud, to no one.

It was a very different kiss then she had ever shared with Scott. Softer, more sensual, more … suggestive. It was filled with promises of what was yet to come. And, if she was being completely honest with herself, something she might entirely want to experience again. Perhaps for a tad longer next time.

“Oh, wow,” Scott said, as Madeline came down from upstairs. Beyond that he was speechless, but his eyes were drinking her up from head to toe.

“Do you like?” Madeline asked, doing a little pirouette. As her body twirled, the pleated skirt and top lifted, exposing tantalizing amounts of skin. Scott felt an immediate stirring below the belt. Madeline, his wife, was absolutely stunning.

As she gathered her purse, bracelets and earrings from the hall table, Madeline sensed Scott come up behind her. She felt his hands on either hip, partially on the elastic waist band of her skirt, partial touching the soft, smooth skin above her hip. Then his hands slowly criss-crossed over her bare midriff, his fingers trailing softly over her natured skin. Madeline purred.

‘God, just his touch is starting to make me wet,’ she thought.

That was a dangerous situation, given the scant amount of covering that this mini-skirt afforded her. It barely came down over her ass cheeks in the back, and hid little more than a fig leaf might in the front.

Madeline wore panties beneath her skirt, of course, but they were white silk. Madeline hoped they would provide the barest essential coverage in case her oh-too-tiny skirt twirled up while she danced. But if the silk became damp, it would cling to her skin translucently. Oh, my!

Madeline took to the task of putting her earrings on, mostly to distract herself. She turned her head at an angle, while her fingers navigated the hook of an earring through her piercing. Madeline sighed as she felt Scott’s lips close upon the nape of her exposed neck. She wiggled her bum slowly against Scott’s crotch, and felt the growing bulge beneath his shorts.

“Mmmm, you do like it,” she giggled.

“Stay home with me tonight,” Scott whispered hotly in her ear, his hand roaming up to cup her breast over the tube top. Shelly’s body ached for this touch. She had missed it SO MUCH. But she recalled Shelly’s words, about Scott being alpha. As rewarding as cancelling Girls’ Night and dragging him to bed right now might have been – God, she wanted that so badly – it would be far better if she held Scott off until tonight. Besides, little Tommy was in the very next room, watching TV. This just wasn’t the best time for her to be ravished by her husband.

“Easy tiger,” Madeline purred, pulling up the tube top that he had just brazenly pulled down over her pear-shaped breasts. “You get to unwrap this tonight.”

“Can’t wait,” Scott said, pushing the material down off her tits a second time and flicking the palms of his hand over her hardening nipples. He cupped her breasts, raking them with his fingers.

“Me either,” Madeline said, somewhat breathless.

Her next words, thought silently to herself, were, ‘Shelly was right. This is going to work!’

A car horn honked in the driveway, distracting Scott. Madeline took that opportunity to pull her top back in place, grabbed her purse from the hall table, and gave her husband a goodbye kiss. It was long and sensual, with Madeline grinding a little bit as she straddled Scott’s thigh.

“Stay up for me,” she whispered. “I won’t let Shelly keep us out too terribly late.”

“Wow,” Madeline said, as soon as she came around the corner of the house and saw Shelly standing in front of her Audi. “You look … amazing.”

Shelly was wearing a single piece, all-white, bodycon dress. The one-piece was a mini-skirt, and true it’s name, it contoured to every curve of Shelly’s shapely body.

Similar to Madeline’s skirt, Shelly’s outfit clung tight to her hips and barely contained the curves of her plump, round ass. Unlike Madeline’s outfit, Shelly’s dress had narrow straps at the shoulder, and a neckline that plunged in a wide V, nearly down to her navel piercing. Shelly was clearly not wearing a bra, she didn’t need one; the entirety of her cleavage and even a hefty portion of her perfectly round boobs were full on display.

‘How does she not fall right out of that thing?’ Madeline wondered, and then reminded herself that Shelly’s boobs were fake. They weren’t falling anywhere Shelly didn’t want them to fall. Heck, their firmness was helping to hold the dress in place.

Still, with the way Shelly’s top parted so widely down the middle, Madeline felt it would be so easy to push the sides away, pull the straps of her shoulder and strip her bare.

‘I guess it would be no more difficult than how easily Scott exposed my chest, back there in the house,’ Madeline thought to herself.

Earlier, based purely on Scott’s reaction, Madeline had thought for once she herself would be the center of attention tonight, that Shelly had dressed her up for just that purpose.

However, Madeline was confident that if Scott we’re out here in the driveway with the two of them now, his eyes would be irresistibly drawn to Shelly. She still wore the crown.

“Wow, yourself, Madeline. You look gorgeous!”

Madeline blushed, and then pictured the two of them at the club tonight. It wasn’t a contest, she told herself. There was no crown. There were just two smokin’ hot, sexy women, out to mingle, let loose, and have a little fun.

Shelly approached her, and for a moment, Madeline was worried that Shelly might kiss her again … out here, in public, on the very street they both lived on!

“Are you ready to go play?” Shelly asked, a mischievous tone in her voice.

“So ready!” Madeline said excitedly. Tonight was going to be fun!

“Ok, put out your hands.”

Demonstrating, Shelly put her hands in front of her, palm down. When Madeline matched the gesture, Shelly reached forward and took Madeline’s left hand in hers.

“Tonight, we’re going to lose these,” she slipped Madeline’s engagement and wedding rings off her finger.

“Oh, but Shelly no, not my rings …” Madeline protested.

Shelly always took her rings off before they went clubbing. She never hid that from Madeline. She would tuck them securely in a plastic film canister, and lock that in the glove compartment before the valet drove off to park their car. Shelly confided that she did this to mentally loosen up, to feel more flirty. And certainly seemed to work; Shelly was a skilled flirt!

Yet she also had limits, and she never took things too far. Even though Shelly almost always found a handsome guy or two (or three) to hook up with on Girls’ night, these never turned into a one night stand. Shelly and Madeline always came home together, and Shelly always put her rings back on the moment they got in the car.

“Trust me, Maddy. It’s all part of the game – part of becoming the new you: a sexy, confident, vivacious vixen. Tonight we’re both going to have some fun.”

Madeline closed her eyes and breathed. She had never not worn her wedding and engagement rings. She felt naked without them. And that gave her the faintest thrill tuzla escort bayan of excitement. Inhale, exhale. Trust. She opened her eyes and smiled.

“Ok, just a little fun,” she said at last, nodding. “Let’s go dancing!”

The Bounty was a popular night club downtown, taking up the nearly the entire open area space of the ritzy Weston House hotel’s bottom three floors. It had a modest sized dancefloor, but a fair amount of dancing happened on the second and third floor balconies that circled the space. And, of course, some dancing took place on the ship deck.

