Betrayed In Mexico

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Betrayed In Mexico
Author comments, this new story I started 2 months ago. I have written this piece with live characters in mind.

1 Elizabeth Jack, looks like Meryl Streep

2 Delia Sanchez, looks like Vanessa del Rio

3, Anna Diaz look like Nautica Thorn

4, Hugo is a dead ringer for Burt Reynolds.

5, Mandingo Warrior … Lexington Steel

Sister Delia Sanchez now 35years old, a catholic nun helps operate a small Catholic Church and orphanage in Tijuana Mexico. Delia has been a nun for 10 years. Her story was a successful one, but not without tribulations. At 15 yrs. of age her older boyfriend sold her into prostitution in southern Mexico. Delia landed at a notorious whorehouse; called “slut farm” there she learned the art of deviant sex. Often enjoying it but for certain, it was her ticket out from poverty. For 10yrs Delia reputation throughout Southern Mexico as a gutter whore was well known.

At 25-year-old Delia was struck with divine intervention. A priest with his flock traveling north ministered to Delia. He convinces Delia to divorce her wicked life and follow him into the ministry. Their Delia found salvation. For ten years Delia served the ministry faithfully. Slowly she removed all the wicked emotions as she focus totally on the ministry.

On this day we find Delia stand on a busy street in Tijuana. A steady parade of street hookers litters the street. Delia however is dress in full habit attire hiding every inch of her body. Although 20 lbs. heavier Delia was sill a pretty Latino, Her deep brown chubby face was all anyone would see. As Delia is passing out her religious pamphlets, a well dress gringo walk by and suddenly stops. The gentleman looks at Delia and calls her name “Delia is that you?” Delia look at the man and a wave of fear hits her has she drops all her pamphlets.

As she tries to step around the man he block her path. The white gringo grabs her arm and grins and say; Delia you don’t remember me? Delia shake her head in denial, her eyes are downcast as she is trying not to look at the gringo. The gringo leans in with a glaring look and says, “My name is Hugo I work the front door at the “slut farm” you remember that don’t you?” Delia as she is frozen momentarily states, ” No you are mistaken senior ” The gringo reaches and gently lifts her head up with his finger. He looks confidently at Delia and says, “You know me very well and I know you to”. He then steps a side and said; “you have a good day sister”. Delia scurries down the street not bothering to retrieve her pamphlets

The gringo picks up one of the fallen pamphlets than pulls out his cell phone. A female voice on the other end say “hello darling “The gringo as he reading the pamphlet states “Hi you will not guess who I ran into just now”.

The next two weeks is uneventful for Delia. Relocating her soul saving and meager fun raising efforts for an orphanage that was in deep financial trouble. Sister Delia hope she would have no further run-ins with the gringo. On this day Delia is returning back to the orphanage. As she approaches she see a very expensive Mercedes Benz park in front of Pastor Jose office. Her Curiosity peaks as she opens the door to see the back of two heads. Two people are in conversation facing Padre Jose. Padre Jose sees Sister Delia said, “Come in Sister Delia, come in I want you to meet two very important people.”

Sister Delia is midway into the big office when the two guests turn their heads to look at Delia. Immediately Sister Delia stops and whispers in Spanish “dear mother of god”. Padre Jose quickly moves from behind his desk and rushes to Delia grab her hands and say, “It must be a divine intervention for HE has sent us two souls to save our Church and orphanage. I want you to meet Mrs. Jack and her associate Hugo they are investors from America”. Sister Delia tremble with fear. Her past has finally caught up to her.

Sister Delia recognized the couple Elizabeth Jack and Hugo together they ran the infamous “Slut Farm” south Mexico notorious whorehouse. As Elizabeth Jack extended her hand, Sister Delia knew that these two people were directly responsible for breaking up many Mexican families and enslaving their daughters into the world of sex, prostitution, d**gs and even b********y. With her eyes casting downward Sister Delia nervously extends her hand into both of Elizabeth hands. Elizabeth would not let go as she talks, “Hello Sister Sanchez, Padre Jose has told us all about you, and the good works you’ve done at the orphanage.

