Boy Turns into a Man

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This is a fictional story based on fantasies of mine that are not based on any real stuff but the names and events in this story are completely fictional.


Since I was kid I always thought that my mom was my biological mom until I was around 9 and I got kind of suspicious since my dad was 35 and my mom was only 25. My mom never really acted like a mom but more as a good friend. My parents finally told me the truth when I was 12 but nothing really changed between us and I continued to call her mom. My life continued the same until I was 18 with the occasional friends saying my mom was hot but I just played it off. It all changed on my 18th birthday.

I had known for a few years that my parents were trying to have a kid and I could always here their attempts at night but I always blocked them out and didn’t think anything of them but I could tell that they were not succeeding and I felt bad for them.

It was my 18th birthday when my relationship with my parents and my life would change forever. I was about to go out and got to a strip club with my friend to celebrate my birthday when my mom walked in my room.

“Sam, can you come to our room for a second your father and I want to talk to you for a second.” My mom said.

“Umm… Yeah ok mom, just give me a sec,” I said being confused as to what they want.

My mom walked out of the room and I was left there thinking of why they wanted to talk to me for a few seconds before I snapped myself out of it and got my wallet and left for my parent’s room. Once I got there I noticed both my parents sitting on the bed waiting for me.

“Come on in Sam,” she said to me as I reached the door frame.

“Um ok,” I said walking in slowly thinking I may have done something wrong that they found out about or something.

“Don’t worry you are not in trouble,” my dad said when he saw the way I was walking in.

“We just want to umm give you a proposition,” she said as I walked up to the bed, “Here just sit down here,” she said as she patted a spot on the bed and so I took a seat, “Sam I am not if you know or not but your dad contracted a genital disease not a STD a couple of years ago which rendered him sterile but we didn’t find it out till last weekend and I am not sure if you noticed but before than we have been trying to have a child.”

“Well I wasn’t sure that you guys were trying to have a child but I um…well I certainly could hear you guys everyday day and night but I had no clue about Dad’s condition and I am sorry to hear that you guys can’t have kids,” I said as I looked down to try and avoid their eyes.

“Oh woops ha-ha well I am um sorry you had to hear our um attempts at having a baby but we have found out your dad is sterile we have been thinking of different ways of having a kid,” mom said as I looked up with both of them staring at me.

“So what are you guys going to do? Invitro? Adoption? Umm…surrogate?” I asked as I started sweating from the nervousness as they both stared at me.

“Umm well not exactly. Sam we have something we would like to ask you. I suggested this to your father and we have been discussing this since we found out he was sterile. I know this may seem weird and I would understand if you say no and are completely freaked out by this but we were wondering if you would mind making me pregnant.” She said as look at me with hope almost making more accepting towards the idea.

“Wha…huh?…umm…mom I am speechless,” I said as I looked straight at her in disbelief.

“It’s ok Sam just take it in I know it must seem completely farfetched and that we are just pulling your leg but we are completely serious. I thought of the idea and told it to your father after thinking about it for a few days and he was apprehensive but finally accepted it. I feel since I am only your step mother we are not related to blood so I was thinking maybe with all the girls you are fucking you can take some time to have sex with me,” she said with even more hope in her eyes.

“Well um mom I am actually still a virgin and have actually never even kissed a girl unfortunately,” I said as I started to get turned on to the thought of their proposition.

“Oh well that kind of makes this better because it could also be a learning experience for you so that you can gain some experience,” my mom said as it looked like she was starting to breath a little harder.

“Well Dad what do you think about this? She is your wife and I would feel bad doing this to your wife,” I asked dad as I started to get convinced of accepting but wanted to make sure he was ok with it.

“Well at first I had apprehensions but your mom finally talked me into it and after hearing you are a virgin I think it will be beneficial for casino siteleri all of us,” he said with I even think a look of excitement on his face.

“Well then if it is ok with dad then I am in. So what do you do first,” I asked trying to hear my rising excitement.

