His Special Fetish Ch. 2

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His Special Fetish Ch. 2
David lay naked on the bed, his cock not so impressive now. I stood before him in my cum soaked blouse, seamed nylons and suspender belt and my black satin panties. My wet satin panties. My pussy was aching to feel David’s cock so I was about to find out just how much my new clothes turned him on.

“David, just look what you’ve done to my pretty blouse.”

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.”

“Did you enjoy it?” I asked smiling.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to see you dressed like that and to do what I’ve just done.”

“What have you just done, David? Say the words. Tell me what you like to do.”

“I’ve just cum on your satin blouse.” I saw the first stirrings in his cock; even saying the words turned him on. I lifted the front of my blouse to my mouth and licked.

“Your cum tastes so good. I’ll have to get some spare blouses if all this cum is going to be flying about.”

“I’d like that” said David. I lay on the bed beside him and put my mouth to his ear.

“I’ll need some silky slips as well” I whispered. I gently stroked his hardening cock. “And stockings, lots güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and lots of nylon stockings.” His hand was on the front of my blouse, rubbing my nipple through the wet material. I rubbed his cock against my nylon-clad thigh. He moaned.

“Lots of nylons in case of accidents.” David’s hand rasped over my stockings.

“I love your nylons. I want to fuck you in your nylons and blouse.” My hand moved faster along his fully erect cock and David’s hips moved in rhythm. My own juices were flowing as I saw how turned on he was.

“Soon” I whispered, “Very soon your cock will be pounding into my satin and nylon clad body.” I’d never felt his cock so hard and I was so horny myself. Suddenly I felt his hand on the front of my panties; his fingers pressed the wet satin into my pussy. I almost passed out as he rubbed the panties against my hard clit. My legs shook as I felt my long awaited orgasm approaching. It took all my willpower to take his hand away and say as calmly as I could “Not yet, baby.” I peeled the panties from my pussy and took them off. youwin güvenilir mi I held them up so he could see my juices glistening on the satin. “See how wet you make me.” I sat astride David, his cock brushing my pussy. I placed my wet satin panties over his nose and mouth. He inhaled deeply and I could see his tongue licking the panties. I put my mouth against his and licked his pantied tongue and gave him a long satin kiss. I moved my body until the tip of his erection was at my moist opening.

“Can you feel my cool satin blouse and nylons against your skin? I want to feel my hot pussy filled with your thick cock.” I slowly eased down, inch by hard glorious inch until my pussy was filled with his throbbing erection. I moved up until his cock almost left my pussy and then I slid back until I was filled again. Up and down, harder and faster until David was bucking and writhing beneath me.

“Look at me, David. Look at me as I ride your stiff cock.”

“You look so sexy.” He said hoarsely.

“This is the way I will always be dressed. Look at my blouse billowing perabet as I fuck you, all of the shiny shimmering satin caressing my breasts. Feel my slippery nylons and think of all the times I’m going to jerk you off with my stockinged feet.” David’s hands were everywhere, all over my blouse, my frilly suspender belt and onto my smooth, taut nylons. He was groaning loudly and I knew his orgasm was as close as mine was. I rubbed my clit as I bounced wildly on his enormous erection. My juices bubbled and I was in sexual ecstasy.

“Fuck me David. I want to feel your cum inside me.” My fingers worked furiously on my clit, my pussy rode furiously on his cock until;

“Oooh David, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh, oh, cum in me, please, ooh.” My love juice poured from my body and as my pussy gripped his cock David let out a loud roar and I felt his hot cum spurt inside me. I came again and again as his cock splattered my insides with his sticky seed. I had never cum so powerfully and my whole body shook as my molten liquid flowed out, rolled along my thigh and stained my stocking tops. Finally, our orgasms subsided and we lay side by side on the bed. I covered David’s soft wet cock with the hem of my blouse and began to rub it dry.



“I’m going to need a whole new wardrobe. Blouses, lingerie, hosiery.”

“Mmmm” was all he said as I felt his cock harden in my blouse.

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