Emma Watson Pays Her Boyfriend’s Debts – Part Four

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Emma Watson Pays Her Boyfriend’s Debts – Part Four
Emma saw a very enticing view of two big black cocks about half way to being hard, just pulsing as their owners anticipated her hands and mouth making them into rock hard black staffs! She could see the heartbeats of Dread and Pete making them slowly stand up for her.

She went to Pete’s cock first: opening her mouth wide and slurping his cock into her mouth. She noticed his legs flexing as she took about three inches into her mouth. Then she took hold of Dread’s cock with one small hand and began pulling on it. Both men made the same sounds, “Oh shit!”

Pulling the cock from her mouth, she said, “You are my favorite big black cocks! Do you want to know why?”

“Sure baby!” they said.

“Because you are here and now! And then I start fantasizing about how they might feel in my pussy!” she asked.

“But I digress!” Ducking once again under the table, Emma took Dread’s cock in her mouth. The head barely fit! She also started stroking Pete’s big cock.

She felt Dread’s hands on either side of her head holding it still as he began pumping his cock in and out. Then his face was almost at a level with her own as he said, “This is all very well Slut, but this is our night to do with you as we will. So, this pleasant distraction is at an end! Sit up straight in your chair and then follow us to the room we have rented for the night.”

Emma followed his instructions exactly! The door to their room was only a few feet from where their table was placed. Emma followed Dread in and Pete followed Emma into the rented room.

“Well! Isn’t this better?” asked Dread.

Looking around there was a soft looking couch, a pair of chairs, and two lamps. The ceiling was in darkness. It was much better than the club they had just left. Dread and Pete both sat down in the chairs and Pete said, “Stand up straight you Whore!” Then Dread said, “Take off your dress, including your see through top. We want to get an excellent view of those perfect tits of yours!”

Emma stood up straight with her high heel shoes, thigh high stockings, lace panties, and her black thong underwear, and her dress still on! Emma shimmied her dress off! Then she stuck her chest out to make her tits look better. She was really feeling like a Whore now!

“Now get on your hands and knees and crawl once around the room for us and then crawl right over here in front of us.” ordered Dread.

Knowing that she had to obey them both, she crawled around as directed. Emma knew then that she would soon have both their cocks inside her!

“Shit Dread! I’ve got first dibs on fucking that tight ass!” Pete said.

“Ok! And I’ll cum in her mouth while you tappin’ that ass!” Dread replied.

“Alright Emma Watson it’s time you got your tight little ass fucked! Take off those panties and that thong!” Slowly Emma did as she was told. And her ass and cunt were completely exposed! She knew she was going to love it, but it might take a few strokes before her anal drilling excited her enough. Reaching toward her clutch she got out a small jar of Vaseline and handed it to Pete. “Lube me up big boy!”

Pete opened the jar and took out a big gob of the Vaseline and shoved his finger deep in Emma’s asshole. Emma backed up further onto his invading finger! Taking his finger out, he coated his cock with the remainder of the lubricant. Pete’s cock was rock hard and he positioned himself on his knees directly behind her!

“God please make him shove his cock in me now!” she thought.

God answered her prayer as she felt her asshole suddenly expand wide as he pushed his cock in balls deep in a single stroke! “Oh fuck! That feels so good! I can feel your cock rearranging my guts! Now please fuck my ass good!” Emma begged.

She didn’t have to wait long! Pete began pumping his cock in and almost out of her ass with no hesitation! Each in stroke ended with his hips banging against her ass, causing noticeable shock waves in her buttocks, and an audible “oooph” from her mouth. In between “ooophs”, she egged him on! “Fuck my ass harder! Fuck my ass faster! Sodomize me just like that! Oh God I love it! Don’t stop! I’m gonna cum soon! I love having your big black balls slapping against my clit!”

Suddenly Emma’s words stopped coming! Instead, all the noises she made were guttural grunts. Dread had pushed the head of his cock in her mouth! Dread said, “How do you like my big cock in your mouth Emma? Your lips are stretched tight around my cockhead! So tight that I dare say your lips are turning white! Alas, this is as far as my cock will go in your mouth! So use your tongue on it Slut!”

Emma knew Dread was right! His cock was too large to deep throat! But she could slurp it in and out of her mouth. “Shlurp! Shlurp! Shlurp!” Her tongue and mouth worked on his cock! At the same time, her ass was being fucked hard and fast!

“Look at the camera you Whore! It’s just to the right of your head, Slut!” said Dread.

To her horror, Emma looked and saw a high definition video camera recording all the action! She wasn’t horrified that she was being filmed. She was upset because the video would be in someone else’s collection! Probably labeled something like “Emma Watson gets spit roasted!”

