Daddy at the Truckstop – Amber’s Descent 6

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Daddy at the Truckstop – Amber’s Descent 6
Continuing “Daddy at the Truckstop”, Amber tells her tale of submission to Stacey as they are both locked in their cells at the club.

Amber’s Descent 6

“This whore’s ass is like a vice grip. Jesus, I’d love to have her on tap 24/7”

“You’ll have your chances to use her again. This one will be a plaything for a healthy duration, but she belongs to me.”

“Damn. Well, it’ll be worth every penny.”

I couldn’t see the man talking to Daddy. I couldn’t see any of them. All of them strangers to my ears, my eyes useless underneath the blindfold. The only thing I could do was take his cock in my sissy hole, while moaning around the one buried in my mouth. I could barely listen, my body was constantly kept stimulated in several ways, and my mind paralyzed by arousal.

The nipple clamps gave that throbbing feeling I was coming to know well, feeling so naughty, kept tight with a chain connected to the strap around my clitty and balls, keeping me edged the entire time. My clitty was leaking, little mini orgasms hitting me in small waves as my juices dripped intermittently onto the tile floor of the restroom.

Behind the blindfold I could tell when the lights flickered, and it only added to the seediness of my position. Bent over in the large handicapped stall, held up by a chain wrapped around my chest. Hands cuffed behind and up, attached to my collar. I must have been a sight to see in my short pink dress, white stockings, and pink heels with ankle straps, kept apart by the spreader bar. I knew I’d be seeing myself get used like this later, since they recorded everything, and loved to show it back to me, to keep me humiliated like they knew I now needed.

This was the fourth, maybe fifth man who had come to use me, it was hard to tell. I didn’t know who was using one or both of my holes at different times, even with differences in cocks. My senses were dulled in a fog, all that seemed to matter was that I be a good whore and take it. A whore… I was overwhelmed with the new reality of my prostitution, each of these strangers paying Daddy.. who was also now my pimp.. to use me as hard as they’d like. Thank goodness he made them use condoms, save for the cum they splattered all over me. It was a small comfort against the assault of degradation they kept me under.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was a college student playing around, having naughty fun, and now I was an owned whore for these men, without escape. And I was loving it, hopelessly addicted and broken, while they broke me even more. I wondered how long it would really last, with my roommate problems and living situation, but those ponderings didn’t last long in the middle of the rough attentions of these men.

“Hey, the Sarge wasn’t k**ding. This little bitch looks totally fuckable. We got next, right?”

I surmised it must be more cops, reminding me of the power these men were gaining over me. Even after firmly taking control, they added layer after layer. It didn’t just make it clear that there was no getting out of this, each new layer was an aphrodisiac that compounded the intense lust. And they knew it.

“Yes, both of you have her next, it’s been first come, first served. More of your colleagues will probably be showing up soon, too.” Daddy addressed them as I was being spitroasted.

“Great. If she’s as good as she looks, she’ll be popular at the station. Might even hire her for some private parties.”

“I think that can be arranged, she’s doing extraordinarily well for someone so new to this. Don’t forget about condoms, part of the price of admission.” Daddy’s words rang in my ears. Rented out to private parties, of cops, and who knows who else… their edging of my arousal was putting me deep into an altered state where every new development excited me more.

The time stretched into what was probably a couple of hours, as cock endlessly stuffed me. Hands roughly pulled and groped, spanked and choked, slapped and squeezed at my commodified body, afterwards covering my face, ass, legs, and other parts with their seed. Each spray marking me as a toy, bought and paid for by men I didn’t know, couldn’t see, acting as cement that sealed my fate as a whore for her owners and pimps.

The exchanges all blended together. Men handing over cash, or cops taking advantage of an arrangement, it didn’t matter when they all used me the same way, and even as exhaustion and soreness crept up, I remained awash in an uncontrollable tide of sexual submission that would not tire. At the end, after what seemed to be the last man left, the dildo was canlı bahis siteleri worked in and out of me again, ring gag between my teeth, and there was a new exchange, with familiar voices that I couldn’t place.

