Bound to Happen Again

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This is a sequel to “Reach For The Star”. As previously, the story is told by both characters, as well as narration.

As ever, please vote and make comments. Thanks, once again, to my editor LadyCibelle.


What have I done? I have been weak, very weak. It was beautiful when we made love. But she is my daughter and men aren’t supposed to fuck their little girls. Okay, I know there are all those internet sites where it does happen, but they are made up aren’t they? Just fantasy…and I crossed a line. I made it reality. We actually made love; Fucked. No…it was love. Is love. But it was still wrong. I should have been stronger. If only I hadn’t gone upstairs with her.

I haven’t been to work for a few days, taking some overdue time off. I needed time to think. Think about what to do. But I keep thinking back to that day. She was modelling her new panties for me, including that flimsy thing I had chosen for her. I should have known she’d want me to see what it looked like. But how was I to know she’d shaved herself? Shaved her sweet little pussy for her daddy. How was I to know I’d be tempted by the way the thong moulded its way over her plump little mound?

When she made me feel the material, I should have left it at that. I could have left it that when the interruption came. I could have stopped things before she slid her hand into my pants and held my cock, but how many men would stop a girl at that point? It felt so good and seemed so natural that Chantal wanted to please her daddy. Just like I wanted to please her when I pleasured her orally moments later. We were lovers, then, not father and daughter. The mistake was going upstairs. Okay, we’d still done plenty by then. But I hadn’t been inside her. I hadn’t, as yet, taken her precious virginity.

She wanted me to be her first. I felt honoured…still do. But that’s no excuse and in the time that elapsed before getting up those stairs, I could have called a halt, should have stopped things from going further than was already too far. I should turn myself in. But Chantal won’t allow me to take the blame, so what would that do? Expose her as the girl who seduced her father and then she’d be on her own, that’s what.

She is behaving as if nothing happened. Well…that’s not strictly true. I should say she is carrying on as if it’s the most natural thing in the world for fathers to screw their daughters. She even crept into my bed, every morning since…until today. Three mornings ago, I woke to find her snuggled up behind me. It was just like old times, when she was much younger. But then I realised her arm was over my hip; her hand wrapped lightly around my cock as she was softly stroking me.

I was lost in the pleasure of it all as I began fucking my erection between her smooth fingers. Then she said, “Yes daddy…come on…you know you want to. Does my hand feel good there?”

Her voice brought me to my senses and I threw the bedclothes back. I looked down to see she hadn’t let go of me; my hard shaft dwarfing her small hand, her forefinger wet from the pre-cum glistening on the tip of my cock.

I eased her hand from my penis, slowly. She was reluctant to release me and, as guilty as I was feeling, I didn’t need more pain. I told her it wasn’t right.

Huffily she retorted, “So why were you hard then, daddy? You were soft when I got into your bed.” Then, more calmly, she continued. “I was stroking your for a couple of minutes and you became so stiff and smooth. You must have been enjoying it. I thought you were going to ejaculate when you started to thrust into my hand. Look, daddy, look at the head.”

I had already seen, but I looked again. I felt self-conscious, naked and in bed with my daughter, with my cock curving along my belly. I slid to the edge of the bed and stood up. I hoped my erection would subside, but looking down at her made it throb helplessly as I took in her breasts and that smooth area between her thighs that I had licked just days ago.

She smiled up at me. “How can you argue with that?” she laughed pointing at it. “You want me, don’t you…and I want you. How can it be wrong?”

“You know it’s not right,” I began as I was reaching for my boxers. “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

I made it to the bathroom without having to answer more impossible questions.

It was much the same the following mornings and it was driving me mad with frustration. I was so close to orgasm from my daughter’s talented fingers. I tried to finish myself off, but no sooner had I begun, images of Chantal filled my head and I stopped, reasoning the last thing I should do was to cum while picturing my sweet girl.

I retreated to my office downstairs. It had been days since I used my computer as I hadn’t wanted to be reminded of what started this. But now I needed to be away from temptation and I needed release. Better to come from my stories and images there than with my daughter. Or so I thought…but the moment casino siteleri I found something to ‘assist’ me and I began to feel a more innocent pleasure, was the moment my mind began downloading images of Chantal; images with a soundtrack on which she begged me to fuck her. I turned off the computer. If only I could delete the last few days, everything would be okay.