It didn’t matter, because she was being held immobile as the two black cocks did their best to show her as a black canlı kaçak iddaa cock slave! Surely, they had been filming all night long. The fucking wasn’t a problem, it was her own words begging Pete to fuck her ass that showed everyone what a complete anal Whore she was. For the rest of her life, every man she went to bed with, would know she liked cocks in her ass! She would always have their cocks in her ass! Oh well,,,she did love it!

On one of Dread’s out strokes, she managed to break her mouth free and beg Dread to “Fuck my pussy you big cock bastard! I’ve never been DP’d before! I want both your cocks inside me! I want Pete in my ass, and you in my cunt Dread! Let’s show the audience what a black cock Whore I really am!”

Dread moved down so that his cock was under where her pussy was! Emma reached down and helped guide his cock to the entrance of her cunt. Emma felt his cock slowly entering her! At first it felt as if it wouldn’t fit! But it did fit! The entire length of it went in her and she had a unique feeling as the two cocks rubbed against each other through her body! Then Pete started fucking her ass hard and fast, which excited Dread and he started fucking her pussy, albeit slower! The combined feeling in her clit drove her over the edge, and her orgasm started building.

Then the lights came on brighter, and the previously dark ceiling was lit up! Emma looked up and saw about twenty faces staring down at them from seats lined up near the edge of a small theater! Emma picked up the face of their Limo Driver. She made eye contact with him and motioned for him to come down onto the floor with them! “Come down! I have one more hole that needs filling! Shut me up by putting your cock in my mouth! Please!”

“Oh shit baby! It will be my honor to fuck your mouth! And while my cock is long, it’s not so thick that you can’t deep throat me!” With that the Limo Driver jumped down from the gallery where he had been watching and listening to all the events below. “And my name is Deke!”

“Oooph oooph!” she grunted as Pete’s cock continued it’s assault on her tight little asshole! “Ok Deke get those pants off and shove your black cock in my mouth!” When Deke got his cock in full view, Emma’s eyes opened wide in surprise! “Shit Deke! That’s the longest cock I’ve ever seen! It must be fifteen inches long! And the girth is perfect for deep throating! Kiss me first, and then you’ll get the deep throat of a lifetime!” Emma promised. “Oooph oooph!” and her ass cheeks bounced on Pete’s cock!

Deke opened his mouth and his lips met Emma’s! Their tongues entwined as they passionately French kissed! She loved how his tongue thrust in against her own!

The kiss only lasted a few moments and then their lips broke apart. Deke’s tongue was forcefully replaced by four inches of his very black cock! Emma’s eyes opened wide and bulged in her head! “Oooph oooph!”

Emma looked for the camera and was glad to see it was recording her white face and peach lipsticked lips being penetrated by a very long black cock! “Oooph oooph!” On his third thrust into her mouth, she started swallowing his cock! First she forced six inches in her mouth and throat. When next his cock left her throat, she took a deep breathe through her nose, then she forced ten inches into her throat! “Oooph oooph!” And lastly, she took his entire cock into her mouth and throat and held it there.

She then began humming to further stimulate his cock! “Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm!” Emma gave him a hum job! Looking straight at his abdomen, Emma saw his muscles flex with each hum! Then removing it from her throat for several seconds, she took several deep breaths and forced his cock back into her throat, “Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm!”

“Fuck Emma! Where did you learn how to do that!” Deke asked.

Deke’s cock was out of her mouth for a short time as she said, “You can be sure this isn’t the first cock I’ve sucked! I’ve been sucking cocks for a long time now! First I did it out of curiosity, then I sucked cock just to keep my virginity, and now because I love doing it! Oooph oooph!”

“Oh God! Shit! Fuck my tight little ass and cunt! Cum with me Dread and Pete! Your cocks are driving me wild! Fuck it! Fuck me! Fuck meeeee!’ Then Pete and Dread took their cocks from her ass and cunt and began shooting their jizz all over her! At the same time Emma rolled onto her back and their cum shot all over her tits! “Cum on my tits you two black bastards! Cover me with cum! Oh yesss yes!” she said as she massaged her tits with their cum!

Deke couldn’t wait any longer and he pulled her onto the couch on her back, hung her head over the armrest, lining up her mouth with his cock. Emma had un upside down view if Deke’s cock and balls! This time, his big balls would rest against her eyes! “Please Deke! Shove your cock all the way in my throat! Then fuck my throat from mouth to guts! Don’t stop until you empty your balls into my throat! I want your balls bouncing off my eyes! Do it! Do it now!” Emma begged.

“Ok canlı kaçak bahis Baby! Here it cums! I’m gonna fuck your face until your stomach is full of my cum! Take it all Bitch! Take it!” said Deke.
Deke slowly shoved his cock in her mouth until his balls rested gently on her closed eyes! Then out came his big black cock until only the head of his cock was in her mouth. Emma took a deep breath and felt Deke’s hands holding her head secure. Then the real face fucking began! In went his cock as deep as it could go. Then quickly out to her mouth. In her throat and out to her mouth. Deke felt the opening to her throat on his cock head with each thrust.

