Happy New Year

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This story contains different combinations of heterosexual and homosexual activity. If you don’t approve of one or either, please stop now.

Disclaimer: The characters in this story are entirely fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. The following story involves graphic descriptions of sexual encounters. If such things offend you, please read no further. For everyone else, I hope you enjoy the story. Please do not redistribute or reuse this story without the author’s consent.

This is a sequel to “Under the Mistletoe.”

* * * * *

“Yeah? Really? Sounds interesting, Mom.” Vic was lying on his back listening to his mother drone on about how fabulous their European vacation was going. They had taken off in the weeks before Christmas and had decided to stay into the New Year. He remembered having a similar conversation before they left, but doesn’t remember that talk as being nearly as pleasant. It wasn’t pleasant because of the conversation, but rather because his new friend Jack was giving him a blowjob the entire time.

Just a few days earlier, he had given in to his bisexual inclinations with the young man now noisily slurping his beef-stick. He was amazed how lucky he was to have found such a partner for his first foray into male/male sex. Jack would be considered a catch for any many or woman; long, jet-black hair, high almost elfish cheekbones, pale-blue eyes, full lips, and a body reminiscent of Greek sculptures. And that cock! Nine inches of smooth, hot delight, and a perfectly shaved pair of heavy balls to match. Vic was no slouch himself. Short blonde blond hair with a broad athletic chest and muscular arms and legs, at 19 years of age he was the textbook example of the all-American quarterback. Except that he was sexually involved at the moment with another man who would be more at home in a goth club or attending a ‘Vampire: The Masquerade’ role-playing session. While Vic preferred denim, Jack was into leather. Almost all his clothes were black, and he even periodically wore black lip color. He was wearing it now, as his lips worked their way up and down Jack’s eight-inch cock.

The same day he and Jack had engaged in sexual activity together, their two friends, Angela and Dawn, had come over and an orgy of almost Roman proportions had commenced. Angela was a black girl, about 21 years old, who was studying to be a lawyer. She tended to dress very conservatively, but Vic new she had a beautiful body. She had generous curves in all the right places, with a full, round butt and 36-DD breasts. She was probably the smartest of the crew, but she wasn’t arrogant about it, which made her a lot of fun to be around. Dawn, on the other hand, was a small girl of Irish descent. If you were just looking casually, it might be hard to tell she was a girl at all. She always wore overalls that were a size too big and a baggy shirt, with heavy wool cap pulled down over her blazing-red hair. But seeing her in a sexual frenzy would make any doubts vanish; she was all woman. Whereas Angela was all soft curves, Dawn was a tight bundle of muscle. Small breasts that conveniently fit in your hands and a butt you could bounce a quarter off of, she was built to go the distance. And she was covered head-to-toe with freckles, and she blushed ever so cutely whenever someone pointed them out.

Although the boys had paired off mostly with each other for the last several days and the girls were sleeping together, any time more than one of them were in the same room was a good reason for sex to occur. Jack had banged Angela once in the back of Vic’s car when they were all on their way to a movie, while Vic and Dawn had gotten in on in the storage room at the homeless shelter where they had all met (and continued to work at in their spare time). But now, it was just him and Jack.

“Sure mom. I’ll talk to you later. Say ‘hi’ to dad for me.” No sooner did he hang up the phone than the pressure that had been building in his balls finally was too much to stand and he erupted in Jack’s mouth. Some of his seed spilled out of Jack’s mouth, but most of it got swallowed. “You were trying to make me cum while I was on the phone, weren’t you?”

“Always! I love watching you try to control your voice when you’re getting a hummer!” He looked up at the clock. “Shit, we better get going. The store closes in an hour, and I want to find a cool outfit.”

What Jack was referring to was buying an outfit for the New Year’s Eve Costume Ball that was put on by one of the local fraternities. Being a football player, he was expected to attend, but he didn’t mind. He had attended the one last year and had actually enjoyed himself, so he scored invitations for Jack, Dawn and Angela. They hadn’t gotten around to getting costumes yet, so they were all meeting at a retro clothing and costume store. Their collective plan was to go as characters from old movies, but that was as much thought as they had put into canlı bahis it.

“We have like two hours!” He wanted to lounge in bed for a little longer, though he enjoyed watching Jack slide into his leather pants. He really had a nice ass! Vic crawled out of bed and Jack tossed him his clothes.