That was the most interesting aspect of the club, and it’s namesake. Rising from the floor was a partial replica, the upper deck, of a 19th century sailing vessel. It was a scaled down replica of the HMS Bounty complete with masts, sails and rigging. The deck also featured a long bar, a few tables and chairs, and an open area for more dancing. Club goers accessed the deck by a pair of wide gang planks near the bow and stern. Chairs, couches, tables and bars were along the outer fringe of the dance floor, all sharing an authentic, nautical theme.

The music was pumping, the after-work crowd young and affluent, and the two ladies were the center of attention as they tore up the dance floor.

In truth, they had been the center of attention since they arrived. The Bounty featured black lights in it’s entrance area so that when the buxom blonde and stunning brunette entered in their all white, sexy ensembles, they shone like a beacon. Every head turned in their direction as they sashayed through the canopied gangway, toward the ship.

They had shared a couple cocktails, waiting for the club to fill up a bit and scoping out the guys from their vantage point on the main deck. Madeline was loosening up, feeling just fine, and more than ready when Shelly suggested they hit the dance floor.

Madeline loved dancing, and while she had been hesitant to move too much in her new outfit at first, the cocktails had lowered her inhibitions quite a bit. Inevitably, her skirt fluttered up as she twirled about. There were many appreciative stares, and Madeline knew she was exposing more than a little ass cheek each time she did so. She found herself loving it, not embarrassed by it. She let herself dance like nobody was watching, and the more she did, the more everyone watched.

It wasn’t long before Madeline realized Shelly was no longer her dance partner. Her BFF was still nearby, but two guys had moved in to join her. Shelly was smiling at Madeline, and it was then that Maddy recognized one of the male dancers as Eric. This was the guy Shelly had been, ahem, “flirting with” last Tuesday, at this same club.

To Madeline, Eric’s stand out feature was his baldness. There was a time not long ago when the glimmering, light-reflecting the scalps of bald men was an aspect of hair loss pity. Shelly clearly didn’t think that way. She moved in on Eric, putting her arms around his neck, while swaying her hips to the techno beat.

Eric had seemingly brought a wingman tonight. He danced nearby: broad shoulders, nice muscular arms, dark hair, brown eyes, handsome face, darkly tan skin. He had the look of someone who took care of his body, but was also able to spend long hours in the sun.

Madeline recognized it was her duty to pair up with the new guy while Shelly and Eric danced closer together. Madeline waved her hand timidly, still dancing, then leaned in and yelled over the music, “Hi, I’m Madeline!”

“Dave,” he replied, taking her hand to shake it, holding it a bit longer than Madeline thought absolutely necessary.

‘He’s 2 inches taller than me. My perfect height,’ Madeline thought. ‘It helps everything line up better.’

Madeline blushed at her own lewd thought, but she moved in closer to dance with him, putting a little more sway in her hips, and lifting her arms overhead as the music led her movements.

They danced together, the four of them, for several songs. Madeline was enjoying herself immensely, but when she glanced at Shelly, she realized she was still behaving a tad prudish by comparison.

While she and Dave had progressed to the stage where they were comfortably putting hands on each others shoulders and hips, moving together real close, Shelly and Eric were all over each other: kissing, grinding, teasing, and pulsating against each other.

When the DJ brought the music to a slower pace, Madeline felt Shelly grab her hand, pulling her from the dance floor.

“Sorry,” Madeline mouthed to Dave, following Shelly to the bar.

“You’re having fun!” Shelly said happily.

“Yeah, Dave’s a really good dancer.”

“Feeling flirtatious?” she asked.

Madeline looked down at her hand, to where her wedding rings normally rested on her finger.

“Actually, yes!” she said, surprising herself.

“Good, because Eric has a luxury suite booked here at the hotel! He invited us up for a more ‘private’ dance party.”

“What?” Madeline asked, wrinkles of concern suddenly furling her brow. “A private room? Oh, ah, I don’t know, Shelly.”

“Come on, Maddy, please?!? We’re just going to go up, have a few drinks, and do a little dancing in the suite. The TVs have a channel that feeds the same music the DJ is playing down here at the club level. We can dance without all the teeny-boppers ogling us.”

“Well,” Madeline said hesitantly. “Ok, but let’s not stay too long.”

Madeline had butterflies in her stomach as she and Shelly rode the elevator to the 46th floor. Shelly, of course, was unabashed, using the shiny reflection of the chrome in the elevator button panel as a mirror, while she reapplied her lipstick.

“Eric is soooo dreamy. I don’t know what it is about bald men, they just set me on fire! Bruce Willis, Andre Agassi, Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel – oh, be still, my heart.”

Madeline looked at her friend with worry.

“Shelly, are you sure about this?”

The elevator binged, announcing they had arrived to the 46th floor. In answer, Shelly grabbed Madeline’s hand and led her down the hall.

“Come on, honey. These guys are both gentleman. Eric says the room has a full bar, so the drinks are now free, and there’s plenty of room for dancing. It’ll be just like downstairs, only a little more cozy.”

Shelly led Madeline down the hall, stopping in front of a large set of double doors.

“4610,” Shelly said. “This is the room Eric said to meet them at.”

Shelly rapped her knuckles on one of the doors. Eric opened them soon after, his eyes lighting up as he saw them both standing in the hall.

“Hey, hey, the girls are here! Come in, come in! Let’s get this party started!”

While most of the rooms on this floor had single doors out to the hallway, the larger double doors were a hint that the suite would be spacious. Still, Madeline’s jaw dropped when she stepped through the entryway and saw how large the suite actually was.

This room was HUGE, and the nautical decor of the Bounty lounge carried throughout the room. Their heels clicked noisily across the hardwood floors as they entered the main room. Off to the left, Dave was at a large, fully stocked bar, mixing some drinks. He winked at Madeline as the trio passed by. To the right was a large kitchenette area, with a stove, full sized refrigerator, and another bar-like table.

Further in, the main room opened up – plenty of room for dancing, Shelly had been right about that. In front of them, floor to ceiling windows revealed an amazing panoramic view of the city. The twinkling lights of the night skyline were stunning. Beyond the windows was a private balcony, with chairs and tables for outdoor entertaining. Stylish furnishings were throughout this main area, including several couches, tables and chairs.

Madeline noticed a large bedroom area off the main room, featuring a large, king-size bed, couch and several tables. It continued beyond, to an area that she presumed was the bathroom.

Poking her head in different rooms, Madeline had fallen a little behind Shelly, who was being led toward the outside patio area by Eric. She hurried her steps to catch up to them, while Dave finished their drinks.

She was still about ten feet away from the pair when Shelly stopped Eric abruptly. She pulled him into an embrace, her arms around his neck, and then immediately started kissing him, passionately. Madeline stopped suddenly, as well. She didn’t want to be a third wheel, and wasn’t entirely sure what to do.

Shelly’s back was to Madeline, and while Eric was facing her direction, he seemed otherwise distracted and was paying Madeline no attention. So she watched passively as Eric’s hands, gradually crept up the curve of Shelly’s back. As their kissing became more fevered and intense, Eric slowly pulled the strap of Shelly’s dress off one shoulder.

