HIS P.E.T. 11

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HIS P.E.T. 11


When I thought I had detected some movement outside while Hein, Chris and I were engaged in our activities in the living room, I had discounted it for all the reasons that flashed through my mind, the most significant being the dogs hadn’t sounded an alarm. And, they certainly would have if anyone was outside other than a member of the household. Of course, that would turn out to be the key differentiating factor.

* * * * *

After disappearing, leaving me with Hein and Chris, Sharon had hurriedly led Raul into the section of the house with all the bedroom, pulling him into the suite they were now sharing. She wasted no time with coyness or flirting, and he wasted no time in acting like he wasn’t completely certain what was happening. It was an amazing side-effect of agreeing to share their private space and announcing to the rest of us how seriously they felt for each other. They both had become very forward and intentional in their desires and wants. The talk I had with Sharon, and she had shared with Raul, did wonders for their mutual pleasure and response during their lovemaking.

That night, they tried something they might never have considered but for what they had occasionally seen of me with the dogs. They had both climaxed magnificently at almost the same time. Sharon lay in his arms, her head on his shoulder and chest. Her fingers idly played with his soft penis. Neither spoke. Neither felt the need to speak but were enjoying their post-orgasmic euphoria. That is until Sharon turned her head so her chin was on his chest looking at him.

“Feeling adventurous?”

He had to cock his head to look into her eyes. “Already? I … don’t … know …”

She wiggled up so her face was in front of his. She kissed his lips and smiled broadly, her hand squeezing his soft penis. “I know.” She kissed him hard. “I know … don’t ever worry about disappointing me. You won’t as long as …”

He finished her statement, “As long we both focus on pleasing the other.”

She smiled and kissed him, again. “Yes. You know, for a sex-crazed maniac, Laura is a very smart woman.”

He nodded. “So, what was your mind thinking?”

She gave him a wicked look and rose to her knees. “Remember when Laura would sometimes clean the dogs and they her after mating?”

He looked at her, processing the image before its application to them sunk in. “I’m game.”

She looked at him. “Sure?”

He nodded and straightened his legs out. “I’m sure. For you, I’ll try anything at least once.” She looked at him with an even more wicked look. Nervously, “At least once.” They both laughed.

She kissed him, swung a leg over his head and muttered, just before taking his soft, cum-coated penis into her mouth, “How did I get so lucky, Raul?” But, any chance of a response was squelched as her cum filled pussy was pulled to his tongue and lips.

After they had toyed with each other, she re-aligned her body along his, her arm across his chest. They both conceded the taste was different, but they found the activity very erotic and increasing the feeling of closeness and commitment. His fingers were casually tracing along her spine, which sometimes tickled her but mostly felt comforting. Amid the random thoughts vocalized between them as they contentedly savored the physical and emotional presence of the other, Raul asked a curious question.

“Do you think there will be a time when we join them in their activities … whatever they are doing upstairs now?”

She raised her head and looked at him. He nervously turned his eyes to her. “You want to do that?”

“It’s only a question, a thought. Sharon, I never thought I could experience these feelings again at this point in my life. You are an amazing woman, strong and sensual. I am not seeking anything more, except to hold onto you. It is just … well, in this house now, it is hard not to think about those things.”

She chuckled and wiggled her body in tighter to his, her left leg dr****g over his. “You mean making love in front of them? Or, sharing ourselves with them?” She planted her chin on his chest and looked at him. “You could watch another man making love to me or me a woman with you?”

“It was a question, not a request. But … not just any man, one of them I think, yes.” She wiggled into him tighter, her pelvis pressed into his thigh and she ground it into him and she sighed. “You haven’t wondered?”

His cock was hard and she was horny, again. She raised up and swung her leg over his hips, reaching down and inserted his cock into her wet pussy. They both gasped as she settled down over his length. She bent forward and kissed him deeply. Openly talking and sharing was such a turn-on.

After they shared another orgasm, she was still lying on his chest, his softening cock slowly retreating from her pussy, but not quite out, yet. She sat up quickly with a thought. She gave him a look that caused him to think, ‘oh-oh’.

She swung her leg over him, his cock pulling out of her completely and slapping against his abdomen, causing her to look down smiling. She had a sudden idea. Go outside below the living room and see if they could tell what was going on. She was pulling him off the bed, tossed him his boxers. He could use them or not. She was feeling adventurous and ignored any covering for herself. He struggled and hopped into his boxers as he followed his crazy partner out of the bedroom.

