Giving Mature Ladies Pleasure Ch. 01

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Jo was on her way home from the office; she was the Senior Partner in Jo’s widowed husband’s old firm when he had died five years ago, Jo had reapplied for her Practicing Certificate and then taken over the practice. She didn’t need to do that as she was financially secure, but it had been her husband’s life’s work, was also a very profitable firm. The town Jo lived in too had an excellent independent wine merchant; they had a new Chablis in stock and Jo had ordered a case which she would pick up on her way home.

Jo arrived at the car park and saw a familiar registration on a silver Mercedes Estate. Jo thought that the car belonged to Jack, Jo knew Jack’s mother, Dot and her sister May, they were all accountants but didn’t practice as Dot’s late husband had an extensive property business which was now run by her son Jack who was a year younger than Jo’s daughter Kate, Jack had dated Kate for three years, they had split up a year ago when Kate got a position with one of the top accountancy firms office in Sydney, Australia.

Jo checked how she was looking in her vanity mirror then undid one button of her blouse, she always dressed plainly for the office but she wanted Jack to see some of her massive cleavage if he was in the shop. Jack had started dating Kate a year after her husband had died, when Jack and Kate returned to her house in the evening, Jo could hear their lovemaking, Jack didn’t rush things, Kate was a noisy lover, Jack was giving her three or four orgasms before he would cum. Jo would lie in bed listening to this as she played with her wet pussy, she was scared to use a vibrator because of the noise it made but used a large dildo as she loved her pussy being filled.

Jo walked into the shop, it was Jack, Jo felt so nervous as Jack approached her, Jack had his hand outstretched towards Jo as he said, “Hello, Mrs Grey, how nice to see you, how are you? I have often thought how you were doing?”

“Jack, it’s great to see you, I’m still working away but living a quiet life, please call me Jo. I occasionally see your mum and Aunt May, they tell me that you’re now running your dad’s firm and they are ladies of leisure. They both tell me that you are doing a wonderful job. Do you ever hear from Kate? I think that she loves the life in Australia but she doesn’t write very often, in fact she forgot my birthday last year.”

“Thanks Jo, I’m just working away, I haven’t much time to do anything else. I got a birthday greeting from Kate, she appears to be enjoying the sun and her work out there. When is your birthday? She is a very good accountant, I’m sure that she’ll do well out there. You should take a holiday and visit her, I’m sure that you would enjoy that?”

Jack had noticed Jo’s massive cleavage, Kate had big tits too, Jack could make Kate cum just with playing with her tits, Jack wondered if Jo could cum when her tits were played with. Jo said, “I was letting Kate get settled in before I would visit but she hasn’t suggested visiting yet and it is a very long flight. My birthday is on Friday. How about you Jack, are you dating anybody?”

Jo’s cleavage looked amazing, Jack loved big tits, he also thought that there was something very sexy about Jo, Jack replied, “Friday, the nineteenth? I won’t forget that. I’m in a bit of a rut at the moment. Mum sold the family house, I now live in a Penthouse that was in dad’s family, I’ve spent a lot of time redecorating it, upgrading the bathroom and kitchen. It’s now finished so I might have a bit more time to socialise, what about you Jo? Are you dating anybody? canlı bahis You are a very attractive woman.”

“Thanks for the compliment, I just work Jack, I go home, sometimes I cook, sometimes I order a takeaway meal. I enjoy my glass of wine, they have a new Chablis here, I’m here to pick up a case, it’s a lovely wine.”

“It is a great wine, I’m picking up two cases but I think that I’ll be ordering some more. I have found an excellent Australian Chardonnay in a supermarket, it’s excellent value for money, for everyday drinking it’s fantastic. I’ll let the Chablis rest until tomorrow before I try it.”

“That sounds good, I love trying new wines, you must tell me what supermarket and I’ll get some?”

“Jo, if you’d like we can have a takeaway supper at my place tonight then you can try the wine, I would love to spend an evening with you.”

“Jack, I would love that but I need to go home and change, then I would love to join you.”

“Jo, I’ll follow you home and help you with getting the wine into the house, then I’ll drive you to my apartment so if you have too much wine then you can get a taxi home.”

“You are a darling Jack, let’s do it.”