This morning I dreamed we had sex again; made love; fucked. Call it what you will. She pleaded with me and I gave her what she wanted. What we both wanted. Her silky pussy split apart by my thrusting cock as I moved inside her.

I awoke, feeling a kind of relief, but not release. I have no idea why she didn’t come to me like the previous mornings.

+ + + + +

Dear Diary

It’s been nearly a week since daddy and I made love. I want to do it again with him. I have lots to learn, but he doesn’t seem interested anymore. No…scratch that. I think he is interested. He’s just fighting against it; telling me it’s wrong and we shouldn’t do it. If he thinks it’s so wrong, why has he been reading stories about it on the net? I don’t understand and he won’t explain more; just says we mustn’t.

He hasn’t even been on the net since. He hasn’t read the latest instalment of Michelle and her daddy. He doesn’t know that Michelle felt her daddy’s finger in her bum while she sat astride him, easing back and forth on his cock. It sounded so delicious and naughty. I had felt my daddy’s finger back there, but not with his cock too. I wanted to feel that. I am kind of jealous of Michelle, but in a strange way I can learn something from her.

A few mornings ago I slipped into daddy’s bed while he was asleep and snuggled up against him with my arm draped over his side. I stroked his chest and my hand slid down lower, fingers trailing over his stomach. His breathing never changed; not even when a finger had found its way into his pubic hair and I tentatively reached further until I felt it.

Ever so lightly, I felt for his penis and slid my fingers around it. It felt thrilling…exciting. I was holding it and he didn’t know. I didn’t want to wake him up. Well…I would have loved for him to wake and take me in his arms. But I don’t think he is ready for that again yet. I just enjoyed the feel of my daddy’s penis in my hand. It wasn’t hard or anything. It just felt nice.

I did it again the next morning and this time I gently held his balls in the palm of my hand as well. He made a funny little sound but didn’t wake as I moved my hand back to his penis. It had grown a little. I know this because I had to stretch my fingers a little more around it. He was still asleep and yet I had made his cock bigger. I so wanted to stroke it and get him even harder, but I didn’t want to wake him

The next morning I couldn’t resist. I made sure he was still asleep before I curled my fingers around him and I held it making sure his breathing was even. Satisfied he was well under, I began to stroke him and his cock began to grow in my hand. I felt so wicked! My daddy was asleep but I was slowly wanking him to an erection. His cock was so smooth between my fingers.

A murmur escaped from him; a kind of ‘mmmm’ sound, but he didn’t wake. It was as if he was enjoying it; his stiff cock being teased to hardness. Perhaps he was dreaming. Whatever it was, the movement was no longer just me as he began moving his hips, causing his cock to slide through my fingers. He was fucking my hand! My daddy’s cock was now hard and he was pushing it against my palm and fingers.

In my excitement, I got carried away and spoke. He woke and moved away from me. I was disappointed, but I saw he was still hard when he stood up. He was saying no but his cock was yelling YES!!!

I tried again each morning since, hoping not to wake him; just enjoying the feel of his penis, growing in my hand. But he kept waking and I was so disappointed. Until this morning.

Today, I tiptoed along the landing to his bedroom wondering if this time I could get daddy to cum before he caught me. Then I heard him call me. I froze!

“Not fair!” I began thinking; a pout developing. “He’s awake.”

Then I realised he wasn’t calling out, but talking in his sleep. At first all I could pick up was my name so I moved towards his door, opening it quietly. I couldn’t hear everything but what I could make out sent thrills through me.

“Oh…Chantal…that feels sooo good…yes…fuck…”

I was so happy at that moment. My daddy did want to make love to me. He was saying no, but he really did want it. I knew he did. I wanted to rush into his room but hesitated, fearing he’d wake and resist his feelings once again. I had to think and crept back to my room. An idea came to me as I lay on my bed. It filled me with excitement and before I knew it, my hips were rolling in pleasure as I was fingering myself. I came, beautifully, to an image of daddy spreading my ass in readiness for canlı casino his stiff cock.