“Well the first thing would for you to get undressed,” my mom said giggling at my innocence.

“Oh ok mommy sorry I am new at this,” I said as my hands shook as I started to pull my shirt over my head but was having a hard time.

“Here let me undress you then,” she said as she saw me shaking.

She slowly slid over to where I was sitting on the bed and put her hands on mine and helped me steady them and get my shirt off. She then put her hand on my decently chiseled chest and pushed me back so I was laying down on the bed as her hand slid down my stomach to my pants and she slowly unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and grabbed at both sides and slowly pulled down my pants and my boxers releasing my what I my cock hitting her in the face.

“Oh my god mommy I am so sorry I didn’t mean to do that,” I said worried.

“No, no it is ok Sam it is a good thing it hit me in the face it shows you are ready to have sex with me and it sure is big and sexy,” she said as she stared at it as she licked her lips.

“Oh um ok mommy so what do we do next?” I asked her as I started to breathe due to my excitement.

“Well we definitely can’t have sex without me naked so I think the next step would be for you to undress me,” she said as she stood up and walked in front of me.

My cock jumped when the image of my gorgeous mother nude jumped into my mind. I snapped myself out of my dream and stood up on wobbly legs and gripped for her shirt and slowly pulled it over her head allowing her unknown to me at the time free perky big breasts to bounce free with eraser like nipples sticking out what looked like an inch from her body.

I started staring at her enticing tits before I got snapped out of my trance by my mom saying, “You look just like your father did the first time he saw them. Why don’t you play with them and get accustomed to them as you work my skirt off.” She said as she smiled at me.

“You will really like them,” my dad said making me look at him and what I saw shocked me seeing him naked and stroking his cock but knew not to worry about him.

I slowly moved my head down to her tits as they rose and feel with her hard breathing as my hands ran down her stomach making her shake and squirm as they landed on her zipper to her skirt. My animal instincts started to take over and I moved my mouth over her right tit and started to suck on it and nibble and play with it as I unzipped her skirt and yanked it down finding nothing underneath but her pussy emanating heat.

“Mmm sweety I think he is starting to get the hang of thi…uh oh yes honey suck mommy’s titties,” she said as she bent her head back.

Her words of encouragement only fueled me on more as I kept switching between her tits leaving saliva all over them and her tits and cleavage. As I was having my way with her tits my fingers instinctively entered her pussy and I started to feel around her moist hot pussy as I used my finger to rub a knob which I would find out later is her clit. I started getting a little too rough and she pushed me off of her slowly.

“Woh, woh, woh Sam take it easy now tiger,” she said smiling at me with glazed over lust filled eyes.

“Oh my god mom I am so sorry I don’t know what came over me,” I said as I put my head down in shame of my animalistic instinct.

“No, no it is ok son it is just I am not used to a man being so aggressive. Now I think it is time for you to lose your virginity. Now Sam just lay back and let me do all the work,” she said as her breathing increased exponentially and she licked her lips.

I lay down excited to finally lose my virginity especially since I was going to lose it to the most beautiful woman I knew, my mom. I laid there with my cock pointing to the sky like a pole waiting to be mounted. My mom licked her lips and quickly like a bitch in heat got over my body on top of my cock facing me. She smiled to me as she grabbed a hold of my cock and stood it up and then still smiling at me she dropped her pussy impaling herself to the hilt on my cock.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! Sam your cock is impaled in my fucking pussy!!! Oh fuck it feels so fucking good!!!” she screamed so loud it could wake the neighbors as she rose up of my cock.

“Oh uhhhh Fuck,” I head my dad say and looked to see him cum all over his hand, “I will go clean myself but I will be back you two just keep going.”

My mom didn’t even listen to him she just started to ride my cock like a she was riding canlı casino a horse. Her eyes were glazed over with lust as she threw her head back and moaned like a bitch in heat as I lay there in complete ecstasy not knowing what to do but to just lay and enjoy it.