“I almost feel I know you personally” as Elizabeth flashes and sly smile toward Delia who is frozen in thought. She remembers how Elizabeth Jack took charge of her training into the world of Whoredom. It started with the daily beating until her will was completely broken. Then force Lesbian scenes she performed on Elizabeth and all the others whores and customers at the whorehouse. The daily ****s of all 3 orifices, Elizabeth expertise was the brainwashing of the young innocent girls made to believe they were built to be whores to wear your whoredom as a badge of honor

Now Sister Delia stands shaking the very couples hand that was responsible for all that was mention above. Padre Jose barks his remarks at Delia to snap her out of deep thought. “DELIA I have a assignment for you tomorrow. The Jacks had graciously arrange a car to pick you up tomorrow morning and bring you down to their new 5 star Hotel in Tijuana. Look it over and report back to me. After all a portion of the 1st month proceeds will be donated to the church. I have a important meeting with our creditors tomorrow so you Sister Delia must go.” “Then it is settle,” says Elizabeth “my car will be here 9am sharp”

That evening Sister Delia pleaded with Padre Jose not to send her but he was steadfast on his decision. He did explain to her that they were in danger of losing the orphanage due to financial troubles. Sister Delia spent the evening in deep prayer as she would literally be walking thru the valley of death, she saw it as another test the lord would give her and she was determined to pass.

2, The Limo ride

Sister Delia dressed in her traditional black Habit. Armed with her bible, faith and a determine frame of mind was ready. A black Limo arrive and Hugo step out of the back seat. He opens the back seat and say’s “good morning Sister” There Elizabeth Jack is sitting in the back seat dress in a black business suit with black sunglasses. Elizabeth smile and wave to Sister Delia and says, ” Good morning Sister come in” as she pats the car seat next to her. Sister Delia momentarily had a 2nd thought about entering into the car. Elizabeth Jack look sinister as her smile widen when Delia entered Hugo followed in behind.

Sister Delia is trying hard not to show the fear and fright as the car pull away she is chanting in her mind the (lord prayer.) The hour long drive to Downtown Tijuana has began. Elizabeth Jack looks at Delia and brings her black sunglasses down the bridge of her nose. Elizabeth scents it will not be long to bring the “whore” back out of Sister Delia as she see Sister Delia is hugging her bible close to her breast. Elizabeth lean in and say’s “My I see your bible?” Sister Delia shaking, hands over the bible to Elizabeth is smiling, as she knows it is her that is causing Delia distress.

Elizabeth flicks thru the pages like a deck of cards. Elizabeth gives Delia a smile and tosses the bible to the car floor. Delia is stunned, pleads for her bible is cut short by Elizabeth who leans in and say’s “Shout up PUTA” Delia panics she leans away but into the arm of Hugo. Sister Delia is trap. Elizabeth began her taunt ” Is this the same Delia Sanchez that used to be the nastiest whore at the slut farm? Elizabeth broke out in sarcastic laugher.

Sister Delia cries and begs, “please senorita take me back” Elizabeth smile and says OOOH Yea I’m going to take you back! Back when you were my best hard humping whore the SLUT FARM ever had. Back to a time when you had every cock in the room hard and waiting to fuck you” Elizabeth Jack reaches into her jacket pocket and pulls out a stack of photographs. Elizabeth holds up the first photo of Delia on her knees cum dripping down the side of her face surrounded by 5 cocks eagerly sucking one

The 2nd photo Delia is sitting on a big black cock looking over her shoulder with a sexy smile for the camera. The 3rd photo was of Delia legs rap around a standing black man’s waist, 6 of the 12-inch cock were plowing upward into Delia cunt. Standing in back of her a white man with his large white cock driving up into her gaping ass hole while she look at the camera displaying a sexy smile.

Elizabeth say’s ” I hosting a party tonight and I want you their as my main event. I got hundreds of photos of the real Delia in action. Not some scared and meager nun. Like I did 20 year ago. I going to reach down into your soul and drag the whore out. The whore we booth know you are. If you don’t cooperate than you’ll have to explain to Padre Jose why he will loose is orphanage. All those young k**s back in the streets because of you! You just think about that Sister Delia.

3, Elizabeth Jack seals the deal

The long ride was relatively quit after the above conversation. As they arrive to the Hotel they walk into Elizabeth office. Hugo is ushering Delia hastily with a firm grip into the office. Elizabeth tells her receptionist to “hole my calls”. Hugo is standing next to Delia. Sister Delia looks scared and is standing in front of Elizabeth’s large wooden desks. Elizabeth sitting at her desk is looking at Delia. Elizabeth stands up orders Delia to “strip” as she walks around her desk

Delia with hand folded in prayer looks up at Elizabeth and says “Please Ms Elizabeth don’t make me do that”. Elizabeth now is standing behind Delia and runs her hand along Delia waist and thighs. Elizabeth whispers a venomous comment ” bitch if you don’t follow my every command I will call Padre Jose and tell him the deal is off”. She picks up the phone and begins to dial Jose phone number. Delia see no alternative but to comply.