+ + + + +

That night, he went to bed feeling much more relaxed. He had resisted his desire for intimacy with his angel; particularly difficult given the way she crept into his bed and fondled him until he got hard. Each morning he’d woken with the most amazing feeling of pleasure from his daughter’s hand as her fingers stroked his cock and each morning he’d stopped her. He really wanted to let her continue until his pleasure was complete and he’d cum. But would it stop there? Of course not. It would happen again. Then again and, maybe, the next time it would go further. And while he would dearly love to make love to his little girl just once more, would it be just one more time?

She hadn’t come to him that morning. Perhaps she was coming to realise he meant it. They’d made love and it was beautiful. They should cherish the memory, but it should remain a memory.

He had no recollection of his dream either. If he had, maybe there’d have been a doubt or two, but his guard was lowered and it was for these reasons he was slow to react when he felt such pleasure again the following morning.

When you wake with a morning erection, depending on your position, you do notice the extra ‘weight’ and moving may create caressing feelings as it slides over skin or bedding. This is what he thought he was experiencing when his daughter was running her fingers along the length of his twitching penis. When her fingers circled it, he thought he was dreaming. He enjoyed the sensations of her hand stroking his cock as she masturbated him slowly. Only when she licked him did he think something was up. Dreams were never this vivid.

As his eyes opened, he gradually focussed at the source of his pleasure and was shocked to see Chantal holding him while she took him into her mouth. “What are you doing…” he began and immediately realised the stupidity of the question. He reached for her head, desperate to remove her mouth from his penis before it was too late. He had already been near to ejaculating before he knew the cause of his pleasure and, now, seeing his princess with her hand around his cock, sliding it between her lips…well he’d soon lose control.

But something was wrong. He was reaching, but it wasn’t happening. Was something in his subconscious deliberately delaying the movement; allowing him the ecstasy of the moment: prolonging the bliss of his daughter’s incestuous act? He tried again but neither arm moved as instructed and he soon knew why. He felt something pulling on his wrists as he tried to move. His arms were tied to the bars at the head of his bed!

+ + + + +

This had been Chantal’s plan. She had decided that he wanted to make love with her again but was fighting against it. She simply had to prevent him from succeeding. So this morning, before waking him, she sought to immobilise him by tying his hands. Having already found a suitable necktie the previous day, she wrapped it loosely around one wrist, threaded it through the bars and then around the other wrist. Finally, she had tightened the knots around his wrists. Not so tight that he’d feel it, but enough to prevent his hands slipping free. This way, she reasoned, she’d have access to her daddy’s cock without him being able to stop her when he inevitably awoke from her ministrations. It was, perhaps, a little devious. She conceded that. But she was helping him get over that barrier, wasn’t she? And once it happened again, once she had made him cum again, he needn’t feel any guilt. She would have made him do it. Maybe without the guilt they would make love again.

Going to bed the previous night, Chantal had thought about that phrase. She was going to be in control. She would make him cum. “I’m going to tie him up, slip the bedclothes down his body and stroke his penis until it gets hard” she was thinking as a finger slid between her thighs. “He won’t be able to stop me and I’ll be able to play with my daddy’s cock until he can’t take it anymore and he just has to cum for me.

She continued to masturbate herself, but held back from her own orgasm. She hoped the next one would be at her daddy’s hands.

+ + + + +

He pulled both his arms again, but he couldn’t reach his daughter’s head as she continued to slide her tongue and lips over and around his cock-head. “Come on Chantal” he said, trying to reason with her. “This isn’t right, you know it isn’t.”

She ignored him and he tried to edge away from her, but she managed to place a hand on his thigh to hinder his attempted escape. The shift in position resulted in her mouth slipping further over his penis, and he felt his resolve weakening. He could jerk himself free, he thought; he was, after all, bigger and stronger than she was. But he was concerned such a sharp movement would result in his knee or foot hitting her in the face and he certainly didn’t want that. kaçak casino He couldn’t force her from him and talking wasn’t working. What could he do? As she continued to fellate him, it began to matter less.