“Yeah, but we’re shopping with Angela and Dawn. Remember how Dawn shops.”

“Oh yeah.” Dawn didn’t talk much, but she fucked and shopped like a wild woman. They had taken her to a Target store the day after Christmas to get her a new pair of overalls (a Christmas present), and she insisted on looking at every piece of clothing in the store. They had gotten her two pairs of overalls, a tight sweater, a shiny new watch and a matching set of forest-green bra and thong panties. The last she had bought at Angela’s insistence. Angela had also helped her ‘try them on,’ a process which took about 20 minutes.

After getting dressed, the two hopped in Vic’s car and headed to the store. When they arrived, the two girls were already in full-blown shopping mode.

“She’s three steps ahead of me the whole time!” said Angela when they guys caught up to them. “She has an idea, but she won’t tell me what it is!”

“Imagine that. Dawn isn’t talking.”

Angela stifled a giggle. She was really beautiful when she wasn’t trying to look severe. “Yeah. So, you got any ideas?”

“Nah. I figure I’ll just improvise.”

“Well, I’ve got an idea. Jack, you keep an eye on Dawn, and I’ll get our boy here dressed up.”

Jack grinned as Angela whisked Vic away. Vic wondered what the girl was up to, particularly when they wound up in the women’s section. Angela grabbed a white dress off a rack.

“What’s this?” asked Vic.

She smiled, and pointed towards a life-sized cardboard cutout of Marilyn Monroe. “All we need is a wig!”

Vic smiled. “You’ve got to be kidding!”

“Nope. And you have to at least try it on, no arguments. It’s a large size for a woman, but it will be a little small on you.”

Vic found himself in a dressing room with Angela helping him squeeze into the dress. They managed to do it without too much difficulty. He put on the wig she had found and took a look in the mirror. He looked so ridiculous. “I love it!”

“So I had a good idea?” she cooed. “Don’t I deserve a reward?”

“Always with a plan.” In the last week, he had learned that when Angela wanted a reward, she was almost always talking about one thing. As she turned around, he sat on the bench in the little room and quickly pulled her skirt hem up to her waist. He took in the view of the round, dark globes of her ass, separated by the thin, white material of her g-string. He pushed it aside and started running his tongue up and down her moist pussy-lips. He massaged the mound with one hand, then used the other to spread her lips slightly so his tongue could work its way further in. It was a shame her breasts were snugly contained, otherwise he would thoroughly paw at them, but you work with what you’ve got. After several minutes of licking and fondling, he could tell she was close. He grabbed one globe of her ass in each hand and ate for all he was worth. When she came, she bit the sleeve of her jacket to avoid making any noise. She pulled some tissue out of her purse and cleaned herself up, and was kind enough to clean up Vic’s face as well.

The two stepped out of the stall and looked around for the comrades. While looking around, Angela found pieces for an old vampire costume which she gleefully picked up. “Great,” she said. “Now I just need those cheesy plastic fangs and some white makeup.”

Eventually, they found Jack and Dawn. Vic had a hunch, so they peeked under the doors of a couple other changing rooms, and saw a familiar set of overalls kneeling in front of someone wearing combat boots. If they listened carefully, they could hear the slight slurping sounds of a blowjob occurring within. It didn’t take long (with Dawn sucking dick, it rarely did) before the two emerged. Jack was smiling and Dawn was licking her lips.

“Well, I hope you both at least have costume ideas. We’ve been waiting for . . .”

“Uh uh. Stop it Vic. You still have a little of Angela on your face, so don’t start!” The four friends shared a laugh, which seem to disturb a passing saleswoman. “Actually, we had our costumes picked out a while ago, but you were indisposed.”

“So what are you guys?”

“Well, Angela told us her idea for you, so Dawn thought I should go as a chick too. So I’m going to be Princess Leia.”

“And I’m going to be Charlie Chaplin,” Dawn piped in meekly.

“You? A ‘silent’ film star’? Now that’s a stretch.” Dawn punched Vic in the arm playfully and blushed.

“So the guys are going as girls and the girls are going as guys? Here is to us!”

