Broken Mini-Fridge Turns to Taboo Fun!

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Broken Mini-Fridge Turns to Taboo Fun!
The wife and I were on our first vacation alone without family or friends in quite some time. In fact, it was the first time the two of us were totally alone in some time, and we were really looking forward to it. From the time the plane landed, we were in “party” mode. We grabbed a few beers at the airport waiting for our ride to the resort.

When we arrived the room was not quite ready and they treated us to some champagne, as we waited and toured the grounds. When we finally got to our room a bit tipsy, we were ready to hit to the pool and of course the swim up bar. We quickly unpacked, changed and ran down to find out spot at the pool. The sun was beating down, and it was a beautiful day. A band was playing by the pool and we sipped margaritas, and floated in the sun. Before we knew it the sun was about to set and we needed to head back for showers and some dinner.

When we got back to the room, my wife jumped right into the shower to hopefully sober up some. I went to check the min-fridge and grab a beer while I waited my turn. When I opened the fridge it was fully stocked, but everything was warm. So I called the front desk to complain about the broken fridge. They sent someone up immediately to check on it. I let the guy in, not thinking about the fact that there was no bathroom door, and there was clear view to the glass door shower, exposing my naked wife. She was so hammered she honestly didn’t even know what was going on or that he was in the room. I saw him take notice of her as he walked by, but he tried to act professional.

This was Mexico, so communicating was a bit tough. But after showing him the problem, he understood and went to get another fridge for me. As the he walked out, my wife was toweling off in the bathroom now, giving him a totally unobstructed view of her fully naked body. I thought she would scream out in embarrassment, as he walked by very slowly clearly staring her up and down. But to my surprise she didn’t say a word. I heard the door shut and she came stumbling out of the bathroom with a robe on and the towel around her head.

It was clear now why she didn’t scream, she had no idea he was there. She was way more drunk that I had realized, and was falling all over the place. I guess the sun had gotten to her and all the booze, and perhaps the shower is when it all really kicked in. “Did I hear you talking,” she mumbled and she laid down onto the bed. Before I could answer, she was passed out on the bed. I went over and sat next to her trying to wake her up. She was mumbling and moaning, and saying she just needs a quick 10 minute rest then she could get ready. Yeah right, I thought, as I started to massage her bare legs. “Come on get up, we need to have güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri dinner.” It was no use, so I continued to rub her legs.

She was out, but I kept rubbing her feet, calves, and up her thighs. At first she had been responding, but after a couple minutes, she seemed to be unaware of my touches. I had gotten myself pretty worked up touching her, and realized I was rock hard. Lost in my lust, I completely forgot about the fridge or the guy coming back. I pulled my cock out, and knelt next to her. She was laying on her side, sort of in the fetal position. I pulled her robe up, exposing her ass and pussy to me. I leaned down and licked her to see if she would rise. When she still didn’t respond, I decided why not have myself a quickie. So I lined my cockhead up with her pussy and slowly pushed in. Still nothing from her, so I went ahead and began to really enjoy myself. I reached around her and opened the front of the robe to play with her sleeping tits. I was having a great time, and getting really close to cumming . Just then, the knock on the door again, and he was back with a new fridge. Fuck! I forgot and really wanted to finish. But there was time for that later, I thought, and I covered her back up, and put my cock away.

I answered the door, and he came barging in with a fridge in his hands. He went to work removing the old fridge, and installing the new one a mere 3 feet away from my passed out wife. I had nowhere really to stand, so I got back on the bed with her. As he worked, I wondered what he might think if he saw her some more. I was so horny from fucking her, I don’t know what came over me. So I pulled her robe back up, exposing her ass and pussy directly to him. He tried to pretend he didn’t notice at first, but kept glancing back to steal another peak. I am sure the room smelled of sex, and her pussy was wet from me fucking it a few minutes before. I don’t know what came over me, but I began to finger her, right there in front of him. He turned to talk to me, and try to tell me something. When he saw my fingers working in and out of her sleeping pussy, his jaw was on the floor. The bulge in his pants was now clearly visible.

He was trying to tell me something in broken English, but I didn’t understand much. All I was thinking about was how hot this was making me, exposing her to a stranger. In a flash he left the room, and I couldn’t get my cock back into my wife quick enough. I began really pumping her, and even changed up position rolling her onto her back, so I could fuck her missionary and suck on her tits. She was still totally out, and I was again seconds from shooting my load.

Just then, I heard the door open, and back in he walked with hands full of cold canlı poker oyna drinks for the fridge. I guess what he had been telling me, was that he would be right back to restock. This totally took me by surprise, and as he walked past me to the fridge, I jumped up off my wife. I was now standing there, cock dripping and poking straight at him. I looked over at my wife, and she looked positively stunning. Her legs spread wide, nipples erect, and hairy pussy open and glistening with her juices.