They got the wine into their cars then Jack followed Jo home. Jo poured them a glass of wine, she told Jack to help himself then she went for a shower. Jack brought Jo’s wine into the house then sat in the lounge sipping his wine waiting for Jo. There were so many memories in that lounge for Jacj, he had fucked Kate in every possible position in that lounge, Kate loved to be ass fucked, Jack wondered if Jo liked that too.

Jo shouted in telling Jack to top up his glass, she had already topped up her’s when she came out of the shower. Ten minutes later, Jo came into the lounge, she looked stunning, the outfit she was wearing left nothing to the imagination, she was simply dressed, she was wearing a tight fitting top and very tight fitting leggings. Her tits looked enormous, Jack thought that she was wearing a push up bra, her vulva was perfect, long and swollen, Jo wasn’t wearing any panties, her sex slit was perfectly formed. Jo said, “Jack, what would you like to eat? There’s an Italian restaurant that does a delicious Veal Sophia Loren, it is delicious, would you like to try it with me?”

“Jo, let’s go for it, I’m sure my Australian Chardonnay will complement it, do you like the taste of my chardonnay?”

Jo then phoned and ordered the takeaway then said, “Jack, it’s delicious, I think that we like the same things but I must be a little cautious.”

“Jo, may I ask why?”

“Jack, you were my daughter’s lover, the thing that worries me is that I find you so attractive, can you relate to this?”

Jack then knew that Jo was interested in him. Jo was sitting next to him on the sofa. Jack asked, “Jo, are you comfortable with the age difference between us? I feel comfortable when we talk.”

Jack then thought of Molly, dad’s old secretary, who ran dad’s office, within a month of dad dying , they had been lovers. During the time Jack was seeing Kate, he had been looking after Molly as well. In the two years before Jack joined the office full-time, Molly had been running things. Jack suspected that dad and Molly had been lovers but couldn’t be sure as Molly only spoke of him in regards to the business. Mum respected Molly but was always reserved when they met. Molly was a tall buxom widow in her sixties, she had taught Jack a lot about sex.

Jo replied, “Jack, I feel the same as you, I was so happy when I saw you in the bahis siteleri Wine shop, I have thought of you often but have been lucky that your mum and Aunt May keep me up to date on what you are doing. I have no experience of a younger men, I don’t have much experience of men full stop. I had boyfriends at University, then I became an assistant in my husband’s office. He was a bachelor and a lot older than me. I got pregnant with Kate, he did the right thing and we got married. Kate was a godsend to both of our lives. I would like to get to know you, I think initially we should be cautious, the reason for that is your mum and Aunt May are open minded, I’m sure that they wouldn’t object to us dating but we should keep it our secret until we both know for sure. How does that sound to you?”

Jack gave Jo a hug, just before their lips met, Jack said, “That sounds good to me, can I take you out for a birthday dinner on Friday night?”

Their mouths touched then opened, Jo buried her tongue deep in Jack’s mouth, the kiss was full of passion, they kissed for several minutes then Jo said, “Jack, I would love that on Friday night, I’m only working on Friday morning then I’m meeting Aunt May for lunch, it will be a mostly liquid lunch but I won’t drink so much then we can go out on Friday night.”

They kissed again but now their hands were exploring, Jo’s tits were massive, a really good handful, Jo was purring with pleasure as they kissed and Jack played with her big tits. Jack had unhooked her bra and freed her tits from their cups when the door bell rang, Jo said, “Fuck, they had to come early, I wish that they had been an hour late in delivering.”

Jack smiled then said, “Jo, I’ll leave it in the kitchen, we can put it in the microwave when we are ready to eat, would you like me to make you very hungry?”

They kissed again then Jack went for the meals. When he came back into the lounge, Jo’s bra was lying on the coffee table, Jo said, “I’ve taken my bra off for you, I loved how you were playing with my tits, I love it when they are sucked.”

Jo then took off her top, her tits were perfect, huge and they didn’t sag, her nipples were big and hard, Jack took one of her tits in each of his hands, squeezed them gently teasing her nipples then said, “They are quite a handful, I love big tits.”

They kissed again then Jo said, “Your mum, Aunt May and I have all big tits as we grew up, we were all watching carefully as our tits developed, May’s were the biggest when we were younger, she was two years younger than Dot and I, then just before University Dot’s and I filled out. All three of us have very sensitive tits, we all come easily when they are sucked and played with. We had so much fun when we were younger.”

