College Days Ch. 06

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Hello my lovely readers,

Well, in case you didn’t read my collaboration with Gweall (and you should) this is going to be my last post for a while. Though it’s short, I think it will be satisfying.




Brady kissed Ezra’s forehead, but let his love stay asleep as he slid out of the bed and went to start breakfast. He turned on the TV for background noise as he started to break eggs into a bowl. He whisked them with a fork and tried to decide if there was enough cheese for omelets. He glanced over at the television. The headline scrolling beneath the reporter gave him pause.

He hadn’t thought about the Army in a while, knowing that Ezra needed him. But then again, they hadn’t discussed it in a while and he’d almost stopped thinking about it. Occasionally, he saw the ROTC guys on campus and he’d start to wonder if he was on the wrong path, but he’d just chalked that up to his growing dislike for exams and classrooms.

Brady listened to the reporter give the details about the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. He couldn’t help but think about enlisting again, but it seemed like such a large decision to make. Mentally, he started to make one of the pro-con lists that he liked to playfully tease Ezra about.

On one hand, he really didn’t like school. It wasn’t that his grades were bad, he had a solid B average. He just didn’t like being in the classroom. He didn’t feel like he was going anywhere. He still had no goals in mind. He had no motivation to return for a second semester, beyond having no other ideas.

On the other hand, Brady had always had no problem imagining himself in the military. He felt like he could really succeed in that environment. Beyond that, he now saw it as an opportunity. Perhaps he could change some perceptions of homosexuality if he served openly.

Deep down, he knew that his decision was clear. He just didn’t know how he was going to tell Ezra.

“Happy anniversary,” Ezra said sleepily, shuffling into the kitchen and rubbing his eyes.

Brady cocked an eyebrow. He’d known that the date was fast approaching and had been sure to remind himself every day. “Baby, that’s not for a few more days.”

Ezra shook his head. “This is the day that you first talked to me. It’s the anniversary of the day that I started healing.” He blushed a bit at the emotional statement.

Brady pulled Ezra against his bare chest, kissing the top of his head. He felt a jolt deep down. How was he going to tell Ezra? He decided to put it off for a while, a choice that was aided as Ezra started to kiss Brady softly.

He could feel his boyfriend growing casino oyna aroused and Brady didn’t want things to escalate when he knew the serious and possibly painful conversation was coming. “Can we talk?”

Ezra nodded and sat in one of the mismatching chairs at the kitchen table. Brady remained standing. Ezra gasped when Brady told him what it was he had in mind, but listened to Brady’s entire reasoning before responding. “Brady, when you asked me before I wasn’t strong enough to be without you. I don’t know if I am now but I think that I could learn to be.”

“Angel, you are strong,” Brady said. “You have no idea.”

Ezra smiled and sniffed a bit, looking up at the ceiling as he always did when he was trying not to cry. “I’m scared,” he admitted.

“I am too,” Brady replied. “But this is the only thing I’ve ever really felt so strongly about when it comes to careers.”

Ezra nodded. “You’ll look funny with that hair cut though.”

Brady laughed and took Ezra’s hand. “Do you realize how many times a day you make me want to kiss you?” He pressed his lips against Ezra’s. “I swear. You amaze me.”

Ezra was blushing and laughing, smoothing out the bit of hair still sticking up from where he’d slept on it. “If you’re trying to flatter me into not changing my mind, it’s not working.”

“That wasn’t flattery, that was me trying to get your pants off you,” Brady joked. “I wouldn’t have said it if you didn’t tie that drawstring so complicated.”

“You’re so mean,” Ezra said, kissing Brady’s lips, standing on his tip toes to do so as he untied the knot and Brady’s hand dove into his boxers. Warmth from the bed clung to Ezra’s skin still and Brady sighed in appreciation of the way Ezra’s erection grew in his hand.

“Happy?” Brady asked. There was much more meaning to the question, beyond wondering if Ezra was enjoying Brady’s touch. That much was obvious by the pre-cum that had started to leak onto Brady’s palm. Instead, Brady was reaffirming that Ezra would stand beside him in his decision to become a soldier.

“Say you love me,” Ezra replied.

“I love you,” Brady obeyed with a smile.

“As long as you say that and mean it, I’m happy.”

Brady lifted Ezra easily and spun him around once as they kissed. He set Ezra down on the table, peeling off the oversized T-shirt that Brady was beginning to suspect he’d never get back. He kissed Ezra’s neck and ran his tongue in a trail down to one pink nipple. He smiled when Ezra moaned and continued to tease with his tongue and teeth.

“Do you realize how beautiful you are to me? I don’t know if you ever will.”