Sister Delia is standing completely naked. Elizabeth looks and say’s “you seem to put on a few pounds over 10 years. Look like your ass got a little fatter whore” Elizabeth hand is roaming freely on Delia Latino big butt cheeks. Elizabeth asks Hugo who had a wide grin on is face “What do you think Hugo can Delia big ass take a big cock?.” Hugo grabs a hand full of Delia big butt. And say’s “without a doubt she still can fuck a big dick” Elizabeth chuckles and look at Delia who has tears in her eyes. Elizabeth smile knowing Delia is losing her humanity slowly. Elizabeth say’s “what about the PUTA’s her big tits? Think she can still rap them around a big cock?”

Delia is openly crying now unable to stop the verbal assault. Elizabeth moves in for the kill and say’s ” Delia you are a whore. You always been a whore, you were born to be a whore. Do you really think you can escape who you are by becoming a nun? Elizabeth is tweaking Delia right nipple and she is responding to her touch. Sister Delia does not notice that Hugo has unzipped his pants and his stroking his 9inch cock in his hand.

Elizabeth says, look what Hugo has for you my dear. Delia look at the big cock and begins to tearfully plead with Elizabeth “Please, don’t “Elizabeth with a concern look said ” think of all those c***dren that will be thrown back to the streets because of you Sister Delia! Slowly Delia left hand touch Hugo stiff cock. Elizabeth noticing this gives Hugo a wicked smile. Sister Delia is looking up to the sealing in silent prayer but it is Elizabeth words that command her “Touch his cock slut, feel how powerful it is.” Sister Delia is slowly stroking his cock rotating her hand with a firm grip.

Elizabeth pours in more encouragement “Hugo look how the whore grab your cock. Feel how powerful it is Sister Delia. Take control of Hugo big cock, that’s it

Cunt jerk it nice and slow”. Elizabeth can see a transformation coming over Sister Delia as she began illegal bahis siteleri to hyperventilate. Elizabeth pressed Delia on Just as she done with many other young Mexican girls. Elizabeth bringing her hand from her tits to Delia’s moist cunt. Elizabeth shoves 2 fingers up into Delia and whispers into Delia ear “Let it go PUTA” Sister Delia eyes rolled back in her head and for the first time in 10years she swears in Spanish.

Elizabeth is vigorously shoving her fingers into Sister Delia as the first orgasm hit. Delia’s cunt juices are flowing to the floor. Elizabeth signal to Hugo, and they both step away from Delia leaving her standing, bucking in orgasm bliss. Suddenly Sister Delia falls to the floor still bucking from her ordeal. Elizabeth laughs and point to Delia said, “Hugo is this the same nun you saw 2 weeks ago? Hugo replies, “Not now, she looks like the nasty whore that work at the SLUT FARM. “Exactly” stated Elizabeth “let’s prepare the slut for her future” Elizabeth press her intercom and told the receptionist “please send a few guys up from the club to my office”

Elizabeth reaches down and helps Sister Delia up to her knees facing Hugo, his large cock just inches away. Sister Delia is dazed and is praying in Spanish with her hands press together. Elizabeth is running her hands thru the Latino’s long black hair down to her scalp. Elizabeth sound compassionate as she say’s ” That’s right Punta pray, pray hard to your new god” as Hugo press his hard cock thru Sister Delia praying hands. Instinctively she grabs his cock with booth hands as they rotate around his entire cock. Elizabeth urges ” Go on whore do what you were born to do” Sister Delia in one motion open her pretty mouth and engulf Hugo entire cock.

Elizabeth held Delia head, as her nose is press against Hugo pubic hairs. Sister Delia is coughing saliva thru her mouth and nose has she tries to breath. Elizabeth slowly guides Delia head off Hugo large cock allowing her to really taste the essence of Hugo cock. A long strand of saliva links Hugo cock to Sister Delia lips. Sister Delia next move confirmed to the smiling Elizabeth that the whore within her had emerged. Delia Sanchez without any encouragement devoured Hugo’s cock again. Delia slowly withdrew her Latino lips rotating her head around the cock head Hugo, savoring every inch of Hugo’s cock. With a look of pure lust Sister Delia cast her eyes up at Hugo.