‘Oh my god,’ Madeline panicked. ‘He’s taking off her dress.’

Shelly was still kissing Eric, and Madeline thought perhaps she wasn’t aware of what Eric had just done. The strap hung loosely on Shelly’s upper arm, and Madeline suspected Shelly’s bust was still covered, probably because the two of them were so closely embraced.

Then she watched as Eric slipped the complimenting strap off Shelly’s other shoulder. Now he was pulling both straps downward! He pulled them down past Shelly’s bicep, then her elbow. Madeline was almost certain the fabric must be slowly peeling off Shelly’s boobs by now, exposing them. Certainly she would stop Eric soon!

Yet Shelly was so blissfully caught up in the kiss, she seemed completely unaware of what Eric was doing. Madeline wasn’t sure if she should cough or somehow draw attention to her presence, before Shelly’s top was pulled completely down.

Too late! As Shelly’s bodice fell to her waist, Madeline heard her best friend moan softly.

“Kiss me here,” Shelly said.

Madeline didn’t have a full view of what Shelly was doing, but from the way Shelly’s elbows flared out to each side, Madeline thought Shelly might be holding her naked boobs, one in each hand, in a salacious offering to him. Her suspicions were confirmed when Eric lowered his head, down to Shelly’s chest. Madeline heard a soft suckling sound, and Shelly tossed her head back as she offered Eric first one tender breast, and then the other.

“Oh, yes Eric. Oh, that’s nice. Oooooh!”

Madeline was definitely feeling like the proverbial third wheel now, although neither of them seemed aware of her presence.

‘Shit,’ she swore silently to herself, tiptoeing backwards as quickly and quietly as she could.

Madeline wasn’t sure what her plan was going to be, but she had to keep Dave busy at the bar. The last thing Madeline wanted was for Dave to see Eric sucking on Shelly’s tits, and then thinking that was something Madeline might be interested in doing with him!

She was more than halfway toward the bar, still waking backwards, when she bumped awkwardly into Dave.

“Hey, pretty little lady,” Dave said seductively. “Care for a drink? I make a mean Negroni.”

“Wha-huh?” Madeline cried out, turning around quickly. So quickly, in fact, that she almost toppled the drinks he was carrying. He lept backward, just in time, not spilling a drop from either glass.

“Umm, drink?” Madeline said nervously, darting a quick peek over her shoulder to see Shelly and Eric in the same position – although now Shelly’s right leg was raised up to Eric’s hip, and she was visible grinding herself against him. “Oh, yes, drinks!”

“Thank you,” Madeline said, hastily taking one of the glasses, then taking Dave’s arm. She spun him around and marched him quickly back to the bar, where Eric and Shelly would be out of sight.

There, Madeline nervously downed her entire drink, with one toss of her head. Dave looked on in complete surprise. Madeline closed her eyes through the bitter burn, and put the glass back on the bar.

“That was great,” she lied. “Make me another.”

“Damn, girl,” Dave chuckled softly. “No one likes a Negroni that much!”

Dave looked at her, but she didn’t blink.

“All right, all right,” he laughed. “One Negroni coming up. I’ll make a drink for Shelly, too. What do you think she would like? A Slow Comfortable Screw Up Against the Wall?”

“What?” Madeline said loudly, shocked. Had Dave seen Shelly with her top down back there?

“Huh?” Dave said, pausing when he saw a hint of rage on Madeline’s face. “Oh, hey – I didn’t mean anything by that. Sorry. I thought you knew. I’m a professional bartender. Making drinks is what I do. I’m pretty sure that’s the drink I heard Shelly ordering down on the Bounty.”

Madeline’s expression relaxed. Dave was right. Shelly loved ordering that drink, usually to Madeline’s embarrassment. She particularly enjoyed ordering it when there was a cute guy standing at the bar within ear range. She’d be telling the bartender what she wanted, but she’d be looking at the guy the whole time, “I’d like a Slow Comfortable Screw Up Against the Wall. And Madeline, what would you like?”

Madeline blushed now at the oft-repeated line.

“You know what, Dave,” Madeline said, with the bitter taste of the Negroni still in her mouth. “Change my order. I’ll take my usual: Kamikaze, on the rocks, two limes.”

Dave flashed his brilliantly white smile.

“I like it. Yes, ma’am, coming right up.”

Madeline exhaled, and contemplated her next move. She had to change the mood of this party fast! It needed to be a private dance club experience, not a private strip club experience.


“Yeah, cherry pie,” he replied.

Marline blushed. Earlier, when he had complimented her lipstick, Madeline had told him, “Thank you. It’s called Cherry Pie.”

She then added nervously, “But it do doesn’t taste like Cherry Pie. Or anything, really. It’s just lipstick.”

She had added that second bit because she didn’t want Dave to gave the idea that he should try justing her, to verify the lipstick was named appropriately. She didn’t think she was ready for kissing another guy, as Shelly often did. Madeline didn’t think she’d ever be that flirtatious.

Since then, “Cherry Pie” had become his nickname for her. She rather liked that. His voice was soothing, confident. He looked back at her, and Madeline remembered she was about to ask him something. What was it? Oh, yes.

“Shelly said there was a way to pump the music that was playing down in the club up here into the suite. Do you know how to do that?”

“Oh yeah, you gonna shake that booty some more? Damn, girl, you got a fine looking ass.”

Madeline’s eyes grew wide, but she giggled softly at his compliment. Dave picked up a remote from the bar, and hit a couple buttons. Instantly four, large screen TVs flipped on around the room, and the techno-beat from the DJ’s console downstairs was now pumping into the suite.

“Yeah, baby,” Shelly shouted from somewhere distant and out of sight. “Bring that dance party.”

‘Thank goodness,’ Madeline thought to herself. She desperately hoped that the music had brought her drunk friend around a wee bit, that she had pulled her top back up and would be dancing with Eric when-

“Shall we go join Eric and Shelly?” Dave interrupted her thoughts. He had finished all the drinks.

“Yes. Oh, you have drinks for both of them, too? Let me help. I’ll carry mine and Shelly’s.”

Madeline and Dave walked back to the main room. As they rounded the corner and came into the main area, Madeline nearly dropped the full glasses she now carried. Things had suddenly gone from bad to worse.

Shelly was dancing, sure enough, but she was almost entirely naked! She was topless, her bodice discarded on the floor near the area she and Eric had been kissing. She wore only her white panties, bow-tie choker, a pair of thick plastic bracelets on each wrist, and her black high heeled shoes.

Eric was sitting at a table nearby, eyes on Shelly as she danced teasingly in front of him.

“Come on over, you two, pull up a seat,” he shouted over the music, taking notice of them. Dave walked over casually, hardly paying attention to Shelly, and handed Eric his drink.

Madeline, truly unsure of what else she could do in the current circumstance, followed Dave to the table and sat down. She certainly wasn’t going to take off her clothes and go start dancing with Shelly! Sitting seemed the only viable option. And she desperately hoped that if Shelly saw her and the two boys sitting at the table, all fully dressed and having a normal conversation, she’d realize she was behaving foolishly, put her clothes back on.

