GF Tricks Me PT2 Gay

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GF Tricks Me PT2 Gay
I lay in bed watching a movie quietly waiting for my girlfriend to come home. She had gone out for the evening with a few of her friends. My eye lids grew heavy, before long the eyelids began to flutter shutter shut. I felt myself falling into the fog of sleep.

In the fog I heard my girlfriend enter the house. Her voice carried into the bedroom. Voices? She was not alone. I could hear a man’s voice coming from the living room.

“Honey, you awake? Why don’t you come down and join us? I have someone here for you to meet.” My girlfriend announced.

As I came down the stairs I could see my girlfriend shapely legs crossed in the direction of a man sitting next to her. Sarah held a cocktail in one hand while her other hand rubbed the man’s leg, inner thigh no less. In the moments I took to walk down the stairs I could see he had a slight bulge.

“This is Roger. Someone I met tonight while out with the girls.” Roger stood up adjusting his pants. I stuck out my hand. He had a strong grip but his hands were soft, smooth. Office worker for sure.

“Hi, I’m Jeff.” I announced.

“Roger is willing to allow me to do what I want with him.” As Sarah spoke I felt a tingle in my groin. I could feel my cock start to get wake up. Sarah and I had discussed a threesome but never had the opportunity. Our goal was to have MMF and FFM threesome so we both received the most of the experiences.

Roger sat back down and Sarah returned her hand to rubbing his leg. This time hand moved from Roger’s thigh to his groin. I sat across from the two and had a perfect view of Roger’s groin. He’s cock grew in his pants creating a tent. Based on the size of the tent Sarah had chosen well.

Sarah continues to rub until she stopped, unzipped his pants and let Roger’s cock free. His erection continued to grow. I felt myself growing. I never considered being attracted to a man, but the sight of his cock sparked curiosity in me. My girlfriend’s hand played and toyed with Roger’s cock. She unbuttoned his shirt and gently rubbed his chest.

Roger’s hairless chest was well defined. His nipples became erect, hard. The tips of Sarah’s fingers güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri teased the nipples. Roger let out a slight moan when she moved here mouth to a nipple. I was sure her tongue was doing her best to bring Roger’s pleasure to a new level. I sat back drinking in the view of my girlfriend sucking on this man’s nipples. I could feel her mouth on my nipples. Her tongue licking the tip of my hard, dark brown nipple. This site drove my own excitement higher. My own cock strained against my shorts, begging to be released.

As Sarah sucked on Roger’s nipples, her hand reached in his pants to finger his balls. I knew what she was doing. She would slowly massage the balls, now and then squeezing gently, each time squeezing a little harder. She was gauging how much pressure he enjoyed. My own balls could feel her touch.

In an instant Sarah stopped and stood up.

“We need to move to a more comfortable room.” She expressed. With that, Sarah reached down, grabbed Roger’s cock and led him to our bedroom. I remained seated as the Sarah walked past pulling Roger by his cock like a puppy on a leash.

“You coming? Let me re-phrase that. Are you going to join us?” Sarah said as she flashed me her patented devilish smile.

“Oh, yes, yes, I would love to.” I said as I leapt from the chair.

Sarah was in control. Roger and I were mere puppets in her hands.

“Roger, you look uncomfortable with all those clothes on. Why don’t you lose the pants?” Roger obeyed. His pants dropped to the floor allowing Sarah and myself to get a full view of his cock. He was longer that I first thought. He was larger than me, looked like 8″ to my mere 6″. This is what Sarah and I had discussed, finding someone on the larger side.

The head was perfect, mushroom shape and slightly purple. The tip had a pre-cum drop slowly rolling down the length of the cock. The cock was straight, thick and pointed to the ceiling. His balls were slightly smaller than mine, hung low and looked full. He stroked his cock and balls once. As if he was primping for the occasion.

Before Roger finished removing his shirt Sarah güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri had stripped completely down. The sight of my girlfriend’s nude body still thrilled me. I wanted to grab and throw her on the bed, needing to feel her naked body against mine.

