Halloween Odyssey

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(This story is off the beaten path for me, but I wanted to have some extra Halloweenfun! Enjoy! Love, Chloe Hunt)


“I hate Halloween…” Claire grumbled as she dumped a bag of the cheapest crap candy she could find into the treat bucket by the front door.

She usually didn’t give out candy. Her house was egged two years in a row because of it. She decided giving out candy was easier than cleaning dried egg yolk off of her front windows.

Claire was a twenty-eight-year-old divorcee. She lived alone in a nice townhouse in the middle of a sizable city. Her day job was mundane and her coworkers were rather boring. She had received three different invitations to Halloween parties across town. She knew being single and fairly attractive got her invited. A lot of her coworkers were swingers. That was one interesting thing they had going for them. She had to admit some of them were very tempting, but she would not be able to face them at work again after a night of dirty fucking. She didn’t need that kind of stress in her life.

So, she turned down the invitations and continued not giving a shit about Halloween. She never understood why anyone did. Her parents never took her trick-or-treating so she failed to develop any nostalgia for the holiday. The only Halloween decoration she put up that year was the red glow stick bracelet she dropped around her garden gnome’s neck. She had found the glow bracelet on the sidewalk in front of her house earlier that day. She assumed a Halloween reveler dropped it, so she hung it around Smiley’s neck and forgot about it.

Smiley was her trusty ceramic garden gnome. She bought him at a yard sale three years earlier. He had a pointy red hat, a handsome blue coat, and a somewhat sinister smile on his chubby face. Claire thought Smiley’s sinister little smile was hilarious when she first laid eyes on him. She had been going through a bitter divorce that year and Smiley was the first thing to make her laugh in months. That endeared the little statue to her heart.

As Claire placed the candy bucket on the table by the door, she thought she saw movement just outside the front window. Her eyes shot in that direction. She gasped to see Smiley’s red glowing face gazing at her through the glass. It was a very startling sight. His little sinister smile looked outright demonic from the red glow of the bracelet around his neck.

“What the fuck, Smiley? Stupid neighborhood kids,” she grumbled, realizing what likely happened. “I better bring you inside. I don’t want any trick-or-treaters breaking you,” she sighed as she opened the door and picked him up.

She smiled at him as she sat him down in front of the low window next to the door. She was hoping he would scare approaching trick-or-treaters. She picked up a piece of the cheap candy from the bowl and ate it. It had such a bitter aftertaste she immediately regretted it. She grabbed a glass of wine and sat down in the living room to watch reruns of her favorite shows.

Five minutes later, she heard a noise in the front foyer. Her first thought was someone had egged her door.

“Little shits. I even bought candy this year,” she grumbled as she jumped up and hurried towards the front foyer.

She stopped in the middle of the hall and gasped to see Smiley facing into the house. She knew she had set him to look out the window earlier. She had seen his little sinister smile reflected in the glass before she walked away. She slowly walked to the end of the hall keeping her eyes on the little statue. She stopped in the doorway that led into the kitchen. She heard something small clatter to the kitchen floor. She quickly looked to the right.

She gasped to see someone had scribbled a blaring red note on the dry erase board on her fridge.

“What the fuck?” she breathed in horror at what it said.

“TAKE me to an orgy, CLAIRE, or I will KILL you… love Smiley,” she read with her throat going dry.

She quickly looked at the statue again. It was now standing a few feet away from her. His little sinister smile looked more wicked in the red glow of the bracelet. She screamed in terror and ran back down the hall to the living room. She dived over the couch and hid behind it with her heart in her throat.

“Holy fuck! What is going on?” she squeaked. “I need my phone. SHIT! My phone is charging in the kitchen,” she whimpered as she looked across the room at the kitchen counter.

In that instant, Smiley peeked around the edge of the couch like someone was tilting him into her line of sight. Claire screamed in horror again and scrambled away from the couch until she bumped into the wall under her hanging fern. She saw the refrigerator door slowly opening. She looked at it with a start. She could see the whiteboard again with the door open. The eraser for the board shot up and quickly erased the old message. Then the red marker rose off the floor where it had fallen earlier and began writing a new message.

