How I become a model and more

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How I become a model and more
I never even thought of being a model, ever even with my husband saying I could be a model, I thought he was just being nice. We have been married for 4 years now, and yes I was young when we married but, I loved him with my whole being and couldn’t think of being with anyone else.

We met when I was in Jr. high school and started dating soon after. I was in grade 9 and he was in 11 and such a dam good looker. We married in July after I finished grade 12. He was working for his dad’s trucking company so we had some money, but not a lot. I found a job at a dress shop in the mall so we could pay our bills. Jerry got his CDL just after turning 21 and said if he went on the road he could make more money so maybe we could think about getting our own house in a few years. I said it would be ok as long as he didn’t do it too long.

I ran into a guy we both knew in school and began catching up on what each of us were doing. I told him about being married to Jerry, and how he went on the road to make better money and Roger told me that he went to work in his dad’s studio and how his dad had a stroke so he had taken it over. He said how he did shoots for magazines and photos for sale ads and so on. Jerry was getting home Friday night so, I asked Roger to come over Saturday night for dinner and to catch up with Jerry. I told him that 5 would be fine and that I was sure Jerry would love seeing him.

When Jerry got home I told him we had a surprize guest coming for dinner the next night, and I could tell by the look on his face he thought it was my mother, who he can’t stand to be around for more then 5 minutes at a time. I told him it wasn’t my mom, and that put a smile on his face. He asked who it was, but I would only say it was someone from our school days. He started guessing but all I would say is you will see. I think he was hoping for Karen who was a big titted cheerleader back in school, but I always hated her cause she was the reason I didn’t make the cheerleading team.

Saturday night Jerry seemed to be full of question which I wouldn’t answer, or even give a hint upon who was coming. When the door bell rang Jerry opened the door and was shocked at first, then was happy to see our old friend. Over dinner we did a lot of catching up, and Roger said that he was just to busy to date and that by taking tonight off he would be working the whole day Sunday just to catch up. Jerry was full of questions, and then asked if he shot nudes, Roger said that he had, but it wasn’t his main line of work. Jerry said that he would like to have a few pics of me to have in the truck with him. He said it would remind him of what was waiting for him at home. Roger said that if we came by about 2 or 3 in the afternoon he would be more then happy to snap a few pictures of me. Jerry was not to happy when I reminded him that we were going to my parents for my dad’s birthday party, so illegal bahis siteleri we couldn’t do it tomorrow. Roger handed me a card with his home number as well saying that if I give him a call we could set something up. Jerry asked how much it would cost for maybe a dozen or so shots and Roger said it would be his pleasure to do it and there wouldn’t be a charge at all.

That night Jerry started going through my sexy lingerie saying I want a shot of you in this or of that. I pointed out that some of what him had in his hands was kind of see through. That stopped him for only a sec, then said well he does nudes and you wont be nude, and besides its his business so your just a model that’s all.

I went to work on Monday wondering if Jerry wanted Roger to see my near nude body, and if he found that thing a turn on. As I was on my way home I found that I kind of liked the idea of Roger seeing me dress like that too. After all I keep myself in shape, maybe I don’t have huge tits, but what I got are firm and my ass is nice and firm as well, so why not let Roger see the one that got away.

When I got home finding it empty other then a note saying, sorry honey, dad needed someone to take a load to the other coast. See you in about 10 days. Love you, call later. Ps I wished I had those pictures right now. I called Roger and it went to voicemail so I left a quick message for him to call me when I had some time. Jerry called saying how sorry he was, but his dad was in a fix cause the guy who was going to take the load broke his leg doing something he shouldn’t have been doing. I said it was ok the that I was waiting for Roger to call so I could have his pictures waiting for him when he got home. We said our goodbyes and hung up. I’m always sad the first day when my husband leaves, but I understand why he has to go.

It wasn’t 5 minutes later Roger call saying he had lots of time to talk cause he just fired his latest bikini model. I asked him what she did wrong, and he said “The dumb bitch was trying to turn it into a fucking porno shoot. Didn’t want to pose the way I wanted her and had these huge ugly tits falling out of her top half the time thinking it was sexy or something. All I know was she wasted 2 hours of my time and thinks she’s going to get paid for her time.”

I asked if there was something I could do to help, not thinking that there was. I still was shocked when he said “You know, I could use you as my model, and I would paid you the going rate, plus you have the kind of body needed for this shoot. What do you think, would you do it, maybe tonight?” I was shocked to say the least.

Finally I asked how long it would take, thinking that I had to be at the dress shop for work at 1pm the next day, and Roger said “Maybe 3 hours but I paid for 4 hours at 90 dollars a hour plus I pay for the taxi both ways.” I thought, fuck that’s 360 bucks, I don’t make that in a week at perabet güvenilir mi the dress shop, and I don’t have to be nude, so why not do it. I told Roger that I would do it, and I would be there as soon as possible. I grabbed the bag with the things my husband wanted pictures of me in, jumped in a cab that was waiting for me.