Outside, she encouraged him along the house despite his quiet protests of embarrassment to intentionally spy on the others. He suddenly felt like a school boy peeping on the people next door. What they found at the wall of glass at the living room was the two men with their backs to the glass and Laura looking at them. Then, she sank to the floor and pulled their boxers down, moving from one to the other, apparently sucking their cocks.

Raul caught movement from Sharon and he looked to her, hoping against hope that she had seen enough. What he saw was her raising her phone. “Your phone? You brought your phone?”

“For the camera.” She selected the app she needed and held the phone up. There was an audible click.


“Shhhh …”

What followed next, though, had them both frozen where they were. They watched me jump into Chris’ arms and after some movement, my mouth opened in an apparent gasp. They both knew immediately what had happened. But, then they saw Hein move up behind me and my mouth opened wider. If the house construction wasn’t so tight, they were sure they would have heard my cries. Sharon took numerous captures with the phone, thankful that the flash had been turned off the last time she used it.

Raul came up behind her, taking her naked body in his arms, one hand on her stomach down to the patch of pubic hair, the other grasping one of her full breasts. He whispered in her ear as he continued to fondle her body outside below the exhibition above them. “What are you going to do with those?”

Her hand slithered behind her butt and stroked his hardness inside the top of his boxers. “I don’t know. Show them to Hein? I don’t know. Have you ever seen anything so erotic? I have the feeling this is just the kind of thing Hein might want to tease her with.”

She turned in his arms, kissing him hungrily, her hand now fully inside his shorts and stroking his rigid cock. She broke the kiss and took a step back toward the door, “I need you, again. I really need you …”

He stopped, “Still feeling adventurous? We could do it right here. Them up there; us down here.”

She looked up, again. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing: the two of them standing at the window with me, a sandwiched woman in a double penetration. She turned her eyes back to him. “Oh god … Raul … I can’t believe I am out here naked! No, not yet … soon? … god knows what I will be doing soon around here …” She pulled him into the house.

The next morning, Sharon tried to find a time when Hein was by himself, but Chris remained close by. Chris moved to go to the underground garage and she touched Hein’s arm to stop him. Chris looked back, recognized güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her need to talk to him and suggested he would bring the car around to the front door. Hein nodded, then turned to Sharon.

It was obvious to him that she was nervous. He prodded her until she could begin. “I hope you won’t be mad, but …” And she went on to explain how she and Raul had ended up outside below the living room. He looked at her quizzically, and she nodded.

“We saw it all. In fact …” She pulled out her phone and scrolled through to the pictures she had taken. She handed him the phone and she continued. “We had just made love and we knew you guys probably were, too. We were still very excited and I pulled him to come with me and snoop. We went right outside … it seemed to me at the moment to be even more exciting.”

He looked down at her, “So, you put some clothes on, went outside, found us at the window, and decided to record it.”

She was wringing her hands in front of her with her head down. “Well, that’s mostly the case.” He raised his eyebrows. “Well … you see, I was excited … like voyeurism … Raul managed to grab his boxers, but … well …”

He raised her chin and looked into her face, “You went outside naked?!?”

“Shhhh … Yes. I was still so turned on and what I was thinking … and this house, my god, Hein. I’ve never felt like this … poor Raul, I’m always after him.” She looked up at him. “The only reason I took the pictures was for you. I don’t think I have seen anything that expressed such a purely erotic image. Are you mad?”

He laughed and was hugging her as I came into the area for some breakfast. I hesitated whether to go for coffee or give Hein a kiss before he left. Hein won out, of course. I saw them continuing their quiet conversation, which I couldn’t hear.

“I am not mad. I love you. And thank you for this. It gives me an idea. Would you please transfer these to a flash drive?” He turned toward me and stopped, taking her back in his arms. “You going outside naked … wow, I wish I had noticed that …”

I saw her blushing, “Go on, you tease. You have her and she is still naked. Now, go give her a kiss. Chris is waiting.”

“Okay, but don’t breathe a word to Laura, it would spoil what I am thinking.”

* * * * *

The first Exotische Erotische Sociaal loomed with all the anticipation, apprehension, and ambiguity. It wasn’t just from our anticipation of the evening, either. We, of course, prepared for the evening with our own anxiety because this was Hein’s proposed alternative for the smaller group. There were several phone calls from the other couples, however, about the evening suggesting their own anxiety. Hein, since the couples still didn’t know the rest of us well, took over all communication suggesting semi-formal attire and a light dinner preceding the evening’s voyeuristic activities. We kept some details like the masquerade aspect as a surprise as an effort to lighten the initial feeling of the evening.