“CLAIRE, canlı bahis I’m horny. Take me, and the candy, to the closest party. I’ll do the rest,” the marker wrote before it dropped to the kitchen floor again.

“What the fuck? You want me to take that shit candy with us?” she asked in a trembling voice.

The marker quickly rose and wrote, “YES!” across the top of the fridge door.

“Okay, okay, fuck… okay,” she stammered.

She felt like she might hyperventilate as she slowly climbed to her feet, keeping her eyes glued on Smiley. She gasped when he suddenly disappeared behind the couch again. Her heart was pounding with compounded terror to have lost sight of him.

“Oooh fuck… what did I do to deserve this shit?” she whimpered as she hurried into the kitchen to grab her phone.

She was constantly searching the floor for the little pointy-eared demon. She grabbed her phone, preparing to call 911, but a blaring red text message popped up on her screen before she even touched it.

“DON’T do it, CLAIRE! You will DIE before help arrives. TAKE me, and candy, to party NOW!” she read.

“Holy fuck! How are you doing this?” she screamed at her phone.

A new message immediately popped up.

“Party first, talk later…”

“Fuck,” she whimpered as she pulled up her email invitations for the multiple work-related Halloween parties.

She looked at the addresses and saw that Jason and Amelia’s party was in the neighborhood next to hers.

“That’s close, and Jason is pretty hot,” she mumbled to herself. “Okay, we’re going to walk a few blocks to the closest party,” she called into the house. “Is that cool with you?” she asked.

“YES. GO,” beeped Smiley’s reply.

“God, this is insane,” she grumbled as she shoved her phone into her pocket and hurried into the front hall.

She gasped to see Smiley standing between the door and the candy bowl. He was watching her again. She grabbed her purse off the hall stand and glanced in the mirror. She quickly ran her fingers through her long blond hair to straighten it a little. It had gone everywhere when she dived over the couch earlier.

“Okay,” she sighed as she marched nervously over to Smiley. “Please don’t bite me or anything,” she whimpered as she reached down with trembling hands to pick him up.

He didn’t feel any different than normal. She tucked him under her arm before she shoved her hand into the candy bowl. She quickly scooped as much of the terrible candy into her purse that would reasonably fit. She marched out of the house and up the sidewalk.

She received many curious stares from trick-or-treaters passing her on the sidewalk. She didn’t think she looked odd, considering it was Halloween. She was still wearing her pink satin pajamas and slippers. She assumed Smiley didn’t want to wait for her to change into normal clothes.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she whispered with her heart pounding as she left her neighborhood. “Wait… what am I supposed to do at the party exactly?” she asked in confusion.

Her phone beeped with a new text an instant later. She pulled it out of her pocket and looked at her instructions from Smiley.

“PUT candy on the doorstep, RING doorbell, HIDE,” she read in confusion.

“That’s easy enough,” she said with a shrug.

She arrived at Jason and Amelia’s doorstep and gulped. The house was packed with revelers. She could hear Thriller blaring inside and see many costumed people dancing to it. She quickly did as Smiley instructed. She dumped the candy on the doorstep and rang the doorbell. She dashed into the bushes to hide.

She watched as her coworker Jason came to the door and looked down at the candy in confusion. He looked handsome in his white and blue sailor costume. He looked more like a stripper than a sailor since his biceps were showing in the sleeveless outfit. He shrugged and was about to go back in the house, but Smiley suddenly shuddered under Claire’s arm. It startled her so badly she almost dropped him. Jason stopped at that point and turned back to the candy. He quickly bent down and gathered it in a pile. He picked up every last piece before he returned to the party. Claire peeked in through the front window to see Jason systematically giving out the candy to every guest.

“Okay… now what?” she whispered.

Her phone beeped an instant later.

“STRIP naked and go in the house. DON’T SPEAK. Place me on the countertop. Masturbate on the kitchen table.”

“What the fuck? I can’t do that! They’ll have me arrested,” she protested.

“NO, they won’t. DO IT or DIE CLAIRE!”

“Shit, fine!” she whimpered as she set Smiley on the ground.