“Ahh excellent. Your timing is impeccable. Everyone else is gone, we have some privacy now.” Daddy addressed the new arrivals. He pulled the blindfold off, and it took a minute for my eyes, which had been leaking tears for hours, to adjust.

“Well, when you told us that one of our students was a little sissy whore who needed breaking in, we definitely had to see for ourselves.” The first man said.

“Holy fuck, it is. I wondered about this little cutie, always sitting in the back of the room, keeping quiet. Always did well on her assignments, and there were more than a couple of times I wanted to bend her over my desk.” The second one exclaimed.

“God damn.. it really is that little tease. Jesus, what a good catch. What are you charging to use her? I definitely want a piece, and more.” The first one chimed back in.

Oh fuck.. oh god.. it hit me all at once. They were two of my teachers at college, one of them having influence on the board.. it all snapped clearly for a moment, recalling the odd way they would look at me sometimes, and now they were here. I whimpered as another mini orgasm swept through me, a little more of me leaking out in spite of the strap.

“For you, no charge. More like.. an arrangement. Both of you, and a couple of others in your social circle, have always been good customers. So, I want this whore looked after as much as possible. Interested?” I could hear the amusement in Daddy’s voice.

“Absolutely.” the first teacher jumped at it. “Mind if we fill her up while we seal the deal?”

“By all means. Spitroast the whore while we talk, she doesn’t have a say in it.” Daddy chuckled.

In a moment, I was back to taking cock in each end, this time from men I knew in my normal life. Men who knew my secret, and were perverted enough to use one of their enslaved students without hesitation.

“Here’s my proposal. The whore has 3 more years in college. I want to make sure she stays there in good standing. Grade fixing, tutoring, extra projects, whatever you want to use to keep her in line. You’ll get full use privileges, including private parties and such. It all stays secret, of course, or it spoils the fun. When she’s not serving me, when she’s at school, she serves you.” Daddy stated clearly.

“Hmm, and if she’s not a good whore, we make sure we flunk her out of school. Something like that?” The first teacher, who was fucking my face, said happily.

“Yes, exactly. Also in controlling her scholarships, and tuition payments that I’ll be taking over. You know how I work, and what my rules are, so as long as you remember that, everyone wins. Except maybe Amber here. Agreed?” Daddy laughed.

“The chance to fuck this ass for the next 3 years? Hell yes.” The second teacher, plowing away at my ass, while spanking me hard, assented with.

“Count me in. I think I can speak for a couple of the other staff as well. We’ll keep this whore in line, no problem.” The first teacher agreed.

“Excellent. It’s a deal then.”

Oh god.. i didn’t know that it was possible to feel more helpless and trapped, but these men who had such power over me were showing me just how wrong I was. Using me as a fucktoy while planning out the rest of my college life as a sex slave for good grades and tuition, making me realize they sought to control more of my life than I thought they could, sent shockwaves of fresh arousal through me.

They fucked into me roughly as they plotted my future, without giving me a say or choice in any of it. Visions flashed in my mind of sucking them under their desks, or being tied and bent forward while they fucked me over a stack of test papers, threatening me with an F on my ungraded sheet placed on top of the pile. I was shaking, tears soaking my face and streaking my makeup while I pathetically moaned and meweled.

“Holy fuck, she’s like a vice grip now!” The 2nd teacher grunted in pleasure.

“Oh yes, the little whore loves hearing about how she’s going to be abused while she’s full of cock. I’ve kept her horny and fucked for most of the day, probably ready to explode, too.” Daddy sounded prideful in what he was doing to me, bringing out in me.

I was losing focus and could no longer fully make out what they were saying, all I felt was abuse and pleasure. I caught pieces that added fuel to the fire, more about how I’ll be passed around at parties, used in poker bets, treated as a piece of property, bahis firmaları always talking about me like I wasn’t there. That’s how it had been for most of the day, since I was brought out of the hole under the playroom. It made me feel objectified, drove me further into degradation, signifying at every turn that I wasn’t a person. I was a plaything, a toy to be used and put away when they wished.

