First Night On Family Vacay Alone With Sister

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First Night On Family Vacay Alone With Sister

My tongue traced the crevice between my sister’s clit and the round mound to one side of her vagina. My fingers held the yellow cotton of her panties to one side, exposing her pretty pussy to my mouth. She was really wet. I could see a trickle of creamy white at the base of her opening. The fragrance of her desire filled my head with a lusty feeling. I luvved being between her legs like this, listening to her soft moans drifting in the air of the cabin bedroom. Mom and dad were sleeping in the next room. I could hear dad snoring. Still she tried to stay quiet as I pleasured her with my mouth the best I knew how. I’d fantasized about this so many times, I couldn’t believe it was actually happening! I was certain she’d think I was a perv for even thinking it. But here we were, sharing a room on the first night of a three day family vacation and I was down on her, enjoying my first taste of another girl, my very own beautiful sister.

I’d never been this close to her body before, though I’d watched her showering and changing many times. I’d even sneaked a peak through partially closed doors or found an excuse to come in the bathroom for something when she was showering or in the bathtub so I could see her outline through the textured glass. One time I sat on the counter and masturbated while watching her soap herself down and wash her hair. Seeing the dark patch of pubes between her legs, her pink nipples and shapely butt even obscured canlı bahis siteleri through the shower door was enough to make me super horny.

Tonight, we’d taken turns in the private bathroom attached to our bedroom. I watched her undress before bathing. Peeling her panties off after our hike today was especially sexy. They stuck to her and she used them to brush fluff out from between her legs left there from her shorts. I let my hand drift between my own legs as I watched her, trying to be subtle about it. She went naked into the shower where I could see her the whole time through the open door as we chatted about the day. By the time she got out I was really turned on. I watched her put clean panties and a tank top on, then took my turn in the shower.

Once we were settled in the double bed, I asked her if she minded if I touched myself. I’d been doing it every night before sleep and it helped me relax. She got really curious and asked if she could watch me.

“Sure,” I said and threw the covers off. “But you have to do it with me.”

“I don’t really know how,” she said.

“This is something you need to know. It feels so good, especially at night.”

I began rubbing myself through my panties. “Do what I do.” She watched me, laying her legs open in a wide V and placing the flat of her hand on her panties and stroking up and down slowly. The bed was so small, our knees lay together comfortably. I loved how comfortable we were touching each other. It made me bahis firmaları that much more horny to be close to her, touching ourselves like this. I could see her ridges outlined through her yellow panties. It was so hot!

I pulled mine to one side and rubbed my clit gently with two fingers, my wetness making me slippery. My eyes fluttered and I let out a sigh. She tried to do the same, but looked unsure.

“Here, let me show you.” I wet my fingers with my own juices, then reached over and felt her clit with my fingers. Her little fin poked out from between her lips at the top of where I could see her. I caressed her there, watching her face. Her eyes looked distant as she focused more on her body. I rubbed up and down for a few seconds. Her eyes fell closed.

“Ohhhh, she said. That’s nice…” She began to squirm a little, her body relaxing into my touch. I rubbed down, feeling the edges of her lips, so soft and warm. I eased one finger gently in between them, pulling back up and opening them slightly as I passed back over her clit. “Ahhhh, woww…that’s so gooodd…” she purred. I wanked her for a few more minutes, enjoying her responses. Her boobs are small and sexy and bounced slightly when she twitched. I explored her, enjoying how she felt and how she responded to me.

“Let me try something even better,” I said. I bent down to place my mouth directly over her vagina.

“What are you doing?” she asked lazily, a bit drunk with the pleasure.

“Trust me. Just go kaçak iddaa with it.” I whispered and took her into my mouth.

“Ohhh!” she exclaimed, then covered her mouth remembering mom and dad were just on the other side of the wall.

I giggled, “Shhh, you’ll wake them.” She put her forearm over her mouth to muffle a whispery gasp as I covered her clit with my open lips once more and took a hungry lick. Her flavor was stronger than I expected. I wanted to eat and drink her at the same time. I reached my hand around her butt to play with her slit with my finger, rubbing up and down as I swirled her clit with my tongue. Licking and sucking, I felt her body coming close to a climax. Her clit swelled slightly and her kegels flexed and tried to suck me inside her. I pushed my finger in more and went up and down on her clit faster. Suddenly, she was cumming. Her knees tried to close involuntarily on my head. But I held on, sucking and thrusting while she thrashed around the bed, trying to stay quiet while the waves of the orgasm shook her.

I loved that I was giving her the first she’d ever had. She was obviously unprepared for it. She humped up and down at the end, straining her hips upward into my face, then dropping hard in the bed which squeaked in response. She gripped my head with her hands, her breath heavy as I lapped up the juices on either side of her lips. I sat up and looked at her spent body. A faint perspiration was on her forehead. I couldn’t stop thinking how adorable she was in the aftermath of her first climax.

“So, yes?” I said smiling at her.

“Uhhhh, good god yes!” she said. “Like, when do we do it again?”

“How about now…?” I said, pulling my panties off and laying next to her. “Can you try it on me?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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