Colin and Bri

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“So remember, the trash will need taken out, the dog will need walked, don’t forget your senior projects are due Monday, you’re 18, I shouldn’t have to remind you, don’t forget to call every night, we’ll be back late Sunday, don’t wait up, bye honey, I love you both, behave, no parties, have a good weekend!”

And with that flurry, Colin and Bri’s mom left for the weekend, taking their father with her. They were twins, seniors in high school, almost graduated. Even though they were born on the same day, they looked nothing alike. Colin had inherited their mother’s ability to tan easily, and the accompanying dark hair. He did get his father’s tall, fairly thin build, but as a football player he maintained a fair amount of muscle. His sister, Bri, was almost the same height, with fair, freckled skin, and hair that was somewhere in the awkward stage between red and brown. She was tall and thin as well, with what some may call a “boyish” figure.

After their parents left, they wrestled over the remote. Colin won, unsurprisingly, and found a football game. Bri went to her room and changed into comfortable clothes, a casino siteleri pair of spandex shorts and a large men’s t-shirt. She walked back into the living room and flopped onto the couch and pulled the hem of her shirt down so the tips of her little breasts peeked out the top, next to Colin, who looked over and laughed.

“You know what Dad would do if he saw you wearing that? He’d spank you like you were five again.”

“Dad isn’t here,” Bri laughed, settling into the couch with one foot up and her legs open.

“Guess I’ll have to do it then,” Colin laughed, squeezing her side playfully.

“Oh yeah? Heard you wouldn’t,” she said, pushing him back.

“Oh yes I will,” he said, squeezing her thigh this time.

“Fine then,” Bri laughed, sitting up and leaning over Colin so she was on her hands and knees over Colin’s lap. “Spank me. Do it. Bet you won’t.”

Colin looked at his sister again, her round ass presented to him, and that smartass smile on her face. She didn’t think he would. He’d prove her wrong. He smacked her on the ass, hard but not too hard, playful.

Bri giggled, canlı casino and wiggled her ass. “Is that it? I bet Dad could spank me harder than that.”

Colin cocked an eyebrow, half-smiling, and leaned back. “So what do you want me to do?”

“Spank me again,” she said, the look on her face so simple it looked like she thought everything was normal.

She wiggled her ass again. “Come on, Colin, spank me, spank me harder.”

He smacked her again, harder as she’d wanted. She let out an audible moan and kept talking. “Again. Spank me again, Colin, spank me harder.”

Colin stopped looking at Bri as his sister, for that moment. He smacked her ass again, then squeezed it, then kept rubbing it. He pulled her shorts down and spanked her again until her ass was red and she was moaning with her face buried into the couch. He slipped his middle finger inside her pussy, and found it tight and wet. He added a finger, and started moving his hand in and out while his other reached under Bri’s chest and cupped one of her small but round tits. Bri said nothing, just kept moaning, and got louder as Colin kaçak casino slipped one finger to her clit and rubbed harder, bringing her to a screaming orgasm. She rolled over onto the carpet, and caught her breath.

Colin walked away like nothing had happened.

Twenty minutes later, she was at the kitchen counter making dinner. Colin saw his chance and took it, coming up behind his sister quickly and pressing his body- and erection- into her back. His hands circled her waist and rubbed down her lower stomach to cup her pussy as he kissed the side of her neck. Bri pushed the dishes away from the counter and leaned over it, pushing her ass into Colin’s crotch. He grabbed it and ground his cock into her pussy, groaning already. He spun her around, grabbed her by the ass, and lifted her up onto the counter, pulling her shirt and shorts off again. His cock drove into her, hard, pushing her harder onto the counter as he leaned over her body and massaged her tiny nipples with his lips and tongue. She threw her head back and moaned, and wrapped her ankles around his back, pulling him in closer. He got closer and faster, the heat between them enough to combust. Quickly he pulled out and cum shot from Bri’s chin to her navel. She giggled as she grabbed a dishcloth and wiped it off, and looked back up at her brother.

“I hope it’s going to be a long weekend.”

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