Chapter 26– Leaving The Mountain

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Chapter 26 Leaving the Mountains

After Connie and I freshened up a bit I made us a nice cool double Jack to mellow us out.

I felt like rubber after that intense sexual workout we had.

Where she got her energy was beyond me.

She downed her drink quickly and made her way downstairs to gather the group into the playroom.

I could barely make out Connie’s voice but it sounded like she was laying down some playroom rules for our little orgy.

I planned to stay a step ahead of them if I could. But first things first.

My curiosity for my briefcase Sandra left got the better of me.

I had to look.

Flipping it open on my coffee table my eyes locked on the most cash I had looked at in recent memory. Maybe at a bank I recalled.

Sandra had made a point of using $100 bills with the bank seals intact as the bottom two layers.

The next layer was bundles of $50 bills also with bank seals.

Doing some quick math I estimated those layers in excess of $60K

The final two layers were $20 bills wrapped in both bank seals and some with rubbers bands. At least fifteen to twenty thousand in small bills.

On top of all that was a large manila envelope with the inscription:

“Donations from your party. $5,500.”

This was all disposable cash that could not be traced across the street.

$80 to $90K in one briefcase!

I quickly made my plans for securing the briefcase. I put a layer of clothes in the bottom of my duffel bag. Then the money was placed in there flat on top.

On top and to each side I crammed what clothes I had in without folding, so anyone looking might assume they were just dirty clothes.

I felt alot better now knowing I had that taken care of.

Turns out not a moment too soon as Connie came back up and said the entire crew will be up here within ten minutes.

I stepped into the playroom and began to light the fat red candles down the right side wall. Connie done the same down the left side. There were six to a side evenly spaced that really gave the room a cave-like appearance. The cherry scent they gave off was ambrosial.

I was already dressed to the bare minimum and had Connie go get an ice bucket full of cubes and my Black Label Jack and glasses.

She returned and prepared us a stiff double each as we waited for the group to arrive.

Connie quickly changed into a black leather mini skirt and matching leather halter top. Black mesh stockings and black lace garters were added.

Her over the calve black patent leather boots put her at just six feet tall.

She added a few rubber bands that held her long ponytail in the crown of her head. She flipped her skirt up at me smiling to reveal she had no thong on.

She selected her favorite riding crop from the assortment hanging from the wall.

Her whole image changed to look upon her now.

She was a true Mistress.

She went back to the couch when she heard the footsteps making their way up the steps. Everyone gathered around her as she began her talk.

“OK everyone listen up. You will leave ALL your clothes here and enter my playroom naked.

Everyone knows my rules but Eric I believe, so you may strip and enter while I explain to him how this is going to be.”

The girls stripped what little they had on quickly and made their way inside the playroom.

She stepped to Eric and began her ritual of tearing down his willpower.

“Sandra tells mee you have vowed to protect all us women with your life. Is that statement correct?”

“Y-Yes it is…I promise.”

Connie in her hi heel boots was nearly at eye level with the six-two weightlifter, yet he seemed to be visibly shaken. She tapped the leather crop on the side of her boot a few times for effect.

“Remove your shirt now!” Eric nearly tore his polo security shirt getting it over his head. A few more taps of the crop was heard.

“Up here on this floor you will answer to mee alone after Dano leaves.Are you clear on that point?” More taps.

Connie’s dark eyes bore into his.

“I’ll need more than a promise from you Eric–I expect and demand total loyalty.”

“Y-You have it –I swear. I’ll do anything you a-ask.”

“Good–remove your shorts now and underwear.” Tap–tap.

He pushed them quickly to his ankles and kicked them off to the side.

Connie stood looking at the ripped mass of muscles that Eric worked so hard to have. He was a prize specimen of male flesh.

His cock was of average size and one could easily chip a tooth on his ass cheeks. They were that hard.

“Drop to your knees now.” Three more taps at her boot.

He did and it put his eyes level with Connie’s crotch.

She lifted her mini in the front–exposing her slick waxed pussy for him to see.

