Haitian and Male in Canada Ch. 03

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By now, you should know the game. Bernard Lamont is the name. A big and tall, openly bisexual Haitian man living in the city of Toronto, Ontario. I major in Criminal Justice at the University of Toronto. Prior to that, I attended city college in the town of Brockton, Massachusetts. I’m having the time of my life these days, folks. Hooking up with sexy Black, Asian, Arab and Hispanic guys left and right in the city of Toronto. There are so many hot guys here. And they’re all ready to hook up. It’s a bisexual Black man’s paradise.

I was thoroughly enjoying my new lifestyle in the city of Toronto. Back in Massachusetts, I hid my bisexuality mainly because my parents and friends weren’t very accepting. In Canada, I live alone in an off-campus apartment. My relatives live in the suburbs and hardly come to the city. I’m free to do whatever I want. I have a regular stable of hot guys I like to hook up with. First, there was my friend Darius Dorvil. A sexy Haitian guy I met in the nursing department of Toronto University. He was hot as hell but unfortunately he moved to Vancouver. He’s in love with some Asian guy and wants to try monogamy. Doesn’t everyone on the planet know monogamy and men are a match made in hell?

In my sweet friend Darius absence, I try to keep busy. My buddy Marlon Chang, a hot guy of Asian and Puerto Rican descent, keeps me warm in cold-ass Toronto. He’s an accountant with a pretty face, lithe body and a big dick. And he really knows how to use them to get what he wants. Marlon is really into big and tall Black guys like myself. His sex is sizzling and he’s never jealous. When our sex needs a little spicing up, Marlon invites Joel Harris to join us. Joel is a tall Jamaican guy who works for the Department of Corrections. He’s married to some Kenyan chick named Mabel and has a son with her. All I care about is that Joel is sexy as hell and really knows how to fuck a brother. Like a lot of gay and bisexual Jamaican guys in Toronto. We have threesomes regularly.

Recently, I had the threesome of the decade with Marlon and Joel. We fucked for hours. Until I thought I was going to pass out. These two sexy studs canlı bahis have a lot of energy. I think professional guys are the best fucks. Take Joel Harris and Marlon Chang for example. Joel works for the Department of Corrections and it’s really top being Black and in law enforcement in Canada. If his co-workers found out he was bisexual, he’d be finished. So he has to hide his bisexuality from friends, family and co-workers. When he hooks up with me, he’s got a lot of pent-up energy. It makes for awesome fucks. The kind you have to see to believe.

That’s also the case with Marlon Chang. Even though Marlon is cool with being gay, he’s got to be careful about living his lifestyle because he works for a conservative accounting firm. Marlon works for the first major accounting company to be Black-owned in all of Canada. The firm is thirty years old and quite powerful. His bosses are wealthy millionaires from the Caribbean. To make the big bucks, he’s got to walk the walk. Marlon usually shows up at office parties with a female friend who pretends to be his girlfriend. The rest of the time, he’s bar-hopping and bed-hopping. Marlon sleeps with a lot of guys. He likes to keep it moving when it comes to the male body. Is he cool or what?

I thought I was one of the freakiest people out there. Until I stood corrected. The freakiest person on the planet in my humble opinion is Wendy Paul. A tall, busty and big-bottomed, dark-skinned and short-haired Haitian chick I met at the Haitian Catholic church near my apartment. We were introduced by Father Mesidor, the older guy in charge of the parish. At first, I thought Wendy was like a lot of our church’s ladies. Boring. We’ve got a congregation of four hundred people, and single women make up thirty percent of it. Married couples make up fifty percent, and then there’s the elderly. I can acknowledge there are sexy Black women at my church. Too bad none of them lit my fire.