When the time came for the party, they all gathered at Vic’s place again. Angela had brought a pair of white satin panties that would have been larger on her bahis siteleri but barely covered all the essentials on Vic. Along with a strapless bra stuffed with industrial strength water balloons, a cheap blonde wig and a generous application of red lipstick, Vic looked . . . absolutely ridiculous. Jack looked a little better, though no one was likely to mistake him for Carrie Fisher’s character from Star Wars. Dawn had gotten his already gorgeous hair to stay up in those weird bun-shapes from the movie and he was also sporting satin underwear (that was slightly more revealing than Vic’s) and a balloon stuffed bra. Dawn was wearing the typical tuxedo, fake mustache and hat associated with Chaplin, with her hair tucked up under the cap and a cane in one hand. She was even able to do some of the quirky mannerisms, which had everyone rolling on the floor laughing. Angela’s costume was a spandex bodysuit with a red vest, white ruffles sewn onto the front to give it that old Boris Karloff era look, and a billowy black cape. Her face was painted white with ruby-red lips and those cheap plastic fangs she had wanted completed the ensemble. They piled back into the car and headed to the party.

It was a good-natured event overall. There was a lot of drinking, music, dancing and really silly party games, but no fights or otherwise unpleasant altercations. Watching Dawn out on the dance floor doing her slapstick routine was priceless! They all got complimented on their costumes, particularly Angela. Actually, most of her compliments were from guys wanting to stare at the constant battle between her costume and her bosom, but she didn’t seem to mind. It was a party!

Towards the end of the party, Dawn pulled him into one of the bathrooms and planted a good kiss squarely on his lips.


“Yep,” she replied. “But I have a surprise for you.”


“We are going to do it a little differently this time.” With that, she full the zipper of her pants down, and a seven-inch, green-latex dong fell out.

“A strap-on? You saucy minx!”

“Oh come on. How many times have you wanted to do someone in the bathroom at a party? The only difference is that tonight,” she continued grabbing two handfuls of his ass through the skirt, “you are my bitch!” She didn’t talk much but when she did, she was very to the point.

Vic had no problem playing along. He dropped to his knees and slowly took the head of the dildo in his mouth. He worked it as slowly and thoroughly as he would Jack’s dick. After all, right now Dawn was his ‘man’. He worked as much as he could into his mouth as Dawn started fucking his face. Dawn grabbed the back of his head (making sure not to disturb the wig) and pulled him towards her. The texture was quite different than what he had gotten used to, but he didn’t mind much. She encouraged him to relax his mouth and throat and to relax. He had never been able to deepthroat Jack, but he had very much wanted to, so he heeded her advice. As she began rifling through the medicine cabinet, he managed to get all but the last inch of it down his throat. While he was basking in the glory of his accomplishment, she changed the game.

“Stand up.” He did as she asked and she turned him around. He noticed that she had a bottle of KY jelly in her hand. Well, it was a college fraternity house. He grabbed the counter as she lifted the back of his dress and pulled his panties down to his knees. After lubing up her plastic dick, she placed the head as his waiting asshole and pushed in. After the now-familiar initial pain died off (it became easier each time), she went to town. She grabbed his hips and began to pump very rapidly in and out of his ass. Occasionally she would reach forward and fondly his fake tits through the dress. All in all, he found the whole experience to be a big turn on. His own cock was hard as a rock, a condition facilitated by it rubbing against the material of the dress he was wearing. Not entirely unsympathetic to his plight, Dawn reached around and grabbed his rigid pole with one hand and began stroking it. The feeling of fake cock in his ass, the tender touch of her hand on his shaft and the overall novelty of the situation were too much. It wasn’t too long before he felt the pressure building.

“I’m going to cum!”

She pulled out, spun him around again, and engulfed his cock in one fell swoop. He exploded almost instantly, filling her throat with spunk. She swallowed every drop before standing up with a satisfied grin on her face. “Hey babe! You were pretty good! I’ll call you!”

They laughed, and Vic pulled his panties up while Dawn stuffed washed off the strap-on and stuffed it back in her pants. They rejoined the party, where Jack asked what they had been up to.

“I’ll tell you later,” Vic replied, leaning in close so that he could cop a quick feel of Jack’s crotch while he spoke. Even though he had just cum, Vic knew he wasn’t done for the night. Jack just smiled and the two bahis şirketleri returned to the fray.

