Christmas at Home

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During the first few months of my freshman year in college, when I told my new friends that I was, well, homesick, they all thought I was a wimp. But what they didn’t know was that what I really missed was my mother’s pussy.

So now I was going home for the Christmas break, and my cock was throbbing during the first part of the flight. Of course, the fact that there was an attractive girl in the seat next to me didn’t help matters one bit.

After the first hour, I was so hard that my cock was hurting. To remedy the situation, I asked the flight attendant (who was also a looker, with tits out to here and an ass to die for) for a blanket. I covered myself with it and let my dick out of the tight confines of my pants, and then slipped my hand underneath the blanket and discreetly moved it up and down my stiff flesh.

Only I guess I wasn’t discreet enough, because the girl beside me noticed. She cleared her throat, bringing me back to reality with a start. I grinned sheepishly at her, but all she said was, “Want a hand there?”

Without waiting for an answer, she reached under the blanket and began to stroke my cock. Her hand was small and warm and it felt so, so good on my pole as it moved up and down, squeezing my shaft and gently rubbing my dick head. Pretty soon she was jerking me off all-out, and I was nearly ready to shoot in my new friend’s hand until she made me a better offer.

“Let’s go to the bathroom,” she whispered. “I’ll go first.”

As she walked to the back of the plane, I kept an eye on her to see which bathroom she went into while I closed my pants. Once she was inside, I slipped in with her and locked the door.

She was facing the toilet with her skirt raised and her panties in the little sink. Her ass was thrust into the air, tempting me to fuck it, but I didn’t know if that was part of the deal. Anyway, her pussy looked and smelled wonderful. So I got my pants down around my ankles, guided my cock to her cunt and slid right in. Her cunt was warm and tight and good, but I kept thinking about my beautiful mother and all the things I wanted to do with her when I got home.

I saw myself eating my mother’s pussy as my cock drove in and out of this stranger’s pussy. I had a new dildo in my carry-on bag and I couldn’t wait to have my mother shove it up my ass. And just as the word “ass” passed through my mind, I heard a hissing whisper from the girl I was boning. “My ass. Put it in my ass.”

So I pulled out of her pussy and pushed my rod, which was dripping with our combined juices, against her puckered star. She relaxed fully, seeming to become boneless all over as she leaned against the wall, and suddenly my cock head was in. I love that moment. I followed up on it by pressing my shaft all the way home until my balls were bumping against her pussy lips.

Then I was rocking and rolling in her tight ass while she diddled her clit and moaned. Soon she was trying to scream out her orgasm, except that I had my hand over her mouth to muffle her, and I was grunting as I shot load after load of jism up her ass. When we were both finished, I gave her a few last thrusts just for fun and then pulled out. I watched my come dribble out of her hole and down her butt cheeks as she pulled her panties on.

Then we were back in her seats, and with three hours to go before my reunion with Mom, I fell asleep. The next thing I knew the plane was descending fast, and my cock was hard again. I reached for my new friend’s hand and put it under the blanket casino oyna myself this time. She unzipped me and played with me, and pretty soon her pretty little head was under the blanket and she was deep-throating me very nicely.

She wasn’t anywhere near as good as Mom — not enough practice, I guess — but she could definitely suck cock, so I rewarded her efforts with another round of jism blasts to go with the ones that were probably filling her panties by now. When she cleaned me up, zipped me up, and sat up again, I thanked her nicely with a tongue-tangling kiss, tasting the flavor of my come still in her mouth.

When I woke up the next time, the girl was gone and the plane was mostly empty. I deplaned and made my way to the security checkpoint. There was my mother waiting for me, as I had known she would be. Seeing her sent a thrill through my whole body, and once again I was rock hard in my pants. Even at 42 she was still gorgeous. My eyes took in her tits, her long legs, her well-rounded ass, and visions of my mother lying on her marriage bed, her legs locked around my hips and her heels digging into my ass, filled my fevered brain.