“Do you like what you see Eric?

Would you like to taste this sweet strawberry pussy?”

Eric swallowed hard as he gazed on the prettiest pussy he ever laid eyes on. Her smell was intoxicating.

“Oh my God YES!!”

“I need your loyalty Eric…in fact–I demand your loyalty if you ever hope to taste this pussy–or any of my gurls.

You will address mee as Mistress at all times.

You will obey mee without question.

Saying no to mee will get you kicked hard in the balls , and that’s just for starters.”

“You have it Mistress, I will obey whatever you tell me to do.”

Connie moved very close now and placed her feet so her thighs spread invitingly.

“You may kiss my slick pussy Eric as your first reward.

Tongue that big clit and see how good it tastes.”

Eric leaned in and planted a soft kiss right on her clit.

Her pussy lips had blossomed and the hood had already slid back to expose her large erect clit.

Connie’s casino siteleri left hand went behind his head to pull him closer.

“Suck it Eric..Make mee cum in your mouth”

Her hand tightened and grabbed a handful of the hair in back.

A couple more minutes slipped by like hours for him.

“Mmmmm-it tastes so good Mistress,”

He could not see the grin on Connie’s face as she fucked his mouth and tongue.

She had him now!

She had broken him easily-he was her he-man-bitch, her first male sub to train.

Connie used her crop to lightly spank Eric’s hard ass cheeks.

He jerked as if shot but didn’t miss a stroke eating her pussy.

“Use your hands you worthless sub and grip my asscheeks as I cum in your mouth. I’m gonna squirt any second now.”

The crop fell with more force as Connie drove him on like a stallion.

“Open your mouth wide as you tongue fuck mee–Here it c-cummmms”

“MMmmmmm–oh fuck yesssssssssss!! ” Eric moaned.

“Suck it bitch..Swallow every drop. Do not waste my cumm.!!!!!!”

Her pussy was squirting long sweet strings of her ambrosial cum in Eric’s sucking mouth.

He sucked even harder as she beat his ass cheeks hard for effect.

His hands gripped her so hard he nearly lifted her from the floor.

After about five or six spurts Connie orgasm began it taper off a bit, and although she was capable of many more, she decided to let Eric off the hook and save some for the rest of her sub’s.

Connie let her gaze fall to his cock. It was hard as nails and throbbing with a pent up need for release.

It would be months before she ever let him fuck her–if then.

“You may stand now Eric, and follow mee into the playroom.”

She turned as he was standing and walked the dozen steps into the world he would become a different person in the coming months.

He followed with his eyes down as a sub should.

Once inside Connie led him to the rear of the room to the restraint table.

She ran her hand across it as she said-

“Eric this is your spot for your first lesson in the playroom.

It has noo fuzzy handcuffs-however it does have some very good leather shackles for your wrists and ankles.

You will begin on your back, soo lay down and get comfortable.”

“Josie-Shannon and Donna, you girls secure him to the table.

This lesson is about “orgasm denial”. They quickly had him spread-eagled and secure. He was now helpless on the table.

“There are many ways to stimulate either sex to orgasms.

You girls will take Eric to a new level of awareness and yourselves through this lesson.

I will remain close to insure none of you cums without my permission.”

“Donna– How to you like that erection you see?”

Donna rubbed her slick pussy as nodded her approval.

“Good–you may be first in riding that cock..get to it.”

Donna nearly jumped on the table and swung her muscular thighs in place on each side of Eric.

Her butt plug — which was now dead remained in her ass–it had been going non stop for an hour and had her pussy dripping juices.

Placing Eric’s cock in her labia she slid down slowly as possible to maximize his and her pleasure.

Eric was all smiles and Connie pulled Josie to his head and told her to ride his face non stop.

“Oh thank you Mistress” Josie squealed as she parted her thighs and walked up on Eric’s head in the headrest.

“He eats pussy really well soo ride him from hole to hole once you get going. He’ll learn to love the taste of asshole too!”