Madeline drank her Kamikaze in large swigs, rather than her usually dainty sips. The glass was soon empty.

Shelly was an incredible dancer, and Madeline found her own attention riveted on the leggy, sultry blonde before her. Madeline admired her BFFs perfectly round breasts, sitting up high on her chest, swaying gently as she rocked her shoulders and arms to the beat. Shelly’s nipples were tight, hard, the silhouette of them standing out prominently in the darkened room.

Shelly found a beat that she liked, locked eyes with Madeline and just rolled her body. Her feet didn’t move, but every other part of her girated in a slow S-shaped roll, up and down. Her hip movements in and out drew Madeline’s full attention, and her breath quickened when she saw Shelly’s hand dip briefly beneath her white panties.

“You have an amazing body, Madeline,” Dave’s breath was suddenly next to her, hot in her ear. “So sexy. Why don’t you join your friend up on the dance floor?”

Madeline felt his voice reverberate through her, a shiver down her spine.

“Come on, cherry pie,” he said. “I like to watch you dance.”

God, his voice was sexy. And wasn’t this what she came out to do tonight? Let loose, dance, flirt a little bit? If the boys were keeping their clothes on, and only watching, was there really any harm in her doing a little private dance for them? A little strip tease? That was playful, innocent fun, and would certainly make for a fun story the next day. Madeline’s reservations quickly melted away when Shelly stepped forward and took her hand, dragging her back to where she had been dancing. orhanlı escort bayan

As if on cue, Dave grabbed a remote from the nearby table, and pressed a few buttons. The lights dimmed further and the music slowed. It was still some type of digitized funk, but it was a much slower beat.

Shelly twirled Madeline about, showcasing her to both men. She placed Madeline on full display, facing them, and then stepped in behind her, closely, hands on her waist.

“You look so sexy,” Shelly whispered in her ear, as their bodies both swayed to the beat. “Look at them looking at you. Wanting you.”

Madeline blushed, but did notice how the two men were admiring her, looking her up and down.

Shelly’s hands swept up Madeline’s rib cage, then her thumbs hooked under the elastic band of her tube top. In slow motion, Shelly pulled the top down over Madeline’s breasts.

Madeline felt the fabric sliding down, the elastics pulling tight over the roundness of her bosom. She thought she should stop Shelly, but felt powerless to do so. Instead, Madeline watched both men. Their eyes were expressive, eager, as more and more of Madeline’s breasts came into view.

When the tube top elastic caught fast, Madeline realized it the fabric was staying to slide over her nipples. And the reason for that was because Madeline was incredibly turned on. Her nipples we’re hard, thick protrusions, holding the fabric fast.

Also, Shelly was taking her time with this striptease and the undressing of her friend. She, too, was watching the expressions of both men, gauging from that how quickly she should go.

Thump, thump! One nipple sprang into view, and then the other. Shelly sped the removal of the top, pulling it down to Madeline’s waist line.

“Ohhhh,” Madeline said, cupping her breasts with her hands in embarrassment, watching as the men murmured appreciatively.

“Dance with me, girl,” Shelly’s whisper was hot in her ear, as they both continued to rock and sway. Madeline could feel Shelly’s breasts pressed against her back, the hard nipples tracing across her shoulder blades as they swayed together. Madeline lowered her hands from her breasts, covering them over Shelly’s hands.

“Yesssss, that’s it,” Shelly said breathily. “That’s it, baby. Sway.”

Shelly had pulled Madeline’s tube top all the way down to her waist, and was now sliding it, along with Madeline’s skirt, down over her hips. Shelly adopted a new movement in the slow striptease of her friend. She slid the garments and inch or so down over one hip, and then an inch or so further down over the other. Side to side, the two women slowly swayed in time to the music, each time Madeline drawing closer and closer to full nakedness.

Madeline came to realize, with her hands over Shelly’s, that she was helping to strip herself naked. Shelly might have been leading the movement, but Madeline wasn’t resisting. And sometimes, she pushed Shelly’s hands down a little further south. Madeline smiled at that thought, and put a little more sway in her hip.

Soon, the tube top and skirt had been pulled midway down Madeline’s thigh. Shelly let them drop to the floor, and held Madeline’s hand as she stepped out of them. Shelly then turned her brunette friend to face her, and pulled her in close.

Still swaying gently, Madeline felt their hips meet, and then the firmness of their breasts pressing against each other’s. Madeline’s body was on fire, in part by the alcohol, in part by her strip dance, but mostly because of Shelly’s naked flesh pressed against hers. Earlier in the day, Shelly had surprised Madeline by kissing her. Now Madeline leaned forward to kiss Shelly. Shelly didn’t seem surprised at all.

Madeline was vaguely aware that the music volume was being turned down even lower. It still played, but it was a mere backdrop now

There’s no sound more sweet than two girls kissing,” she heard Dave tell Eric quietly. Madeline agreed, as she and Shelly moaned and whimpered into each other’s mouth.

Shelly held her in the most tender embrace, and they kissed like lovers, exploring each other’s lips and tongues hungrily. Their breasts were pressed against each other, and Madeline was aware of a heat coming from her loins. She was damp now between her thighs, and all because of Shelly.

Madeline could feel that Shelly, too, was aroused. She was straddling Madeline’s thigh, and pressing her mound onto Madeline’s leg as they kissed.

Shelly’s fingers were fumbling with the clasp of Madeline’s neck choker. When she removed it, she tossed it over her shoulder to Dave. He caught it, chuckling. She then took off her own choker, and tossed it to Eric.

“Come with me,” Shelly whispered, talking Madeline’s hand and leading her in the direction of the suite’s largest bedroom.

That now familiar nervousness hit Madeline again, and she turned to look over her shoulder. The guys weren’t paying either of them any attention now. They were talking softly, still sitting at the table, sipping at their drinks. Eric was showing something to Dave on his phone. Most important to Madeline, both men were still fully dressed.

The bedroom afforded the two women some privacy, but not a lot. After they had crossed the threshold, Shelly had continued straight over to the bed – leaving the lights off, but the doors to the living room area wide open. The window curtains were also open, and light streamed in fairly brightly from the office tower across the street.

Although the boys were some distance away, in another room and still not looking in their direction, they were both in plain sight. At any moment, either of them might look up, into the room, and see what Shelly and Madeline were doing.

‘What are we doing?’ Madeline wondered. Shelly’s actions gave some semblance of an answer, as she pulled her panties down and slipped out of her heels.

“But Eric and Dave are-”

“Nevermind them,” Shelly said softly. “They’re not even looking. And besides, so what if they see? Watching two sexy ladies make out with each other drives men crazy.”

Madeline numbly stripped, slipped out of her own shoes, and joined Shelly on the bed. She kneeled, in the center, unsure of what to do. This was unexplored territory for her.