Ezra sighed and arched his canlı casino back, supporting his weight on his palms as he watched Brady through brown eyes fringed by dark lashes. He reached out and put a hand on Brady’s cheek. They paused for a moment, just to look at each other. Brady knelt down, pulling Ezra’s pants down and dropping them to the floor. He gripped Ezra’s legs behind the knee and slowly spread them apart, kissing the insides of Ezra’s thighs all the way to the twitching pink hole.

Ezra moaned and sighed as Brady started to lick and tease his hole. Every time felt like the first time. It was the beginning of such an intimate act, opening himself to Brady, trusting and knowing that he wouldn’t get hurt. Brady, in turn, taking care to be gentle and kind, enjoying every moment of the vulnerability and intimacy.

Brady stood, sliding off his boxers and lining himself up in preparation to be united with his love. He brushed a bit of brown hair away from Ezra’s forehead as he pressed in. Once he was buried inside, he leaned forward to create as much skin on skin contact as possible. He started the thrust slowly, knowing exactly how to make Ezra moan with pleasure. He whispered in Ezra’s ear, “I love you.” He nibbled gently at the young man’s earlobe, wishing there were more he could do. Just saying it didn’t seem enough. He wanted to scream it, to announce it to the world.

Ezra moaned and replied, “I love you too.” He gasped and dug his fingers into Brady’s shoulders, gasping and biting his lip. “Oh…Brady, just like that. Please…yes…”

Brady smiled, knowing how close his angel was and growing closer himself. He sped the rate of his thrusting and Ezra moaned in appreciation. “Together, okay?” Brady whispered.

Ezra gasped, gripping Brady’s shoulder even harder as he moaned to indicate how close he was. Brady swooped down and kissed Ezra. Together, they came. Ezra moaned into the kiss as he was filled. They continued kissing as Brady’s now soft cock slipped out of Ezra.


Myles hadn’t really expected Derek to stay overnight, but he did. Myles bolted off of the couch, irrationally determined to brush his teeth before Derek caught a whiff of his monster breath. Unfortunately, Derek caught him and found it very entertaining.

Myles blushed as he finished rinsing his mouth out, trying to think of something witty to say, but he was much to preoccupied to do that. His mind was racing, wondering what it all meant. He felt great, secure in his identity as a homosexual male. For the moment at least, he didn’t feel any shame about it. What he wasn’t sure of what just exactly how much Derek ‘liked’ him.

It kaçak casino was obvious which was the better catch. Derek’s skin was the color of mocha and his muscles were honestly breathtaking. He had such a charming, perfect smile and sexy voice. Then there was Myles, skinny, pale, and blond with a less than remarkable physique. No one would believe the two of them would ever be a couple. Myles could hardly believe what they’d done the day before.

Instead of saying something clever, Myles stood uncomfortably, looking down at the floor. Derek approached him and lifted his chin using one finger. “What’s wrong?”

Myles blushed. “I just…I don’t know.” He paused and then every thought came rushing out in what he could only hope was something resembling coherent. “I just can’t believe we did what we did. Because look at me and look at you. Just…have you seen yourself. You’re so fucking hot and I’m just me. How are you even into me? I don’t see it. You’re just so…damn.”

Derek cocked his eyebrow. “You don’t have much confidence, do you?”

“It’s that obvious?” Myles joked with a sigh.

“I actually find you very attractive. Maybe you don’t see it, but look…” Derek spun Myles around to face the mirror. “See you’ve got this blond hair and I’m definitely in to that. You’ve got pretty eyes. And I have to say your mouth is both pretty and functional. So there’s a few things and that’s just from the neck up. I also like how your little nipples are so sensitive.” Derek gave one a pinch to prove his point. Myles laughed and leaned back on Derek a bit. “I also like that you’re so smooth and soft. Definitely good for many things.” Derek rubbed a at speck of dried cum still on Myles’s stomach. “Definitely great… I think you’ve got a pretty cock and a damn good ass for a white boy. How’s that?”

Myles turned to face Derek. “You really like me?”

“I say what I mean. I’m not the kind to play around. I told you I like you and I mean it. I was intending to ask you on a date tonight, but I want you to stop it with the lack of confidence because there’s nothing wrong with you.”

Myles blushed and laughed. “I think I can agree to those terms.”


Brady and Ezra spent their last evening together working out their plans for the future and just holding each other. Brady got as much information from his recruiter as he could, determining that during the summer he should be at a permanent duty station. Once they knew where that was, Brady would find an apartment and Ezra would transfer to a school in the area. Grace, who they had just found out was in labor, had jumped on the chance to take over their apartment’s lease when the time came for the move.

The two young lovers were nervous, having never spent such a vast amount of time apart. It seemed almost insurmountable, but Brady knew that Ezra would wait for him.

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