Fun With An Online Married Woman.

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Fun With An Online Married Woman.

Let’s start with the sex story now, the woman I am talking about is 34 years old, fair, chubby and horny lady named Mary Smith whom I met online. She had vital stats of 38-34-38, awesome figure which I got to know later.

I texted her and fortunately she replied, we just had a normal conversation initially and then she started talking about her personal life. She is a married woman, mother of 4 years old son who lives in outskirts of Bangalore. Our conversation was like:-

Mary: So what you looking for here online?
Me: Just looking for someone to text and have fun.
Mary: Oh, I see. Are you single?
Me: Yes, what about you?
Mary: I am married for the last 10 years and happy with my hubby and before that, I was in a relationship with him for 4 years.
Me: Oh that’s nice.
Mary: But to be honest. I need someone else to share my feelings with.
Me: That is what I was wondering.
Mary: wondering what?
Me: How can you be satisfied with a single man for such a long time?
Mary: I just want to share my feelings, nothing else. Maybe if I like that person, I might have sex with him, no harm in it.
Me: Hmm I see. If you want, you can share it with me.
Mary: Are you sure?? Can I trust you?
Me: It’s your call.

Later that night, we both exchanged our numbers and I started chatting with her via WhatsApp. We spoke a lot of stuff, about life, romance, loyalty, and sex. She badly wanted someone, as her hubby used to travel a lot and did not have time to spend with her. She started feeling comfortable with me and this chatting continued for the whole week.

I was not trying to be naughty and was holding myself, waiting for her to take the initiative. She then broke the ice and started talking about sex and other personal stuff. We finally shared our pictures, the moment I saw the pic I was stunned, she was not a great hot chick, but was chubby and had a desi look, something I like.

We started sharing our nude pictures and was having phone sex and sex chatting. Mary couldn’t take it anymore and finally asked for a good fuck. We first decided to meet first and ataşehir escort decided about the D day later. We planned to meet in Garuda Mall near the Brigade road.

I reached the place first and was waiting for Mary near the entrance. A few minutes later, my sweet sexy chubby lady enters the mall in tight jeans and a sleeveless T-shirt. I was awestruck to see her and hard instantly. We hugged and moved to the coffee shop, spoke for good 2 hours. What came later was a shocker, she said that she never had a k** it was only she and hubby. Also, she said that her hubby is not in town and that we can have fun today itself. I was in a shock and very happy to hear that.

We booked an Ola and went to her home which was in outskirts of Bangalore, far from where we met. It was a struggling 90 minutes travel, holding our horses, but, we were fondling each other in the car, feeling each others body, kissing in the gaps whenever possible.

Finally, we reached her home, we just rushed into her home, locked the door and she turned towards me. I pounded on her like a wild b**st and started smooching her like an a****l, the exact way she likes to have sex. We then moved to her bedroom while smooching, fell on the bed and I slept on her and was forcing my cock to her vagina through the clothes we wore.

We kept smooching for good 15 minutes, I was pressing her boobs on her t-shirt, as she was busy pumping my rock solid 7-inch cock over my jeans. I put my hands under her t-shirt and was feeling her bare skin on her cleavage. As I was massaging her boobs, she put her hand inside my jeans and started stroking my cock over my underwear.

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I then removed her t-shirt and her bra at the same time and what I saw was an amazing view. Two huge mangoes hanging right in front of my eyes, I could not take my eyes from them, was pressing them very hard and started sucking her nipples. I tried to swallow the entire boob, biting her nipples and squeezing her chubby stomach. What a feeling it was for both of us.

She then was struggling to remove my jeans; göztepe escort I got up and helped her remove my pant and my underwear as well. I also removed her pant, but she was still in her panties. She held my cock, started licking my balls first, the moment her tongue touched the tip of my balls, an electric wave passed through my body. She swallowed my balls in her mouth and was massaging it with her tongue while stroking my cock gently.

After that, she sucked the head of my cock and then took my complete 7-inch fat, thick cock in her mouth and started giving me an awesome blowjob. Every now and then she used to look me in my eyes. It was exactly like watching a porn movie. As she was sucking, I was about to explode loads of cum and told her the same.

She just held my balls hard and started sucking my cock rigorously. Soon she released the grip on my cock I exploded massively on her face. As the cum was dripping oh her face, it flowed to her mouth which she gradually sucked it by putting her tongue out and licking the cum that was on her lips.

While she was resting on the bed sucking my cum, I was busy playing with her pussy. I first removed her panty till her knee, started kissing the thigh’s walls around the vaginal region. She was aroused by this act, she immediately pressed my head towards her, as she did that my face was pressed against her pussy.

All I did was opened my mouth and started licking her pussy. She was enjoying it, Mary was like ahh rocky keep doing that, be little gentle and then slowly get wild, ah ahhhhhh ufffff Rocky lick me, Rocky, fuck me please and then she arched her body, when she did that I immediately put my hand on her back and started pressing her ass. She had an ass to die for.

She did cum after some time; I made her turn around and started biting her ass cheeks. Her ass cheeks were very fleshy and chubby. We then decided to clean ourselves, so we went to take bath together. While we were taking bath, we helped each other in cleaning ourselves. While doing so, I applied soap to her ass and made her stand against the wall, her ass facing me. I placed my cock ümraniye escort between her ass cheeks and started massaging her ass while my one hand on her boobs and another fingering her pussy.

I was immediately hard; she gave me a condom which she took it from her bedroom cupboard. She helped me wear it, I lifted her leg and was rubbing my cock on her pussy and teasing her. She couldn’t take it anymore, she just pulled my hip towards her and there goes my cock in her vagina boom.

She left one big moan ‘AHH’, I stayed still as I push my cock in her, Mary was like, ahhhh Rocky you a****l push it in fuck me ahhhhh hmmmmm ufffffffff. I did her for good 5 min and then I climaxed. We took shower again dried ourselves and slept on the bed naked rubbing each other. We both could feel the warmth of our body. As we were little tired we both dozed off under the blanket.

When I woke up, Mary was busy playing with my cock, we both kissed in a romantic way playing with our tongues. I then sat on her boobs, kept my cock between her boobs and started rubbing it between her huge boobs. Then she turned around, sitting in doggy position I wear a condom again and fucked her in doggy position holding her hairs and gripping her boobs. This went for 10 minutes or such.

We then moved to the 69 position, licking each others body. After sometime she sat my cock and started riding it, while she was riding my cock her boobs were bouncing up and down and her ass cheeks were hitting my thighs, that sound was so much fun to hear. The room was filled with the sound of our body pounding (Thap thap thap thap) and our moans.

Then she climbed down and directly went to my asshole and started licking it. Then finally, I took her in the missionary position, fucked her for some time and at last one final hard push, we both came and I slept on her happily satisfied while my cock still in her pussy.

When I woke up again, we had an oral sex in the shower where she did one last blowjob to me under the shower. We bid our goodbyes for then; as I came out she hugged me, pulled my face towards her and kissed on my lip, as she held my cock for one last time.

After that we had many such encounters, we even traveled to many places and tried many different things. Hope you all enjoyed my stories. I wonder how many of you came after reading this. Girls, ladies, and women,

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