Connie sat in the large leather chair near the corner of the headrest. From there she could watch it all.

“Shannon – on your knees and come here.” Connie pulled the leather mini way up and spread her thighs invitingly.

Shannon immediately dropped and was there in seconds.

“Need I tell you what I want?” She asked.

No Mistress –I can see what you wish and I’m happy to be the one.”

Shannon used her tongue well and slowly licked all around Connie’s dripping pussy.

She used her two middle fingers to slide up inside her hot tunnel, and hooked behind her pubic mound to massage her G spot.

She hooked her Mistress’s thigh with her free arm, then used her hand to spread her labia wide and expose the huge clit.

Now she put extreme suction onto the large nub, and it brought Connie’s ass out of the seat to hunch Shannon’s face.

Connie used her toes of one foot to play in Shannon’s soaked pussy…making the sub moan in pleasure.

Meanwhile –at the other side of the room–

Jan was bent over a leather covered sawhorse, with Sandra on her knees eating the girls tight pussy. I was in front or the sawhorse having my cock sucked very well.

These were the last two straws-ladies I had not actually fucked in the past 24 hours.

I was long stroking my cock into Jan’s throat, and she could really deep throat cock well. Her hands were busy as well–fondling my heavy ballsack as she moaned on my cock.

Sandra had taken a liking to Jan’s sweet ass it would appear.

She was licking the twin from hole to hole and making sexy slurping sounds.

Every few moments Sandra would spank Jan’s ass cheeks, making her moan even louder. I removed my cock from Jan’s mouth and walked around to pull Sandra up from her knees.

“Just eat her ass now and bend over. It’s your turn to get fucked.”

She smiled and spread her legs wide for me to enter, while diving back into Jan’s sweet ass. I fucked Sandra very hard and fast, cause I knew she liked it that way, and I still had Jan to fuck.

I reamed her pussy well in fact, getting some pussy farts when my thick cock bottomed out against her cervix.

Sandra’s pussy muscles milked me well as she ground back onto my thrusting canlı casino cock and she suddenly and without warning began cumming.

“Fuck meeee Dano–I’m Cummmmingg!!!” Her spurts of fluids bathed my cock and overflowed to stream down her thighs. Her legs were jerking very bad as she still tried to tongue fuck Jan’s ass hole.

I let her grind out her powerful orgasm for a good minute or so, then told her to swap places with Jan.

Sandra gave no argument as she needed a rest from the vigorous fucking she had received. They swapped off and she was glad to have the sawhorse to support her as Jan spread out for me.

Jan made only one request of me.

“Please Master, finish off in my ass! Sandra has made it itch soo good, but your cock is what I really need to scratch it.” I nodded as I entered her tight pussy first.

She was the tightest of the twins for some reason, and I loved working my thick cock into her and hearing her grunt her approval. Her tongue buried up into Sandra’s spread ass cheeks and quickly had her squealing in delight.

With my ball sack finally slapping Jan’s clit I began to long stroke in her sweet pussy. She groaned every time I plunged my cock from the tip to the balls in her. She would wiggle her fine ass just to add torture to my already overworked cock.. I used my two middle fingers to open up her anus and prepare for a smooth transition soon.

Their butt plugs had long since be removed after their batteries had died, but her ass muscles had stayed well relaxed.

Jan moaned a slow delightful approval at my invasion. That tingle had begun behind my balls signaling an upcoming orgasm, but I fought the feeling off by stopping my strokes and just playing with her ass.

“Oh Fuck yeah–my ass is cumming!!!” Sandra wailed as she reached back to spread her cheeks to let Jan tongue fuck her ass deeper.

I felt Jan’s ass muscle begin to milk my fingers as well.

“Oh please hurry Master!! I want my ass to cumm too!”

I gave in and removed my fingers as my cock shifted out and up to replace them. I had just gotten the wide head past her outer ring of muscle when Jan ground her ass back onto my thick cock and bottomed it out in one long stroke.

I made only a half dozen strokes before Jan’s moans filled the room.