She was watching his little evil red glowing grin as she kicked off her slippers so she could remove her pants. As she pulled off her shirt and bra, she began to feel tingly all over. She couldn’t believe she was standing naked in her neighbor’s shrubs about to crash their bahis siteleri Halloween party to masturbate on their kitchen table, all because a fucking garden gnome told her to do it. She didn’t understand how her life came to that point, and she didn’t understand the strange arousal that was starting to creep through her insides.

Once she was butt naked, she picked up Smiley and marched to the front door. She could feel a strange tickle in her gut. She didn’t know if it was terror, excitement, or pure humiliation at that point. She also kept her phone in her hand in case Smiley needed to give her more instructions. She took a deep breath, and pushed the door open.

The festive Halloween music cut off the minute she stepped into the house. Jason, Amelia, Tiffany, Cory, Mark, Lana, and James were all there. That was everyone that worked in her department at the office. All the party guests stopped what they were doing and turned to look at her in astonishment. Many mouths dropped open as they watched her walk into the kitchen and place Smiley, and her phone, on the countertop next to the fridge. She was sure to face the gnome towards the kitchen table for his viewing pleasure.

Her hands were trembling and her stomach was fluttering as she stepped over to the well-decorated kitchen table. She looked at the massive bowl of green frothy punch and the towering white chocolate fountain in disappointment. She would have to knock it all on the floor to clear her stage. Her phone beeped with a text right as she reached for the table cloth. She almost cursed, but she quickly remembered her order not to talk. She hurried over to check her phone to see what Smiley wanted.

She was astonished no one had attempted to even speak to her. They were all simply staring at her with shocked and hungry looks on their faces. It was very disconcerting. She quickly picked up her phone to see what Smiley wanted.

“POUR punch on head. Smear white chocolate on tits, stomach, and cunt.”

Claire bit her lip to keep from cursing at that request. She slammed her phone down next to Smiley and marched over to the table again. She picked up the massive punch bowl and proceeded to pour the fruity vodka laced concoction over her head. She gasped hard as the ice-cold liquid drenched her hair and dripped down her body and all over the floor.

She set the heavy bowl on the countertop behind her and stuck her hands into the warm white chocolate flowing down the multi-tiered fountain. It felt nice compared to the punch. She quickly smeared it all over her tits and stomach. She dipped her hands again before she rubbed the sugary white mess down her thighs and between her legs. The warm chocolate felt very pleasant on her cunt. She looked down at the thick white mess dripping down her tits and stomach. She completely understood why Smiley wanted her to do it. She reached for the table cloth and ripped it off the table. The fountain, chips, cups, and ice bucket went crashing noisily to the floor.

No one batted an eye at the noise. Smiley had done something sinister to the party guests. They were all drawing closer around her with strange hungry looks on their faces. She glanced to see Jason standing at the foot of the table as she climbed onto it and laid down. Smiley was watching her just behind Jason’s elbow. She was trembling all over as she spread her long legs for him and Smiley.

She reached down and gently ran her fingers over her sugar-coated cunt and shuddered. She felt ridiculous and aroused. She looked at Jason and focused on his pretty face as she smeared the white chocolate between her pussy lips and into her cunt.

Warmth and tingles spread through her crotch and into her stomach as she fingered herself. Jason was chewing on his lip as he watched her. The rest of the party guests were crowding around the table to watch her lewd display. She moaned softly and shuddered as she stroked her fingers in and out of her cunt and over her clit. The white chocolate and punch had lubed her up well, but her own arousal was quickly adding to the slippery mess.

She glanced at Smiley to see him still smiling his evil little grin in the red glow of the bracelet. That’s when she realized something. The damn bracelet must have cursed him. The second that thought crossed her mind, Jason leaned over the table and pulled her hand away from her cunt. She gasped hard when he plunged his tongue inside her.

She shuddered all over with tingles as he worked his tongue deep into her body lapping up the white chocolate that had mixed with her own arousal. She gulped and squeezed her tits as she focused on the pleasure between her legs. It was unnaturally good, and she was pleased that Jason was doing it. She hoped Amelia didn’t mind that her husband was licking deep inside his beautiful coworker’s cunt on her dining table. It wasn’t her fault. The damn gnome was making him do it.

Claire looked to her right to discover Amelia watching her husband with bahis şirketleri a delighted smile on her face. She had her hand down her skirt fingering herself as she watched. Claire figured that meant she was cool with it.