Delia than spit onto Hugo stiff cock and devoured it again for the 3rd time. Hugo grabs Delia head and began to skull fuck her. Hugo is determined to achieve orgasm Delia has a firm grip on Hugo’s butt cheeks in support of Hugo orgasm. After about 15sec of vigorous skull fucking Hugo pulls his saliva slick cock from the Latina’s mouth and jerks his cock as Delia in Spanish, is pleading for his cum. The 1st blast erupts and a thick blob of cum lace Delia pretty face. The 2nd and 3rd blast, drops into Delia open mouth. Just than 3 men enters into Elizabeth office and quickly undress. Hugo moves away putting his cock back into his pants. Elizabeth helps Delia up and faces her toward the 3 advancing men. As they approach they see a big tit Latina looking like a sexual b**st. Her nostrils flaring, Delia body is swaying from side to side. Elizabeth’s hands are under Delia arms holding up her large tits. Elizabeth smiles as she observes cum drips down from Delia face onto her large tit.

Elizabeth whispers into Delia ear “These men are here to fuck you, to give your big Latino body the fucking it grave.” Elizabeth watches as a devilish smile forms on Delia’s face. Delia makes no attempt to wipe the man slime from her face. With open arms she greets them as Delia swears in Spanish “This PUTA need a good fucking now” Her big hips sways as the men grope her voluptuous body as they walk her to the couch in the back of the office. Elizabeth Jack call Padre Jose and informs him that Sister Delia has decided spend the night. Padre Jose ask, “How did her interaction with the staff go” Elizabeth smiles and said, “OOOH she making progress” as she watches Delia straddle a man, who’s cock disappear into her open cunt.

4, Show Time @ Slut Farm II

The Slut farm II is Elizabeth Jack new private club located at the new 5 star hotel.

Tonight is the grand opening of the very private club. For $1000 per person, front row table seats were available to the rich Mexicans, Americans, Europeans mostly couples. Single locals, males who can afford were sitting in the back tables for $500 per person. (One would say that this entry fee was enormous, but Elizabeth Jack’s reputation commended it. It was decadence at the highest level)

The large room is filled with 100 paying customers. Sprinkled with 20 high-class hookers and 10 jocks ready to service anyone’s perversion. Elizabeth is monitoring the show from her office on CCTV. The scene in the room almost resembles an orgy, but not totally, Hugo the Slut Farm II Master of Ceremonies still had control. In the back of the room were 10 booths each covered with a back curtain each numbered. If a quest needed privacy the booth can be rented for 10-20 min. Hugo is introducing 1 last hooker to the room. He is reading off a list of her special skills as she walking into the audience. Elizabeth is putting the finishing touches to Sister Delia’s outfit.

As Elizabeth was applying Delia makeup she could her the low buzz from the large black

Cock dildo inserted up into Delia cunt. Along with the sexual sedative issued 1 hour ago.

Elizabeth had selected the satanic look for Sister Delia tonight. From head to toe Sister Delia is wearing her black Habit. Her full lips are painted red with black eyeliner around booth eyes. Her Habit is covering her voluptuous body. All that Delia is wearing is a black G-string. Booth of Sister Delia’s 42″ DD tits have black duct tape covering her big nipples. Delia is sporting her 5-inch, knee-hi black boots.

Elizabeth has walked Sister Delia to a full-length mirror. Elizabeth watches as tears are forming in Delia’s eyes. Elizabeth stood close behind Delia and whispered these comments “Look into the mirror Delia, do you see a nun?” Elizabeth smiles and runs her hands over Delia big tits. Elizabeth continues, ” I see a sexual creature, a creature who causes men and woman to drool with lust.” Elizabeth can see the changeover taking Delia. A wicked smile appears on Delia’s full lips, as Elizabeth place a thick gold chain and cross around her neck. “Welcome back Delia” Elizabeth stated, “Your fans await you”

Elizabeth and Delia walked across the hall and wait behind the stage curtain. They could hear the laughing buzz from the crowd gathered in the main area. Elizabeth looks and can see the anticipation on Delia face. Sister Delia is hit with a wave of lust that she has not felt in 10years, as Elizabeth hand move down the back of Delia habit. Hugo is calming down the crowd

“Have your seats Ladies and Gentleman tonight we have a surprise guest performing for you tonight. 10 year ago this woman was our feature performer. Then suddenly she left us and became a NUN!” The crowd begins to viciously laugh, as Hugo has to calm them down and continues “But now she back ladies and gentleman to pick up where she left off. Slut Farm II is proud to present the return of Sister Delia Sanchez”!!!! A recording of David Rose (the stripper) roars throughout the room. Sister Delia instinctively strolled out into the stage one leg in front of the other. Delia’s voluptuous body is hidden under her habit as she prances around the stage.

