Cinderella’s Submission Ch. 06

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Author’s note: This is the final chapter of my little fairy tale. Enjoy the fantasy.


A stir erupted in the Kingdom. Who was this beautiful young woman who attended the ball and captured the Prince’s heart and the King’s favor? The only clue was the glass stiletto slipper.

An edict proclaimed that all women in the realm were to try on the glass slipper to discover who is the mystery girl.

Cinderella was ignorant of the edict. She rarely left the manor. She was too busy “taking care” of her Stepfather and the boys. But on this day, her Stepfather wanted a new piece of furniture and unbeknownst to her, Cinderella was going to pay for it with her cute little cunt.

When Stepfather asked her to come to the village with him and the boys, she was so excited. He didn’t let her wear much to cover up her beautiful little body; just a simple shift with the nice tight corset over it. That didn’t matter to Cinderella; she was just excited to go to the village.

When they arrived to the town square, Cinderella looked so innocent and excited, taking in all the sites and smells. The marketplace was full with food & crowds. Her stepbrothers went off to drink with their pals. Cinderella held onto her Stepfather’s hand.

Stepfather guided Cinderella to the furniture shop on a lane just off the town square. The owner was standing at the door, devouring Cinderella with his eyes. She would have noticed if not for the other sites taking her attention.

‘So this is little Cinderella,’ the shopkeeper assumed. ‘My, my, my, she’s such a beautiful young creature.’

Cinderella finally noticed the shopkeeper and her Stepfather’s firm hand on the back of her neck, made her pay attention.

‘What do you say, little cum slut?’ her Stepfather whispered in her ear.

She now knew why she was brought to the village. In her little girl whisper she said, ‘Thank you, sir.’

‘Please,’ the shopkeeper welcomed, ‘Let’s move toward the back of the shop. I’d like you to see a new piece of furniture I just finished. I’d like to try it out.’

Cinderella swallowed in fear and a little lust while they followed the shopkeeper to the back of shop with her Stepfather close behind her. Surrounded by the men, her cunt lips automatically started to swell and start to get wet. She couldn’t help it, whenever her Stepfather called her “a cum slut”, she knew that she was about to get fucked. And as much as it embarrassed her, she was always horny and ready.

The piece of furniture was basically a fuck stall. There was a padded place for the girl to kneel that was about 2 feet off the floor so a man could stand and fuck her from behind. The bracing bar that had ankle shackles was spread far apart. A little higher, and about 18 inches away from the kneeling bench, there was a padded platform, just under the breasts to rest her torso high enough to take cock in her mouth. Her arms could be braced far apart and higher than her head. The wrist shackles were contorted so that the girl’s hands could be free for holding cocks.

When Cinderella spied on the contraption, she moved backward right into her Stepfather’s chest. ‘No, Daddy! Please no!’

‘Hush, girl, and take your clothes off,’ he commanded. He quickly got her naked.

The shopkeeper snickered and her Stepfather guided the naked Cinderella to the kneeling pad as the shopkeeper bound her ankles. The platform was tilted upwards so that poor Cinderella’s back arched when her front half rested there, face down.

Her Stepfather bound her wrists and smiled.

‘Daddy, please,’ casino oyna she whimpered in fear, trying her restraints.

‘Stop resisting, cum slut,’ Her Stepfather slapped her ass and then stuck a finger in her slit, surprised yet smug. ‘You are already wet, baby girl! A dirty little cum cunt, ready for fucking and sucking cock to get all our cum!’

‘Please, Daddy,’ she whimpered in futile resistance. Yet he stood before her face and undid his trousers and freed his semi hard cock.

Behind the bound girl, the shopkeeper was grunting his approval. ‘Yes, she is a perfect fit for the machine.’ His rough fingers massaged her ass and found their way into her wet slit. ‘Oh, my! She’s so wet! She’s ready for fucking! What a lovely little girl.’

‘Anh!’ Cinderella cried when she felt the shopkeeper’s cock slam into her wet pussy. He was not gentle and hammered her into the fuck stall.

Her Stepfather looked at her whimpering face and gently touched her cheek. She was such a beautiful and perfect little fuck slut. His hand wandered down to her bouncing tits and he twisted a hard little nipple causing his baby girl to moan with pleasure and pain.

