Claire’s Journey Ch. 01: The First Flame

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Steven watched the stunning blonde examine the bed with her white nails as if the sheets were of the finest silk. The fingers moved gently while the woman smiled in pleasant surprise over how comfortable and soft it felt. Steven could watch her move for hours and still feel spellbound by the way her hips swayed with allure to add to the overall elegance she oozed.

To see her smile and find something good about the surprise that had awaited them was a miracle in his eyes considering how terribly broken in spirits she had seemed not many minutes ago. While she touched the white pillows to test the fabric, Steven allowed himself a moment to admire the woman’s rear and how it pierced outwards from her body in such a way he could swear it seemed like two large watermelons had crept into her darkened mini-skirt. The round globes jiggled while she gave the pillows a shake and Steven swallowed hard at the sight.

It felt so bizarre to see her get accustomed to the bed and when she twirled around to place her captivatingly adorable blue eyes onto his grey eyes that shined with desire, he felt his knees weaken. When she had twirled, her two braided tails that fell from her neck and down her torso to just above her navel, had spun in the air which only served to hypnotize him more with her overall beauty.

The woman’s hair was unnatural in his opinion. It defied laws. On one hand it looked stylish and majestically beautiful the way it cascaded down her back in pretty waves, but on the other hand it felt strange to look at due to its dreads-like looking foundation and almost trashy although the blonde strands looked thick with volume. Overall it resembled the vision in front of him which was simply that of a soft picture.

Steven could only see half of her right and golden eyebrow due to her hair blocking his view. Steven questioned time itself while he studied her as if hadn’t seen her before although he had seen her many times over the years and knew these details by memory, but yet he still couldn’t help but take her in once again as if she was fresh air.

The hair that covered half of her eyebrow and some of her right eye, was styled in such a way that it looked like a minimized version of a side-cut. The area around her widow’s peak and that above it which was in close proximity, fell down the right side of her face until the tip of the cut stroked the side of her jaw.

What he loved the most about her hair was how the hair sat a bit higher up in the air behind the root of her side-cut, which allowed only a glimpse of the left corner of her forehead, and thus it always looked like she wore a golden crown. The hair was entwined in such a way that it gave the midst and the back of her hair a style that looked like an ocean of dreads, but down from it miracles emerged both down her back and down her chest.

Steven thought of them as miracles because they shouldn’t be able to exist but yet they did. Steven was of course thinking about her two braided tails that hang down her chest and the thick mane that cascaded down her back until the tips touched the divine globes of her rear. However, the miracle that spellbound him the most was the curly and flowery looking collection of waves that flowed down from the back of her head and down her chest until the flowery waves veiled almost an entire breast from his view. It gave her a heavenly look that Steven loved.

“Do I have something in my hair?” Claire asked while she began stroking through the blonde waves to find whatever his eyes had been so preoccupied with.

Steven took advantage of her eyes leaving his and thus he looked intently at the fine details of her plump and pouty lips that looked so utterly irresistible to kiss. Steven loved their full nature and especially when she bit the upper lip. In those moments Steven had a hard time not falling to his knees and proposing to her. The things she did to him without knowing it.

“Lovely one, you have nothing but beauty in your hair. I was just admiring it sweetheart, nothing more.” Steven spoke before he put down his bag that he had until this moment forgotten.

“Oh, well thanks!” Claire beamed at him with her white teeth emerging behind the pink veil of her lips.

Steven nearly chocked on his own tongue at her adorable beauty. How I am supposed to survive this torment? Steven pondered while he observed the blonde vision step closer to him with her shapely legs crossing in such a seductive way that his clothes nearly melted off his skin due to his rising heat.

Claire, although little in height, managed to hop up to peck him on his cheek and while Steven controlled his emotions to prevent them from erupting, Claire walked behind him to inspect the bathroom.

Steven managed to turn around to catch a glimpse of her before she walked into the bathroom and what he saw made him awaken below the waist. One of her round cheeks flexed in the moment when she lifted her leg to climb into the bathroom and in that moment the blackened colour of her mini-skirt left nothing to the canlı bahis imagination regarding its sheer size. Not only that, the skirt even rode up her bronze coloured thighs a little, which meant he got to see even more of her skin.