Delia is in her glory as she holds her head high and receives the crowd praise, although all of the praise was catcall and lewd comments. As she is walking she is unbuttoning her black habit, teasing the crowd. Sister Delia walks over to Hugo, grabs him by the waist and begins to hump him as she whispers in his ear. She than lets the habit fall to the ground, the crowd roars their approval. Hugh eyes open wide with surprise as he talks into the microphone and say’s “I think Sister Delia is hiding something but where?” Delia full red lips smiles as she turns to the crowd, standing in 5-inch heels, bend forward and places both hands on her knees. The voluptuous Latino pointed her big ass toward Hugo. The cross and chain dangling from her neck, still wearing her religious head rap she pushes the black dildo partly out of her cunt.

Hugo grabs hold of the dildo base and begins to fuck the dildo in and out. Sister Delia assists him by rotating her big ass while blowing kisses to the crowd. Hugo removes the 9 inch black dildo (slick with Delia cunt slime), holds it up toward the stage lights so all can see. The crowd howls their approval, as Delia stands erect with both hands on her hips. Hugo specks into the microphone, “Ladies and gentleman sister Delia will be making her rounds in the VIP section please be generous.” Than Hugo delivers a load slap to Delia butt cheek.

The stripper song plays and Delia strolls over to a couple sitting in table #1. The lady is holding the male hard cock in her left hand, as the crowd behind them is standing and straining to get a better look Sister Delia bends forward smiles and devours the man entire length of his cock The man is rapidly fucking the LATINA’S mouth. After a few seconds Delia move her mouth off the cock leaving 3-4 strand of saliva connecting her wet lips to his cock. (A trick Delia learned early on at the slut farm). Sister Delia engulfs the cock again and the lady holds Delia head down. The man is now shooting his cum down Delia throat. Delia hand is jerk off the cock. Delia smiles at the lady as cum drip off her big red lips.

The lady leans in and French kiss Delia, The crowd is chanting “PUTA, PUTA, PUTA”, as the two ladies exchange spite and cum. Delia brakes off the kiss, and with the back of her hand wipe the cum off her mouth. Delia gets up as the lady slaps her ass as she strolls to table #2. Table 2 has 4 male occupants dress in suites. All 4 are stroking their cock to erection. Sister Delia is walking around the table. Some close enough to table #2 are reaching for a cheap thrill. Delia touches and teases each cock has she passes over the men. Watching all 4 cocks getting stiff Sister Delia picks one. She backs her big butt over the stiff cock, rotating her gaping cunt over the lucky cock head of occupant of table #2

Looking over her shoulder at the man she states in Spanish “You ready to fuck the PUTA?” than without warning Delia cunt slides down the entire shaft. She leans back against the man’s chest and grinds her cunt against the base of his cock. Delia is looking at the 3 men as they jerk their cock feverishly, enticing them to touch her big tits as she holds them up with both hands. She sees one man is close to ejaculation. Delia fingers the man to come close, the man moves quickly in front of Delia. (She knows what coming next.) A burst of thick white cum bolted from his cock, the crowd roars as Delia lean forward to greet the flying cum blast. A thick wad of cum laced down the middle of her pretty LATINA face. Delia swear in Spanish, before the man could eject the 2nd blast Delia big red lips engulf the spurting cock head and drain the sanative cock head of its remaining fluid

The crowd is at a fever pitch as Delia stand up and dislodges her cunt from the rock hard cock now quivering and slick with Delia cunt juices. Delia turns to the crowd with a bold proud look as the thick wad of cum is plastered on her face. Sister Delia make no attempt to remove it as she let’s everyone look at the nastiest whore in Tijuana Mexico. Two security men move in to escort Delia to the back of the room they stop in front of booth # 3. Delia bend over and slaps are big butt checks hard. Than Hugo announce on the microphone “Ladies and Gentleman you seen it with your own eyes. Sister Delia Sanchez IS the nastiest PUTA in Tijuana. She’ll be taking confession in booth # 3”