“Sit,” Shelly suggested. Madeline sat upright, facing the bedroom entrance, the better to keep an eye on what Eric and Dave were up to. If they came this way, Madeline felt she must give warning to Shelly. Shelly climbed into the bed, and then sat on Shelly’s lap, facing her and with her legs straddling Madeline’s hips.

“Now, where were we,” Shelly said playfully.

She brushed her fingertips along Madeline’s cheek, then looked into her best friend’s eyes, soul-searching. They both slowly leaned into each other, and started kissing again.

‘The … important parts … don’t seem to be touching,’ Madeline thought with disappointment. She wasn’t sure this position did anything for her, until Shelly started kissing her again. All thoughts of what this position was or wasn’t doing for her evaporated in that soft, sensual kiss.

Madeline felt Shelly’s erect and hardened nipples rubbing against her breasts, and soon her own nipples were in a similar state, rubbing against Shelly’s.

“Mmmmmmm,” Madeline whimpered into Shelly’s mouth, running her fingers through the blond woman’s hair.

The music was now off completely. Madeline glanced quickly toward the living room area. Dave and Eric were both there, still talking quietly.

‘What am I worried about? They’re ignoring us completely. Tonight’s just a little fun between Shelly and me.”

Shelly pushed Madeline onto her back, her head near the pillows. It would be difficult for Maddy to keep an eye on the boys, in this position, but she put those thoughts away when Shelly lay down atop her.

Their legs straddled one another’s, and Madeline lifted her knee slightly, pressing her thigh against Shelly’s mound. Her friend moaned softly in her mouth, and started humping against Madeline’s thigh. Meanwhile, Madeline felt Shelly’s let firmly nuzzling against her mound. The two squirmed and pressed against each other, kissing each other sweetly.

‘God,’ Madeline thought, ‘can she feel how wet she’s making me?’

She surely must have, because Madeline soon felt Shelly’s hands exploring the area between her thighs. Her fingers swept gently through Madeline’s trimmed, silky bush, then brushed smoothly over her mound.

Madeline held her breath as she felt Shelly’s fingers easily parted the folds of Madeline’s labia, and for the first time in her life, Madeline felt another woman’s fingers enter her pussy.

“Mmmmmmm,” Shelly whispered. “Juicy.”

“Ohhhhhh. Ohh!” Madeline mewled out loudly.

Shelly’s fingers expertly slid between the folds of Madeline’s sex, stirring up her juices. She slid her fingers down, down down, all the way into the brunette’s juicy, wet hole, and then pulled them slowly out.

“Oh. My. God.” Madeline said softly, before Shelly silenced her with a kiss.

As Shelly’s lips came down to kiss her, Madeline lifted her feet up to the ceiling, her legs spread wide apart. Raising her legs in this way caused her bottom to roll upward, giving Shelly’s fingers deeper access to her love canal. Shelly took full advantage.

“God, Maddy, you’re so incredibly wet,” Shelly whispered.

Madeline moaned as Shelly slipped a second finger into her snatch. Her breathing hitched up a pace as Shelly brought her closer and closer to orgasm.

Shelly’s face was right in front of Madeline’s, while her hand worked busily between her thighs. They alternately kissed, and then broke away in whimpered moans, breathing heavily into each other’s mouth.

During one lapse in which they were catching their breath, Madeline lifted her head to peek at what Eric and Dave were up to.

With the lustful coos and cries of delight the two had been making, it didn’t surprise Shelly that both men were now watching them. They still sat at the table in the other room, but their attention was fully on the women.

Madeline imagined the site she must be, as she lay on her back, feet raised high above her head, her hands supporting the underside of her calves. The boys were about twenty feet away, but they had a straight on view of her ass, the backs of her legs, and her sopping wet pussy, as Shelly drove her fingers in and out. She was bare to them, and one more thing: she was incredibly turned on.

“Shit, Shelly, that feels so good.”

“Unh-huh, I know, baby” Shelly said demurely, staring into her eyes. “I like it, too.”

“Unnnhhh, I want, ohhhh, I want to do you, so you can feel how good this is.”

Shelly nodded, sliding her fingers out slowly then kneeling up. Madeline thought they were simply going to change positions – that Shelly would lay back on the bed, legs spread wide, and let Madeline finger her. But Shelly had other ideas.

Shelly lifted one leg and swung it over Madeline’s body, straddling her face and forcing her head back down to the pillow. A flutter of nervousness twinged through Madeline’s body as she realized Shelly was positioning her for 69.

“Oh my god, Shell. I’ve never done this. Not even with Scott,” Madeline whispered.

Shelly laughed.

“Mmmmm, interesting. I like that I get pop your 69 cherry.”

Madeline gasped as she felt Shelly’s mouth close down upon her clit. Madeline closed her eyes, feeling Shelly’s velvety tongue start to explore her.

“Oh, fuck,” she said, louder than she intended.

“Mmmmph, mmm mm-hmm,” Shelly replied, her tongue now buried deep in Madeline’s pussy.

Madeline writhed on the bed, slowly tormented by the see sensations she was now experiencing. When Shelly’s fingers started to splay Madeline’s pussy lips wider apart, allowing Shelly’s tongue to go even deeper, Madeline almost lost her mind.

“Oh, fuck!” she cried out. Then Madeline focused on the prize in front of her face: Shelly’s moist, shaven pussy. She lifted her head up off the pillows, found Shelly’s hotbox, and showed Shelly she could give as good as she received. Madeline inhaled Shelly’s arousal, sensing it with her nose before tasting those sweet juices on her tongue.

‘I can’t believe I’m doing this,’ Madeline thought, rubbing her tongue along the crown of Shelly’s pussy, searching for her soft, little nub. When Shelly gasped, and her thighs tightened reflexively around Madeline’s head, she knew she had found it. She rubbed her tongue back and forth, teasing it out from the folds of skin in which it hid.

“Oh, shit, Maddy. Oh, yes. Suck it, suck it, suck it!”

Shelly’s tits were rubbing against Madeline’s tummy, just as hers were rubbing against Shelly’s. That coupled with the oral stimulation she was getting, and the thrill of what she was doing with her own tongue were bringing Madeline closer and closer to climax.

‘I want to make her cum first,’ Madeline thought desperately, trying to calm herself. ‘I want her to cum before I do.’

Every time Madeline felt herself rising to the edge, she’d squirm or thrust her hips upward, pushing Shelly’s mouth or fingers off a particular spot, or disrupting her rhythm. This repeated action – getting close to the precipice of her orgasm, then pulling away – was putting Madeline in a state of extreme arousal, unlike any she had been in before. When she finally allowed herself to cum, Madeline knew, she was going to simply explode!

Madeline heard the sound of furniture scr****g across the floor. Very close. She realized they were not alone in the room now. The boys were in here with them, but where?

‘Oh, God, they aren’t taking their clothes off, are they?’ Madeline thought worriedly.

She tried to get a peek at where they were and what they were doing, but trapped between Shelly’s thighs, Madeline had no view of them. So Madeline did something that surprised her and Shelly both: with a burst of lust-filled strength, she flipped Shelly over onto her back.