I tried to apologize to him, as he quickly filled the fridge. He mumbled sorry to me, and kept trying to put his head down to avert his eyes, but it was no use. Eventually, he just couldn’t help himself and started straight between my wife’s legs and her inviting pussy. I saw him lick his lips. It was in that instant, I made a decision to share my beautiful wife.

“Tip?” I said to him, “would you like a tip?” And as I said that I pointed to my wife’s open legs. He looked at me questioning, and not sure if I was serious. “Go ahead, touch.” I said and pointed to her again . His hands trembled as he took a step closer, and touched her leg. She didn’t budge, and I assured him it was okay. His hands moved up both her legs as he massaged her thighs. He appeared afraid to go any further. So I reached for his hand, and pushed it to her soaking pussy. “It’s okay, go ahead,” and I nodded to him in approval. This appeared to be all he needed, and he began to rub her open pussy lips. Then, as a bit of a surprise to me, he leaned down and started to lick her pussy.

Seeing this really had me going and I was standing next to him jerking my cock, and trying my best not to cum all over the place. I wanted this to last a few more minutes. He was really getting into licking her, and finally I saw him reach down to his pants and start to pull out his cock. He had a bit of a small cock, maybe 5 inches or so and not very wide. He stroked himself as he licked her, and kept glancing over to me for assurance this was okay. When he looked like he might be getting ready to cum, I tapped his shoulder to stop. “Go ahead, fuck her,” I instructed.

He nervously got up onto the bed, and put his cockhead at her entrance. He looked back at me one more time for approval, and with a nod, he trust himself inside her. He started to pump her really fast, and began pawing at her tits, and sucking them like an a****l. I heard her start to moan a little and realized she was coming around. I reached down and grabbed her legs and pulled them around his body. As soon as I did this he tensed up, and thrust a few more times letting out a guttural moan. I knew he was emptying his seed inside my sweet, innocent wife.

He withdrew himself and stood up to put his pants back internet casino on. As he did, I saw a river of his cum, flooding out of her hairy, open pussy. He quickly left and I was again alone with my half conscious wife. She had now come around and was trying to mumble something to me. “What honey? What did you say?” “Lick me!” she said, “I know you have been messing with me, I want to cum too, now lick me!”

Oh shit, I thought, she had woken up while he fucked her and assumed it was me. Well now I have to lick her or explain I don’t want to because she has a Mexican janitor’s cum leaking out of her. So without overthinking it, I buried my face between her thighs. The taste of his cum was so strong, mixed with her juices. I tried to wipe some away with her robe, but more just kept pouring out as her pussy tightened with her orgasm. I felt her hands on the top of my head, as she pushed my face harder into her cum soaked pussy. She came really hard, and then laid back almost asleep again. “Go ahead and finish,” she mumbled, “I gotta sleep”. And just like that she was out.

Seconds later I was back inside her pussy, for the first time feeling what sloppy seconds was all about. As I sloshed around inside her wet hole, his cum began to make a frothy mess all over my dick. Seeing this, and her face, eyes closed and mouth open, sent me over the edge. I began cumming deep inside her. When I finally stopped I pulled out and saw what a mess her pussy now was. I was surprisingly still rock hard, and still wanted her so badly.

I rolled her over onto her stomach, and she woke a bit and asked what I was doing. I told her I was drunk and having a hard time cumming so I needed to flip her over to do it that way. ‘Ok” she replied and willingly rolled onto her stomach. “Make it quick,” she mumbled back, and was out of it again. As I readied myself to fuck her, the thought came over me to play with her ass. She never lets me near it, but in this state, she would not object. So I parted her cheeks, and began to tongue her little pink anus. It tasted so incredible, and I thought I might cum just from eating her ass. But I held off and decided to take it further. I put the head of my cock right at her tightest of holes and rubbed it all over. She was not objecting and not waking, so I figured it was now or never. I reached to the nightstand, and grabbed the lotion. I covered the head of my cock, and rubbed some on the opening of her ass. I slowly worked the head of my cock inside her sleeping butthole. And that was all it took. Just the head, and I was cumming everywhere. I shot 3 or 4 good streams up into her, and as I pulled out, I was shocked to see 2 more big loads shoot up her ass and back.

I passed out next to her on the bed, and we never made it to dinner that night. We woke up the next morning, and she asked what happened. She said she remembered us fucking but had no idea how we decided to stay in or what else happened. And she had no idea that the fridge was ever broken or anyone had come to the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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