Steven sat down at the foot of the bed while she rummaged around within the bathroom. The way she murmured to herself, it created sparkles within him. Steven found her so utterly cute, adorable, soft, precious, beautiful and so irresistible he couldn’t understand how he ought to approach the situation when she stepped out to showcase more of her splendid curves.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. It was a simple question he had asked her and the question had presented a promise of a good time, but this wasn’t what he had promised her. It was the very opposite and a terrible start to their journey together.

Claire stepped out with her voluptuous curves rocking his world by just one glance at them. Those big breasts of hers looked spectacular in her black coloured sports-bra. The blonde locks blockaded one of the round globes from his vision, thus limiting the potential of her cleavage, but yet Steven felt just seeing one nearly popping out of her sports-bra was enough.

Steven could understand the light clothing due to the blistering sunlight outside that created a heat unlike any other summer he had ever experienced. However, he had hoped she wouldn’t dress so provocatively in public, but with a body as sexy as hers, he understood why she flaunted it.

Claire’s jewellery glimmered in the light from the crystal decorated chandelier and her golden star earrings looked particularly good on her. However, the belly ring on her exposed midriff made his mouth nearly drool due to the way it enhanced her provocative appearance.

However, Steven had drooled at her beauty for too long; hence he addressed the situation.

“I’m aware that this isn’t what I promised you sweetheart, but I can’t do anything other than speak with the crew. Although, I doubt it will help matters much. I mean, you saw how packed this cruise ship is. I don’t think we have much of a choice lovely one.” Steven kept trying to look around the room for something that he could use, which would in turn rescue them from the situation, but he found nothing but her sexy pose.

Why must she always pose whenever she stands still?!? Steven roared within himself in frustration over her right hip shooting outwards to give him a perfect view of the perfect cheek of her rear sticking out, and of course she had her muscular and lovely thigh bent while her fingers played with themselves.

Steven could hardly believe how much of a babe Claire was and the thought of spending an entire summer with her on a cruise ship had initially sounded like a dream come true, but now he felt only frustration and disappointment over having let her hopes down.

Steven felt the sweat run down his forehead and with one hand he wiped it away and with the other he brushed through his white hair.

“I don’t mind spending my summer like this.” Claire spoke and she had such a sweet smile on her eighteen-year old face.

Steven was floored, shocked and surprised beyond belief at what she had just said.

“But sweetheart! This won’t work! And it isn’t what I promised you!” Steven was more shocked than frustrated. The fact she had said what she said felt impossible and still it didn’t feel like she actually said what she said. Instead it felt like the sound of her voice had been manipulated by his desire for her.

“Honestly, I don’t mind. And please, our journey hasn’t even started yet. The cruise has barely left the port!” Claire’s alluring and sweet voice filled the room and weakened his initial shock.

“But I promised you a good time…How can you have that like this?” Steven asked her, completely lost in confusion over her adamant stance.

Claire chuckled and smiled at him while crossing her arms directly under her youthful breasts, which made those round globes rise and balloon even more for his eyes’ enjoyment.

“I will have a good time here with you! I’m certain of it! And don’t worry grandpa, I’m fine with sharing a room with you.” Claire’s smile began to win him over.

“But sweetheart, the bed…we can’t!” Steven said firmly and he was surprised that logic won and allowed him to say that considering his desire was celebrating within him over this unexpected opportunity.

“I don’t mind! At least this way, I won’t have the temptation to bring men back to my room!” Claire grinned and spun around to fetch her bag.

“Claire!” Steven rose, quickly and he soon felt his age as he got a bit dizzy.

“What?” Claire grinned at him before she bent down to pick-up her bag and in that moment, Steven froze.

Claire’s ass was pointed straight at him. The skirt riding higher to showcase more of her delicious thighs. That ass had been the bane of his existence since he noticed how sexy it was, but here it was pointed straight at him like the most forbidden of fruits bahis siteleri and Steven knew it was the single finest fruit he had ever seen.

