Hold Me!

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It started off innocently enough. Karen and I flirted often but I don’t think either of us truly meant anything by it. It was just for fun. You see, I’m a twenty-four-year-old nerdy girl, single, a little heavier than I want to be and quite the extrovert. I sing karaoke, cosplay at cons, read a ton, and love hanging out. The problem was that I had recently moved here and didn’t know many people other than those I worked with. Karen was one of them. She worked with me and was a loud, brash blonde with a knock-out athletic figure. A few years older than me, yet she was so hot that guys always hit on her. One day, about quitting time, a particularly tiresome older fellow from one of our vendors kept hitting on her. I decided to help her out and came over to her, slipped my arm around her waist and laid my head on her shoulder.

“Whatcha doin Babe?” I asked her.

“Not much, Hon.” She answered without missing a beat.

“You ready to get out of here?” I asked.

“Yeah, let’s go,” she replied.

The guy looked like we were grossing him out and left. She grinned at me.


“No problem.”

After that, the flirting became a regular thing. I called her Babe and she called me Hon or Honey. I would wink at her in an obvious way and she would blow me kisses across the office. I would eye her as she strolled past and lick my lips lustfully. She would grin and look over the tops of her glasses and sigh loudly. Things like that.

But as I said, it was all just for fun. Everyone in our office knew we weren’t lesbians, just putting on an act. Then our office won a corporate-wide award for excellence and our division manager took us all out to a local club to celebrate. We ate, drank and sang karaoke. We had a blast. The Accounting manager let her hair down and did a great cover of Janis Joplin, surprising the hell out of everyone. A couple of girls from HR got too drunk and had to be carried out, along with Tommy from IT. He was sitting there one moment and the next he was face first in his plate.

Karen and I had fun. Now I hadn’t drunk as much as the others and we were among the last to leave. Karen came up to me and whispered.

“Do you think you could drive me home? I don’t want to risk a ticket.”

“Sure! No problem.”

But on the way there, she fell quiet. When I pulled up in her driveway, she looked at her keys and then took a deep breath.

“I-I was wondering if you’d like to come in for a minute…”

I didn’t answer right away and she looked at me.


There were no tears but I sensed that they were being held back just barely.

“Sure,” I said.

Inside, her two-bedroom condo was nice. I sat on the sofa and she tried but fidgeted a lot. Finally, she jumped up and started pacing.

“Ally, (my name is Allison, but everyone calls me Ally) you’ve become a close friend, and I don’t have many of those. Very few in fact. And none of them know me, really know me. Everyone just sees the Karen I let them see. In here.” she waved at her home, “I’m a different person than out there. I want to let you in, I need to tell things to someone, but I’m afraid that if I do it will ruin our friendship. And I couldn’t stand that. But keeping everything locked up inside is killing me!”

I stood and took her hands in mine. “I’m here. Talk to me.”

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Yes, I’m sure. I want to be your friend, and I don’t think you could say anything to change that.”

She took a deep breath and I felt her hands tremble.

“You had no way to know this, but… I’m gay and all of this flirting was fun at first but now it’s torture because I’m falling for you.”

I froze. I’m sure it was only for a moment but my mind raced at warp speed. Finally, I managed to speak.

“Holy cow! Oh Karen, I never would’ve done this if I’d known! I mean, teasing you, upsetting you. But, well damn it all… I have to admit that I am canlı bahis attracted to you too. I’m scared though. I let a girl kiss me once and we were seen and our families went apeshit over it. I’ve buried that so deep…”

“Oh god, Ally! That’s horrible! But now that it’s in the open, what do we do? I mean what do you want to do about it?”

I looked in her hazel eyes and made up my mind.

“I want to fuck, that’s what.”

I guess my response was unexpected because she hesitated. I didn’t. I stepped in closer, wrapped my arms around her, pulled her in tight, and kissed her. She responded after a moment and her hands were soon slipping up under my sweater to my bra clasp. I ducked my head and stepped back as she pulled my top and bra off as one. When my breasts hung free, she bent to touch, kiss and caress them. She was tender and gentle, unlike the few men who had been allowed this far. My breasts are heavy E-cups and I’ve always had men eyeing them, an uncomfortable frequency of “accidental” gropes and pawings, and then the remarkably few boyfriends who I allowed to see and touch and kiss them. I don’t know about most women, but for me, they were never an erogenous zone. Until this moment. As Karen touched me, my breasts were screaming pleasure to my brain, which responded by telling my vagina to prepare for a royal fucking. I didn’t just get moist, or wet, I was soaking my panties.