At some point, the teacher in my ass withdrew, and the 1st teacher switched to using my sissy hole as the 2nd came on my face. Then, after a couple of breaths, my mouth was filled with Daddy’s cock again.

“Damn, you weren’t k**ding, this is the best piece of ass I’ve had in a long time” The 1st teacher groaned.

“Oh yeah, she’s world class, I’m gonna have fun with her for a long time, and she’s going to bring in lots of money.”
Daddy said as his phone rang. Answering, he continued.

“Yeah. It’s done? Perfect. She’s ready. One hour? Alright.” Daddy hung up.

“Good news?” The 1st teacher asked.

“Oh yes. Everything is set up for the little whore’s surprise tonight.” Daddy grunted as he picked up the pace in my mouth.

My teachers weren’t the surprise… I was nervous at the thought of it, but loved being kept in the dark wondering what could be more of a surprise than the plans they were making for me at school. Not that I had the ability to think about it in my overloaded state. Soon, they were finished, their cum on my forehead and cheeks as I dangled on my chain, still shaking, ready to burst.


Before I knew it, we were back on the road. The ride was like before, I was chained in the foot locker, plugged, gagged, goggles and headphones giving me a private show of my recent exploits. I could only writhe in frustrated pleasure as the siege on my senses continued, keeping the crushing pressure constant.

When we returned to Daddy’s place, I was removed from the box and taken to the bathroom to shower and clean up. The straps stayed on, and Daddy was there in the shower with me, groping, spanking, and choking me, cleaning out my sissy hole with his fingers, pressing into my prostate as I did my best to wash up.

My sex doll outfit from the start of the day had been cleaned, and Daddy made sure I was dressed up before applying the restraints, hands locked up behind me, connected to my collar. Then a blindfold was slipped over my eyes once more. As I was led out of the bathroom, Daddy spoke directly to me for the first time since pulling me out of the secret hole under the playroom hours and hours ago.

“Whore, are you enjoying your day? Lots of big changes happening, and it’s not over yet. I bet you didn’t think you couldn’t get in this deep, and lose so much control. Right, whore? Speak.”

“Nngghh… No Daddyyy… I had… no.. ideaa… ” I managed to stammer.

“And you’re more turned on than you’ve ever been in your life, more than you thought was ever possible. Aren’t you whore?”

“Yyyy….yes Daddyyy oohh godddd” I was brought to a halt, feeling something against the front of my legs. Daddy bent me over the obstacle in front of me, resting my belly on it as he gripped my hair and sank his cock into me, wasting no time in finding my sissy button.

“In a moment, I’m going to take that strap off from your clitty, right before I give you your surprise. Would you like to cum, little whore?”

“Yessss Daddyyy p..pleaasee… ”

“Yeah, you’re gonna cum hard, whore. You love this. You love that I can control you, turn you into a fucking sex slave, no escape from it while you’re at school. I bet that’s not enough for a talented little bitch like you, though.” Daddy growled as he fucked me like a ragdoll. Thinking straight was impossible.

“Nn…nnnot enough, Daddyyy??”

“That’s right. One of my friends who used you here today has a job opening at his company. He’s going to hire you, and you’re going quit your part time job to take it, working directly. Under. Him.” Daddy punctuated those last words with hard spanks. “Taking notes, calls, cock. You’ll be the company fucktoy for him and his crew.”

“Ooohh … oh goddd, Daddyyyy… oohhh”
Another corner of my life, his for the taking. I felt my world shrinking more and more, the crushing depths of lust finally starting to take their toll. I was to be a whore for him, a slut at school, and a kept toy at work. Pressure was becoming unbearable as more shockwaves of pleasure ripped through me, an I clamped down hard on his cock.

“Fuck, that felt good. Since you’re so hungry and ready for it, let’s give you your surprise, whore.” Daddy chuckled as I felt the strap being removed kaçak iddaa from my sissy clitty and balls. I whimpered as I felt the pressure build towards the point of no return, moments away. The blindfold was then lifted from my eyes. Eyes that went wide.