‘Oh dear, the boys ARE right here!’ Madeline discovered.

Indeed, Eric and Dave had dragged two chairs right up to the foot of the bed. Madeline was relieved to see they both had all their clothes on. They’d simply moved in for front row view. At this close proximity, Madeline couldn’t help but notice both men were sporting large bulges in their pants. This discovery sent goosebumps up her arm.

Now that Madeline had flipped Shelly onto her back, she pressed her advantage, straddling her girlfriend’s face. Shelly’s eyes went wide, but she smiled as Madeline lowered her pussy down over Shelly’s mouth. In this position, Madeline was facing both men, her naked body full on display, while kneeling atop her girlfriend’s shoulders. She eyed both men through half-closed eyes as Shelly’s tongue entered her pussy once more.

Madeline arched her back, jutting her round, proud tits high in the air. Her nipples were like little pointers, pushing skyward as she leaned back. Supporting herself on one hand, Madeline reached behind herself and started masturbating Shelly’s pussy.

“Mmmppf, ffffthhhck,” a muffled voice came from between Madeline’s legs.

Madeline would occasionally steal glances at the two men. She was grinding her pussy on Shelly’s mouth, frothing her fingers in and out of Shelly’s cunt, and watching as the men rubbed the bulges in their pants blatantly. God, that was so fucking hot – Madeline was so close to cumming all over Shelly’s face at the sight of them.

‘God, I need a big cock and a deep fuck after this,’ Madeline thought. Shelly’s tongue was amazing, but she wanted something more to fill her.

“Fuck me,” Madeline whispered. “Please … fuck me!”

Madeline blinked, and suddenly realized she was staring directly at Dave as she spoke those words. She blushed awkwardly, and quickly added “Fuck me with that tongue.”

Dave just elbowed Eric, and grinned broadly, flashing that brilliant white smile of his. Madeline smiled gingerly, and blushed more profusely.

Madeline was sufficiently distracted that she didn’t notice Shelly had stopped tonguing her. She lifted her hips to look down, and that’s when Shelly flipped Madeline into the air, and on to her back. Madeline tried to wrestle her back down, but Shelly was quick. She expertly got Madline back into a sitting position, like when they started. Only now, their legs were scissored. Shelly had expertly maneuvered her bared cunt and clit, pressing it firmly against Madeline’s.

“Oh. Ohhhhh,” was all Madeline could squeak out as she felt Shelly grinding against her.

Madeline lay back then, letting Shelly grind her hips downward onto her. The sensation was quite electric. Both girls felt the charge rippling through their bodies, evidenced by their repeated grinding motions against each other again and again as they worked to intensify that sensation.

Soon both girls were panting, crying out, as they scissor humped each other hard.

Madeline opened her eyes to see if the boys were enjoying the show, and discovered the chairs were now empty. She turned her head left, then right, seeing both Eric and Dave each on opposite sides of the bed. They had both unzipped their pants, fished out their cocks, and were stroking themselves.

“Oh my god,” Madeline whispered.

Shelly entwined her fingers with Madeline’s, holding both her hands. She was thrusting her pussy against Madeline’s, rubbing her in delicious, circular grindings of her hip.

“I feel you trembling, Madeline. Sooooo close. Are you going to cum for me, baby?”

Madeline closed her eyes and let her head fall back on the bed. She realized she was. Any second now, she was going to explode.

“We’re making these boys all hot and bothered, Maddy. Look how big their giant, stiff cocks are!”

Madeline kept her eyes closed, concentrating on her building orgasm instead. If she could finally cum, then the show would be over. Everyone could get dressed and the girls could head out for the night. She and Shelly would go home, like they always did, and both get fucked by their own husband’s, in their own beds.

Well, Madeline would. Shelly’s husband wouldn’t be home until tomorrow, Madeline aydınlı escort bayan remembered.

“Oh, baby,” she heard Shelly’s voice, but it was fainter and fainter as Madeline’s orgasm came closer and closer. “I want you. I want to feel you explode with cum, all up inside me.”

It was coming, she wanted to tell Shelly. Right there. Oh fuck yes, right there. Just a little faster.

“Oh, baby, yes. I want that. I want you to fill me with that great, big dick.”

‘What?’ Madeline thought, her eyes snapping open. Shelly was still grinding her pussy against Shelly’s, but she wasn’t looking down at her any longer. She was looking at Eric.

“I want that great big cock buried deep inside me, baby. I want you to fill me up and bang me hard.”

Madeline turned her head and noticed that Eric had removed ALL his clothing. He was naked, standing beside the bed, rock hard and stroking himself. Shelly’s eyes were glued to his cock as she slowed the grinding motions on Madeline’s pussy.

“Shelly?” Madeline asked, hesitantly.

Shelly looked down at Madeline, gave her a guilty half smile, then lifted herself up and away from Madeline’s throbbing clit. Eric offered Shelly his hand and she took it, stepping down off the bed. The two of them walked slowly over to the full-length couch.

‘Oh, no,’ Madeline thought, rising to a kneeling position on the bed, and watching helplessly as Eric sat at one end of the couch, and Shelly lay down on her stomach across the full length of it. She was propped on her elbows, her eyes hadn’t wavered from Eric’s cock, which was standing upright like a flagpole right in front of her face.

“Go ahead, baby,” Eric said. “Let me feel your lips around this cock again.”

“Mmmmm, I’ve missed this bad boy all week,” Shelly giggled.

Madeline watched as Shelly opened wide and took Eric’s cock into her mouth. Eric sighed, leaning his head back. Shelly took more and more of his cock into her mouth.

“Mmmmmm,” she sighed.

So distracted by what was happening on the couch, Madeline didn’t sense the bed shaking as Dave stood on top of it. In fact she wasn’t aware he had moved next to her until she felt something brush against her cheek.

“Huh?” she said, turning her head, and then coming face to face with Dave’s naked cock.

“What? Oh, no, Dave, I, ahhh …” Madeline didn’t know what to say. She didn’t know how to communicate that she really wasn’t flirty like Shelly. She was married, she had a k**. She didn’t do these types of things.

“Cherry pie,” Dave said sweetly, in that deep, sexy voice. “Let me see those sweet, red lips wrapped around this pole.”

Madeline looked at Dave’s cock. He was smaller than Scott, though not by much. His cock was circumcised, like her husband’s, but strangely curved. Madeline didn’t know how else to describe it.

When she kneeled in front of her husband, his erection was long and straight. Dave was curved upward, like a scimitar. The shaft had long, thick veins, engorged and straining along the side.

Somewhere off to her right, Madeline heard the delicious, wet sounds of her best friend slurping her lips on the giant cock in front of her. Strangely, in that moment, Madeline also recalled the text messages she had shared with Shelly only a few days ago, about how giving a guy a blow job wasn’t really cheating.