The party ended a few hours later, and the foursome piled back into the car. Vic and Angela sat up front while Dawn and Jack were in the back. On the way back to the apartment, Jack heard the sound of a zipper, and he noticed in the rear view mirror that Jack’s head was bobbing up and down. He glanced over his shoulder and, sure enough, he was going down on Dawn’s ‘cock’.

“So that’s where my strap-on went!” proclaimed Angela.

“I didn’t think you would mind. I already had that fine piece of ass in the front seat tonight, now I want some of the Princess here!”

Jack turned towards the window and hiked his white dress up. She pushed his panties aside and plunged into his ass with reckless abandon. Jack’s face was pushed against the window as he started moaning, causing puffs of fog to appear on the glass. Meanwhile, Angela reached over and pulled up Vic’s skirt, exposing his rapidly hardening cock barely contained by a thin layer of satin. She pulled her plastic fangs out of her mouth, pulled down the offending barrier and took the head of his dick in her mouth. He still had enough presence of mind to keep a safe distance between himself and the other cars. This would be a really bad situation to be in if there was an accident.

He pulled into the parking lot, and the girls stopped what they were doing so everyone could hurry inside. Once the door was closed, clothes started being thrown everywhere. Angela was wearing a red satin bra and matching thong under her bodysuit.

“Ooh!” said Dawn. “Keep that stuff on. And keep the cape!”

Angela crawled towards Dawn in a slow, slinky fashion, making sure to sway her beautiful butt on the way. Dawn was standing there in the green bra and panties they had bought earlier, but was still wearing the strap-on.

“I’ve fucked both the guys up the ass already. Now,” Dawn said mischievously, “it is your turn.”

Angela looked a bit apprehensive. She had not, to either of the guys’ knowledge, ever taken it up the butt, but she was apparently willing to try. She turned around and moved the red cape over to the side. Dawn grabbed an ever-convenient bottle of lubrication, applied a generous amount, and knelt down behind her. She was obviously enjoying the view of Angela’s gorgeous black ass split right down the middle by a red thong. Rather than removing the underwear, she pushed it aside and pushed the head of the dildo very gently into her girlfriend’s tight asshole. The guys stood nearby, jerking each other off while they watched. They were familiar enough with the process to know what she was going through. They saw the face of discomfort, followed by the face of determination, and finally of relief as the head was passed and her muscles eased up. It was a beautiful thing to watch; a small but gorgeous redhead fucking a hot black girl up the ass with a plastic dick.

Vic, wanting in on the action, took a position kneeling in front of Angela, letting his cock wave around in her face. She didn’t waste much time before latching on to it with her lips and sliding it into her mouth. Jack stood at Angela’s side, offering his nine-inch meat to Vic who eagerly accepted it. He tried to do what he had done when sucking off Dawn’s strap-on earlier, and he managed to get all but two inches down his throat.

“Damn, you’ve been practicing!” Jack arched his neck and started thrusting harder into Vic’s mouth. Vic made sure to drag his tongue along the shaft whenever he could, savoring the feel of every ridge and vein. “But of course,” Jack continued after a moment, “I need a basis for comparison.” With that he pulled out of Vic’s mouth and stuck his member in Dawn’s face. Without even losing a stroke on Angela, Dawn took the entire nine inches down her throat in a single gulp. “Oh yeah,” he said. “I’m beginning to see the similarities!” For a few minutes, he kept switching between getting blown by Vic and Dawn.

“O.k. It is my turn to get fucked,” Dawn said. She pulled out of Angela’s ass and removed the strap-on. She lay on her back and spread her legs. “Who’s first?”

Jack quickly got between her legs and pushed his mammoth meat into her warm, wet pussy. She wrapped her muscular little legs around him and they started fucking like bunnies! Dawn had been horny all day, so she was ready to pop.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh, God!” She locked up and her pussy contracted around Jack’s enormous cock while she had an apparently mind-blowing orgasm.

Angela rolled over on her back as well. Initially, Vic kept fucking her face; almost doing push-ups while sliding his dick as deep into her throat as it would go. Then he straddled her chest. Knowing what was coming she smiled, pulled her bra down passed her chest and pushed her titanic tits together while he started pumping. He liked the sight of the head of his cock poking out of the top of her tits. The pressure and the heat were wonderful. And she jiggled her tits up and down the shaft while he fucked them, doubling the pleasure. Having sampled her mouth and tits, he moved down her torso and slowly slid his dick inside her waiting pussy.

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