There was a stack of boxes in the room, many of which were unpacked. I instantly recognized my things laid out in front of me. Clothes, books, pictures, gadgets, and other personal things. All of them, taken from my apartment, and now here in a room in Daddy’s basement. I struggled to understand what I was seeing, my senses and thoughts on fire already. Sir came into view with a camera, capturing my bewilderment, gesturing to a paper on the table in front of me, that I was bent over.

“It’s amazing what you can do with technology, and a few friends today. All it took was a few well placed texts and emails, using your phone and laptop, making your landlord and roommate think it was you sending your uncle to take care of things. You don’t have an apartment to go back to, you’ll be staying here now, whore. This is your new home.”

I panted, unable to form words as I struggled with what I was being shown and told. There’s no way that he moved me into his house. If he did, that would mean that I was.. a full time slave.. a full time sex slave.. at home, school, and work.. every corner of my life under his power… oh jesus… did he actually do it?

“I paid your old landlord the remaining balance of the lease, so he didn’t mind us moving you out. Your roommate seemed happy, he gets the place to himself for a while, rent free. So, you’re in debt to me for that now. In front of you is your new lease. I’m sure you’ll find it very interesting.” Daddy growled and chuckled as he rolled out my predicament, showing me the true depths of the rabbit hole, a hole I could no longer even see the light of the exit to. I writhed as I listened, the crushing pressure momentarily kept at bay by the shock of this new reality.

“It’s a 3 year lease, whore. We lifted your signature from your files, it’s all getting notarized by one of my friends you met. The rent is for 5 times what you used to pay. Don’t worry too much about that, you’ll be paying it with your holes. As long as you’re a good slave, you get a roof over your head. Cross me, and you’ll find yourself owing me a lot of back rent. Maybe I’ll renew your lease after. Maybe I’ll sell you. I really do own you now, whore.”

Oh jesus…. he really might have done it. All of my things here, a new lease.. 3 years.. I was going to be a real owned whore until I graduated, and I had no way out… there’s no way I could ever pay that kind of rent, they wanted me in real debt to them, and it looked like they did it.

I felt the depths open up and swallow me whole as I spiralled out of control. The crushing pressure, held at bay for a moment by shock, came rushing in with the force of a tidal wave, impaling me with tendrils of lust that twisted throughout my body, so deep they might never come out.

There was only one thought going through my slutty sissy brain as I came, harder by far than the last time, locking my mind into one unbreakable realization as the orgasm shattered me.

Oh God, I’m a sex slave. I’m a fucking sex slave. And I’m going to be a sex slave for 3 fucking years, maybe more. I have no choice anymore.

It ripped through me, clamping down on his cock as he came, too. This time, without a condom, spanking deep into the sissy hole that now belonged to him. The thought of being marked helped to stretch out the orgasm making me quake and shudder without any control. I was a quivering mess for what felt like a slice of forever. After a time, I could barely think, or move, completely spent as Daddy pulled out of me, lifting and carrying me to the bed.

He reached down on the seemingly solid side of the bed frame, and pulled it out to reveal a large drawer, as big as the mattress it was hidden under. I was rolled and placed into it, similar in depth to the hole under the playroom, and my restraints unchained and refastened to loops in the padded bottom and sides. I whimpered out of my drooling mouth, understanding that this was my new bed for tonight, and for many more nights to come. I saw Daddy grinning that strange grin as he slid the drawer closed, storing his property once again.

I slept and dreamed about a whirlwind of cock and cum, waking often in the night, becoming aroused as my new reality sunk in more and more. My addiction had taken over, fiercely beating back any rational thoughts of how well and truly fucked I was, leaving only the lust that they ended up fueling. However much of this was unhealthy, or harmful, was going to be a problem for another far off day.

They were proving more and more the truth I couldn’t deny. That I am a natural born whore.

And this is what whores need.

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