‘You are such a good little cum slut, baby girl,’ her Stepfather said as he tapped the tip of his cock on her lips and smeared the pre-cum all over her face. He knew she liked that feeling.

Cinderella moaned in pleasure from the precum cock on her face as the shopkeeper plowed her pussy from behind. She opened her mouth and her Stepfather fit his knob in her beautiful mouth.

Shackled to the fuck stall, Cinderella was fucked by the shopkeeper and her Stepfather in the back of the furniture shop.

‘My, my, my’ the shopkeeper panted. ‘She is a perfect fuck stall slut. What a hot piece of ass you have here.’

‘My little cum slut knows her place, don’t you girl?’ He pulled his hard cock out of her throat so she could answer.

‘Yes Daddy.’ She moaned in pleasure as the shopkeeper spanked her creamy ass and plundered her pussy. ‘Ahn, Ahn, Ammmph.’

Her Stepfather shoved his cock back into her velvet mouth.

Her stepbrothers found their way to the shop after having a couple of pints with their buddies. They wandered back of the furniture shop where their vulnerable little stepsister was positioned for a good bound gangbang. They didn’t disturb the shopkeeper or their father as the two older men fed their cocks to little Cinderella. They went back to the pub to grab their gangbang buddies. There were four of them. All were eager to give little Cinderella their cum.

When the 6 young men showed up, the shopkeeper was cumming in Cinderella’s pussy and spanking the bouncing girl. Her Stepfather was slapping her face with his cock as it exploded on her lips, nose and cheeks.

Cinderella did not get an orgasm from the older men and was still hungry for her own finish. But when she saw her Stepbrothers with their friends, she whimpered.

‘Daddy, please, no!’ she cried as the young men surrounded her naked shackled body with their hard cocks.

Her face was smothered with two cocks almost fighting to get into her mouth. Two others got on either side of the fuck stall and placed their cocks in her shackled hands.

The shopkeeper adjusted the fuck stall so that one of her stepbrothers could lie underneath her and fuck her pussy while one of the other lads spit on her anus and charged into her ass.

Cinderella tried to scream but her throat was filled with cock. The six men pounded the open girl while the older men sat and watched.

The shopkeeper chuckled canlı casino and watched with lust. ‘My, my, your young slut sure can take cock well.’

Her Stepfather watched Cinderella start to undulate between the strapping young men fucking her pussy and ass. ‘She is an amazing creature.’

Eight loads of cum were smeared in and on her body. She took a few more as each of the young men could cum and cum again pretty quickly.

When a couple of Cinderella’s gangbangers left (she was still getting fucked) they ran into the Royal Guard while laughing about banging the pretty cum slut.

‘What is going on in that shop, young man?’ the Royal guard asked.

The young man snickered and said, ‘our friend’s sister is hooked up to a fuck stall and is taking everyone’s cum. They convinced her that it was her duty to relieve men of their cum.’ They laughed and said, ‘I’m sure you can have a piece of the cum slut. She’s very pretty and very willing.’

The royal guard smiled and thanked the young men. One of the royal guards was the Prince in disguise. He whispered to his companion, ‘Lets see if this is my cum slut.’

‘Yes, Your Majesty.’

When they arrived at the back of the shop, Cinderella now face up on the bench, but her wrists & ankles were still bound, keeping the young girl spread out with her knees up. There were a couple of men standing at her head forcing her neck back as they slapped her with their cocks. Another man was fucking her cunt with brutal force.

‘Clean off the cum, little girl,’ the man said smearing his cock on her lips, while the other slapped her face with his cock.

Her tits bounced as the bound girl arched her back in a quivering orgasm. The Prince knew those tits. They were his sex doll’s perfect big tits.

‘I didn’t expect Royal Guard here,’ Stepfather said to the men in uniform. ‘My little cum slut would be happy to accommodate you for a price.’

‘She is beautiful,’ the Prince said admired her submissive and bound gangbanging skills. ‘Has she tried on the royal slipper?’

‘Cinderella didn’t go to the ball,’ Stepfather said.

‘Ah, well then.’ The Prince acknowledged, but didn’t partake in the beauty’s talents. He knew. He just knew she was the one. Cinderella was her name. ‘Please bring her into the square so she can try on the royal slipper as the King’s decreed orders.’