He was close to surrender when she let him slip from her mouth. When she released his cock and stood up he thought of reprieve and relaxed, missing his opportunity to bring this to an end. He closed his eyes briefly, but it was long enough for her to climb onto the bed and sit astride his legs, pinning him to the mattress. Once again he considered bucking and throwing her off. But he couldn’t hurt his little girl could he?

He looked at her, stealing a glance at her breasts, tantalisingly revealed by her loose fitting top and looked quickly at the ceiling, for fear she’d notice. He immediately realised that seemed a silly reaction. He didn’t want to be caught looking, yet there he was, naked, with his daughter, his penis erect and showing no signs of returning to a flaccid state since she ceased her toying with it. She had created this situation, he thought. She desired it. Perhaps he should just give in and talk again later.

He watched as Chantal’s hands grasped the hem of her top and lifted slowly. He saw her smooth tummy and cute belly-button. The curve of her breasts slowed the movement of the garment as she pulled it over her head. The few seconds, while her arms and head were engulfed, seemed minutes as her actions caused her breasts to jiggle slightly. His cock twitched. How he wanted to reach out, to touch them. He couldn’t remember touching them before. He desperately wanted to touch them now; stroke and squeeze her tits, tease her nipples, make her beg like she had him. But he couldn’t reach.

Removing her top completely, she was now practically naked. She just had to remove her panties. Then she’d be as naked as her daddy. He noticed them. The pink thong he chose for her, just days ago. When he discovered she had shaved her pussy for him. He again noticed how snug the fit was and he was so mesmerised by that thought, he hadn’t noticed she had lifted herself up to strip herself completely. That was the final moment of possible escape. He knew he’d missed it when she dangled the thong close enough for him to smell her odour. He remembered it easily. How could he forget it after tasting his girl’s pussy?

She drew the panties down his chest, over his stomach and then over his penis. It seemed to reach out as she trailed the soft material along his shaft and back and forth over his testicles. He’d never felt such excitement as his daughter draped her thong on his cock as it throbbed like never before. Just as he thought he could cum from the sensations, she stopped. He saw her hand raise and drop her panties over her shoulder.

She inched slowly along his body, raising herself. Curling her fingers around his cock, she tried to get him inside her. It wasn’t as easy as she had thought, especially as he was instinctively thrusting too. But she was wet, determined and eventually felt him slipping into her. It was glorious. Even better was she had felt him trying to get his cock into her as much as she wanted it inside her. Finally, she thought, he wanted to fuck her as much as she wanted to fuck him.

She began moving her hips, rising, feeling her pussy sliding up his cock, then down again, carefully, gently, so as not to have him slip out when she’d worked so hard for this. It worked for him, too. He had been so close to ejaculation when she was teasing his cock with that pink thong he’d chosen for her. Now he was inside his darling daughter again. Her cunt was around his cock and he wanted it to last a little longer. Both were so desperate, the excitement so intense, that neither was speaking.

Chantal was writhing on her daddy’s cock one minute, laying still, enjoying the feeling of being filled the next and then moving up and down again. She found that in the moments when she was still, he began his own movements fucking into her. She wanted his hands on her body at the same time, needed his fatherly arms around her. She thought of his hands clutching her bottom, pulling her into him; perhaps a finger slipping to her anus as he fucked her. But she knew this wouldn’t be happening if his hands were not secured.

He was suddenly aware of a different kind of movement. Even in his near orgasmic state, he knew something had changed. He saw she was reaching behind, feeling for something. What was she doing, he wondered. In a brief moment of totally unreasoned panic, he thought, “Oh my God! She’s going to kill me. She’s reaching for the ice-pick!”

Instead, he saw she found what she had sought. Relieved, he was then surprised to find her lifting off him and slipping backwards a little. In her hand he saw the pink thong and he watched as she flattened it across her fingers.

Before he could even begin to wonder what was next, she had grasped his penis. The softness of the material felt wonderful. That, combined with his daughter’s fingers slipping around his cock as she masturbated him triggered his orgasm. She squealed in delight at his ejaculation; cum spurting out over her hand and panties as she wanked him gently.

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