Friendly Competition

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It was not the sort of evening that I thought was going to end up as this kind of story. Coming up to Christmas, a group of my friends, all twenty-somethings, were gathering for a simple dinner party. We were all spending Christmas with our families so this was our chance to exchange gifts and celebrate the goodwill of mankind or whatever it is you’re supposed to do over the holidays. Matt and I, the two men, arrived early as we were to help set up. You see, it was Matt’s girlfriend who was hosting the party. We’re both tall, not unattractive guys. Matt is somewhat athletic, with straw-like blonde hair while I am slim with an unmanageable brunette mop perched atop my head. We were both wearing jeans and nice button-up shirts with check patterns that young men wear when they don’t know what ‘smart-casual’ means.

Matt’s girlfriend Prue greeted us at the door and immediately put us to work moving furniture around the lounge-turned-dining room. Prue is tall to the point of almost looking awkward. However, she is stunning. A fair skinned redhead with clear, blue eyes and a cute button nose, she has a fantastic body; great curves and a full D-cup bust. The sort of body that makes you wish she wasn’t dating your best friend. She was wearing a simple pink dress that was tied at her hip with a darker pink ribbon. Helping Prue put something into the oven was Laura, a librarian that was exactly what you expect a librarian to be. Laura is cute in a bookish way, with glasses hiding her green eyes and her light brown hair cut shoulder-length in a style ten years too old for her. She was dressed conservatively as she often was in jeans and a loose-fitting red sweater giving barely a hint of her slim body beneath.

Everything was set up and the food was cooking by the time anyone else arrived. Tegan was the first, a short brunette whose Polish heritage had blessed her with dark, soulful eyes and full lips. She is thin, with a less defined body than the other girls, but the black she long, black, gothic-styled dress she wore showed her figure perfectly. We sat and chatted as we waited for the final two guests. Amie and Kim were roommates and arrived together. Amie has short, black hair that is well suited to her pixie-like features. She wore a body hugging, pink t-shirt and denim skirt that showed off her toned body and subtle curves.

Kim is a very short blonde who looks constantly happy to be everywhere. She carries a little more weight than the other girls but it sits on her frame well. She wore a simple black dress. The dinner itself was not unlike any other we’d had in the past. We discussed our Christmas plans and what had been going on in our lives. I talked about going back to university after only having finished the previous year and Kim told casino oyna us about the latest crazy guy that she had met and given her number to in an effort to escape. The food was good, but as always Prue has miscounted and people were constantly getting up to grab extra plates and cutlery. It wasn’t until after the main course was eaten and the table cleared until a chance occurrence caused the night to take an unexpected turn.

Conversation was hitting a lull when Kim made a strange beeping sound. She made an apologetic gesture as she fished her phone out of her bag. The look on her face was priceless upon reading the text message that she had just received and of course, we all needed to know what the fuss was.

“Remember that guy I said I had to give my number to? Well he’s been sending some weird messages to me and he just asked if I give good head!” There was laughter all around as well as Matt and myself acknowledging the sheer ballsiness of the man with a raised eyebrow and shake of the head. “What am I supposed to say to that?” Kim rhetorically said in wonderment as the laughter died down.

“Just tell him the truth,” Prue said, “that you rock at it, but he ain’t getting it.”

“And how do you know that’s the truth?” Kim replied in a mock-accusatory fashion.

“I might’ve spoken to Ben when you guys broke up.” There was more laughter as Kim’s face became increasingly reddened. Prue apologized, “sorry Kimmy, but there’s no need to be embarrassed about being good at something, right guys?” She directed this question towards Matt and I and we could only respond with idiotic grins and gibberish.

“It’s not like it’s hard to do!” Amie suddenly piped in

“I don’t know. I gag if I try to take it too deep,” Laura said, before gasping and going as red as Kim when she realized that she had actually said it out loud.

“I didn’t even know you’d done that,” Tegan said as the laughter resumed.

“Oh, like you haven’t”,” Amie interjected.

“Actually I haven’t,” Tegan replied, “but I’ve read a lot about it, so I think if I had to do it I could.” We were all still laughing hysterically when it happened.

“All of this makes me wonder,” Amie said suddenly seriously, “which of us is best at it, do you think? You said Kim’s good at it. I’ve been told I am, and I wouldn’t mind seeing how Tegan’s ‘book smarts’ work out in practice.”

“What are you saying?” Prue asked.

“What I am saying girls is that we should find out. Let’s have a blowjob contest. We have two potential judges right here,” Amie said, gesturing towards us. We could not hide out satisfaction with the way things were going and after some discussion and some convincing to win over the more reluctant Tegan and Laura, Matt and I were left to canlı casino rearrange the furniture again to make space while the girls went into discussion over how it was going to work.