5, Betrayal of Anna Diaz

It has been 1 week since Pastor Jose has heard from Sister Delia Sanchez. perabet güvenilir mi As word spread thru-out Tijuana of the return of Delia, Elizabeth is talking to Hugo and Delia in her office. “My dear Delia, the SLUT FARMS appointment book is filling up with request for you. Once word got out you that you are back your old rich and famous cliental are returning. But for now I have an idea that I’m sure you would love. Pastor; Jose has called me few times. The good pastor is coming here this afternoon. He is concern about you Sister Delia. So I had some of my friends look into his pass history”. Elizabeth produces a large envelope and passed it over to Hugo and Delia. Elizabeth sees the smiles and eye-opening surprise develop over their faces.

Inside the envelope there are written accusations and pictures of Pastor Jose with young boys and girls address to his superiors in the USA. Elizabeth knew that the Catholic Church hid their perverted priest. Southern Mexico was ideal for Pastor Jose. Elizabeth Jack has a plan and with luck it may reap big dividends.

5, Pastor Jose enters the trap

5pm the receptionist buzzes Elizabeth Jack office ” Pastor Jose is here ” Elizabeth and ushers him to the couch with a coffee table in front with a large envelop. She sits chair opposite the table. After a brief greeting Elizabeth get down to business and open up the envelope and said ” Pastor Jose I like for you to look at these documents and pictures” As the good pastor is looking over the pictures and documents Elizabeth can see a look of concern and worry come over him. The short statue pastor stood up and demanded, “What is the meaning of this Ms. Jack” Elizabeth rose from her chair and in a command voice said, “sit down”

At that moment the door opens and Sister Delia Sanchez boldly walks into the office. Pastor Jose looks over toward her in a puzzling stir as he slowly sits down. He could not believe his eyes. Wearing her 5-inch heels, walking towards him was a tall voluptuous Latin woman wearing a one-piece short spandex dress. The dress is hugging every inch of Delia’s hips& waist. Delia’s 42EE breast spilling out of the halter style top, her full lips are painted bright red.

Pastor Jose lips stutters the words “Delia is that you?” Pastor Jose clasps his hands in prayer, and looks bewildered at Delia and said, “What have they done to you”? Delia Del-Rio is standing over the Pastor Jose looking down; she does not see a man of god but a pervert posing as a priest. Delia replies “Elizabeth has only return me to the whore I always was.” Delia smiles seductively as she turns over one picture, which showed Pastor Jose sucking a young teenagers cock. Delia with a raise eyebrow look at Pastor said, I see you have been a very bad boy yourself” Delia slowly rub his left leg.

Pastor Jose has broken out into a sweat as he softly says, “that was long ago”. “Nonsense” stated Elizabeth “you can’t expect us to believe that you have not had dreams and thoughts of sucking off a young boy”? “No Stop” shouts Pastor Jose as he demonstrates the sign of the cross. A Delia lean in her hand is moving slowly up Pastors thigh. She states, with a hint of venom, “Sure you do Father Jose you think of it day and night. All perverts like you do”

Elizabeth shines in “You see pastor perversion, is the business that I am in. Here we don’t discriminate, we cater to everyone.” Pastor Jose began chanting in Spanish the lord prayer as he is trying hard to rely on his faith. Delia whispers into Pastor Jose ear “Pray Pastor pray for forgiveness, Pray for deliverance, than pray for what you really want” Just then the door opens and 2 teenage Latino males enter into the office wearing only a G-string underwear. They both stood along side their boss Elizabeth Jack

Pastor Jose says, “I must leave now” as his body is shaking and sweat is dripping down his face. Elizabeth in a command voice said, Sit down you will leave when I say so” Pastor Jose close his eyes and prayed out loud in Spanish. Delia lips pour these words into Pastor ear ” Look at them Pastor, look how strong their bodies are. Look how big their cocks are.” Pastor Jose opens his eyes and looked to see the two teenage cocks rapid growing to erection. Pastor Jose turn to Delia and with tearful eyes said, “Please Sister Delia reclaim your faith for it is not to late”