Hadn’t Madeline caught Shelly giving Eric a blowjob under the table in the lounge down below just last week. And didn’t she go home with Madeline that night, each of them to their respective husband’s? Hadn’t Shelly told her it made the sex with her husband that much better?

“I know you’re married, Cherry Pie, but those lips are so sexy. Come on girl, give it a lick. Live a little!”

That phrase again: Live a little!! Shelly was always telling her to live a little. Hell, even Madeline’s mom told her she needed to live a little. Everyone she met told her to live a little.

And God damnit, Shelly sure as hell sounded like she was living it up, as she bobbed her head up and down on Eric’s shaft. The contented mewling sounds she made as she sucked Eric off were clear evidence that she was enjoying it.

Madeline looked at Dave’s cock. So big, so thick. A blowjob wasn’t cheating. Madeline half-consciously opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out.

“That’s it, cherry pie, look up here. Stick out your tongue.”

Madeline looked up at Dave’s face, eyes wide. Slowly, Dave lowered the tip of his cock to her outstretched tongue. A single drop of precum had gathered at the tip of his cock, and Dave gently dabbed the tip over her lips. Madeline closed her eyes, licked her lips. She savored the taste of this moment, savored the taste of him: salty, sweet. It was her first taste of another man, someone who wasn’t her husband – and she wanted more.

“Mmmmmmm,” she said emboldened by this first act. She took Dave’s cock in her own hands. Staring up into his eyes, she took the tip of him into her mouth, sticking her tongue out and rolling it in the under side of his dick.

“Aaaaaaaaaaah,” he groaned in pleasure, rolling his head back.

Madeline found herself thrilled at this reaction from a complete stranger. Purely through the oral talents of her lips and tongue, she was bringing another man pleasure. Suddenly, all of Madeline’s pent up sexual frustrations from the past week evaporated. She became focused on pleasing this man, right now, in this moment.

If Madeline hadn’t been so focused on Dave, if she had paid just a bit more attention to Shelly, she might have noticed that her girlfriend had been watching her the whole time. Yes, while going down on Eric’s cock, Shelly had carefully watched Madeline’s reactions from the corner of her eye. And when Madeline first took Dave’s cock into her mouth, if she had glanced over to her BFF, she might have seen the expression of relief and then elated joy in Shelly’s face. And now that she, Madeline, was sucking on Dave’s cock like it was the last one on Earth, Shelly sighed contentedly. She was ready to move on to the next phase of her plan

Mmmmm,” Shelly sighed, going deep down on Eric’s dick, taking him deep down her throat. “Mmmmm mmmmmmm!”

“That’s it, Shelly. Oh, shit, all the way down. That’s amazing, baby. Suck that cock.”

Madeline heard the words Eric spoke, and it excited her. She could hear Shelly’s sucking noises, too, intermingled with her own as she herself sucked on Dave’s stiff rod.

Shit! She was doing it! She was “living a little”. She and Shelly were going to have so much fun talking about this story tomorrow while sunning themselves by the pool and recovering from their mutual hangovers.

‘Am I cheating?’ Madeline thought. Maybe, but what was the worst that was going to happen. She might get a little cum down her throat. Big deal. Scott would never know. And besides, it served him right for ignoring her these past few nights!

Madeline was expertly stroking Dave’s cock with her hand, while alternately sucking his pole deep every other stroke. She could feel every part of him tensing up, and knew she was doing quite a job on him.

“Ooooooooooh!” Dave moaned as she took his cock deep, deep down her throat Dave was starting to thrust his hips now, forcing more and more of his cock into her mouth. Madeline let him. She wanted it. Oh, how badly she wanted to taste his cum, filling her hot little mouth.

Madeline circled her finger and thumb around the base of Dave’s cock, gripping him tight. She bobbed her head up and down, matching his thrusts. She looked up between her eyelashes to see him looking down on her, his eyes hazy with lust. He was close, so damn close!

There was a flurry of motion to her right, and Madeline looked over to see Shelly and Eric scrambling into a new position.

Eric was still sitting on the couch, but Shelly had lifted herself from the couch and was getting ready to straddle him. She lifted her leg and reached down to grab Eric’s cock in her hand. Madeline watched, horrified, as Shelly started to slowly lower herself down, guiding the tip of Eric’s cock into her vagina.

“Noooooooo,” Madeline thought, eyes wide and watching as the tip of Eric’s penis made contact with Shelly’s swollen pussy lips.

‘Holy shit,’ Madeline thought, stunned as inch by inch, Eric’s cock was swallowed up.

Madeline stopped to stare at her best friend’s brazen act of infidelity, u*********s of the fact that she had stopped pleasing Dave.

“Oh my god,” Shelly cried out. “Oh, fuck, baby, your cock is so big! Oh, ohhhh. Oh, that feels so good.”

Madeline was so busy concentrating on what her BFF was doing, she hadn’t processed that Dave had taken a kneeling position behind her, and was pushing her shoulders down.

‘Shelly’s not just giving a BJ,’ Madeline thought, hardly conscious of the position Dave was putting her in. ‘She’s going all the way. I mean, she’s fucking him. She’s actually fucking him.’

It was at this moment Madeline realized she was on her hands and knees, watching her BFF fuck Eric, while Dave was lining himself up behind her. She turned her face toward him.

“Wha- Oh, no, Dave,” Madeline’s protest was soft and pleading. “No, I’m not that kind of-”

Dave was behind her, kneeling between her legs, holding his cock in one hand. He was rubbing the tip over her moistened slit.

“Oh my god, I can feel you right there,” Madeline whispered hoarsely. She remembered the strange curve of his cock and wondered what that might feel like inside her. Would it be different than Scott? How?

Madeline pushed back slowly, ever so slightly. She trembled as his hardness starting to push her petals slowly apart.

In front of her, she watched as Shelly lifted herself up and down on Eric’s cock. She was taking her time with it, long deliberate strokes – lifting herself up, up, up, until she was almost off him entirely, and then lowering herself to be impaled by him once again. Her vulva made soft, wet, squishing sounds as she sunk down on him, riding him faster and faster.

“Ohhhh, fuck,” Shelly cried out, clearly enjoying herself. “So good. So fucking good!”

Madeline desperately wanted a cock buried inside her, just like that. For fuck’s sake, why wasn’t Dave slamming his cock inside her now?

Madeline pushed backward, feeling more of Dave’s wonderful dick fill her up.

“Oh, no, Dave, please don’t,” Madeline protested. “I’m married.”

But her words didn’t match her body, which continued to slide backward, sliding further onto Dave’s dick. Then with a single push of her hips, Madeline slammed herself back, letting Dave plow her petals apart wide and bury his cock deep, deep inside her pussy.

“OH FUCK!!” Madeline cried out loudly. Shelly looked over her shoulder at Madeline, eyebrows raised in surprise, and then smiled. She laughed wickedly, then started started bouncing on Eric’s cock harder.

Madeline’s pussy was sopping wet from her foreplay with Shelly, and she had well-lubricated Dave’s cock earlier with her own saliva. She felt wet, full, and entirely ready for a good pounding. It had been so long!