Haitian women are sexy, but many of them are too narrow-minded, judgmental and conservative for me. I’m a bisexual Haitian man living in the big city while attending college. That’s not going to be cool with most Haitian bahis siteleri women. That’s why I don’t even bother flirting with the ladies at my church anymore. Since I was convinced women couldn’t accept me as a bisexual man, I sought relations exclusively with other gay and bisexual men. Anyhow, when Wendy and I were introduced, I saw something quite familiar in her eyes. She was hot, but I’ve met hot women before. She transferred to the University of Toronto from Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. Wow. A Haitian-American gal. Now that’s cool. I thought I was the only Haitian-American in the city. Black Canadians are so nerdy. Most of them don’t do it for me.

Wendy was eyeing me the way a hungry man looks at fast food. She was interested in me and made it clear from the get go. Well, I wasn’t used to women being so flirtatious with me. Especially tall, sexy Black women like Wendy. I surprised myself by flirting right back. And that’s how it all began. The following Monday, I ran into Wendy on campus. She was at the student center. Wow. And she was looking hot in a sexy, short red dress under a Black leather coat. Oh, my. The gal had a voluptuous body, wide hips, thick legs and a big butt. I haven’t fucked a woman since I came to Canada. I’ve been sleeping with sexy gay and bisexual men exclusively. And I thought I was almost gay now. Yet the sight of Wendy’s big booty as she bent over to pick up her book caused my dick to harden. What’s happening to me?

I approached Wendy and began chatting with her. She went right to business. The hot Haitian gal told me she found me hot and wanted to do me. I hesitated, and told her I wasn’t sure. Wendy laughed and told me that she knew I fucked guys, but she wanted to fuck me too. I was stunned. Smiling, she told me she was the best friend of Darius Dorvil, my ex-lover, who told her everything about me. Wow. Small world. I looked at her, stunned. The whole thing felt fishy to me. Wendy touched my arm and told me she liked gay and bisexual guys. She just could never find one to fuck her. Wow. A hot Haitian woman who likes bisexual guys. Now I’ve seen everything. I went to Wendy’s dorm. What bahis şirketleri did I have to lose at this point?

Wendy and I got busy, folks. She ushered me into her dorm, and we quickly undressed. Then she kissed me passionately and ran her hands all over me. She grabbed my cock and stroked it while kissing me. Kneeling before me, she took my eight-inch, uncircumcised Black cock and sucked it eagerly. In no time she had me hard. I put on a condom and got ready to fuck her. Wendy asked me to lick her pussy first. I nodded and licked her pussy for five minutes. It wasn’t my thing. She seemed to like what I did, though. Taking my cock, she pushed it inside of her. I held her hips and thrust into her. And just like that, I began fucking one of the hottest women I’d seen in ages.

I put Wendy on all fours as I fucked her. She asked me to spank her ass and pull her hair. I did this happily. The freaky bitch squealed in delight. Imagine my surprise when she asked me to fuck her in the ass. I was okay with it. I’ve fucked so many guys in the ass. How different could a woman’s ass be? I held Wendy’s hips and thrust my dick into her asshole. Slowly I worked my dick up her booty hole. The big Black woman groaned as I fucked her ass. I smacked her ass, loving the way it jiggled as I fucked it. It was awesome. We fucked like this for a while, then I came and pulled out. Afterwards, Wendy took off the condom and sucked my dick dry. The freaky chick even swallowed my cum.

Afterwards, I left her dorm. I went to Marlon’s apartment and hooked up with him. My sexy gay man fucked me silly, just the way I liked it. I guess I really am bisexual. I like dick, and pussy. And I like both male and female asses. Both feel wonderful around my dick during anal sex. The next day, I saw Wendy in church. She sat right next to me. We smirked at each other throughout the ceremony. After mass, Father Mesidor came to see us. He was happy to see us getting along. Wendy giggled and squeezed my hand. Then I went to her place and fucked her. Thus, I added a female fuck buddy to my fuck buddy list which included many gay and bisexual guys from the Greater Toronto Area. Sometimes, I wonder what Marlon and Wendy would think of each other if they knew one another. Both have a thing for bisexual guys. Both crave sex. And both like me. Who knows? Maybe one day I will introduce them. Or maybe not.

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