Emma had to take quick short breaths each time he pulled out to her mouth. His strokes lasted only a few seconds as he pounded her throat just as fast as he could!

“Glluuumph! Glluuumph! Glluuumph! Glluuumph!” sounds were all she could manage each time his cock penetrated her throat! “Glluuumph! Glluuumph! Glluuumph! Glluuumph!”

The feeling of his long cock deep in her throat was just amazing! She knew she really was a woman when she deep throated him like this! She couldn’t stop herself from putting one hand on her clit! The whole idea made her super horny! As she rubbed her clit, she had multiple orgasms! “Glluuumph! Glluuumph! Glluuumph! Glluuumph! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Glluuumph! Glluuumph! Glluuumph! Glluuumph!” She was going wild as he fucked her face.

Her second hand began squeezing her tits, ending with a quick twist of her nipple! But her hand on her tits was soon replaced by a much larger and rougher hand as Dread started doing the squeezing and twisting,

Her hand on her clit was eventually replaced with Pete’s tongue as he began eating her out! Being eaten out by a black man’s big tongue was the only thing better than her own hand on her clit!

“Glluuumph! Glluuumph! Glluuumph! Glluuumph! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Hhhhuuummm! Glluuumph! Glluuumph! Glluuumph! Glluuumph!” went Emma! Orgasm after orgasm flowed through her brain as she was face fucked to the max, eaten out, and tits were mashed about! She had never felt so wonderfully abused! She had three big black men forcing orgasm after orgasm through her body and brain! “Glluuumph! Glluuumph! Glluuumph! Glluuumph!”
Emma felt a long squirt of Deke’s cum fly from his cock and further lubricate her throat! “Glluuumph!” Cum hit her mouth. “Glluuumph!” His cock now exploded his cum directly into her stomach as he held his cock deep inside her! Another six ejaculations shot the complete length of his cock and splashed at the entrance to her stomach!

Emma hands were desperately trying to push him away as she ran out of air! Deke pulled his cock out until his cock head rested on her nose, all wet and glistening with his cum!

“Fuck Deke! You really know how to show a girl a good time! Oh shit! I’m cumming again! Oh fuck! Yes…eat me out just like that! Your tongue is so good on my clit! Ooohhh fuuuuck meee! Aaaeeeiiioou! Eat me! Eat me! Don’t ever stop!” she screamed!

For a few seconds Pete’s tongue was gone, but only to be replaced by a different tongue! Emma lifted her head and she could see Dread, Pete, and Deke. “What the fuck?” Emma said. “What’s going on? Who’s eating me out? It feels fabulous!”

Dread said, “Emma, this is just the beginning of the second part of our night! We have nineteen people in the gallery who have each already paid us $1000.00 to have sex with you! What you are feeling is Gabrielle licking your muff! She paid extra to be first in line. She paid to be able to eat you out and then use a strapon in your cunt!”

“God she really knows how to lick a cunt! Let me move down on the couch so I can see her eating my pussy!” Emma shimmied down on the couch until her head rested on a pillow and she had a good view of Gabrielle going down on her. “I kind of think we should be paying her! Just look at that tongue flicking across my hard clit! Is there some kind of time limit she paid for?”

“Yes…she has thirty minutes of muff diving and then fifteen minutes of strapon time! So far, she has been eating your pussy for five minutes!” said Pete.

“Well then, my next twenty five minutes will be just heavenly! That’s the way to do it Gabrielle! I’m getting short bursts of orgasm every ten seconds or so! How did you find such a beautiful lesbian!” Emma asked.

“We advertised of course! Actually we put enquiries out in the lesbian community for a blonde white beautiful girl who would like to buy in. We had a lot of responses and had to interview quite a few girls. Gabrielle is the girl we chose for you! She’s twenty years old and quite beautiful and skilled.” Dread answered.

“Oh fuck your tongue is sweet Gabrielle! You can add two fingers into my cunt and finger bang me at the same time! Please?” Emma begged.

Without responding, Gabrielle added two fingers into Emma’s vagina and began moving them slowly in and out.

“Shit that’s nice! Go faster with your fingers! Faster! Jam those digits in me! Oh shit! Here I cum again! I’m cuuuummmiing! Oh God yes! Eat me! Finger fuck me! I’m cumming again! Aaaeeeiiioou! EAT MEEEEE OUT!” Emma bahis siteleri canlı screamed. “God don’t ever stop working my pussy like that! You’re the best cunt lapper I’ve ever had! Leave your contact information so I can call you sometime. I want you in my life! I want you in my cunt!”