We worked out among ourselves our roles and responsibilities in the hopes of providing a smooth and carefully choreographed evening so Hein could simply act as host. He was the initiator of the idea for these evenings and this first evening was critical to it ever occurring again.

On the night of the first Sociaal gathering, the dining room and house were ready for our guests. A catering service was used for the majority of the food, but the buffet style allowed us to eliminate the need for servers. The catering company would return in the morning to clear out the leftovers, although Sharon and I intended to save as much as we could after the party. Waste not, want not. Even if money wasn’t an issue in the house, being wasteful wasn’t something we intended to embrace.

As we made final arrangements prior to our guests arriving, it was intriguing to see everyone in semi-formal attire. Hein and Chris, of course, were dashing and very attractive in suits I had seen them in many times before. Raul dressed up very well from the daytime work clothes I was so accustomed to seeing him in. Sharon was beautiful in her new gown and a recent visit to the salon with me. It was not lost on her how attentive Raul was, either. We exchanged numerous smiles and winks as Raul seemed to move around her admiringly as though she had produced some gravitational force to hold his orbit attentively around her. I suspected it was going to be a powerful evening for them, too.

Hein asked me to wear the same gown I wore that night when we talked with the Bakkers separately and had the opening discussion about this idea. While it hung loosely around me, the light satin material showed each curve it contacted, not to mention my nipples. Under it, I wore light colored stockings and high heels, my now standard 4 ½ inches. I was feeling very sexy in the gown, especially since the others were dressed nicely and not blatantly sexy. I was sure the other women arriving soon would be dressed like Sharon. It added to my anticipation of the evening and seemed fitting since I, and everyone else, knew I was going to the focus of the eroticism tonight.

I felt Hein’s familiar hug around my shoulders as he came up to me from behind as I considered the dining table arrangement. “How are you doing?” He kissed my recently coiffed hair, “Are you still okay with this?”

I leaned into him and put a hand to his chest and patted him. “I’m fine, thanks. No … I’m much more than fine. A few nerves, maybe. This has the feeling of a big deal, some importance … future activities riding on this initial night. But, I am excited. It’s what we talked about me doing, right?” I looked into his face and he nodded. “To be honest, though …” I looked back at him with a smile as the front door rang and I headed that way, “I know I am dripping wet.”

He called out after me, “That’s my PET….” And he laughed as he followed me to the door.

Meike and Stefan Hendriksen were the first ones to arrive, with the others following quickly after. Hein had earlier given us an idea of the couples who would be a part of our Exotic Erotic Social group. The Hendriksens were both in their early 50’s and appeared quite active. They were trim. She was dressed in an elegant gown with plenty of cleavage that fit tightly about her upper body. They both had graying hair and I admired that she wasn’t coloring hers out and she wore it long, it falling below her shoulders. He was a CEO, like Hein, but at a significantly smaller Dutch corporation. Celine and Ruben Meijer were also in their early 50’s. He was a senior executive at a major Dutch firm. Like the Hendriksens, they had a youthful sparkle in their eyes and manner that betrayed their years. She too showed plenty of cleavage and her gown was backless. We had previously met the Bakkers.

They all loved the idea of a quasi-masquerade theme for the evening. We had chosen masks that covered the upper face, only. The women were all given lacy masks that feathered off to the right of the face. The men were all given solid black, leather masks. There was no mistaking anyone with the masks, but the idea lent a feeling of mystery and anonymity, even if it was an illusion.

Usually at dinner when it was just us, Chris and I sat on one side with Sharon and Raul on the other with Hein at the head table. This night, Hein suggested I sit opposite him, the two of us taking the heads of the table with our guests. The table was massive, intended to seat 12 people, making it just large enough for the 11 for his first event.

Several of the men commented on my dress. It was known to all, despite my being the hostess for the evening alongside Hein, I was also the featured erotic entertainment. My dress, which was originally intended by Hein to subtly compete with the nudity of the slave and submissive women of the other affair, served well to set the tone for this evening and set me apart from the other women in attendance. It was not a joke that my pussy was wet from the time the guests began arriving and I only hoped that the dress wouldn’t have a wet spot in the back as güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri a result of sitting in my current condition. Of course, I reasoned it could be just another blatant indicator of my role tonight if it did show after dinner. Except for drinks, I suspected my wearing the dress would be short-lived.