In reality, my mother threw her arms around me and kissed me — on the cheek. I loved the feeling of her body against mine, but she gave no hint that she was aware of my reaction. As we walked to the parking lot where she had left the car, she handed me the keys and said “Why don’t you drive this time? I want both hands free.”

Ah, that was the mother I knew! The second I started the ignition, Mom slide up close to me, and before we’d even left the parking lot her hand was on my thigh and moving up.

“I wish now I’d let you drive so I could play with your pussy,” I said, grinning at her.

Mom didn’t say anything. She just unzipped my pants, pulled out my hard-on, and started pumping. I kept my eyes on the road, but I couldn’t help making motions with my hips as she played with me. She jerked my cock slowly as I drove over the interchanges to get on the highway, but as soon as I was on the long straight stretch leading to my family home, my mother’s head was in my lap and my cock was in her mouth.

I’d forgotten just how talented her tongue was. I gasped as she took more and more of my prick inside her, and it took all I had to keep my eyes on the road as she gave me an expert blow job. Then my cock was jerking in her mouth and unloading gobs of semen straight down her throat.

“You taste funky,” was all my mother said as she sat upright again, fondling my pipe.

“Got some on the plane,” I said with a shrug. “But no pussy is as good as yours, Mom.”

“I hope you didn’t wear yourself out,” she said seriously. “I’m going to need you to get hard over and over again, you know.”

I reminded her that I was eighteen and it was no problem. And the second we walked into the house, I scooped my mother up in my arms and carried her to her bedroom. Dad was away on business, so we had the whole house to ourselves for now. I dropped her body on the bed and pulled her clothes off quickly, then had her sit on the edge and took her nipples into my mouth.

They were stiff already, but they got even stiffer, and Mom started to breathe so fast that I thought she might come before I got down to her cunt. I didn’t want that to happen, so I quickly licked my way down her belly and thrust my face right into her crotch.

Mom spread her legs wide, so I could get even closer, and I teased her for a while, bringing my tongue close to canlı casino her throbbing clit but not touching it. Instead my tongue caressed her slick, puffy lips and delved into her wet hole.

Her whole body was shuddering as she pushed her pussy into my face. Both her hands were on my head, her fingers tangled in my hair. At last I gave her clit the attention it so badly needed, and Mom draped her legs over my shoulders. As I licked and sucked, she gasped and moaned, and when I took her clitoris right into my mouth, she squealed her way to an orgasm, covering my whole face with her juices.

Of course that was just the beginning. I had a lot of lost time to make up for. I ate her pussy for a full hour, giving her one powerful climax after another until she begged me to stop and fuck her. So I climbed on top of my mother and thrust my prick all the way up her cunt in a single stroke. I was fucking her, my beautiful, sexy mother, the woman whose cunt I had been missing for four long months.

She wrapped her legs around me, just as in my fantasy on the plane. Her arms entwined around my neck, and between kisses she murmured, “I missed you so much, I missed your hard cock sliding in and out of my cunt. Fuck me, baby! Fuck Mommy’s cunt!” I did what she told me to, pounding her as her inner muscles clutched tightly around my prick.

My mother’s words — “Fuck me harder, faster, deeper!” — made me crazy. Soon I couldn’t possibly hold out any longer. I burst inside her and shot rope after rope of come all the way up her cunt. She held me close and kissed me, telling me how good it felt to have my come in her pussy. When I was done, I was still hard, so I stayed inside her, and soon my cock was ready for more.

“Let’s turn over,” she said, smiling at me, and we did. I managed to stay up her, and soon she was bouncing up and down on me while my hands clutched her breasts and toyed with her nipples. Then I reached down and played with her clit until she was coming yet again, coaxing the cream out of me as I shot another load right into her hole.

The moment she slipped off me I was begging her for more. “Suck me, Mom,” but she had a better idea. Instead, she lay flat on the bed face up, her head hanging off the edge, and I squatted next to the bed and steered my cock right between her parted lips. The alignment was perfect, and it was the most exciting thing ever, being able to fuck her face as if it was her cunt. Mom used her mouth to squeeze my prick tightly as I thrust the whole thing right down her throat until I could feel her tonsils.