“Sa…Sam pl…play wi…with my tits no…now,” she said in a lustful craving voice.

I did exactly as I was told and started to knead and pinch and pull her tits. I was like a puppet to her at the moment but I could feel my animalistic urges start to take hold of me and when they finally took over I took my mom’s hips and flipped her over to her back with my on top not letting my cock slip out. I took control then and started to pound into her like a male dog to a bitch.

“Oh Sam, you naughty boy! Fuck your mom! Take control and fuck me senseless! Make me a baby Sam! Fuck my cunt!” she screamed in between moans and grunts of animalistic pleasure.

“Oh god mom I don’t know what has come over me but I love it! I love the feel of your fucking cunt on my cock! I feel like I am an animal not human! I feel possessed and I want to fuck you forever!” I said as I put her legs on my shoulders and pushed them to her breasts as I bent down and shoved my tongue in her throat.

“Wow Honey I think he is better at this than we thought he was going to be,” my dad said as he walked in the room and saw me pounding her.

“He sure fucking is honey. He is like a fucking animal,” she said as I came up for air.

I completely ignored the fact that my father was in the room and continued to pound into my mom’s cunt like it was going to save my life. I bent down pushing her legs to her tits and started to bite on her nipples as I grabbed her hips and picked her up and held her in my hands as I picked her up and slammed her back onto my cock.

“Oh fuck Sam! You are fucking amazing! I am getting so close! Please keep going keep fucking my cunt with your fuck stick! I have been a bad girl so punish me!” she said as she threw her head back in ecstasy moaning and grunting like she was possessed.

“Oh fuck mommy your cunt feels so tight and juicy! It feels so fucking well on my cock I am getting so close! I am going to cum so…Here I cum!” I said as I picked her up and dropped her down on my cock impaling my balls into her cunt as well as my cock and shot my cum deep in her.

Just as I came deep in her cunt I felt my mom spasm on my cock and felt a hot juice seep from out of her cunt and around my cock as she slumped on my shaking and letting out little moans. I took us over to the bed and lied her down so she could rest. I stood there looking down at my cum filled mom as cum fell from my cock. I looked over for my dad to see what his reaction was or if I was in trouble and then I heard sucking from in front of me.

“Dad what are you doing?” I asked dumbfounded by what my dad was doing.

“Well son I am sorry to say but we were not totally honest with you on our intentions of you fucking your mom,” he said in between licks of her cum filled pussy.

I was shocked by what he just said, “Wait, what you mean dad?”

“Don’t worry we are not mad. We will explain in due time,” he said as he finished cleaning mommy up.

Nothing compared to the shock that I had from what my dad did next. He brought his head up from my mom’s pussy and then turned and took my whole hard cock in his mouth and started sucking.

I did not move since I was paralyzed by the shock of what he was doing, “Dad what the fuck is you doing?”

“Well son I have to let you know something. I am bisexual which means I like men and woman,” dad said in between sucks on my cock.

“Ok honey that is enough I think we owe Sam an apology and an explanation,” my mom said as she sat up on the bed.

My dad got up and went back to his chair and brought it to the bed next to mommy and held her hands. They both looked at me with apologetic but hopeful looks.

“Well umm so is someone going to fill me in?” I asked being a little but angry about being deceived.

“Alright Sam it is time for you to know the truth. Your dad is not sterile due to a disease but because he had a vasectomy and I am naturally sterile. We are not trying to have a kid but instead the sounds you have been hearing are our rejuvenated sex life after I found out your dad is bisexual. I caught your dad one time when I came home early from work to find him being fucked by our neighbor and it hurt me but he explained it all to me and it took a while for me to except what happened but I did. He tried to say that he wouldn’t mind if I cheated to make it even but I didn’t want to do that but did admit I had fantasies of being fucked by another man,” she said looking over at my dad and kissing kaçak casino him.