About half an hour later we found ourselves assembled in the lounge once more, all of us visibly nervous and excited. No one spoke as Amie presented me with a sheet of paper. At the top of the paper as neatly written, ‘Blowjob Contest: Rules’. They had obviously put some thought into this. Reading the rules I learned that each girl was going to be given five minutes with each guy. One point would be awarded for each inch of the penis that the girl could manage. Three points would be given if the guy came during her turn, an extra two if she swallows. We would also give each girl a score out of ten. The numbers would be added up for a final score to find the winner. Small pieces of paper with the two guy’s names and a numbered order were then drawn from a hat and suddenly we were ready to go!

I felt a bit weird standing next to Matt completely naked but soon began to feel better as Laura kneeled in front of me. She looked a lot more nervous than Amie did in front of Matt. We were both about six inches long but I was somewhat proud to see that I was substantially thicker. I did notice the girls seemed impressed. First Prue used a tape measure to check how deep both contestants could go. I felt bad for Laura who had trouble with just a couple of inches and we all got a little giggle when Matt groaned as Amie took in almost his whole shaft. I hardly remember Prue telling the girls to start as she set the stopwatch on her phone. Laura wasn’t bad if a little repetitive. She used a basic up/down movement with her mouth and one hand. Her lack of depth actually worked for her as her lips were concentrated around the head of my cock. She moaned softly but avoided eye contact for the most part. Amie was clearly much more energetic and varied in her approach. I figured it was going to be difficult not to cum when her turn came around. When five minutes came around we heard a beep and the girls backed off. I was enjoying Laura’s simple but effective approach but was keen to see what was next.

Kim’s eternally happy smile stepped up to greet me as Laura shuffled sideways to Matt as per the numbers drawn. Measurements were taken again and I was pleased to see Laura had less trouble with Matt’s thinner member. When time started I was surprised by how different Kim’s mouth felt. Her slightly chubby cheeks meant a softer environment and her slow and silent approach was markedly different to Laura’s rhythmic bobbing. I could see how a guy could be very happy with Kim, but her slow teasing was not going to finish the job in five minutes. I just couldn’t really get into it and kaçak casino found myself sneaking looks at Laura going down on Matt. About four minutes in Matt started to breathe heavily and soon began to groan as he dropped a load into Laura’s mouth. It took her by surprise and she coughed suddenly, cum going all over the carpet. Matt apologized profusely as Prue tried to clean up. We put some towels down before continuing.

Luckily, Laura was finished and could rest as Kim got in front of Matt and Amie in front of me. They measured and a fairly uneventful round began. Amie was definitely talented and had me squirming on the spot as her tongue swirled around the head of my cock. I got fairly close to cumming but held out the full five minutes. Kim didn’t have a chance with Matt so soon after Laura had done the job and so the round ended. Amie took over measuring and stopwatch duties from Prue as she stepped up to take her place in front of Matt and Tegan in front of me. It was a fairly exciting thought that my cock would be the first this girl ever tasted and I felt myself get even harder when she put her lips over my shaft for the measurement. She didn’t quite know what to do when time started, but soon started to find a rhythm, using her tongue and some nice suction when she began to get comfortable. While she was certainly unpolished in her technique, she was much better than I expected from a first timer and after Amie’s vigorous attempts it didn’t take long for me to go over the edge.

“I’m going to cum”, I warned her, but she didn’t stop. She seemed to work harder as I exploded into her mouth. Despite the size of my load, she managed to swallow every drop of it and even get me hard again before Prue drew a second load out of Matt. I guess being his girlfriend she knew just what to do. She also had no trouble swallowing.

We were both drained but there was one round to go. Prue and Tegan switched places and were soon back into it. I had been looking forward to Prue. As my best friend’s girl, she had always been off limits and there she was, sucking my dick. The only problem was that she wasn’t very good. Her movements were out of rhythm and she didn’t use her tongue. This was like finding out Santa Claus doesn’t exist! This girl who had been in many of my fantasies just didn’t give good head. I tried not to show my disappointment as the time ran down and the girls took to the couch as we got dressed and tallied the scores. In first place was Prue, with 28 points, due largely to Matt’s rather generous score (well he couldn’t mark her badly, could he?). Second was Amie on 26, impressive considering she didn’t make either of us cum. Third was Tegan on 24, third place for her first time. Fourth was Kim on 23 leaving Laura in last place on 21. There were no hard feelings between the girls and they even suggested we should do it again. Since then I have had other encounters with the girls alone and in groups and eventually I’d like to write about all of them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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