Fun with Aunt Sally

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Fun with Aunt Sally
Both of my parents traveled a lot mostly to Europe and the like. As result I grew up going from place to place, never really developing many friends. As far a my sex education was concerned my parents simply didn’t have the time to explain much to me. They were well off and always had business meetings and traveling to do. So I had to learn on my on so to speak. As I matured I discovered the pleasures of masturbation and finding some of dads porno magazines helped me learn a lot about sex. In their travels to Europe they brought home many great magazines. The women in them were exceptional and the men had such great hard cocks.

Up until I was 18 that was it for sex. It’s a good thing dad kept a nice library of fuck magazines for me jack off with.

One summer shortly after I was 18 my parents decide to take a vacation to Europe. I had traveled enhoug and requested to stay with my Aunt Sally, dad’s older sister whose husband had left her several years earlier. I had stayed with her briefly at times when mom and dad wanted time to be alone in their travels.

It had been a couple of years since I had seen Aunt Sally so they both agreed I could visit her. It would do her good to have some company. She lived out on a rural old farm but had a nice comfortlable home.

Sally was a bit on the heavy side in her mid 40’s. She was a very attractive woman and she had very big breasts. I had started to notice those things in my recent visits. I often wondered what she did for sex out in the country like that. Little did I know that she would show me quite a few things.

My parents drove me to her farm where they thanked her for allowing me to stay a few weeks with her and would be back after their trip. Sally had put on a pound or two since my last visit but she still looked good to me and her tits seemed bigger . She had a big smile for me and welcomed me to her home. I had my bags with me and she helped me carry them in as my parents drove off. I made sure I carried my bag that I had put in some of dads fuck magazines. I figured things would get a bit horny and I would enjoy a nice jack off session viewing some great looking women taking those big cocks up their cunts and asses.

Sally showed me my room and told me to put my things where I wanted and then just relax after my trip. We visited a while after we ate. She had many questions to ask me about life and what I would be doing now that I had all grown up.

Ash we chatted I could help notice her big tits. She had on a thin blouse and I could clearly see the outline of her big bra. It must have been a heavy duty one to support her massive breasts. The top buttons were undone so there was plenty of cleavage to view. I tired not to be obvious as my cock hardened. I felt the need to jack off as I kept looking at her tits and big full body.

“I think you have noticed my big tits Bobby”, she smiled. “I know you were trying to be subtle but that’s ok. I has been a while since I have had anyone look at me that way.”

” I sorry”, I replied. ” I couldn’t güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri help but look at them. They are very big Aunt Sally.”

“You are 18 now Bobby and it’s fine to look at and take notice of a woman’s body. I am glad you are enjoying looking” she smiled even bigger.

I felt a bit uneasy but Sally didn’t seem to mind and I felt more comfortable talking with her.

” I do have some very big ones Bobby. It’s just there is really no around here to appreciate a full figured woman like me. I hope this does not embarass you any” she said.

“No, not at all”, I replied. ” To be honest I have never had sex even though I am 18 now. I just haven’t meet any girls much due to all my parents travels”

“Well Bobby that is terrible”, she replied. A young man like you needs to have some good sex and shot some of that youthful cum into a nice pussy”

I was shocked then quite arosed by her sexy talk. I began to loosen up and feel at ease with her.

“Yes Aunt Sally”, I replied. “It would be nice to cum in a pussy instead of jacking off all the time. I do enjoy it though. I have some of dad’s fuck magazines and they have the best pictures of women taking in such big cocks in their holes, both cunt and ass.”

“OHHH Bobby that sounds wonderful” she replied. I bet those picture get your cock up nice and hard so you can masturbate and shoot all that nice cum. Photos

It’s good for a young man to have fun with his cock. I can just bet you have have a nice big load.”

All this talk had my cock rock hard now. I wondered how far Aunt Sally would go with this sex talk. I thought I would go for broke and see if she might let me see those tits, I sure would love to jerk a big load all over them.

” Aunt Sally” I asked rather sheepishly. Could I show you my cock?? It is so hard and sticking up right now. It’s not as big as those guys in the fuck magazines but I sure would like to show it to you.”

“Goodness Bobby”, she replied. I would love to see it. It has been a while for me since I have seen a nice hard cock. I would like to show you my big full tits too. I know you would like that. To make it better let me just strip to my bra and panties for you. I think you would enjoy seeing my nice big full briefs too. They are not skimpy bikinis but nice big ones for us full figure ladies. Would you like that, Bobby?”

I could not believe it. She not only wanted to see my cock but would show me her undies. I sure did want to see her big bra and panties. I would love to cum all over them.

“Aunt Sally, I would love to see you in your underwear. I bet you look good. Let me get out of these jeans and shirt and let you see my dick. I hope you like it. It is really sticking up and is so hard now.”

As I took off my clothes Sally took off all but her bra and panties. She was right those were full size panties and she looked great in them. They were a sheer white nylon and I could see the cotton crotch panel next to her pussy. Her bra was a 44DD easy and filled with creamy white flesh. By casino firmalari this time I was naked standing in front of her, my cock aimed skyward, hard and firm.

” Umm Bobby”, she smiled. ” That is one nice dick. I can see why you enjoy playing with it and making it cum. I bet you have jerked off gallons of cum. Here Bobby let me spread my legs open for you. Do you like looking at my panty crotch?

“Umm yes Aunt Sally,” I replied. It looks very sexy. Any guy would like to see that.”

