Her Two Lovers

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She met them in the place that, until tonight had just been her and her number 1 lover’s spot. She and Leo had been ‘dating’ for a year now and these little rendezvous had been just the thing for relieving some of the tension that would creep into her life. Samantha was married to Francois who was quite the successful business man and had plenty of money and they shared a rather large house. But since Francois was out of the country a lot, and a jerk, she liked seeing Leo to get her physical needs met. Leo was married as well but for a number of reasons, he just didn’t want to leave his wife. Not that Sam had any issues with that and she knew Leo just wanted to be with ‘someone else’ now and then. This was just so convenient for both of them and no strings attached, at all.

She smiled when she saw them walking up the front steps where she stood, waiting to let them in. She had only been with number 2, Skip once before and she enjoyed her encounter with him, but he lacked the tenderness that Leo had mastered.

Skip was just a guy Sam had met one evening at a restaurant. Both had been sitting alone having a light dinner when Skip just got up and sat at her table, bringing his food with him. “You’re lonely. I can tell. I’m being forward I know,” he declared as he sat. “You Ok with that or should I just leave. I don’t want to.” She noticed he wasn’t great looking, pudgy, a little scruffy looking but she was attracted to his boldness and said he could stay. Why not? They hit it off well enough and ended up at his apartment screwing. Rough around the edges, but she did get off, very much off.

This was going to be VERY interesting having the combination of rough and tender, kinda like when you’re eating something salty with something sweet, both are good and they’re opposite, but together seem to compliment one and other. She had discussed the idea with Leo and he seemed hesitant but agreed. She could talk a dog off a meat wagon. When she contacted Skip a few weeks after their encounter, she stated that his suggestion of a threesome might not be a bad idea. During their session, Skip had finished her off and hinted that another ‘dick in the mix’ might really get her off. When she called, he was very enthusiastic. “Not only do I get to bang you again,” he excitedly exclaimed over the phone, “I get to watch another guy do you, too! I’m IN!” Maybe he was a bit TOO eager. But she had fantasized about a threesome and here was her chance.

They entered the large hotel room and immediately began to disrobe. This was a new experience for the boys, well at least for Leo and there was a touch of tension in the air. Questions filled their heads like, “Can I do it with someone else here?” and “Will I please her the way she deserves?” She could see the slight look of anxiety on their faces and drew them to her, putting her arms around each of them kissing first Leo and then Skip. Her lovers wrapped one arm around her and with the other, they stroked her body. She looked back and forth kissing them, holding them.

Their erections were beginning to grow despite their being self conscious of the other, but they seemed to sense what the other was thinking as they lowered her to sit on the couch. She sat between them then they knelt on the floor in front of her, stroking her legs as the gently spread them, revealing her wet mound.

They took in her aroma and each began to lick and suck upon her breasts which caused her to groan deeply. Their fingers somewhat tickled her inner thighs as they made their way up to her sweet spot. It was essentially a friendly competition between the two as their fingers played about and probed her glistening labia, a finger would dart in and then out. Another finger would rub the edges and still more fingers teased her clitoris. All the while, their mouths worked their magic on her nipples.

Leo kissed his way up to her neck and began to kiss and nuzzle her there while Skip slowly kissed his way down her body to take in her canlı bahis wetness from a better location. She reached down and opened herself up with one hand while the other tickled Leo’s balls. Leo made love to her neck as he had done so many times in the past, not missing any spot that might make her quiver with delight. He sucked on her ear lobes and ran his hands over her still moist breasts.

Meanwhile, Skip had his face down between her legs. His tongue darted about her with the type of ferocity that she often used when orally pleasing Leo. She would shiver from time to time and moaned almost continuously. Skip licked her lips, her clit and the fingers she used to spread herself to him. She added to the process by giving herself little rubs from time to time.

Leo was in heaven as her fingers grasped his shaft playfully, barely stroking him so as not to rush things, yet keep him very much in the game. Skip could feel her begin to tense, as though about to cum. He stopped abruptly and began to kiss his way back to the breast he been enjoying moments before. He stared intently at Sam’s manipulation of Leo’s cock. Then he took her breast back into his mouth. Leo did the same, but upon reaching her breast, he continued down to take up the duty for Skip. He inserted his tongue as best he could and wiggled it around inside of her as Skip worked furiously on her breasts. Leo, for all of two seconds mentally recoiled at the thought of Skip’s saliva still being there, but he dismissed his thoughts as silly and continued his mission.