“Mmmmm God yess–My ass is cummingg! Fuck it harder!”

I pounded her ass till she was on her tiptoes and remained there.

My eruption ito her tight ass was of porn star caliber. It felt as if my balls were being sucked inside her ass. Powerful spurts from my cock washed up into Jan’s spasming asshole.

Each spurt with it’s slickness allows my cock to penetrate even deeper. I shivered at the feelings that coursed through my body.

I weakly withdrew my numb cock and somehow made my way to the ice bucket and fixed myself a well deserved double. I told Sandra and Jan to join the others. They wasted no time in getting up and moving to that end of the room.

Back at the table–

Donna had continued to ride Eric’s cock just slowly enough to deny them their orgasms. Connie had already briefed her on controlling orgasms and she was doing splendidly with Eric.

Sandra and Jan saw Shannon between Connie’s thighs and moved closer to watch.

It was about that time that Josie begged her Mistress.

“Please Mistress–may I come now? He’s driving me crazy with his tongue!!”

Connie smiled and said she could since she had begged nicely.

Josie’s ass found another gear as she sped up her assault on Eric’s mouth and tongue.

“Ahhhhhhhhhggh- Cummmingg!! “ Poor Eric was sucking so hard that it sounded like he choked a bit when Josie began squirting her cum down his throat. She also leaned back-her spread ass cheeks smothering him with only his eyes visible. He shook his head side to side to gulp a breath of air here and there.

Donna took it on herself to spin around on Eric’s cock–remove the dead butt plug and replace it with Eric’s cock.

Riding reverse cowgirl must have been a new position for him, as her tight ass squeezed him twice as hard as her pussy had.

Josie’s orgasm had wound down a bit and Connie told her to get off his face.

Jan leaned in to french Eric sexily, and lap up any stray cum he missed swallowing.

I had leaned against the wall to sip my drink and observe, and thankful my obligations to fuck them all had be fulfilled.

The rest of this orgy was just gravy in my mind, heh- heh.

Donna began begging her Mistress for release as well and Connie readily consented. She had been fucking non stop for at least 45 minutes.

She began moaning and chanting in her native tongue as she cum her heart out, pounding her tight ass on Eric’s cock.

She decided to cut her male sub a little slack.

“Eric–you’ve held up better than I expected, being that Donna is a very well trained Cherokee squaw that loves to fuck.

You also have permission to cum deep in her ass now.”

“Thank you Mistress”

He arched his muscular back up and his ass left the table to time his thrusts to Donna’s as he shot his hot load deep into her bowels.

Never in his young life had he been so thoroughly fucked by a woman.

His cock throbbed four strong lines of thick cum into Donna’s colon it seemed.

He was well past just asshole now.

Donna slowly leaned back till she was flat on top of him, still on her back to him as her last spasms of orgasm left her in mild convulsions.

Connie grabbed Shannon’s head and pulled her close. telling her to finger her asshole as she squirted her strawberry tasting cum all in her sucking mouth.

Shannon complied readily as she increased her suction on Connie’s sweet pussy. Her two middle fingers slipped inside her Mistress’s ass and it set Connie off hard, making her kaçak casino fill her sub’s mouth to overflowing in her sweet nectar.

I knew Shannon’s trigger well by now, and selected one of the stiffer riding crops from the wall and began flogging Shannon’s upturned ass cheeks pretty hard. She moaned loudly as my assault continued and she swallowed Connie’s last mouthful of cum.

Her head popped up to lay on Connie’s tummy as I whipped her into a frenzied orgasm.

It shook her to the core and left her weeping happy tears that I had remembered her fetish.

“Thank you so much Master!”

We all agreed to call it a wrap and hit the sauna or whatever before calling it a night.

Final hugs were passed around and goodbyes exchanged.

Sandra said she would see me early in the morning.

The twins set up my Mr. Coffee to brew at 6 am and left for home.

Eric, Sandra, Donna and Shannon headed for the sauna.

