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I don’t know why, but I’ve always had this crazy fantasy. I love my wife of nearly fifteen years and would never want her to cheat on me, but this fantasy is still there. I like to think about it, but would never want it to actually happen. I’m sure a psychologist would have a field day with me.

I come home early from another long-hard day of work. You are normally home by 4:00 from your job as a school teacher, while my job as an accountant generally keeps me until 6:00. This day, I happened to finish my work early, so I decided to surprise you by coming home. I was a bit shocked to see that you weren’t in the kitchen starting dinner. We’ve always shared cooking duties, but I thought that you had said that morning that you would start dinner when you got home. I look throughout the first floor of our home before deciding that you must be upstairs.

I see that you are not in the sitting area at the top of the stairs, so that means you must be in our bedroom. You are probably catching up putting some laundry away. As I near the door, I hear strange moaning and groaning noises. At first I had no idea what that noise could be, but then I realized that it sounded as if you were having sex. I knew with me standing on this side of the door that there was no way you could be having sex, so you had to be masturbating. This was amazing to me because that is something that you just DO NOT DO. For whatever reason, you’ve always said that touching yourself just does not do anything for you. I’ve always wanted to see you touch yourself, so I figured I would finally get a chance to see you in action.

From the sounds that you were making, I could tell that you were really enjoying touching yourself. Normally you are pretty vocally reserved when making love to me, but that was not the case now. It almost casino siteleri sounds as if the bed is rocking back and forth. I slowly open the door, careful to not make a sound. Only the top half of our king size master bed comes into view as I open the door. I first see your unbelievably sexy caramel colored breasts, topped by your full hard nipples.

Both of your hands are running through your hair as you shout “yes, just like that” and your body is rocked by a huge orgasm. Surprised at how you can give yourself an orgasm without using your hands, I step into the room to see a muscle bound state trooper (judging by his uniform heaped on the bed) kneeling between your legs. As he sees me, he stops his thrusting and begins to pull out of you.

As your orgasm is still coursing through your body, you look at me, but speak to him saying “oh god, don’t stop.”

You wrap your legs around his naked ass and pull him back deep inside of you. My mouth is hanging open as I watch him after just a few long, deep thrusts cum inside of you. You scream in delight at the feeling of him spurting inside of you. After you both settle down, he pulls out of you, leaving a trail of his cum and your juices to flow from your pussy. I can do nothing but stare at your swollen, satisfied lips glistening at me. You see what I am looking at and as your lover hurriedly tries to get dressed, you reach out to grab hold of his still semi-hard cock. I like to think that I have a nice sized cock; average lengthed at six inches, but pretty thick around. This guy’s cock was a bit thinner than mine but had to be at least two inches longer. You pull him by his cock so that he is closer to you where you begin to lick the entire length of his shaft clean; all the while staring at me and giving me a subtle nod of canlı casino encouragement.

Watching you suck your own juices off of another man was all the permission that I needed as I moved to the end of the bed. From that position I could fully see the amount of juices that had flowed out of you. Everything from your pussy lips, to ass, to bed was covered in a thick white fluid. I kneeled down and first kissed your ass cheek that was covered in fluid. It was the first time that I had ever tasted semen before, let alone another man’s, and I was surprised at how I reacted to the taste. As my tongue first touched your ass, I was driven to another level of excitement that I had never gone to before. As I slid slightly further up the bed, you reached down with both hands and spread your pussy lip wide apart; causing even more of cum to leak out of you. You were fully exposed to me at that point and I put my mouth fully on your opening and licked and sucked as much as I could. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see you using your immense cock sucking abilities on his once again hard cock as he reached down to play with your perfect breasts.

After I made sure that every inch of your pussy was licked clean, I took off my clothes while doing my best to not let go of your clit with my mouth. When naked, I slid all the way up the bed and slid my harder than ever before cock into your soaking wet pussy in one long stroke. This put my face just inches away from your face and the cock that was currently sliding in and out of your hungry mouth. You could see me staring intently at the way you were sucking on your lover. You let his cock slip out of his mouth and you began to passionately kiss me. You moaned as you tasted your lover’s and your own fluid on your husband’s face.

As we kissed kaçak casino for several minutes, I could feel you stroking your lover’s cock with your hand. Due to where he was standing, his cock kept bumping into our faces as we kissed. As my own orgasm neared, I could tell that yours was nearing too by the way you were moaning and writhing underneath me. Since I am a guy, I could also tell by the way your lover was reacting that he was getting close to coming too because of the hand job that you continued to give him. I had to stop kissing you because I was getting short of breath with excitement. I wildly pumped away on you as my mouth hung open in delight. Powerless to stop you, you guided your lover’s cock into my mouth. Instinctively, I closed my lips around him and did my best impression of your cock sucking technique on him. I sucked in my cheeks and took as much of him in my mouth as possible. I slid up and down on his cock for several minutes until I felt his cock begin to spasm and shoot his hot semen into my mouth. I was surprised at this and took the first several streams in my mouth before he pulled out, shooting several more streams across my face.

Between his shooting across my face and in other directions, your breasts and face became covered too. I leaned down so that our chests were touching and kissed you passionately again. I could feel his semen sliding across our chests and faces. As your tongue reached out and kissed your lover’s cum off of my lips, I knew that I could not take anymore. I screamed your name as you screamed out that you loved me. I pushed deep inside of you one last time as I exploded my largest orgasm ever into you. At that same instant, I felt your pussy tightly contract around me as you came hard on me. I could feel our juices mixing together with that of your lover and all spilling out of you. We kissed each other as we came down from our orgasms. As we finally took the time to look around, we noticed that your lover was nowhere to be found. I looked back at you again, kissed you, and said I Love You.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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