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I was 10 years old when Auntie Hazel came into my life I had heard about her from Mom she was my Mothers younger Sister, but we had never met she had just finished an Internship at Med School and was looking to go into General Practice at our local Medical Centre.

Our first meeting I thought she was beautiful and we hit it off from day one.
Hazel was 100% caret gold my best friend my soul mate although twenty years older we were the best of friends never a cross word my two older Sisters hated her calling me her toy boy, at ten I didn’t even know what a toy boy was. but I fell in love with Hazel we went everywhere together Air shows, Car and Bike shows somewhere different every weekend even days at the coast If she knew of a new Ice Cream Parlour we were always first in the queue and she always ordered the biggest Sundaes on the menu.
Looking back my parents thought of it as grooming I don’t know about that I was having too much fun.

When I reached f******n things started to change she asked if I had a girl friend the girls at School were nothing to rave over. I had also started to spend the weekends at Hazel’s home although my parents agreed rather reluctantly. At this time, I started to try to catch glimpses of Hazel in the shower although I did take care I didn’t want to spoil things between us she had become my world.
Shortly after a triangular mirror appeared in the corner of the bathroom it was perfect as she had also started to leave the door canlı bahis ajar when she showered this was even better she was beautiful I also started to leave the door ajar masturbating in the shower thinking of Hazel hoping she would return the complement.

I was approaching fifteen, previously when we parted it was always a kiss on the cheek and a hug instead she started to kiss me on the lips she also started to rub the inside of my legs whilst we were in the car once she put her hand on my hard cock I almost came and filled my pants with my spunk.

A week before I reached fifteen she asked my parents if she could take me for a long weekend as an early Birthday present again my parents agreed although my Sisters moaned and bitched that was alright they weren’t invited.

Hazel picked me up from School and we drove to the coast although out of season she had booked a family room one double bed and one single,
After our meal which was quiet both of us realized things between were going to change we went to our room as it was late Hazel suggested going to bed as it had been a long day.

She went to the bathroom to get changed into her night dress when she came out I couldn’t believe it she was naked she spoke asking “is this better than watching me in the bathroom and by the way I also watched you masturbate I hope you were think of me” I just nodded I was lost for words she took my hand and led me to the double bed “if we share we will have more room and be warmer güvenilir casino I quickly removed my clothes.

She took hold of my hard cock and started to stroke it I felt myself starting to cum Hazel must have felt the same thing as she quickly bent down and took my cock into her mouth I shot my load of spunk deep into her mouth after she had finished licking all the spunk from my cock she kissed me slipping her spunk coated tongue in to my mouth using her tongue to pass the spunk in to my mouth. She took my hand placing it between her legs I felt her warm and very wet vagina I started to rub between her legs I heard her moan “this is heaven please don’t stop rub harder I’m cumming I’m cumming” at that moment she clamped her legs shut and shuddered as her reached her orgasm.

After a few minutes I started to work down kissing her hard nipples her flat smooth stomach and finally her wet vagina I put my head between her open legs and started to lick the opening of her vagina again I heard her moan “please don’t stop I cumming I’m cumming” she clamped my head between her legs with my tongue buried deep into her vagina.

As we lay on the bed she took my cock and gentle stroking it until it was hard she rolled over pulling me on top of her she guided my hard cock into the opening of her vagina my cock slid in and I started to slid in and out she met my thrusts all to soon I again heard her moan as I started to cum she shuddered as we came together and I shot my load internet casino of spunk deep into her beautiful body.

I couldn’t believe it I had just fucked my Aunt and she enjoyed it as much as I did at nearly fifteen I had lost my virginity to my Aunt.

We didn’t sleep much than night just talked about the future and about us I knew I wanted Hazel she was a large part of my life and I wanted it to continue not just the sex but being with Hazel I had always enjoyed her company.

Just before dawn she started to rub my cock again I rose to the occasion this time she sat astride me and guided my cock into her wet vagina all too soon we started to cum together she collapsed on top of me with my cock inside her beautiful body. After a little while she sat on my face and my tongue slid into her wet vagina her wetness soaked my face and into my mouth with a of mixture to Hazels cum and my spunk.
I Stayed there as long as I could my mouth filled with the taste of love when I kissed Hazel she took some of the love juices and swallowed after she licked my face I was in Heaven.

After breakfast my mother phoned to see how we were getting on Hazel passed the phone to me and unzipped my jeans and took my cock in her mouth I could see her smile it was all I could do to keep my voice normal I again filled Hazels mouth with spunk. My Mother kept asking if I was alright It was nice to know Hazel hadn’t lost her sense of humour.

We stayed the full weekend making love whenever we could on the way home I asked Hazel to marry me I know it’s strange at my age to ask someone to be their wife but Hazel accepted we planned the wedding for six years’ time and I plan to go and live with Hazel when I’m eighteen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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