Strange that the potential sexual liaison with another woman made my pussy beg for a good, intense fuck session. No male lover had ever done that. I realized that I wanted to feel her skin against mine, flesh to flesh, and grabbed her button-down blouse.

“Sorry…” I muttered, and ripped it open, buttons flew everywhere as she gasped. I tugged it down off of her shoulders, then pushed her bra straps off her shoulders and tugged her bra down. Almost to her waist.

Her breasts were absolutely beautiful! Karen was a firm, perfectly shaped C-cup. Her areola were round and pinkish-tan. Her nipples were darker, more reddish and stood out, large and erect. My areola were huge tan ovals with flattened pale nipples. I lusted for those titties and quickly covered them with kisses. I caressed, squeezed and even suckled, and the entire time Karen was moaning and sighing. Her bra and shirt pinned her arms and strangely she didn’t try to get free, instead, this seemed to please her.

“Oh god! Oh yes! Oh yes! Go on!” she moaned and I suddenly felt emboldened.

I stood and looked deep in her eyes and saw hunger, desire, craving, and… fear. Yet she was eager and unhesitating. Damn, did she, the older woman, want to be dominated? Used? Was that it? I grabbed the back of her head with one hand, cupped a breast with the other and kissed her forcefully. She accepted it. I forced my tongue in between her lips and she opened her mouth. Our tongues wrestled and writhed.

Yet I hesitated. Breaking the kiss I again looked in her eyes. She realized what was going on and brought her lips to kiss my cheek, then whispered in my ear…

“Do anything you want. My safeword is Buick.”

I sighed with relief. I had never done more than have a little rough sex with one boyfriend, but a part of me had always preferred to be in charge, dreamed of domination, although I really didn’t know what it involved.

I kissed her again, more forcefully. My hands dropped to her wool-blend slacks and unfastened them. Dropping to one knee, I yanked them down along with her panties. I gazed at her mound, it was neatly groomed, her triangle of short hair as blonde as her mane, and her scent arousing. I placed my cheek against her fur and inhaled. God, it seemed intoxicating! I made sure she was close to the sofa and pushed her back onto it. I pulled off her shoes and pants, spread her legs and kissed her pussy.

It was the first pussy I’d ever kissed. Suddenly I wished I had done this earlier in my life. It was wonderful I licked her bahis siteleri and tasted her sweet nectar. Surprisingly nice. I knew how I liked to be eaten and I prayed that she felt the same way. I kissed and sucked gently on her labia, licked the length of her slit, from bottom to top, and teased her opening with the tip of my tongue. I did this over and over for several long minutes as she moaned and sighed. Finally, when she was aroused enough, I kissed her clitoris. Karen gasped. I added a clit kiss to the end of every cycle. I took my time, I knew better than to rush it. Finally, I added a few clit licks to the rotation, eliciting more sounds of pleasure and excitement from her. Then, when I judged she was ready, I slid my thumb into her pussy and focused more attention on her clit. More kisses and licks had her panting. I pressed my lips around her clit and sucked as I pumped my thumb in and out. Karen was whimpering and writhing. Somehow she’d gotten her hands free and was squeezing her breasts and tugging on her nipples. Her eyes were open and staring at the ceiling.

“Look at me!” I demanded. “Look at me!”

She did and as I stared into her eyes I knew she was close. I had brought her here and it felt powerful. “Do you want to cum?”

She stared a moment, then nodded ever so slightly.

“Not good enough. Do you want to cum?”

“Yes…” she whimpered softly.

“Beg me!”

“Please… I want to cum…” she whined.

“Beg me!”

“Please make me cum… Please make me cum!

I used my finger to pull her hood back and my tongue tip began to flick from side to side as fast as I could manage, across her clit. I pumped my thumb in and out as my middle finger teased her asshole.

Karen held on for a moment then her back arched, her pussy spasmed and gushed, and she cried out, almost screaming.

“I’m cumming! Oh god I’m cumming! Aaahhh! AAAAAHHHHH! Aahhhh, aahhh, aahhh, ohhhh… ohhh god oh god oh god…”

I pulled my hand away and lapped up the fluid flowing from her pussy. I felt her hands on my head, her fingers running through my hair. Her body shook and I realized she was crying. I roze up and saw that she was smiling as she cried. We kissed. We sat up and I held her in my arms. When she could speak, she tried to explain.

“T-That was the most amazing orgasm I’ve EVER felt. It hit me quickly, and was more intense than any other. I usually have multiple smaller orgasms, sometimes lingering… but that was almost brutal. And I loved it. Thank you for taking me there, giving it to me.”

We kissed some more and I marveled at how right it seemed to be holding her like this. She tenderly caressed my breasts and I hers.