Jack then stripped to his boxers, the outline of his cock looked massive as it stretched the fabric of his boxers, Jo didn’t notice, but Jack noticed Jo’s amazing Camels Toe, Jack was sure Jo wasn’t wearing any panties as her cunt lips looked so perfect. They kissed again, Jack slipped his hand down inside the front of Jo’s leggings, her pussy was smooth and swollen, his middle finger found the top of her cunt, he spread her cunt lips open, Jo had an enormous clit, it was bigger than Kate’s and slightly bigger than Molly’s. As he slid a finger inside Jo’s wet pussy, Jo purred then said, “I’m so wet for you Jack, please don’t think that I’m a slut, I’m not, I love sex, I need sex, I haven’t had a cock for so long, I get wet when I think of you Jack.”

Jack then took Jo’s hand and placed it on his rock bahis şirketleri hard cock, Jo tried to put her hand around it but it was too thick, there was a big gap between her thumb and middle finger, Jo said, “Jack, that’s huge, I’ve never seen a cock as thick or as long as that, we have watched a lot of porn, Kate must be off her head to give a cock like that up, let me make you hard.”

Jo went down on Jack, her tongue and lips teasing the head of his cock. Jack stepped out of his boxers then took off Jo’s leggings, Jo looked gorgeous naked. He then positioned her on the carpet so that they could 69. As Jack fingered and licked Jo’s pussy, Jack was thinking, I wonder who she watches porn with? Jack had a good idea with whom she watched, then said, “Jo, you have a gorgeous cunt, it’s perfect in every way.”

Jack then started to suck Jo’s hard clit, she loved it, she was pushing her dripping pussy against Jack’s mouth as he sucked and finger fucked her, he was fingering her with three fingers, Jo had strong cunt muscles, she was gripping his fingers tightly. Jo said, “Jack, you do that so beautifully, it feels so good, I love having my pussy licked, don’t stop, you’ll make me cum.”

Jo was now taking Jack’s full length in her mouth, he could feel the bulbous head of his cock hitting off the walls of her throat, Jack said, “Jo, I love how your sucking me, I want you to cum, cum for me Jo, I want your cunt so wet before I slide my big boy inside you, when I do darling, if you feel any discomfort then tell me and I’ll slow down. I want you to enjoy it so much. We will just do it slowly until you get used to him. Let me make your cunt so wet first.”

Two minutes later Jo had a massive orgasm, she was shaking uncontrollably with it, she flooded Jack’s mouth with her cum. Jack held her cum in her mouth until she had composed herself then they cum kissed, Jo’s tongue transferring her cum into her mouth. The kisses were tender and affectionate, Jo said, “Jack, you are the first man that I’ve ever cum kissed with, it was beautiful what you did to me.”

Jack had felt Jo’s dripping cunt, she was very wet, Jack was sure she could take him, Jack said, “Jo, you go on top of me then you can control the fuck, if you have any discomfort then slow down, I want us both to enjoy this.”

Jo then squatted over Jack, teasing her clit with the head of his cock, she then put the head in the middle of her sex slit, she pushed down, she took two thirds of his cock with the first push, Jo said, “Jack, it feels so good, you’re filling me, I think that I can take all of him.”

Jo did that, within minutes she had a powerful rhythm going, her face was glowing, the base of Jack’s cock was hitting her cunt lips with every push she made, Jack was stroking her clit as she rode him, Jack said, “Jo, your cunt is so tight, you’re giving me a great ride, how’s it for you? Are you comfortable in the cowgirl position?”

Jo was grinding on Jack’s cock now, she was moving up and down with a circular movement of her hips, her massive tits were wobbling everywhere, they looked incredible, Jo said, “I think that you like how my tits are bouncing, your beautiful big cock feels so good inside me, the head of it is hitting my cervix, that’s an amazing feeling, I love being your cowgirl, I’m going to fuck you harder now as I’m close to cuming again, will you fuck me doggy style later? Then you can go really deep.”

A few minutes later Jo had another strong orgasm, she kept grinding Jack’s cock until the last drops of her spunk were running down Jack’s cock. She leaned down and they kissed passionately then Jo said, “Jack, can I stay the night? I want you to fuck me in the morning. We can do so much, I’ve got a very tight chocolate box if you want to ass fuck me?”

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