Still, I didn’t want to come that way again, so eventually I pulled out, and she licked my cock slit while we got ourselves ready for the next sex act. This time my mother was kneeling against the edge of the bed, and I had grabbed the lube from her night stand to grease myself up and then her top hole. I groaned with pleasure as I stuck the head right in and her asshole opened right up to receive me. I got maybe halfway down before she told me to stop and start fucking her.

I gave my Mom about half my dick up her ass, trying to make sure I wasn’t hurting her, holding her cheeks and pulling her backward to meet each thrust. She tried to pull away, as if afraid that I would shove the whole thing up there and hurt her. That was the signal for me to pull even harder on her ass, and soon my balls were resting against her butt cheeks. She was squealing and sobbing and saying “Be gentle! Be gentle with me!”

I knew what that meant, too. “I kaçak casino can’t be gentle, Mom. It feels too good to be in your asshole.” I pulled all the way out and rammed myself right back in her dilated asshole, one, two, three, four, five times. Then I was fucking her and slapping her ass with my hand, leaving big red marks. I slapped her over and over as I balled her butt, and each time my hand met her cheek, I was closer and closer to coming.

Finally my mother broke down. She wailed, “Fuck my ass, baby. Come in my butt! I want to feel all your jism in my ass, so come for your mother!” That was it for me. I gave her my hardest slap yet and blew my entire load in her bottom, thrusting like a madman as I did it. When I pulled out, I saw that her asshole was a little raw, and my cock jerked, knowing that I had done that to her, that I had worn my own mother’s asshole out.

So Mom lay back on the bed on her side to give her throbbing ass a rest, and I gave her a second course of pussy licking. When she had gotten off several more times, we fell asleep together.

When I woke up, it was about two hours later, and Mom was lying on her back snoring gently with her legs apart. Naturally I took advantage of the situation by climbing up on her and fucking her in her sleep. Soon enough she woke up, looking a little startled, but when she felt me moving in her pussy, she hugged me tight and gave me all the encouragement she could. My poor mother’s body was all worn out, but of course I still had to have more from her.

So after a while I pulled out of her and moved up along her body until I could straddle her face. It was a bit awkward, and she gagged on my pipe at first, but soon I was down her throat and coming yet again. My mother swallowed every drop of my jism, and let me keep on fucking her face until I was rock hard once again.

Then I pushed and hauled her until she was on her hands and knees, and I was giving her another butt-fucking. One climax in my mother’s ass just wasn’t enough for me that day. She was wincing at first because her asshole was sore, but all then the soreness turned into heat, and with no extra lube required I dumped my final load of the day into my mother’s dark hole. Finally, we both collapsed on the bed and fell asleep, my cock getting softer and softer but still hung up in her ass. I woke up that way the next morning and put it to her again on the spot.

Every day after that until Dad came home, I spent the day fucking, sucking, face-fucking and cornholing my beautiful mother, and the night sleeping like a baby locked in her cunt or her ass or just her loving arms. All too soon my father was back, and we had to cool it some, but every day while he was at the office, we continued our frenzied explorations of each other’s pleasure centers.

I gave my mother my present to her, the dildo I had had in my suitcase the whole time. If I had been a bit nasty with her ass before, she more than made up for it now, splitting me open and hammering my prostate until I came again and again, even without anyone touching my dick, even after I was too exhausted to shoot any come into the air or even get hard. Mom just loved ramming that hard plastic thing up my flexible ass, and I loved it too.

I was very sad when my vacation ended, and all I had to look forward to were the inexperienced cunts of the girls at school — even though, with all my mother has taught me, I have no trouble catching them or keeping them as long as I want. Still, I’m looking forward to spring break. Every week I go down to the adult toy store off campus and buy another gadget to use on my Mom when I see her again.

Oh, we’re going to have the time of our lives. I can’t wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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