Evening the Score – Finale

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Evening the Score – Finale
After that night, Bill and Sharon became our best friends. We hang out and fuck frequently, spending most weekends at our place or theirs, totally naked and dripping with cum and fluids the entire time, as we’ve always fucked and bred the shit out of each other. We traveled together as well, always to areas with nude beaches, nude hotels, even nude camp grounds. We’d fuck openly everywhere we went, and invite many to join and enjoy our little foursome. We visited sex clubs and parties with them. They introduced and exposed us to aspects of the swinger lifestyle we’d never considered nor knew about before, including BDSM clubs (but that’s a story for another time). And our wardrobe of sex and swinger clothing, jewelry, and collection of sex toys, grew, even including a strap-on harness and a range of phallic sizes, from comfortable and fun, to OMFG!!

Jess and I even decided to get some tattoos and piercings ourselves.

Like Sharon, Jess had her nipples pierced, as well as her belly button, clit, pussy lips, and she surprised me by getting a tongue stud. I just loved eating her cunt and ass, my lips and tongue playing with those piercings. She quickly learned how to use that tongue stud expertly, able to get me off or get me hard again in minutes. Also, like Sharon, she got a tattoo just over the top of her slit, but instead read “Daddy’s Whore”. Her tattoo was a piece of art, not only clearly visible in normal light, all of its rich colors and delicate patterns, but the design was outlined in ink that would glow under blacklight. To say that was hot to see in a dark blacklight room was an understatement. I always enjoyed watching her tattoo and piercings as her cunt slid down over my cock, or any cock for that matter. Like Cherry, Jess decided to get a tattoo outlining her butt cheeks, with an arrow leading to her asshole. Again, this was bahis siteleri canlı also inked in blacklight ink. She looks so hot and fuckable in the dark.

And still, as agreed, Jess would always ask my permission before fucking any cock, and always grab a condom to sexily wrap around that cock about to enter her. It was always so hot to see her beg for my approval, and from time to time these days, I shook my head, letting her enjoy her lover raw. Of course, I felt I was getting the better in this bargain, enjoying sliding into her freshly fucked and cum-filled holes, or burying my tongue deep in both to savor all that random cum. We swapped that cum always, kissing deeply and messily.

For me, like Bill, I had my nipples pierced, and got a PA and a perineum piercing as well. Over the last few months, I had been stretching my cock slit, larger and larger rings, until now, I could comfortably sport a 0 gauge ring, like he did. I would always get rock hard every time I looked at it, thinking about how good his cock and PA felt balls deep in my ass, and couldn’t help but stroke it to even harder, trying not to cum, but, with thoughts of his huge loads deep in my guts, usually doing so myself.

And Jess, her orgasms when we fucked were harder, more intense, and longer than she’d ever had, regardless which hole I was fucking. Every time she saw my cock and PA, her cunt began to drip profusely in anticipation. She always swallowed me to the balls, PA and all, before, during, and after fucking. And from that first night with Bill and Sharon, Jess always, always, ate my ass deep and wet, getting nearly her whole hand inside in the process. She loved the perineum piercing, and it felt so good when her tongue and mouth was working that hard. We were as nasty with each other as we had never been before, and we had absolutely no complaints.

I also got a tipobet giriş tattoo, just over the top of my cock. It read “Daddy”. You can guess how much that was appreciated when Jess and I went to parties and clubs, arm in arm, naked, as always. Sooo many women had Daddy fetishes.

We started working out, together, joining Bill and Sharon at their gym, doing all the routines and circuits they did. After months of effort, I have to say, Jess has never looked hotter. Getting so toned and fit. Every time I looked at her, all I wanted to do was to bend her over and fuck her. And I had, many, many times, wherever we happened to be. We stopped wearing underwear altogether, and she usually wore short skirts, so fucking anytime, anywhere was encouraged, and her cunt and ass were always ready and available.

We also decided to purchase new wedding rings, black bands, that were popular with swinger couples. We wore our original rings at family functions, of course, and when we attended “vanilla” gatherings and events. Jess also removed her tongue stud as well. Otherwise, our black bands would be on, and the tongue stud in. More than once, we’ve met other swinger couples with similar black bands when at dinner, shopping, or even working out, and ended up fucking and sucking each other’s brains out, in the bathroom, locker room, pool, sauna, wherever was convenient, said our good byes and thank you’s, got their contact information for future fun, and left to continue what we were doing.

Our circle of sex friends grew exponentially, and many grew to be very close, like Bill and Sharon. At sex parties and clubs, especially bi events, it seemed more and more, we knew most of the people attending. The fact that Jess was such a bisexual whore for cock and cunt, and I was known as a fuck stud with a fuckable hole, helped our reputation and invitations spread tipobet güvenilir mi far and wide. But we always played together, either one of us watching the other, or participating in their pleasure. We never played separately any longer. Jess had even arranged a gang bang for me, and guided and video’d the whole affair. But it was still Bill and Sharon that we loved being with the most, and spent the most quality time with.

As we laid there one weekend evening, after yet another intense fuck session, the third for that day, my arms wrapped around Jess, and her head and tits on my chest, her knee gently pushing my cock and balls, our left arms outstretched, our fingers intertwined, looking at our black bands, she looked up at me with big, loving eyes.

She spoke softly, lovingly, “I love you, Honey, so much! You were right! Swinging TOGETHER has been so much fun, so special with you, and I love you more now than I ever have. I hope one day you can forgive me for being so stupid before. I will never, ever cheat on you again.” And with that, she pushed her face up to my lips, and gave me a deep, wet kiss, the flavors of our bodies and fluids intermingled with our saliva. It was a delicious taste, one that we had gotten so used to, and always enjoyed.

I had to agree with her. She did love me more now than she ever had. And I loved her more now than ever too. And she never saw nor spoke or chatted with her pervious lovers again. Having checked her phone and laptop every day since the beginning of this all, she had proven herself 100% faithful to me, and lived up to all of my demands and all of her agreements. Yesterday, without her knowing, I removed all of the tracking devices, cameras, and today, I did not check any of her devices. I am comfortable saying that I can trust her, implicitly, once again.

I rolled over on top of her, spread her legs wide with my knees, grabbed her hair hard with both hands, looked hard into her beautiful eyes, and said, “I already have, My Love!”, as I drove my now rock hard cock and PA deep into her sopping wet and sloppy cunt, through her cervix, and well into her womb, for one more go.

The End

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