After a few moments, Skip positioned himself so that his large erection was by Sam’s face and she eagerly took him into her mouth. Leo looked up to watch and smiled, knowing just how good she really was, but he was not done. He continued to kiss her vaginal lips and nip at her swollen clit.

Skip was having some difficulty keeping his balance as she teased his balls with one hand as she gave short, deliberate strokes to his hard on with the other, all the while her mouth gently wrapped around the head. She loved listening to him moan as his hips swayed back and forth. His movement increased and he began to almost force himself down her throat. Sam at first thought it interesting but soon became weary of his over the top ‘face fucking’. Suddenly, almost as if a switch were thrown, she stopped and whispered, “Save it for down there” and she pushed his swollen member down slightly using it as a pointer towards her wet mound. Skip’s initial reaction was a mixture of anger and disappointment, but he got over it quickly knowing he had a lot more to offer.

She coaxed Leo to take Skip’s place, but she first kissed Skip before sending him on the next phase of his mission. She had thought about it and decided that Skip would enter her since he was a tad bigger and tonight, she was going big. Leo had NOT been bothered by this and in fact was somewhat pleased that she took this stance. Hell, he had agreed to this for HER pleasure more than either of theirs. It also definitely wasn’t a bad thing to finish by means of her hands, which were quite skilled and pleasurable.

Skip entered her as she lay back on the couch. His hardness slid in with ease since all of their foreplay had made her as wet as a cranberry bog at harvest time, and just as colorful as the skin of her lips were pink with excitement. His first thrust was shallow so as to build the excitement, but his next thrust caused her to groan loudly, grasping Leo’s cock even tighter and pulling so much toward her that Leo almost felt she would pull it off! He was just glad that he hadn’t been IN her mouth at that moment as he watched her teeth clench. She began to furiously pump him as Skip rammed himself deeply into her, over and over and over again with an amazing amount of speed. He felt bigger than he looked, both in length and girth.

Leo pulled himself away from her for a moment, only to allow him access to her breasts. He licked and bit the nipples as Skip continued bahis siteleri his ramrod pounding. Leo knew he would probably not last as long as Skip seemed to be and wanted her joy to last as long as possible.

After several minutes, Leo repositioned himself to let her get back at his cock and she eagerly enveloped his hard on with her lips, sucking gently. Skip had slowed his pace temporarily to let her linger on having two hard cocks under her control, and they WERE under HER control. Skip watched Leo closely as he sucked her tits. He piped up out of nowhere, “Hey babe, how about a double penetration?”

Sam gasped, “Oh shit, I’ve never tried it, yeah, do it.”

Leo pulled away and in a confused state looked at both of them and asked, “Is that what I think it is? Both cocks in you? I’m not sure I wanna….” Skip cut him off, “Hey, is this about YOU or about HER?”

Leo sank to the couch next to Sam, his mouth hanging open. Sam broke the moment of silence and got tough, “Do it,”she growled at Leo. “Put your cock in my ass Skip and Leo, in my pussy.” As Skip pulled out they changed places with Skip sitting on the couch and Sam in a reverse cowgirl on his dick. She used some of her own juices to lube her butt. As she was stretching the muscles, Leo just watched trying to figure out if he wanted to do this. After only a few seconds (faster than Leo imagined it would take) Skip slid himself in. Sam growled again, “That’s so fucking good. Leo, get in me, NOW!”

Leo had never seen her like this. “Rub my clit first, keep me wet.” She commanded. He did. She grabbed his hand and pushed it into her and then, he wasn’t sure if it was by accident or on purpose, she pushed his hand down onto Skip’s cock as it penetrated her. Leo tried to pull his hand away but she wouldn’t have it. “Tickle his balls before you shove your cock in me.” Sam was now not only in control, but becoming a dick-tator. Leo, shocked and in disbelief decided it didn’t necessarily MEAN anything, he was just trying to please this woman and, he did it. Skips scrotum was warm and soft. Leo just kneaded it a bit feeling the balls move about as he held them and Skip bounced under Sam.

Then Leo got up and slid his cock, which had begun to wilt slightly due to this extreme awkwardness he was feeling. As he slid himself in, feeling her pussy wrap around him, he began to get hard again and started thrusting for all he was worth. Leo’s legs would brush against Skip’s and occasionally he would feel, what he thought might be a hand, but not Sam’s hand touch him. He didn’t want to think about that, but it gave him a kind of rush.

The two cocks entered and exited, back and forth over and over, sometimes in unison sometimes not but always pleasing Sam. It couldn’t have lasted all that long, it felt like almost no time had passed. Sam was being pounded like never before and felt herself being stretched. All three were dripping sweat, grunting and groaning like animals.