The comments about my dress, though, I knew were an inside joke among my housemates and the Bakkers regarding the prominence of my nipples. The looks and smiles finally brought inquiry from the other two couples. Hein just looked to Niels Bakker who offered the explanation.

“Hein mentioned the last time we were together that Laura’s dress served as a good indicator of her arousal. It doesn’t take close observation to see how aroused and erect her nipples are.”

Celine Meijer couldn’t restrain herself, “I have to say, Laura, you are just stunning. That dress makes you so sensuous I can’t wait to see you without it.” She immediately blushed and put her hand to her mouth. “Oh, my god, I am so sorry. I don’t normally say things like that.” Her husband chuckled and gave her a hug from the side.

I smiled at her and looked around the table, seeking to make contact with everyone. “Thank you, Celine. Please don’t be embarrassed. That response, I believe, is exactly the kind of expression of honest feeling Hein hoped might be achieved by this smaller group. We want this to be a free expression of sexuality and eroticism with the significant difference being a willing, consenting offering of erotic exhibition. Nothing in these evenings would be forced, contrived, or involuntary.” I looked at Hein who was smiling his approval back to me. “It is our hope, if tonight is a success, we can enjoy many more evenings like this while allowing only our imaginations limiting where these exhibitions might take us. It is why the term ‘exotic’ was added. I hope you find tonight an indication of where our gatherings might take us.”

We seemed to be finished with dinner and sipping the wine, so Hein suggested we adjoin to the living room. Once everyone was assembled and seated, Hein handed me two fresh bottles of the wine to refill the glasses. I started moving to do just that but was restrained by his hand on my arm. “Laura stated the intention of tonight very well. And, hopefully, you agree this night might encourage us to continue these evenings for our enjoyment and pleasure.” Everyone, including Sharon, Raul, and Chris, gave polite claps as they also held their wine glasses. He leaned in from behind me, my hands occupied, and I felt his hands around my waist and his lips on my bare shoulder and neck. One hand moved to my left hip and thigh as the other moved to below my right breast, lifting it noticeably, as he continued to kiss my neck and lick my ear, finally taking the lobe between his lips. I gasped as his hand clasped my breast underneath the clingy material.

He whispered into my ear, but more than a whisper, and I was sure it was to allow the others to also hear him. “My Laura; my PET.” He kissed my neck and looked past me to the others who had indeed heard him and were watching intently. “Shortly, this wonderful woman will expose more about herself than just her body. I will share another of our secrets. Laura is privately referred to by me as PET.” He shared with them what it meant and how I truly fit into his life. “Through her, we are both living out some of our fantasies. Mine to experience a woman such as her; hers to have the freedom and security to seek new experiences.” Then, as if to reinforce that, his hands left the front of my body and settled on my shoulders and moving to the back of my neck. I smiled, knowing what he was moving to do, but with both hands occupied with wine bottles, he pulled my long hair out of his way, then released the clasp of my halter strap and allowed my dress to fall down my body to the floor.

I now stood before the group in my stockings and heels. He patted my butt and I gave an exaggerated flinch to show playfulness. I then moved around the group filling glasses with either white or red wine depending on their preference.

With everyone’s glasses refilled, we led them down to the pool/fitness level of the house. There waiting for us was a large mat Chris and I procured for our martial arts training and my yoga. I decided it would also be good for being with the dogs. Chairs were lining three sides of the mat, which meant that nobody was more than six feet from where I would be in front of them.

I noticed some curiosity and confusion on faces as they were directed to the chairs. I was sure my next moments would eliminate all that. I stood before them at the center of the mat.

“As Hein said upstairs, I have been given the opportunity to seek new sexual experiences while remaining safe under the watchful attention of him and Chis. It is our hope that through these gatherings in the future, your imagination and naughty minds can provide us with ideas for us to consider.”

Hein spoke up, “I want to reinforce, in case I haven’t been clear to this point, all ideas are subject to my consideration and review, but are ultimately up to Laura’s, PET’s, acceptance and approval.”

“Thank you, Hein. Now, the question earlier was asked what I had in mind for tonight.” I winked at my group. “I have an exhibition in mind with me and two males. Does that sound acceptable for this initial gathering?”