When I got there Roger give me a huge kiss on the cheek telling me I was a life saver, pointing out the dressing room and what I was to put on, After finding my size I put the first one on, and starting to feel a little self-conscious. After all I was about to let a guy I have only seen twice in what the last 5 years, see me in a very tiny bikini. I wondered what my husband would say if he seen me in this. Oh well, we could use the money, so here I go. I walked out not knowing there was a robe for me to wear, but Roger didn’t seem to mind, as his eyes went down slowly over my body before going back up with a huge smile.

Roger posed me this way and that way but he seem to be becoming a little more, touch this or that and at one point he had me bent forward looking back over my shoulder, and as he posed me his hand was on my bare ass cheek the whole time. I knew I should say something, but it kind of turned me on having him touch me. Jerry has been my only lover taking my cherry. The only other guy to ever touch me other then my doctor was a guy I dated in grade 8, and he only got to touch my nipple before I punched him.

It took just a little over two hours for the bikini pics to be done and I found myself looking at the tent in Roger’s jeans which grew larger the more he clicked away on his cameras. I asked if he had time to take the other pictures, and he said that I would do anything I wanted for saving him tonight. I took my bag back to the dressing room, changing into a red merry widow with matching panties which are all sheer and a pair of red nylons with the seams running up the back. My finger touched my pussy lips as I was pulling up my panties finding myself quite wet on the outside, and I knew I was very wet inside and becoming more aroused as each second went by.

When I walked out my legs felt like rubber, but I was getting hotter by the moment. Roger turned to see me and let out a grasp, then turned as he said “I’m sorry, its just your so fucking gorgeous, and sexy in that. Lets get started.” He had pulled out a bed with a bunch of pillows on it. He wasn’t trying to hide the fact that he was doing more then a quick feel of this or of that anymore, and I found myself hotter then I have ever have been in my life. When I felt his hand on the inside of my thigh just below my panty pussy, a small orgasm hit me. I opened my eyes, looking into Roger’s brown eyes which were oh close. I moved forward letting our lips meet in a kiss.

I knew it was wrong, but I just had to feel his lips on mine. I moved down on the bed forcing tipobet his hand against my panty covered pussy, which was to be soaking wet by now, and began rubbing myself on his hand. I kissed him again as I groan into his mouth as I rubbed harder. Roger pulled back saying “Maybe you should changed into your next outfit.”

I stared at him then began stripping as I walked to the dressing room. I was so fucking hot I would’ve fucked a homeless bum on the street if he had been there. I was nude by the time I got to the dressing room putting on a pair of crotchless panties, and that was it. By the time I got near the bed I could feel my wetness on my thighs. I stood in front of Roger sinking to my knees undoing his jeans to get to what I needed so fucking bad. When I finally had him in my hand, I found he was about the same 7 inches of my husband but, he had to be twice as big around. My fingers touch when I have my hand wrapped around Jerry but Roger they don’t even come close.

I looked up at Roger and he looked to be totally stunned as I licked him precum from the tip. I took him in my mouth but found due to his girth I could only fit the head in before my jaws started to hurt. So I sucked on him as I used my hands on the rest of that base ball bat of a cock. Roger threw his head back and I tasted just a bit more of his precum on my tongue. I pulled him from my mouth saying “Fuck me Roger, Fuck me with your huge cock.”

I got up lying back on the bed pulling him on top of me. I got a hand between us trying to pull his cock inside of me, but Roger dropped to his knees pushing his face between my soaking wet thighs, and towards my extremely hot pussy. He began teasing me by licking everywhere but, on any part of my pussy. I finally grabbed his hears pulling him to my love button. One lick that’s all it took, and I was having a mind blowing orgasm of my life. That wasn’t good enough for Roger, he had two fingers in my pussy, one more up my ass which is something I have never let happen before, and was licking the shit out of my love button, making me go totally berserk as I never had a chance to come down from this continuous mind blowing orgasm he was giving me. I finally had to push him away just so I didn’t die from the non stopping orgasm he was giving me.

Roger slowly got on top of me and began working himself inside. At first it hurt a bit, but once I opened up for him it was the best thing I have ever felt in my whole life. It seemed like only seconds and, he had me coming all over again.
I have no idea how long we made love, but I remember telling to please fill me with his love as I couldn’t take anymore. I remember feeling him pulling out of me, and the next I knew was, I had just enough time to get home shower, and get ready for work at the dress shop.

I called Roger on my way to work just to tell him that I loved every minute of what we did last night. He asked if I could drop by so he could show me what he had. I had a thing planned for tonight so I asked if I could come by on the next day, cause I was free the whole day. He said he would be waiting with all my sexy lingerie ready for my next shoot. I could feel myself getting wet already.

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