For the first time in her life, Madeline had another man’s cock – someone other than her beloved husband – now buried deep inside her cunt. He was thick, and hard, and filling her up. Madeline thought she was going to be horrified at this act, but the truth was, she loved it.

Madeline closed her eyes and got her breathing under control.

Madeline squeezed, feeling every inch of the man inside her. Yes, that curve did feel different inside her. It touched different places. When she squeezed a second time, Dave gave a low groan of pleasure. Madeline smiled.

Noises in front of her attracted her attention. She looked over and saw Shelly sliding up and down on Eric’s shaft. She could actually see Shelly’s labia gripping Eric’s cock tight as she slid up, and then furling back inward when she lowered herself down. Shelly was rolling her hips, putting her whole body into the act. Her motions reminded Madeline of her own desperate need.

“Dave,” Madeline said plainly over her shoulder. “Fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard.”

Dave pulled himself slowly out of her pussy, inch by inch. When Dave could retreat no further, he paused. And then silently, unbidden, he pushed himself back in. Madeline could feel herself being split open as her soft, supple body yielded to his rock hard dick.

“Ohhhhhh,” Madeline whispered, as she felt herself being split open, wider and wider. She gripped fistfuls of bed sheets. “Oh, yes. That’s it.”

Dave repeated the motions, slightly faster. Madeline kneeled perfectly still. She felt his hands comfortably holding her hips, and delighted in the simple fucking motions as he thrust himself in and out of her cunt.

“Fuck, yeah,” Madeline whispered hoarsely. “Give it to me. Give me that cock.”

Dave complied, moving his hips faster and faster. Madeline’s titties were bouncing with his thrusts, faster and faster. Madeline didn’t care. She could feel her orgasm rising now.

“You like taking that big cock, Cherry Pie, don’t you?”

“Oh god, yes,” Madeline cried. “I fucking love it. Right there, fuck yes. I’m going to-.”

Just then, Madeline felt an immense void as Dave pulled out of her completely.

“Noooo,” Madeline cried out in frustration, turning to see why Dave had abandoned her. “Wha-why?”

“You want to cum,” Dave said, lying down on the bed. “I want to see you work for it. Get back on my cock, you fucking slut.”

Madeline felt the shameful insult like a slap across her face, but he was right about one thing … she wanted to cum. She needed to cum! She scrambled over to straddle him, took his cock in her hands, and guided him back inside her.

“Ohhhh, ohhh, fuck yes,” she whispered. In this position, Madeline had more control, and she took full advantage, bouncing up and down on Dave’s cock. She was no longer concerned with pleasing him, only in bringing pleasure to herself.

Madeline glanced over to see Shelly and Eric had shifted positions again, too. They both lay on their sides, with Eric spooning her sexy BFF from behind. Shelly’s legs were spread wide, giving Madeline a wonderful view of Eric’s cock sliding in and out of Shelly’s cunt.

‘Shelly’s boobs don’t jiggle’, Madeline thought to herself. ‘Mine bounce like k**s on a trampoline. Maybe I should get a boob job.’

Shelly looked up, saw that Madeline was watching her.

“How are you doing there, honey?” Shelly asked, smiling. “Having fun?”

“Oh Shelly,” Madeline gasped. “He feels so fucking good in my pussy.”

Shelly winked at her.

“Mmmmm, I love seeing that cock sliding up inside you. We need to do this every Girls’ Night, huh girlfriend?”

“Oh god, yes! Yes!! YESSSSSSSS!!” Madeline said, not so much replying to Shelly, as encourage Eric to continue with the upward thrusts he was now making in time with her downward ones. Madeline slammed herself down on Dave’s cock, again and again. She was so fucking close to her climax. It was building inside her, near to taking over and sweeping her away. Two, there more strokes …

Dave suddenly rolled Madeline on to her back. He slipped out of her in the process, and Madeline felt his thick snake, banging around her thighs as he settled in between her legs.

“Noooooooo!” She screamed at him. She had been right there. She just wanted to fucking cum!

She reached quickly down and grabbed him, lining him up to enter her. Dave lifted her legs to his shoulders, as Madeline guided the tip of his cock toward her velvet entrance.

“Ohhhhhhh, yeah,” she said, feeling him slide inside her once more. Dave leaned forward, her legs still on his shoulders, which caused Madeline’s body to contort. It was almost painful, as she felt herself folded nearly in half.

“FUCK ME!” Madeline cried out as he sunk himself all the way into her. “FUCK THAT PUSSY HARD!”

Now there was no pain, only pleasure, as Dave folded her in half and fucked her deeper than her husband ever had. This angle allowed their pelvises to touch fully together. When they did, she felt every delicious inch of Dave’s cock inside her.

“Oh yes,” Madeline whispered hoarsely. “Don’t stop! Don’t you fucking stop!”

Madeline gripped the back of Dave’s muscled arms. She was thrusting her own hips up, desperately trying to merge with him.

“I’m going to cum inside you so hard,” he said, breathing fast and heavy, pumping his hips up and down.

“Oh, no. Oh, please don’t,” Madeline whispered back. “Don’t cum inside me. Please pull out before you cum.”

Some silly part of Madeline convinced her that if Dave pulled out and jizzed on her belly, it wouldn’t be cheating. But even as she said these words, Madeline knew she did not mean them. The last thing she wanted was Dave’s cock to leave her pussy. She was so god-damned close to cumming. She’d been brought to the edge so many times tonight, and then not been allowed to finish. Madeline thought that even if her own husband came in and found her like this, on her back, legs in the air, another man’s cock buried deep inside her – even then, she didn’t think she would stop fucking that cock.

“Not. Gonna. Happen.” he said between by breaths, pounding her so hard the entire bed was now creaking now.

“Oh god,” Madeline said, closing her eyes. “Give it to me! Faster! Harder!!”

Dave grunted hard and Madeline could feel a warmth spreading inside her. She imagined his cock spurting giant gouts of his seed deep, deep inside her cunt. In took her over the edge.

“Oh my god,” she screamed. “That’s it. Keep pumping me. Pump me harder. I’m cumming. I’M CUMMING NOOOOOWWWWWW!”

Dave thrust down while Madeline thrust up, both of them grinding their hips into each, forcing themselves into becoming one being.

Madeline exploded, every part of her shattering from the intensity of her orgasm. It was, she would later admit, the most intense, mind-blowing orgasm she had ever had. But for now it was just pulsating bliss as Dave continued pounded wave after wave of pleasure into her.

She could feel their mingled cum oozing out of her hole, as his hip motions slowed then stopped, and he collapsed atop her.

“Oh my God that was good,” she panted. “So fucking good.”

Dave started to pull out, but Madeline wrapped her legs around him tight.

“Not yet,” she whispered, nuzzling her neck into his shudder. “Not yet.”

Madeline closed her eyes and let herself drift away with Dave still buried deep, deep inside her.

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