Connie and I took turns using the shower massage wand to spray each other squeaky clean and retired to the big king sized bed for a few well deserved hours of sleep.

My next thoughts came just as the sun had risen. Connie slept like a dead person. My morning bathroom ritual didn’t phase her in the least.

By the time I dressed I could smell my coffee brewing. Getting an oversized cup I filled it and went downstairs.

The emptiness of the main floor was a bit unusual and even my light footsteps were absorbed by the vast expanse of silence.

I wanted one last look at the place that had changed my life for nearly a year. I walked to the front doors and stood a moment sipping my coffee.

Just at that moment Sandra pulls into the reserved space for her.

It wasn’t even 7 am yet, and something didn’t jive with her very early arrival.

I unlocked the doors and let her in and she turned to re-lock them.

“Good morning Dano. I didn’t get much chance to tell you, but Connie and I decided to change your plans.”

I was all ears now as we made our way back to her office and talked.

Her coffee maker was also on auto brew and she filled her cup and refilled mine. We sat at her desk.

“Connie said that you wished to give her your car to drive here while you’re away. She made mention of having to ride with you to Columbia and drive it back.

I’m gonna save both of you some time and road miles.

Leave your keys to the Miata with me..I’ll see Connie gets them.

I will fly you down there in just over 90 minutes.

You could taxi out to Nikki’s from the airport.”

“That’s a terrific idea Sandra, and I really appreciate it.

Talk about a time saver. I was dreading that three hour plus drive and the associated traffic around Columbia.”

“I gave Connie one of my sleeping pills before leaving last night.

She said she would rather not be awake when you left.”

It hurt her more than the rest I was thinking, but then they were not gonna see me leave either.

Sandra drained her cup and I did the same, setting the oversized mug on her desk.

“Well then go grab your bags and let’s scoot on over to my plane.

They should have it gassed and warm when we arrive.

I have the flight plan and only need to step inside a moment to file it.”

I nearly ran back upstairs for my duffel bag and suitcase and stopped at the bed.

Connie had not moved an inch.

I leaned in and gently brushed her hair out of her face and kissed her forehead.

I could not believe I was getting choked up over this–so I turned and forced myself back down the stairs and to the door.

Eric had heard us stirring around no doubt and was up there talking to Sandra.

He took my duffel and suitcase, and stepped to Sandra’s car to store them in the back seat area.

As he came back inside he extended his hand and we had our last handshake.

“Thank you again Dano for helping me get this position. You need not worry for the safety of these women any longer. I got this!”

We drove the short few miles down Tynecastle highway into Banner Elk.

Somehow it felt like home up here in these mountains.

I would miss it.

Arriving at the small airport she pulled the car within walking distance of her plane. As I got my bags, she went into the main building to do her thing. A guy appeared out of no where and said he would stow my bags, so I gave them to him. She had all the bases covered.

Soon we taxied out and onto the 4500 foot runway and was in the air in about half that space.

I looked down at the place one last time as Sandra leveled off and went to auto pilot.

She then pulled a large thermos of coffee and two big foam cups to drink from God knows where and we sipped hot coffee and chatted about her divorce–her plans and goals, as well as mine.

About 30 minutes from landing I used the house number I had stored for Nikki and called.

She picked up on the second ring and was surprised and excited as hell to hear my voice.

I told her my arrival was imminent at Columbia airport and to send Matt after me.

She said consider it done.

Even the baggage on a private plane has to be screened thru the security now days.

Sandra had more paperwork to do before returning, and gave me a quick but meaningful kiss as the bags were checked.

I headed for the front entrance.

My biggest surprise however came when I heard my name called above the normal chatter going on.

I looked up to see Nikki –all smiles and waving.

Her arms held a big blue eyed red headed baby boy!!

We stood there embracing somehow around the baby and I chanced to look back towards the security gate.

There stood Sandra with her arms crossed and smiling.

She had witnessed the reunion and approved my choice to return I’m guessing.

She turned and walked back towards her plane, never looking back.

This brings the Beech Mountain series to a close…for now.

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