“Talk to me Karen, tell me… tell me who my lover is. Really is.”

Karen looked at me for a moment then decided she could trust me.

“I was raised in a conservative Christian family environment. When I first discovered my developing body and touched myself, I discovered both pleasure and guilt. My Mother told me sex was for making babies and pleasing your husband. Your pleasure wasn’t important. But my girlfriends said different. One night, years later, during a sleep-over at another girl’s house, they began stripping and kissing and fooling around. I wasn’t scared, I was excited. I had my very first orgasm. I became a closet lesbian. Of course, I suffered a great deal of guilt trying to justify what I was doing in secret with the values I was taught. When I went to college, I got away from those girls and that scene. I focused on my studies. I discovered guys could be attractive and fun. I had sex a few times. I married. But it wasn’t as good as I hoped. I always wanted another woman. I fought it. Then I caught him cheating and we divorced. I dated, both guys and girls, but no one has ever felt right so there was never any sex. Then you showed up.”

“Wow…” I muttered. “That’s pretty much my story too. Well, except for the sleep-over. bahis şirketleri I didn’t have that.”

“Oh? When did you discover girls? she asked.

I paused to collect my thoughts and evaluate the secret I needed to share.

“Karen, if I tell you this, you have to promise that no one will ever know. I’ve been sitting on this my whole life and I need to tell someone.”

“Oh god Ally, of course! Your secret is safe with me.”

“Well, I masturbated a lot, never with toys, just my fingers. Then a girl I knew kissed me. I liked it. I had kissed boys too, but this was different. We only kissed, nothing else and kept it hidden, but eventually, we were caught and my parents blew up. They made me cry. Then my older sister got mad and yelled at them. She came out as bi that night and supported me. Mom and Dad threw us both out. Really. We went to stay at a friend’s house for one night and then our Aunt picked us up and we lived with her for a few years in Phoenix. But while we were away, Mom died. She had a stroke, just dropped dead one day. Dad didn’t hold a funeral, just had her cremated and didn’t even tell us. We found out almost two weeks later. Dad wouldn’t answer his phone. His brother drove over and found he had shot himself. I always wondered if I had caused it all.”

“Oh my god, Ally! That’s horrible! Oh, you poor thing!” She said hugging me tightly.

She released me and I stood. I stripped out of my clothes in a hurry. “This isn’t the latest liaison with a woman. It’s my first. And by god, it won’t be my last.” I said as I pulled her to her feet. “Which bed do you wanna fuck in?”

She led me to her bed and again my heart pounded with excitement. I took her in my arms and kissed her, open-mouthed and hungrily. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back, exposing her throat. I kissed it as my other hand caressed her hip then came around to her mound and down to her pussy. I toyed with her folds and then slid two fingers inside of her. I pushed them in as far as I could as I bared my teeth on her throat. I heard her gasp and felt her tremble.

I teased her a moment longer then lay on the bed and spread my legs. “On top, sixty-nine, now bitch.” I snarled and she hurried to comply. I ate her pussy but she hesitated to go down on me. I grabbed her head and pushed her face between my legs. She struggled just enough to show she was playing the game and then began licking and kissing my womanhood. We stayed like that for what seemed like ages. She was so incredibly wet and delicious and I loved the way she trembled. She too was actually quite good at cunnilingus and I felt my orgasm rising and flooding through me. It was wonderful and I cried out. My voice seemed to drive her on and she shifted to kneel beside me. Her mouth was on my clit as she drove two fingers in and out of my pussy at a frantic pace. A second, more powerful orgasm came out of nowhere and slammed into me. My back arched and I screamed.

After it passed, she let me down easy with tender kisses and caresses. She sucked her wet fingers and smiled. I fingered myself and then painted her lips with my juices, before kissing her. We hugged and snuggled for a time. It felt so right to feel my breasts pressed against hers, her mound pressed against my hip, our legs intertwined.

“Wow,” I whispered. “That was amazing… and totally unexpected. I mean, I’ve never played the dominant in any relationship. It was kinda fun.”

“Oh you did great!” she replied softly It was perfect. I was afraid that If I pushed, I might scare you off. Letting you take charge made more sense. I just didn’t expect to enjoy being the submissive partner as much as I did. It was wonderful… and freeing too.”

“So what do we do now?” I asked.

“Anything… or nothing. I don’t care.” She said. “But for the moment, just hold me.”

I did. And every night since then. I moved in with her and life has never been better. That was two years ago. Tonight, as I type this she’s showering and we’re going out to dinner at a really nice steakhouse. She’s looking forward to the steak. I’m looking forward to surprising her with the ring in my coat pocket…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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