” Bobby” she asked. Do you need to releive yourself of some of that cum. I would love for you to jerk off right her on my big panties. I would like to see you masturbate for me and watch that pee hole squirt cum. When you are just about to cum I will pull my panty crotch to the side and maybe you can cum on my pussy, would you like that?”

I was soooo in need of release that the thought of masturabting for Aunt Sally was very exciting. Something I had always done alone I could now do for my Aunt.

“Yessss,” I replied. “I would like for you to watch. Spread real wide and let me see.”

Sally sat back and spread her big legs wode open all the time rubbing that cotton liner making it damp. For a treat she pulled the crotch to the side showing her wet pink slit. Later I hoped to put my cock up that hole and fill it with cum but right now now I wanted to jek off and spray my cum all over those panties.

“Come on Bobby” she said. Let’s see that cock squirt its jism. I hope you have a nice big load for me, just mess all over these nice big panties and let me rub your cum all over them. I would love a nice cummy mess.”

I got between her legs as she continued her dirty talk urging me to cum for her. I knew I wouldn’t be long before blowing my load. I was totaly uninhibited now, pumping up and down on my stiff meat.

“That looks so good Bobby”, she smile. I like to see you masturabte. It’s good for a young man to have a nice place to shoot his cum. I know when you jerk off you shoot all over your stomch and chest but now you have my pussy to cream all over.

Suddenly I felt my balls ready to explode.

“Arugggghh Sally I’m cummmming!! I cried

I looked down at my cock as Sally had her panty cotch pulled to the side ready for my cream. Then the eruption came as my jism came out in torrents splattering her panties and pubic area. I didn’t think I had so much cum. I pumped all I had as Sally rubbed her pubic hair with semen, making a cummy mess. Big globs covered her panties too.

” Great Bobby”, she gleamed. “That was a nice load. Just look at my pussy all covered with your male milk. Umm it feels so warm and wet. This was great Bobby and we have just started to have fun.

“You know that my husband left me Bobby”, she said. Being alone and having no cock around is no fun so I too masturbate. I want to show you how I pleasure myself. Would you like that?”

“Ummmm” I said. “That would be so great. I bet you have some of those sex toys like in my fuck mags. I have seen pictures of woman fucking each other with them. Some are güvenilir casino so big I don’t see how they get them in their cunts”

She then went to her dresser drawer and got out one of her toys. It was just like a cock, with veins and a thick shaft.

“Now Bobby,” she smiled. “Would you like to see your Aunt Sally fuck her hole with this rubber cock and cum for you? I know you would. Look at your dick, it’s getting all hard again. Umm that’s lovley. After I fuck my hole, then you can stick that young cock in me and fill me with some warm cum.”

“Ohhh, Aunt Sally”, I said. “I would love to fuck you. I have never had my cock in a pussy and yours would be great. It is so fat and big. I want to see that big dong open your hole. I want to shoot in you, Aunt Sally.”

“And shoot off in me you shall Bobby” she said smiling. “Now let me get these cummy briefs off and spread open here on the bed for you so you can watch me masturbate. I’ll fuck my lovehole and rub my clit just for you and then you will need some release again, right in my pussy.”

Sally took her briefs off and lay back showing me all her pussy. She spread her lips open to reveal her opening.”

“See this lovehole Bobby”, she said. “After a good dildo fucking it will need your cum inside.

Now you just watch as Aunt Sally shows you how she masturbates.”

She then took the rubber cock and worked it in a out,her one hand on the dong and the other rubbing her clit.

“Come over here close” she said. ” I want to see your hard dick as I fuck my fat slutty hole with this dildo. Umm it is so hard again, but you are young and can fuck all the time. Ohh Bobby I can hardly wait to have you fill me with your youthful jism.”

I watched intently, my cock rock hard and ready. I was enjoying watching Aunt Sally do herself. She was working the toy in deep all the while working her clit. Suddenly her body shook as waves of pleaure came over her. It was all could to to keep from jerking off again.

“Gracious, Bobby” she said. ” That was fantastic. I loved showing my fine nephew how I satisfy myself. My hole is wet and ready now. I want to be fucked by your nice hard cock. Look at my pussy. It is wet and needing cum.”

“Yes, Aunt Sally” I said. “I need to empty my balls in your pussy. I want to shoot off inside you.”

I got between her legs and began to fuck her with deep strokes. Her big cunt swallowed my dick easy. She was so wet from her dildo fuck.

” Keep fucking Bobby” she said. ” Fill your Aunt’s hot fuckhole with your cum. You young cocks have so much to shoot and stay so hard. Fuck me, Bobby, fuck me good”

I could not hold out any longer as I felt my shaft stiffen, ready to explode into her fat pussy.

“Ummmmmmmm”, I cried. ” I’m gonna shoot in you. Take my cum Aunt Sally. I want it all in your hot fuckhole, ummmmmmmmm”

I shot off what seemed like forever, Filling Sally’s cunt with my cream.

“Ohh Bobby”, she said. “That’s great I can feel you shooting. I love that feeling when a cock is emptying into me. Fill me full. My pussy needs your warm jism”

I slowly withdrew my cock noticing some seep from her hole. I had indeed filled her. She eased her hand down and stuck a finger in her pussy.

“Wonderful, Bobby”, she smiled. ” I think you have filled me to everflowing. Your young cock is great and we will have even more fun with it……..

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