This scenario lasted another twenty minutes with Emma being brought to orgasm several more times! Gabrielle was the Princess of Cunt Lappers! After Emma’s last orgasm, Gabrielle stood up showing off her svelte blonde form. She stripped off her skirt and panties and someone handed her the strapon. It was huge and long and she strapped it around her hips! Emma’s eyes bugged out at it’s size!

“Shit Gabrielle! That thing won’t fit inside me! It’s too big!” Emma said.

“Just shut the fuck up Bitch and get on your hands and knees! You better make it fit, because my alternate bit of sex with you involves an x-cross and a flogger! I can guarantee you will enjoy that much less than this strapon cock!” Gabrielle explained.

With the fake cock securely fastened to Gabrielle’s hips, she applied a bit of extra lube to it, and with Emma on her knees and looking back at her, she set the tip of the black and knobbed strapon against her cuntal opening! Slowly she pressed the black monster into Emma’s cunt.

Emma screamed in pain as the monster cock went in the first two inches! “Iiieeeeii! Take it out! Please it’ll tear my cunt apart! It’s too big!”

“If I take it out now, we go immediately to you being tied to the cross and flogged! Hard!” said Gabrielle.

“Shit no! Try pushing it in again, but slowly! Sweet Jesus it’s big!” said Emma.

With the camera still catching every frame of the action, the black knobbed dildo sunk in an additional three inches! To Emma’s surprise her cunt didn’t tear because of the dildo. “This must be what giving birth feels like!” she thought.

“Now take it Bitch! Take it all!” and Gabrielle shoved the remaining six inches into Emma’s cunt!

“Fuck! Oh fuck! Shit1 Fuck! It’s big! Fuck me now! Give it to me! Fuck me hard!” screamed Emma.

Gabrielle began fucking her fast and hard! The knobs were an added stimulation! Some of them were half an inch long but very flexible. “Take it Bitch! Tell me you love it! Tell me how it feels filling your cunt!” It turns out that Gabrielle was a real dom and she gave it to Emma full force.

“Yes! I do love it! My cunt is completely full! The knobs are gonna make me cum soon! Fuck me! Unnph! Unnph! Make me take it all!” she said.

“Reach down to your clit Emma and make yourself cum for me! I want to have you cum while being impaled on my huge strapon cock! Do it! Rub your clit for me! Do it now Bitch!” Gabrielle demanded.

Emma reached down to rub her clit! At first touch, an orgasm ran through her body and brain! It wasn’t the first strapon Emma fucked, but the combination of size and dirty talking and clit touching put her nervous system into overdrive! Each stroke of the strapon caused another orgasm! Each flick of her own finger across her clit added even more pleasure to it!

Soon she was gasping for breath and screaming in ecstacy! “Aaaaaaahhhh! Ooohh fuck yes! Fuck me! Unnph! Unnph! Make me take it all! I need that huge black cock inside me! Aaaaaaahhhh! Shit it feels good! Be sure to bring all your toys over when you visit me!” Emma said.

With ten final strokes of the huge dildo, Gabrielle was finished! She moved over to Emma face and her final surprise was six shots of fake jizz all over Emma’s face! Emma had to spit some of it out to clear her mouth! Her entire face was covered in real and fake spunk!

“Don’t move Emma! The camera needs to record your complete facial! That’s it! Hold your mouth slightly open and let it drip into your mouth! God you’re such a Slut! What a Whore you are!” said the camera man.

With her eyes closed, Emma felt Gabrielle rubbing her own pussy on Emma’s face! It was all she needed and Gabrielle said, “Lick my clit Bitch! Make me cum Whore! You will come to my house next Friday for some special treats I’ll work up for you! That’s the way! Flick your tongue across my clit!”

Emma tasted jizz and pussy as she licked Gabrielle to orgasm. Gabrielle’s orgasm was quiet compared to Emma’s screaming! But eating her out made Emma horny again.

Gabrielle was gone now and as Emma was wiping the mess off her face, she heard Pete call out “Next!” “Shit! No rest for the weary!” she thought.

“Ok Emma! This guy wants an air start and then your ass! So get on your knees on the floor, open your eyes, and open your pretty little mouth, because this guy means business!” Pete said.

She saw a handsome young man walking towards her…naked. His cock was only about six inches long with a big head on it. “Well, this should be a bit less challenging than some of my other cocks I was fucked by tonight!” He was white unlike what she was used to now. He wore only a pair of black leather pants that had no front to it. This exposed his entire package!

“Put your hands behind your head Whore! You better give a great air start, because my cock needs some lubrication tonight! Where do you want me to cum Slut? Speak up!” he said.

“I want you to fill my ass with all your white spunk! I want to be shitting your cum for a week!” Emma said.

“Well…we have a dirty talking Slut here! But that’s the right answer. I could get to like her. Take my cock in your mouth and make sure it’s hard enough to force open your tight little ass!” he said.
Emma planned to do everything this guy wanted. But the story of her continued gang bang would have to wait another day!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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