They all nodded their heads in eager anticipation but also were looking around at our group, making the assumption that the two males were coming from the ranks of our household. In a way, they were right, but not in the way they were thinking. I turned on my heels and walked to the door leading to the back of the house. I opened the door and whistled. Within a few beats of my heart, the two monsters came chasing into the house. I quickly called them to stop and sit. I then walked them to the mat where they again sat.

The look on the couple’s faces was of amazement and shock. They looked from me to Hein and the others in our group. They all nodded affirmatively. The couples began to understand it was not a tease and they all moved their chairs as close to the mats as they could, gaining a few to six inches at the most, but their desire to be closer caused them to do it.

I put both dogs on the mat on their sides and they quickly complied. The presence of these new couples was not an issue for them as our activities around the other housemates had trained them to the attention. My face was soon buried in the bellies of Max and Axel, alternately. As I did, I could overhear some of the quiet comments from the couples and reinforced or explained by one of our group. I could tell that my decision to keep my stockings, heels, and jewelry on was also having the desired effect. To see a woman with dogs might have been enough of a taboo scene, but to have the woman give off the appearance and attitude of a sophisticated, well-groomed woman added more the effect.

As soon as I had the dogs’ cocks showing sufficient cock from their sheaths, I kissed each of their sizable heads and moved into position for mounting by one of them. We had done this several times since the first time I did it for our group and the dogs had learned the difference from other times of mating. Usually, I would allow myself to target one dog for the initial mounting, knowing that the other would follow his partner very quickly. When I didn’t focus on one, or present my ass directly to one, they seemed to already understand that one would get my ass and the other my mouth. There was never a problem between them, though, when one got onto my back first, which had been my primary concern. I never showed a preference to either dog in my general actions to them or during mating.

Axel was the first to respond and did so by skipping the frequent step of licking my ass and pussy before mounting. Max walked around us several times as the mounting and initial penetration was accomplished, a loud gasp escaping my mouth. The gasp escaping me was only güvenilir bahis şirketleri slightly louder than the gasps heard around me by the three couples witnessing their first canine sex live.

After Max was done walking around us, I called for him to lay down in front of me. I managed to partially move Axel and me and Max in order for me to continue mouthing his cock, but I was not intent on too much action with him at this point. Now, I merely wanted to maintain his hardness. During the tie would be when I would make him cum with my mouth.

Axel was fucking me like these two always did: wonderfully and fiercely. As his cock pounded into me, my mouth was intermittently engaged with Max’s cock. With Max lying in front me, my face was always in close proximity, but the wondrous sensations coming from my pussy diverted the intentions I had for Max, all of which was just as well because I wanted him hard but not to cum too soon. I wanted to enjoy his cum shooting into my mouth and throat with the same attention and awareness I would have from Axel shooting into my pussy.

I arched my back into the body of Axel on top of me, then sagged it down, both actions causing his cock to slide inside me at changing angles and effect. I sighed out my pleasure and satisfaction he was giving me, my knees spreading a little more in the process of resisting the onslaught of his a****listic fucking.

“Yes … oh, god, yes, Axel! … yes, give me your knot …” I felt it forming outside me and pushing against my opening. At my outburst, I heard murmurs and whispers around me. Amazing how I seem to ignore and forget everything around me when a cock penetrates me!

I smiled, maybe not only to myself, and pushed back against the dog to encourage and assist him in tying me to his cock. Before too much more time, that is what happens, his knot burst through my constricted but stretched opening. With the comments floating around me, Max’s cock at my lips, the cock pumping and the knot thrust into my pussy, I orgasm. I cry out exultantly for more and more as my orgasm crashes through me and washes my entire body and senses with wave after wave of glorious ecstasy.

Axel never stopped, of course. He continued to hammer his cock and knot at my pussy, working himself to his own climax. As my orgasm begins to fade, retreating like a glorious high tide through my body, it only allows my senses to again focus, my body aware of how his cock touches me inside, how his knot pulls and bumps against my pussy opening, and how it invariably bumps and jams my g-spot. That returning awareness is just in time to feel his cock and knot increase in size and volume as his climax approaches. I feel him tense around me, his legs gripping tighter, his body pulling us more firmly together as he drives his cock strongly into me. His knot swells, his cock jerks and jumps inside me. I am unaware that my breath is being held in anticipation of his climax … unaware, that is until I feel him spurt inside me and my mouth opens to take in a gasping of air but there is not room in my lungs. My head falls, hanging from my neck and shoulders as the air inside me is released in a lengthy sigh of satisfaction.

