I seduce my neighbour

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I seduce my neighbour
My mother, truth be told had not really put a lot of effort into raising me. I think she partly blamed me for the fact that my father had left her as Thissoon as she had got pregnant with me. Anyway, she frequently told me she was too young to just be a mother, and as a young woman apparently “she had her needs”.

Every weekend it was obvious what those needs were as from a relatively young age she would leave me at home, coming home invariably with some guy and then fucking the guy without any inhibition her bed banging against the wall beside my bedroom. For a p*****n boy this was an awesome introduction to sex, and I immediately began exploring the Internet educating myself about sex and sexuality. As I look back now I understand how precocious I was because I immediately got hooked on all aspects of sexuality. I quickly understood that as a young boy I had the power to seduce older men, so when my mother was out on the town I would be chatting with guys who loved my p*****n body and had no problem telling me how beautiful I was. But as I grew older I became impatient to experience the real thing. Sure, I used my knowledge to seduce guys in the toilets at school and completely understood the power I had to make them go on their knees and suck me.

Knowing that my mother usually passed out after being fucked by the latest guy she brought home I decided to avail of the endless stream of cock my mother at that’stracted. So one evening after I heard my mother cum, wailing like thecock whore she was I decided to take action. Initially there was no movement but then I could hear her snore gently and new that the guy was going to leave imminently. I waited by my bedroom door to see my mother’s latest conquest leave holding his clothes and quietly shutting her bedroom door. hilarious,

I was stunned when I saw that I knew who he was, he was the father of my best friend. He looked at me and I could see the shock on his face. Immediately I understood the power I had over him. And it was obvious that he did too. I summoned him into my bedroom and closed my door gently. Hello Mr Jones I see that you have been enjoying my mother tonight, was she a good fuck?

He immediately started stuttering, saying he was sorry, that it was only this once et cetera et cetera. But frankly I didn’t care, he started to try and put on his trousers but I stopped him saying “not so fast Mr Jones” he looked at me, obviously confused. “You see the thing is Mr Jones I am sexually very advanced for my age, so please don’t be concerned” with that I gently pushed him onto my bed and immediately got on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. I imagined it was my mother’s cunt I was tasting, which turned me on even more. Any initial resistance from Mr Jones fell by the wayside as I felt his cock thicken and lengthen. Obviously this was the first real cock I had had in my mouth, but I had prepared. A number of the men I had enjoyed chatting with had encouraged me to train myself to take toys down my throat, I started with bananas, then cucumbers and over months had realised I had conquered my gag reflex. As I felt Mr Jones cock reach its limit I reached under his legs türkçe bahis pulling his bottom forward and then looking him straight in the eye I sank my throat all the way down his cock. I held it there for 15 to 20 seconds, and then came up gasping for air. “Mr Jones do you think I could make you cum down my throat?”

if he had had any reservations they quickly disappeared as the talk my head in his hands and face fucked me, grunting “whore like his mother”, I loved hearing this and as he used my face like he had used my mother’s cunt, I pushed two fingers into his ass, it drove him crazy and within a minute he held my face harder down against his balls and for the first time in my life I tasted adult spunk in my mouth. as I savoured his spunk (as his first load no doubt seeped out of my mother’s cunt) I knew that I had the upper hand on Mr Jones.

He immediately started to feel extremely nervous, apologising, saying “I don’t know what came over me”. “You mustn’t tell anyone”. I smirked, completely understanding that my seduction of him could not have gone any better.

Mr Jones don’t worry about anything, I said, after all it was I who seduced you, I wanted to be on my knees feeling your beautiful balls against my chin. feigning innocence I ask him “am I the first boy you have ever face fucked?” I look at him with my big brown eyes trying to figure out if he knows he’s being played. “Yes, yes you are, and my last, this will never happen again”

I decided to play the long game and see what happened “of course I understand Mr Jones, but please do remember that I’m the one who seduced you, I’m the one who wanted your cock down my throat………….. I’m the one who wanted to taste your spunk” He paused while getting dressed and looked at me, and I could see him thinking, I decided to press my advantage. “You know my whore mother will be out tomorrow evening and the evening after, looking for more cock, so if you want to come around when she’s gone, perhaps we could have some more fun”…………………

Part 2.

for the rest of the weekend I let my chat buddies know what had happened with Mr Jones, there was a mixture of pride that they had helped groom me to be able to initiate sexual contact like this, no doubt there was some jealousy. But what was really useful is that the pervert’s on the other end of the line were full of advice as to how I could use my power over Mr Jones for my own gratification.

When they asked me what I hoped would happen the following weekend with Mr Jones, of course I responded that I would want him to take my anal cherry. Immediately they advised me to borrow my mother’s dildos to stretch my ass as much as possible during the week. I had already discovered the beauty of masturbating with one of my mothers dildos in my ass, but I also understood that I needed to take more, though part of me was looking forward to the inevitable pain of the first fully developed male in my ass………….. of course,

I was quite nervous on Friday night when I came home from school and saw my mother already starting to drink as she walked around naked (not unusual for her) looking for our favourite outfit for her evening out. perabet I wondered whether Mr Jones would decide to come around, or play it safe.

