Friendly Neighbour

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Friendly Neighbour
A good few years ago I lived in a little flat in the suburbs. It was a small, two-story block, with only 6 residences and a little parking area with garages out the back. I was living there with my girlfriend at he time, a dark haired, B-cupped woman with whom I argued incessantly.

Often, on my way out to work in the mornings I would pass one of the neighbours, a woman of about thirty with shoulder length, mousey hair cut into a neat sort-of bob. Her eyes were amazing. The little laugh lines at the corners, not deep nor unattractive, showed as she gaze me a warm smile with a pleasant “Hello” as we passed on the way to our respective cars. The colour of her eyes was unusual. I have never before or since met anyone with eyes that I would describe as ‘ginger’. They were enchanting.

One rainy afternoon, my girlfriend was at work and I was going over my University work, there was a knock at the door. A delivery man with a package for my neighbour. I took it, placed it in my hall-way and went back to work.

The afternoon dragged on, my study was not going well, and then I heard the car pull up. I looked from the window; my neighbour. The package! I threw on a tee-shirt (when at home alone I tended to wear nothing but a battered pair of sports shots) and headed to the front door. By the time I was out with the package my neighbour (I later found her name was Andrea) was already opening her front door and heading in.

I jogged up to her door and knocked. The door opened almost immediately, and there were those smiling, ginger eyes. “Hi?” she said quizzically.

“Had a package for you left at mine.” I said, holding up the oblong, cardboard package.

“Oh.” she said, looking rather embarrassed. I frowned, wondering why a package could be embarrassing. “Er,” she smiled “come in a minute, I have to put my bags away.”

I smiled and passed through her doorway. The cold tiles of the hallway leading to the kitchen reminded me that I had canlı bahis not put any shoes on to rush out. I placed the package on the counter in her kitchen, and turned to leave.

“Don’t suppose you’d stay for a coffee?” she asked. “Been a lonely day and I could use some company.”

My girlfriend wasn’t due back for a few hours, so I said ‘”Sure.”

She smiled, that warm, winning smile and set to making a coffee. We sat for a while chatting and laughing, and it was a very pleasant change from the female contact I had had for a good few weeks. I thought her I caught her eyeing the contours of my chest through the tee-shirt (I used to work-out three times a week in those days), and her eyes flicked down to my shorts a fair few times.

On her part, she was wearing a business-like outfit; white blouse through which I could see the lacey contours of a half-cup bra, a pencil skirt, tights. She had flicked off her shoes, and I admired the line of her nylon clad feet.

Then I looked at the package. She sipped some coffee, looking into my eyes, then looked to the package too. She placed her cup on the counter and slowly pulled the box across to her. She grabbed a pair of scissors from the side, and began opening the box.

“Bet you’re wondering what this is.” she laughed, a little nervously.

I shrugged, as she pulled a pack of baby wipes toward her from the edge of the counter. The tape cut, she opened the box and withdrew the contents. Another box, this one with photographs of the packages contents. She opened the lid, and pulled out a 7 inch, flesh coloured, penis shaped vibrator.

She held it up, unscrewed the base and rummaged in her kitchen drawer for some batteries. Loaded, she twisted the dial on the bottom to make it hum, then grabbed a wipe and started cleaning the large phallus. Deliberately, I assume, the motions she made with the wipe were suggestive of a hand-job, and my shorts started to shift under the pressure of my enlarging bahis siteleri cock.

“I’ve been waiting for this.” she smiled, placing the head of the penis shaped vibrator against her lower lip. “I really want to try it out.” she said looking at my eyes, then my crotch. She stood, and slowly, vibrator still in one hand, undid the buttons on her blouse, pushing it back off her arms and letting it fall to the floor. Her breasts, in their lacey half-cups, were not large, possibly a-cup, but enticing non-the-less. Reaching behind her, she unfastened her skirt, un zipped and let it fall to the floor.

She stood there in bra, panties and tights, bringing the vibrator back to her mouth, she licked the tip, then sunk her mouth over the head of the latex penis. My penis jerked in my shorts and I felt a slight, cold rush of air as my enlarged head pushed out through the leg hole.

She smiled. Turning, she walked into her living room, and I followed that finely shaped, nylon clad arse.

She motioned me to sit in an arm chair, as she sat on her sofa, she licked and sucked the vibrator again, the ripped open her tights and started to rub the vibrator against the crotch of her small, satin panties, her legs spread wide, tose just touching the carpet.

She leaned back, her eyes fixed on me as she rubbed that 7-inch vibrating penis against her crotch. A damp patch was forming, and my cock was straining at my shorts, the head poking from the leg hole, and the positioning made the foreskin roll right back, revealing the dark, shiny head.

“I want to see it.” she said.

I smiled. I raised my bottom and tugged my shorts down, allowing my hard cock to spring almost upright.

“Touch it.” she said, huskily, as she pulled her gusset aside to reveal her shaven, wet slit. She ran the vibrator up across her moist cunt, the large, enflamed labia sucking onto it. Then she drove the b**st into her sopping cunt, gasping.

I grabbed the shaft of my penis, eyes devouring bahis şirketleri all of her body, yet fixing most often on that pink latex moving slowly in and out of her cunt. Her chest was heaving, her nipples partially visible above the half-cups. My cock was throbbing in my hand, and, given it’s lack of action, was not going to last long.

Neither was she, I guessed, as her breathing came more rapidly and her collar bone flushed red.

I stood and shuffled toward her, cock in hand. She looked into my eyes, then at my engorged cock, and sat more upright, the vibrator still embedded in her dripping pussy.

With one hand, she grasped my shaft, her tongue darting out to lick the tip. A thin strand of fluid extended from my cock’s eye to her tongue as she drew back slightly. Then she engulfed the whole head in her hot mouth and sucked. Hard.

She pushed back with her hand and squeezed the based of my cock, sending even more blood to my pulsating head. She drove the vibrator into herself until only two or three inches remained outside, and started to shudder, trying to moan with my cock in her mouth.

I felt it in my balls, and knew there was no holding back. Three weeks worth of sexual frustration erupted into her mouth as her own orgasm gripped her. I jerked, pushing my cock to the back of her throat as the first, large wad shot out. She coughed, and some cum dripped out of her nose, but I was in no condition to moved. My body was locked in a rigid ecstasy of orgasm.

She pulled her head back, and my cock spurted again, cum landing on her neck and upper chest. Her eyes were closed and fluid gushed from her pussy as she pulled the latex cock out of her gaping hole.

My cock started to wilt, cum dripping from the end and pooling on her nylon clad thigh.

We panted, looking at one another. Cum dripped from her nose and out of the corners of her mouth, and she smiled.

“I needed that.” she said. “Maybe not the nose full of cum, but the rest was great.” She smiled.

I heard a car pull up and recognised my girlfriend’s ford. “Better go.” I said, pulling up my shorts.

She smiled. “Pop in for coffee any time.” We grinned at each other and I reluctantly turned to head for home.

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