I hadn’t realized when my upper body had fallen to the mat, but I again raised myself to my hands and tugged on the tie, just as Axel had just done. I feel with satisfaction with a bump to my g-spot that I am not far from another orgasm. I purposefully work my pussy on his knot, feeling his cock moving inside me at the same time as I attempt to maximize the contact of his knot with my g-spot.

I am momentarily distracted, though, by a whimper from in front of me. I remember … Max has decided to put an end to patience. Axel has turned on me and is regularly testing the knot, but from experience I know we have better than five minutes at least remaining. I touch Max and pull him a bit closer and kiss his still erect cock. He gives a slight flinch of his cock at my touch and I know he is ready, too. I move my head to the side and take his cock between my lips and into my mouth. I move my mouth over the length of his cock, continuing until I feel the ball of cock flesh forming at the base of his cock. With my lips at the forming knot, his cock tip is in the entrance to my throat. The tapered tip makes it easier than a man’s bulbous cock head. I comfortably take the tip into my throat, my lips contacting his knot, planting a kiss occasionally onto the knot.

I felt the cock in my mouth stiffen more and throb. At about the same time, I felt my pussy opening stretching and knew our time being tied could come to an end, but I was wanting more from that knot. I pulled my knees together and clenched my pussy down on the cock and knot inside it, using those developed muscles all those Kegel exercises gave me. My shifted focus to my pussy, rotating it to impact my g-spot more frequently, distracted me from the cock in my mouth. The surprise of the first spurt of cum into my mouth was replaced by concentration being torn by simultaneous action at either of my body. The cum in my mouth shot into my throat and Max reacted with a violent thrust as if he thought he could still drive his knot into me. My reaction jerked my whole body and startled Axel. The result was Axel pulling strongly as I jerked upward, jamming the knot trapped inside me now by my muscle control. I again erupted in orgasm, my mouth dropping open as Max’s cock drove into my throat and his knot partially into my mouth, the following spurt of dog cum being shot directly down my throat.

I gagged and coughed; I gasped and my cry being muffled by the cock. The action of choking and supreme pleasure coursing through me from opposite ends.

I opened my knees and relaxed my pussy around the knot. Axel felt the sudden change and pulled out of my pussy, releasing a stream of cum from my now gaping opening. My body collapsed to the mat, my mouth falling from Max’s cock. Cum drained from my open, gasping mouth. Puddles of cum formed under my pussy and mouth as I lay catching my breath and fighting to lower my heart rate, the world around me coming into focus both visually and audibly.

My eyes focused on the chairs arranged to the right, the direction my head happened to be turned. I found two pairs of men’s shoes. I looked up and found the faces of Hein and Chris looking down at me, both with knowing smiles and twinkling eyes. I focused on Hein. This was his gathering. These were his friends. He winked at me and blew me a kiss. He stood and moved the few steps to my side, his hand stroking my naked back to my butt.

From the other directions, I picked up comments: “My god, that was something …” “Have you EVER seen anything like that? Anything so erotic and hot and … primal?” “It makes you wonder what it felt like.” Then a giggle, “Wait until I get you home …”

* * * * *

The follow-up gathering of the Exotic Erotic Social bunch was a few weeks later. We were not surprised that the couples eagerly accepted the invitation, nor were we surprised that they didn’t offer suggestions for the event themselves. We understood and accepted that there was going to be a period of acceptance, familiarity, and comfort before they could open themselves to developing ideas for the exhibition part of the evening much less verbalizing them.

The second gathering followed similar activities that seemed to be so well received the first time. Since the couples weren’t shocked by efforts with the dogs, I duplicated the actions. This time, however, I was mounted, fucked, and tied by each dog. By the end of the evening, I lay on the mat with my pussy gaping and dog cum flowing out of it amid the excited and amazed comments from both the men and women. Their exclamations included comments to the effect that a pussy couldn’t be more open and full of cum. I silently chuckled, of course, at the thought and was confident my other housemates were doing the same. Most of them, at one time or another, had found me early in the morning after I had just been released from a tie after spending the night with the two dogs in their kennel. My repeated use during the night by these two very large dogs loosened my pussy temporarily despite the muscle control Hein’s Kegel exercises had developed. We were hopeful of more active participation from the couples in the future.

* * CHAPTER 12: GRATITUDE will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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