“We then both decided to sit down and rationalize it out. We ended up deciding that we both had fantasies of being with someone else and I wanted it to be a guy and so did she so we came to a conclusion that we were going to look for a guy to be both if our fuck buddies. We didn’t want it to be a stranger so we tried some friends of ours but that didn’t end well actually that is why we moved the last time. We finally after weeks of trying to find another solution decided to seduce you by having you think we needed to fuck your mom to get her pregnant and see if it ended with how it did, you liking it and really fucking her not making love to her,” he said as I saw his cock was already hard again as was mine.

“So now it is all up to you honey. You can either except this and become our fuck buddy and become the third wheel in our marriage or you and I can go and clean up and pretend like this all never happened but I just want to let you know if you choose to be with us then you will never be alone and you can live here with us and are free to go fuck around as much as you like,” mommy said with a great sound of hope and lust in her voice.

“Well after losing my virginity to the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and being able to fuck anytime I want I don’t think anybody would pass that chance up so I am in,” I said to them making them both smile in glee as my cock twitched from the thought of the pleasure it would get for the rest of my life.

“Well I know that we are both happy to hear that but before this can all be finalized we need you to do something else to show your approval and commitment. We need you to fuck your dad,” my mom said with an air of complete ecstasy.

“Well um I guess if I have to do it to accept and if I am going to be doing it for the rest of our lives I guess I should start now,” I said as I walked over in front of my dad, ” I think my cock needs a little lubrication before we fuck.”

“Oh yes son I am sorry,” my dad said as he hurried over to their bed table.

He hurriedly threw open the drawers and finally found a lube tube which he ran over to where I was standing and took some in his hands and brought them up to my cock and slowly started to stroke my cock lubing it up.

I threw my head back from the pleasure and the taboo of the event, ” Oh fuck dad your hands feel so good.”

As my dad lubed up my cock for the fun ahead my mom grabbed the lube tube and got some in her hands and moved over behind dad and started to lube up his asshole. I just stood there and looked at one of the hottest things I have ever seen and all I was able to do was moan and groan. After a couple of minutes of lubing up we were both ready and we took our positions with my dad on his hands and knees and me standing behind him.

“Go ahead sweety. Fuck your daddy. Shove your cock in his ass!” my mom said to me encouraging me.

“Yes son fuck my ass! Fuck it nice and hard!” my dad said as he looked back at me as he spread open his ass cheeks.

I didn’t need anymore encouragement and I took my cock in my hand and got on my knees and walked over to his ass and placed my cock at the entrance and slowly pushed in. I felt pressure from his ass but I slowly pushed through it as inch after inch of my cock slid into his ass until I was to the hilt.

“Oh fuck son your big cock feel so good in my ass! I feel you so deep in me!” he said as he threw his head back and groaned loudly.

“Your ass feels so tight but good daddy,” I said as I started to rock back and forth into his ass.

“Oh god watching you two is getting me so hot,” my mom said as she walked over in front of both of us.

“I have a great idea. Mom why don’t you bend over in front of dad and he can fuck you as I fuck him,” I said in between moans and groans and I started to go faster into his ass.

“Oh fuck I would love that my lovelies,” mommy said as she bent over with her ass high in the air and waiting.

My dad didn’t need anymore encouragement just like I didn’t so with me still deep in his ass my dad jumped up and mounted my mom like a dog does to a bitch and slid his cock into her making us finally all connected sexually. My dad and I slowly started to rock in and out as my mom started to slowly rock back into us making us all come together. We all started to move faster until we were all thrusting as fast as we could and we were all sweaty and moaning and groaning like in a cluster fuck. We all were getting close together.

“Oh fuck I am getting close,” we all said just as it was too late and I came deep in my dad’s ass, my dad came in my mom’s cunt and she squirted her cum all over my dad’s cock.

We all fell on our sides all still connected cuddling up together as we drifted off to sleep from all the fun we just had and will have later. That is it for this chapter but there will be more to come. I thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed.

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