The skirt strained so much to contain the bubble that he believed the skirt would rip at any moment. Steven watched, frozen in time by his lust for the blonde bombshell while she lifted the bag up from the red carpet and onto the bed.

Steven regained his control and addressed what she had said with concern.

“I hope you act with caution when I’m not around regarding these men that tempt you.” Steven said, concerned she might not be as perfect as he first believed.

“Grandpa! I can’t believe you would think that!” Claire feigned hurt by placing her hand over her heart, but she still smiled like the brightest star.

“Well, I can’t help but notice how much they talk to you.” Steven mumbled slightly but he was still audible enough for Claire to hear.

“It isn’t my fault they swarm around me, but that doesn’t mean I allow their dreams to become true! In fact, I’m still waiting for the right one, but I plan to drink on this cruise; hence having you here will prevent me from finding the wrong one.” Claire began unpacking and quickly fetched her toiletry bag.

“Okay sweetheart, I understand, but if I tell you to stop drinking, then you will. Is that a problem for you?” Steven asked while he sat down to rest his tired legs.

Claire stopped what she was doing and leapt up into the bed before she crawled on her hands and knees towards him. The act caught him completely off guard and sometimes he cursed her for not knowing how sexy she could be.

Claire crawled, seductively towards him until her petite five-foot body had reached the other side and while she had crawled, Steven had been able to see down her sports-bra, which was a sight he intended to dream about tonight.

Claire sat down next to him and took his scrawny and sweaty hands in hers while she bumped her shoulder into his.

“I’m your granddaughter and I’ve only been eighteen for a few months. Thus, I listen to you for advice and wisdom grandpa, always. Whatever you think best for me on this journey of ours, tell me and I’ll listen and do as I’m told. It doesn’t matter what it is because you’ll know better. Just allow me some fun at the very least as I want to have some memories to tell mother and father about when I get back!” Clair looked at him with eyes so adorable he felt his heartstrings move for his lovely granddaughter.

“Such a lovely little one you are! That is fine dear, but just promise me you will at least dance a little with me because I’ve been itching to do that ever since I won the price at the lottery.” Steven said while he felt her thumbs stroke over the back of his hands to show her affection for him.

“I will dance with no one else.” Claire said with such a conviction that Steven felt the love she held for him pour out of her hands and radiate within him.

“Sweetheart, don’t tell your sisters or your brothers, but you’ve always been my favourite little angel.” Steven smiled and he suddenly felt so happy to be with her. It was almost as if he had forgotten the bed issue.

“I won’t tell anyone grandpa!” Claire leaned in and pecked him on the cheek again. Steven felt his cheek turn red in colour and the feeling of her sultry lips lingered within his skin.

“That is good to hear lovely one, but about the bed…” Steven looked at the tiny bed and then back at her.

Claire just raised her shoulders and giggled. “Do you think we have to you know, spoon to fit into this together?” Claire still managed to find the situation somewhat normal although it was far from it.

“I think it will be rather weird, but if you are sure that you don’t mind, then I suppose…” Steven tried to reassure himself of her consent to sleeping so intimately with him before he could celebrate fully within him.

“It will be strange, definitely! But also, quite sweet, don’t you think so?” Claire looked at him sweetly and suddenly, Steven felt her naked thigh touch the bare skin of his thigh.

Steven had to take a few quick breaths before he could attempt at masking his internal victory dance.

“At least you’ll feel protected at all times!” Steven chuckled and his granddaughter giggled so cutely with him.

“I think I’ll grow to like it!” Claire beamed and still she caressed his hands.

“But sweetheart, being so, uh…intimate…it might make me behave badly in my sleep. It is just, your grandmother, I fear it might…uh…” Steven couldn’t say it, but luckily she chimed in to his rescue despite how awkward of a subject it was.

“Grandpa, please. I understand, I miss her, too, but if it has been so long that you happen to behave badly because you cannot tell the difference in your sleep…then I suppose that’s fine, although really weird if I have to be honest. However, I guess it can’t really be helped if it happens. I mean, the bed is really tiny. I guess we’ll just agree that it can happen and that if it does we’ll still be bahis şirketleri okay the morning after. Does that sound good?” Claire shocked him, again, and his mind was already going into turbo to find ways to exploit this, but for now he could only admire how easy she took this.

