Discussing a new promotion, why not ??

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Discussing a new promotion, why not ??
I was a bit nervous that morning on my way to the office.
My Boss had promised to meet me after lunch, to discuss a new promotion. I knew it would be hard; but I really wanted this job more than anything.
I had chosen to wear some sexy outfit to meet my Boss. I put on a black dress very suggestive, high stilettos matching with black stockings and a tiny red thong sexy.
That morning Victor had left to his office early and so I was home alone. Before leaving I looked myself in a mirror and liked what I saw.
The first part of the morning was busy as usual, but after lunch time I started to get even more nervous. Finally the phone at my desk rang and my Boss called me up to his office.

His name was Paul. He was a handsome middle aged man, married naturally; but I knew he loved to flirt with most of the women that worked with him. I found him sitting at his desk and he invited me to take a chair on the opposite side.
Paul had gone to lunch with other managers güvenilir bahis şirketleri of the Company. I could see he had enjoyed a generous amount of wine; because the expression of his face looked a bit fuzzy. Then I thought promotion would be easy for me…
He smiled and told me to relax. Then he started asking me the usual questions of an interview and I tried to answer the best I could.
As I noticed he was starting to relax in his leather chair, I dared to put one leg up on his desk, revealing an up skirt picture to my handsome Boss.
He looked at my long toned legs and smiled. Getting up from his chair he came round to where I was sitting, stood in front of me and I smiled at him.
My Boss took my foot off his desk and he moved directly in front of me.

I gave him a wider smile and parted my legs either side of him, trapping his waist. I put back my foot on the desk, revealing what I had done earlier.
Paul moved closer and slipped his hand on to my bare thigh perabet güvenilir mi above my black stockings, I sat up and touched the front of his trousers; his cock twitched.
Then he made me stand up and we kissed each other, as he groped my boobs through the thin material of my dress. I felt he was not so tipsy…
As I rubbed his cock, he pulled the zip of my dress down and it just fell to the carpet. I stood there, with my boobs out, black stockings on high heels and the tiny red thong. Paul’s eyes nearly popped out.
He turned me around and made me sit on the edge of his desk.
Bending down, he licked and sucked my nipples until they became hard.
Placing his hand on the inside of my thighs he moved it upwards, until he arrived at the front of my thong. He ran his finger up and down my slit and he enjoyed making me moan with pleasure…
He bent down and licked up my crack through the thong; I almost came. Then Paul pulled the tiny cloth aside and he ran his tipobet tongue over my swollen clit. I grabbed his head by the hair and whimpered out my own climax.

He smiled and stood up; letting me to unbutton his trousers. As they fell down to his ankles, his cock was evidently hard.
I pulled down his boxers to reveal a good eight inches long dick.
As I bent down to lick him, Paul pulled me away, laid me on his desk and rubbed himself on my gaping slit, pushing all the way in as I gasped in pain and surprise. He was hornier than me…
After only a few minutes he tensed up and announced he was coming.
I begged him not to cum inside of me; so he pulled out and very quickly I wrapped my red lips mouth over his cockhead. I sucked him off until he was spilling his warm thick semen down my hungry wet throat.
Paul sat back on his leather chair, breathing hard. Finally he opened his eyes to look at me. He excused himself, saying he always came so quickly and it was not my fault, but his…
I was still very horny, since he had come before I could even start; so I went to the ladies’ room after the interview and fingered myself until I came…
At late afternoon I came back home, with my red thong in my purse.
Victor loved the good news; I got that promotion I had been waiting for…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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