The Royal Guard left. Stepfather did not want her to try on the infamous glass slipper. He knew he had to sneak her away, back to his manor without trying on that shoe.

The men had finished on his petite cum slut. She was a sight to behold. She quivered and trying to catch her breath from one of the many orgasms she just had. Still bound and spread out invitingly, cum dripped off her well-fucked body and beautiful face. He spread the cum around with his fingers and made her suck it off his fingers. After cleaning her up in this sexy way, he got her dressed and thanked the shopkeeper. He put his coat around the naked and exhausted cum covered girl. He had his sons load up the fuck stall in their wagon and then gently laid Cinderella down next to it and covered her and the fuck stall up with a tarp.

Cinderella was too tired to care and just wanted a bath.

The Royal Guard watched the three men leave with the girl hidden under the tarp. They followed the wagon so they were not traced. The Prince wanted to know where this beautiful creature lived. He watched the men carry the cum-covered nymph into the manor and then the younger men came out and pulled the fuck stall into the barn.

‘Tomorrow, kaçak casino sweet nymph,’ the Prince promised, ‘you are mine.’

The next day, a Royal entourage made its way to Cinderella’s manor.

The beauty had just finished sucking her Stepfather’s cock and was down in the barn feeding the chickens and ducks. She now had an affinity for the ducks as they saved her when they were magically turned into footmen for the Royal Ball.

Cinderella eyed that fuck stall stored in the barn with trepidation and a little lust. How often would she be forced on that contraption?

When the 8 horsemen and ornate 6-horse carriage showed up at the front of the manor, Cinderella ran from the barn to the front of the manor to stand with her stepfamily. Her tall massive stepbrothers and Stepfather surrounded her as the Prince approached them.

Stepfather possessively put his hands on Cinderella’s neck & shoulders.

‘Your Majesty.’ The family bowed.

‘I believe your daughter has not followed the King’s decree and try on the glass slipper,’ the Prince stated.

‘My daughter did not attend the ball, Your Majesty.’ Her Stepfather’s hand gripper her naked shoulders a little harder.

‘Regardless,’ the Prince ordered, ‘we will have her try on the slipper.’

Cinderella swallowed as the attending guard pulled out the stiletto. The Prince himself picked up the slipper and got down on his royal knee to lift her slender foot. The glass stiletto slipped on like magic.

‘It was you,’ the Prince whispered.

Her Stepfather grabbed her wrists and jerked her. ‘Cinderella! You were forbidden to attend the ball, slut!’ Then her Stepfather realized in a flash, that the woman that danced with the Prince in the fine blue gown was his Cinderella.

The Prince’s guards intervened and pushed her Stepfather away and moved her to stand near the Prince.

‘Cinderella.’ Her name uttered by the Prince for the first time. ‘Cinderella is the name of this beautiful nymph. ‘Where is the other slipper?’ the Prince whispered to her.

Cinderella was fearful but thinking of the Prince’s cock, she whispered, ‘I buried it where we first met, Your Majesty.’

Wanting to hear the dirty words from her pretty mouth, the Prince said, ‘Where was that?’

Cinderella smiled shyly when she saw that gleam in the Prince’s eye. ‘It’s where you fucked my face when I was tied up to a tree.’ She paused and then whispered, ‘and you fucked my mouth and throat and came all over my face.’


And so, little Cinderella became a princess. The Prince whisked her away from her Stepfamily as soon as the other shoe was found, right where she said it would be.

Before her wedding to the Prince, the King took his rightful place in her pussy and fucked her while the Prince had her suck him off. The King & the Prince used her often together. Sometimes the attending guards joined in at the request of the cock addicted Princess Cinderella.

Cinderella knew her duties was to relieve men of their cum. She had a talent for it. The Prince always required her unique style of help. If there was a new treaty to sign or ruffled feathers to calm, Cinderella knew exactly what to do. She took cum. Quite a few treaties were signed on Cinderella’s ass as another dignitary fucked the willing and beautiful cum slut.

As long as the lovely Cinderella was around, there was peace in the Kingdom. She fucked and sucked who ever needed it to help the realm. And sometimes that meant a gangbang with the King and other royalty or her husband the Prince or even the attending guards.

Submissive little Cinderella fucked dignitaries and other royalty whenever the Prince commanded. As long as she got his cock in the end, she would take cum so that everyone was calm and satisfied.


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