“You’re pretty special Claire, I hope you know that sweetheart?” Steven gave her hands a squeeze while he basked in the love of her smile.

“Of course, I know! After all, you asked me and nobody else! Although, it was me who sold you the lottery ticket; hence it is sort of expected of you to pick me!” Claire teased before she pecked him on the cheek again and bounced off the bed, fetched her toiletry bag and hopped her way into the bathroom with her curves bouncing.

Steven thought about that lottery ticket and the day he had bought it from her. A normal day it had been and she had a few weeks prior to that day, finally reached the legal age of eighteen. Claire had sold him the ticket from the kiosk where she worked each summer while the sweat poured down her chest from the heat and it had been the last one she had where one could win a cruise trip for two.

Steven remembered how she paraded around in her skimpy uniform with her curves jiggling around as she busied herself with her routines and he had done his best to not stare openly at her exposed midriff, but a few glimpses had been engraved in his head because she simply looked like a dream to him in her hot black pants and her pink uniform. How the manager allowed her to knit the uniform right under her breasts Steven couldn’t understand as it had to go against the rules, but her ballooning cleavage looked so good this way that customers poured in the kiosk to see her.

Claire was always his favourite of the three granddaughters he had been blessed with because of how sweet she was and as a token of his affection for her, Steven had always showed up at her workplace since her first day to buy her one of her favourite chocolates. It was silly of course since she already worked there, but he loved her very much and the sight of her cute smile when she saw him pick the chocolate with the beautiful red package surrounding its sweet taste had always filled his life with meaning and happiness, but now that she was eighteen and now that he had discovered the woman that his granddaughter was; Steven just wanted to see her eat that chocolate because she had such a sexy way of eating food in general.

Now that she was eighteen, Steven also showed up at her work to keep the other creepy old men from drooling at her because whenever someone did he felt incredibly jealous. After all, she was his dream and his alone. Although, he often feared the manager would kick him out because Steven were making customers leave by stealing Claire’s attention away from the other old men.

The manager sure knew how to use Claire to his benefit. Steven often caught the old Kenyan manager whenever the African stared with desire at her and the black man always came up with new ways to make the kiosk hotter so that Claire would wear skimpier clothing and sweat even more. Steven couldn’t blame him though, he would’ve done the same if he was Claire’s boss and perhaps more.

Ever since she turned that magic number and became an adult, Steven never once thought of her like he used to do. Naturally, Claire was still Claire, his granddaughter, but the family ties that filled their veins meant little to him after he had seen her dressed up for her eighteenth birthday in a red mini-dress so sexy looking he had nearly had a heart incident. From that day and to the end of his days, Claire had become his wet dream and he hadn’t really understood how much he wanted her until she showed up at his doorstep with her bag readied for their adventure in the skimpiest outfit he had ever seen her in. It was the one she was wearing in this moment while she brushed her teeth in the bathroom.

Steven decided he would see what would happen and simply go with whatever he wanted the most on their adventurous journey together, but right now he needed some sleep because at his experienced age of seventy, he was feeling rather tired.

Steven rose from bed, his six-foot-one body hurting a bit, but he still managed to fetch his own toiletry bag that contained his toothbrush.

Stepping into the bathroom, they ran into each other. For a brief but lingering moment, Steven felt her incredibly full breasts press into his upper stomach and her pretty face pressed into his chest. It felt incredible. A moment of warmth and sensations, but it to his dismay, it ended when her curvaceous body stepped away from him rather timidly.

“I’m sorry lovely one! I didn’t hear you nor see you before…Are you alright sweetheart?” Steven understood why she acted so frightened, she was easily scarred, had always been like that and being so little didn’t help matters. Especially when someone like him ran into her like he just did.

Claire collected herself, giggled and smiled at him. “It’s fine! No damage done. I just didn’t hear you, but I guess we’ll get better at this over the summer.” Claire beamed at him again and Steven wanted to pick her petite body up by her killer ass and shower her with affection every time she did exactly that.

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