As my mother was getting herself ready I went and showered, shaving my body completely, understanding that a big part of my attraction to men was that I looked younger than I really was. Especially for him I also put on a pair of panties (he might recognise them, they were my mother’s, LOL).

as soon as my mother left for the evening I went to her bedroom and took one of her larger butt plugs out of her dresser and slipped it into my ass. an hour later our doorbell rang and looking out the window I could see Mr Jones nervously looking up and down the street. Knowing it was safe I went to the door naked except for a pair of pink panties, my body shaven and oiled for good measure. I opened the door so that people outside could not see me and Mr Jones stepped in. It was obvious he was nervous, but when he saw me I could see immediately that he was entranced by me. “Jesus, you look beautiful, I’ve been thinking about you all week” . I put my finger to his lips saying “relax Mr Jones, I’m all yours” with that I took him by the hand and led him to my bedroom, making sure to sway my hips as I went along.

As soon as I closed the door in my bedroom I turned to him standing on my tiptoes start to kiss him on the mouth holding his head, toying with him, my tongue gently probing his mouth, making sure he understood that I was his. He was blissfully unaware that everything that was going to happen in my bedroom was being recorded,………….. certainly added to my desire knowing that if everything went right I would be able to explore my sexuality with Mr Jones and his family as much as I wanted….

as we made out I could feel is cock growing in his trousers as i gently traced its outline, my desire growing. He started grabbing at my ass pulling my cheeks apart, and as he explored I knew he had discovered the butt plug in my ass, his kisses started to feel more urgent as he completely gave himself to me. He reached his hand inside my panties and gently started wanking the butt plug in and out of my little boi pussy. I whispered in his ear “Mr Jones I hope you’re going to take my anal virginity tonight” that drove him over the edge and I knew I had reached the a****l within Mr Jones he brought me over to the bed bent me over and i pulled my panties down, kicking them away. I could feel him rubbing his cock between my legs, rubbing against my testicles, driving me crazy. “Please Mr Jones I need you in my ass, please” with that he roughly pulled the butt plug out of me and without any ceremony drove his cock into my ass………………….. I squealed in pain but also for effect for the cameras, LOL.

my training during the week had certainly helped, but there was no doubt that Mr Jones was stretching me to my limit. He waited for a couple of minutes and then started to slowly fuck me. As I felt the pain die down and intense pleasure takeover I began to pushback against him as he drove himself into me, I loved the sound of our bodies smacking together . the pleasure in my ass was intense, his balls smacking perabet giriş against my body a beautiful extra stimulation I had not bargained on, “i said” Mr Jones take my virginity I want to feel you as far inside me as possible I’m your little bitch Mr Jones ……………..” I was driving him crazy and I knew it ………’it didn’t take long until he started pounding the relentlessly and after 30 seconds or so’s fucking me so hard that my body fell onto the bed and he fell after me, if possible his cock ending further inside my body than it had been. He grunted loudly in my ear but all he can say is “you’re my bitch now” I turned my face to his “yes Mr Jones I’m your bitch” I could feel his hot spunk in my guts and loved it, knowing that while he felt he had the power in this relationship it was really me ………………..

when he finally stood up, taking his cock out of my ass I reach for the butt plug and put it back inside me, wanting to keep his cum ………when I got on my knees and took his by now flaccid cock in my mouth …………………tasted different to last week, but of course it would, last week I was tasting my mother’s cunt whereas this week I was tasting my own ass and I have to say I preferred it , lol…………….Mr Jones couldn’t believe how insatiable I was. I guided him so that he sat on the bed and then I encouraged him to lie back bringing his knees to his chest …………I immediately started rimming his ass hole loving its pungent male taste and also liking the effect it was having on him. Reaching under my bed I pulled out one of my smaller butt plugs and as I moved up his body taking his balls in my mouth I slid the butt plug into his ass , …………I got no complaints, but then he wasn’t thinking with his brains, but rather his growing phallus. I genuinely loved worshipping his balls and cock, and felt partly sorry for him, for what I was going to put him through but in the meantime I just enjoyed myself sucking and licking his cock until he came on my face (obviously another first for me).

With that Mr Jones was truly spent but I made sure he saw me push all of his cum from my face into my mouth and then swallow it. I lay on the bed beside him and cuddled him as he rested from his exertions. I decided now was a good time to start with my plan.

“I really loved what we did tonight Mr Jones …………….I know that I was born to give pleasure to alpha males like you and I’m just so lucky that we met each other ……….” obviously, you know my mother is not a capable parent she doesn’t care about what I do or who I see …………..so please don’t worry that she will ever find out about us …………

he grunted acknowledgement of this. I continued “I think there is so much you could teach me Mr Jones, and I know you will not be able to come over every weekend, but why don’t you give me your mobile number and I can text you when my mother is either out or comatose in her bedroom, that way you would know it would be safe, and I would be ready for you.” He was hesitant, partly not wanting to divulge his number, but I felt sure the promise of endless anal and oral sex would sway him. “Okay what I can do is save your number is one of my customers (he was a plumber) I could always pretend there was an emergency.

He gave me his number and I knew at the next part of my plan would fall into place quite quickly ………….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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