Sarah pushed Roger to the bed. He sat in the bed as Sarah stood over him. Her large breast forced into his face. His lips locked onto her nipple, but not for long. Sarah moved to position her wet pussy over Rogers erect cock. She lowered herself slowly letting out a shallow moan. I watched from the doorway as Roger’s cock disappeared into her shaved pussy. Sarah’s hips began grinding against Roger’s lap. His balls glistened with juices from Sarah’s pussy.

In an instant she jumped off him. “Lay back on the bed.” Roger obeyed her command and laid flat on the bed with his feet still on the floor. His cock wet from Sarah’s pussy. I cock see his cock throbbing wanting more. Sarah moved into a classic 69 position. She loved to have her clit sucked while she sucked cock. She rubbed her pussy on Roger’s face, his tongue lapping up the juices. Meanwhile Sarah was sucking hard on his cock. His cock, from time to time, would leave her mouth with a slight popping noise.

Somewhere while watching the two of them eating each other I had removed my pants. I sat on the floor, cock in hand watching, memorized by the scene. I stroked slowly taking in the sights and the slight smell of sex in the air.

I my eyes so focused on Sarah sucking his cock while her hands playing with his balls. Occasionally her tongue ran the length of his cock. My mouth began drooling. I continued to stroke my own cock. I felt my own sexual pressure building. I gave into my desire and moved the bed.

Not thinking, just acting, I moved Sarah. I kissed her first. At that moment we both ran our tongue the length of this hard cock. The cock was surprisingly hot. It had the taste of Sarah’s pussy on it. I moved to the mushroom head the whole time licking with tongue. Sarah moved to his balls. There was a slight taste of pre-cum. I put my lips on the head of the güvenilir bahis şirketleri cock, prepared to give my first blowjob. The cock head slid slowly into my mouth. The skin was so smooth and warm against my lips. I lowered my mouth onto the cock then I raised my head. Lowered again and raised. In no time I had a rhythm going. Sarah had laid herself next to Roger to observe me. From the corner of my eyes I could see her smiling. “Don’t forget his balls.”

I followed her advice and ran my tongue down the length of the rod to his balls. There were hairless, smooth and large. I licked his balls, slapping my tongue against her balls. Then I opened wide to slip his balls into my mouth. They were soft. I sucked gently on them as I wrapped my hand around his cock. My hand pumped his cock as I continued to suck on his balls.

And urge came over me and I quickly put my mouth on his cock. I had to make him cum and cum hard. I had my head bouncing up and down his cock. I sucked hard on the head with my tongue darting around his cock. Roger was tensing and I felt his balls move up, readying themselves. Roger moaned loudly as his cum shot hard into my mouth. I gagged at the first shot as the cum hit the back of my throat. I adjusted and finished drinking Roger’s cum into my mouth. Salty. I sucked after he stopped, trying to get every drop.

“Nice job.” Sarah exclaimed. “Looks like you enjoyed as much as I do.”

I stood up to embrace Sarah. She kissed me hard trying to get a taste of Roger. As we kissed I felt a hand on my shoulder. Pressing me down as I turned seeing Roger’s still hard cock. I worked his cock into my mouth as my girlfriend watch. My mouth felt his cock leaking pre-cum again as my reached up and massage his balls. I knew exactly the right amount of pressure to pull and squeeze them, my tongue worked on his shaft and head, in all the right spots. As his cock began to pour more of his sweet pre-cum into my mouth.

I had to look up, wanting to see his eye’s as I sucked his cock and played with his balls. My lips locked onto his cockhead, sucking hard. I thought his balls were going to be sucked through the cock. His hand reached down to grabbing my head pulling his cock deeper into my throat. He pulled down harder causing the skin on his cock to draw tight. His load came quickly and hard. He shot his cum deep down my throat what seemed to last forever.

I collapsed on the floor drained with my head swimming with delight.

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