She moaned and then, looking back and forth at them, growled ferociously, “Finish me.” Leo finished first. His cum shot into her and the added tightness brought on by Skip’s cock in her ass just helped him pump his jizz harder and empty himself.

Skip was next, but he pulled out first and stood above Sam and demanded Sam hold up her tits for him to cum on. She did, and he came like a fire hose, all over both tits. Leo was now sitting, exhausted next to Sam. He watched as Skip’s semen made a horrible sticky mess all over those amazing breasts. Then Skid did something that Leo was too tired to fight, and in too good a mood to argue with. Skip knelt down and began to suck Leo’s cock getting what little semen might be left. Leo began to feel another orgasm coming on. His mind screamed that this was NOT good, but his cock begged to differ. Skip pumped and sucked so well that Leo found himself ready to explode again. All the while, Sam sat fingering herself, watching, getting off at the same moment Leo did, right into bahis şirketleri Skip’s mouth. Skip sucked Leo dry then with his wrist, wiped the edges of his mouth and smiled at both of them.

Once Leo was spent, AGAIN, he began to fear the worst. What would people think? Was he now gay? He had no desire to return the favor, which was good, but…” Leo’s exasperation was evident on his face and Skip said, “Hey don’t worry about it. I ain’t telling anyone and Sam here sure isn’t. I had an urge and I went with it. You complaining?”

“Leo just sat for a moment, his head not in a right place but then he shook himself back to reality. “No, I, I guess, I guess not. That WAS pretty damn good, to be honest. But shit, I NEVER want to do that again.”

Sam cooed, “Don’t worry. You won’t, and frankly other than the ball tickling, you didn’t do anything anyway.” Leo was somewhat reassured. The three settled down.

After several minutes of recovery with a fair amount of deep kissing involved, though Leo did NOT kiss Skip, they rose and cleaned up. The three showered together in the room’s large shower stall. Leo was still feeling slightly uncomfortable. As they exited the shower to dress, Skip spoke up.

“By the way, I was instructed to ask you both if you enjoyed this experience.” Sam and Leo looked at each other, bewildered. “What are you talking about,” inquired Sam.

“Instructed by who?” asked Leo.

Skip sat to pull on his socks and very matter-of-factly said, “Francois. He wanted you both to have a lovely experience and figured I could provide that.”

Sam got dizzy. She sat down and Leo nearly shit himself. “What the hell are you talking about? They exclaimed almost in unison.

“Francois knows all about you two. He hired me several months ago to follow you around, Sam and I’ve been doing a bang up job, if I do say so myself. When I seduced you, I had a video camera set up and recorded the whole thing. Francois has a copy.” Skip related to a stunned Sam and Leo.

“What’s he planning? Is he going to divorce me?” asked Sam.

Leo for his part had the immediate thought, “Now we can be together!” but dismissed that idea immediately due to his marriage and frankly, as hot as the sex had been, he was sure he could never actually LIVE with Sam. However, he then began to fear his own wife might be informed. His heart raced and he began to get dizzy himself.

“Not to worry, “continued Skip, “he’s not out to get either of you. He won’t divorce you Sam because it might create scandal. He likes that you have another lover. He has one, too.”

Sam got a very puzzled look on her face and Skip picked up on it right away. He added, “ME!”

Sam fell over. “No shit. I wondered why he had gotten so completely disinterested in sex. I mean,” she mused, “he was never a great lover, but he was certainly adequate and always seemed…interested. I never expected he liked…GUYS!”

Skip chuckled. “We met on one of his business trips, talked for a few hours, then I fucked him in the ass. Simple. He then confessed he had a wife but felt she might be cheating on him so I offered my services for a small fee. When we found out, I suggested THIS little incident. He LOVED it! I made you think you were setting the whole thing up Sam, but the whole time I was manipulating YOU! Don’t you just LOVE it?”

Sam was dumbfounded. Leo was still having angina. Skip just laughed all the more. “I do fuck ass good, don’t I Sam?” he chuckled. “Francois and I have been screwing around for about 3 wonderful months. He’s extremely good at sucking cock, but I honestly think you have a nicer way about you. I’ll have to talk to him about that. Maybe you could give him some pointers. He IS still somewhat new to it.” He kissed them both (Leo recoiled and nearly vomited) and left.

Not long after, Leo called Sam and suggested they not see each other anymore, at least not for a while. Sam agreed.

Francois still lived with and was married to Sam, but a new personal assistant moved into their spacious house to help him with his business ventures. Skip was a very attentive assistant and once things settled down a bit, Sam DID show Francois the best way to suck a cock.

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