Jason was quickly working her into a tingly haze. She was squeezing her tits and squirming on the table as she enjoyed his hungry licking. Never in a thousand years would she have imagined herself getting tongue-banged on a kitchen table at a Halloween party or that a fucking garden gnome would be the one forcing her to do it.

Suddenly, Jason did something magical with his tongue against her clit and her legs jerked. She groaned and shuddered as he continued to lick hard against the top of her cunt. He was somehow working his tongue against her clit and inside her pussy at the same time, and it was driving her crazy. A wonderful heat was building in her chest and over her skin as she ebbed closer to ecstasy. When a cool sweat broke out over her skin she lost it. She cried out and squeezed her tits as orgasm raked her body.

Jason plowed his tongue deep into her cunt so she could ride it through the trembling pleasure. He was licking at her inner muscles keeping them jumping with happy spasms as she squirmed and groaned on the table. Suddenly, at the height of her pleasure, the rest of the guests descended on her with their tongues out. She gasped in astonishment as men and woman alike crowded over her to lavish her skin with licks and kisses.

Cory and Lana went to work lapping the white chocolate off her left tit while Mark and Tiffany licked and sucked the right tit. She felt hot tongues on her stomach and thighs. Then she felt licking and sucking along her sides and arms. She was still riding orgasmic tingles from Jason’s licking when the rest of the party-goers attacked her skin. She groaned with shudders as droves of hot slippery tongues lapped all over her body. She even felt her fingers, toes, and earlobes being sucked and licked. It was the most shockingly arousing thing she had ever experienced.

Her body couldn’t relax with so many hot tongues and mouths licking and sucking her everywhere. She cringed and cried out again as another hot wave of pleasure rolled through her insides. She focused on Jason’s prodding tongue deep in her dripping cunt to keep from losing her mind. She was trembling and sweating under the heat of all the bodies around her. The stimulation was almost unbearable at that point. That’s when everyone stopped licking her and quickly drew away.

Claire relaxed on the table breathing like she had been sprinting. She whimpered as she reached up and wiped the sweat off her forehead. She was surprised no one had licked that away. She was also surprised to see that every bit of the white chocolate had been licked off her body. Her skin was glistening it was so clean.

She was trembling as she looked between Jason and Smiley. They were both smiling at her. Everyone was smiling at her.

Suddenly, Jason began removing his costume. Claire watched as he pulled his sailor shirt off and tossed it to the floor. Then he unzipped his pants and pushed them and his boxers off his hips to the floor. She gulped at the sight of his raging erection. It looked rather angry it was so taught.

Once he was naked, the rest of the guests took that as their cue to strip. There was a noisy rustling of clothes and zippers as everyone parted ways with their Halloween costumes. It was a strange sight to behold, and Claire was afraid they might descend on her again at any moment.

She gulped as her eyes darted to Smiley’s evil grin. She wondered if she could stop what was happening by removing the glowing bracelet from the gnome’s neck. She figured it was worth a shot.

Suddenly, her phone chimed making her flinch. She had received another text. She was surprised when Jason turned and looked at her phone for a moment. He smiled wickedly as he read the text. Then he turned and walked over to the table and grabbed her thighs. Claire’s heart jumped into her throat when he suddenly jerked her to the edge of the table bringing his raging erection against her dripping wet cunt.

“Claire,” Jason began. “Smiley told me to break your neck if you leave the table without permission,” he said as he squeezed her soft thighs. “He also told me to fuck you like a dirty little slut for trying to betray him,” he whispered with a devilish grin.

Then he reached down and guided his swollen tip against her wet skin. She shuddered as he dipped into her moisture and smeared it all over her aching pussy. She knew she was going to enjoy being fucked like a dirty slut. She hadn’t had a good fucking in months, but she was extremely nervous to be at the mercy of a man controlled by a demonically possessed garden gnome. She knew Smiley picked Jason to fuck her because she liked him. That was a consolation at least.

With little warning, Jason plowed his thick cock into her overly aroused cunt and began pounding her. She gasped and held to the table as he used her thighs to pull her into his thrusts. She was whimpering and gasping from the incredible fucking. She didn’t know it was possible to fuck that hard and still enjoy it.

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