Delia seductively smiles while she shakes her head no. She then fingers the teenagers to come forward. Elizabeth Jack is smiling she sees her plan working. The priest is in a confuse state. The two teens move quickly and are now standing in front of Delia and Pastor Jose. Delia right hand is now roaming thru Pastor hair. Her left hand grabs hold of one of the teens cock. As she slowly strokes it Pastor Jose is breathing hard Delia see that his lips are quivering with anticipation. Delia with her for-finger flicks off some pre-cum and smears it over his lips. Delia says, “Taste familiar Father? Just like the young boys you use to suck off every day.” Pastor Jose tongue flickered out; clearly he has given in to his perversion. Delia moves the Pastor Head closer to the cock just inches away. He open his mouth and Delia with venom says, “SUCK LIKE THE FAGGOT WE ALL KNOW YOU ARE”

Elizabeth Jack sits back, smiles as she watches the pastor devours the teenage cock. She is amused as he moans like a pervert, as Delia is encouraging him verbally. Now Pastor Jose is switching from cock to cock slobbering over the coffee table. Elizabeth walk to her desk call Hugo and explain to him her next plan, during the course of her conversation she observed Delia has maneuvered Pastor out of his pants. One teen is butt-fucking him over the couch. The other teen is waiting his turn. Delia is smacking and spitting in Pastor face while verbally humiliating him.

When the homo fuck fest was over. The two teens are walking out of the office. Pastor Jose is lying on the floor. As Elizabeth walk back to the scene she can see Pastor Jose gapping fuck-hole wide open as cum flowed down his butt cheeks. He was completely broken as he rambles incoherently to his god for forgiveness. Elizabeth put her arm around Delia waist they booth laugh as Elizabeth says, “get out of my office FAGGOT; I’ll be in touch with you very soon”. Pastor Jose finally dress and exit the office the secretary staff aware of the perversion, snickers as he surreys out of their sight. Hugo now enters the office. Elizabeth is unwrapping part 2 of her plan. “Now that we exposé that pervert Pastor Jose. I think it time we’ll used his most beloved recourse, the orphanage.

Elizabeth says to Delia “Next month’s Slut Farm party will have a special feature, A Virgin. Delia, Do you know were I can find one? Elizabeth watches as Delia ponders the leading question. Suddenly a wicked smile forms on Delia sexy face. Delia states, “I know of one, a 15 year old, a pretty young thing, with no family, and not many friends. I mentor her for years at the orphanage. Her name is Anna Diaz. I know all her thoughts and desire. And yes she’s still a virgin.” Elizabeth, Hugo, and Delia break out in laughter as they visualize the future. “Perfect” shouts Elizabeth

2 day later a black stretch limo is speeding toward Pastor Jose orphanage. Inside Elizabeth Jack is talking to Hugo, Delia, and 2 young teenage lads.

“I have had conversations with our perverted priest. What the honey fucker doesn’t know is I have recorded his perverted act and placed it on our Website for sale. I am told sales are picking up nicely. I have given him an opening invitation to visit us at the Slut Farm. Where he can have his every desire met. I also talk to him about Young Anna Diaz. He was very resistant to that idea. But I made him an offer he could not refuse, two pieces of candy,” as she looked at the smile at the two Latin lads. Everyone in the car smiled, Delia marveled how Elizabeth skillfully arranged the downfall of pastor Jose. Delia secretly admired Elizabeth for her own degradation first as a teenage girl, than as a religious nun, and she loved her for it.

Pt 6 Car ride of uncertainty

Elizabeth explains to her cohorts “I want Pastor Jose to betray everything he stands for. I want him to hand Anna over to me with his own hand.

The car pulled up to Pastor Jose rectory. He rushes out to escort them into his office with out anyone noticing. There was Anna Diaz sitting quietly at Pastor Jose desk. As the group walk in Anna turns her head and display a happy smile as she see Sister Delia.

“Hi oh my god” Has she runs and hug Delia. Hugging Delia tightly she says, ” Where have you been sister, I miss you so much” Delia return the hug and said, I miss you to sweetie” Pastor Jose ushers the two back out his office as he suggest they go out side and “catch up.” He then closed the door and sheepishly pulls down the window shades.

Pastor Jose cow tows over to Elizabeth and begs, “Senorita Elizabeth Please don’t hurt Anna she is so young and innocent” Elizabeth chuckle and gave Pastor a hate full look than said: They all innocent in the beginning, but it takes someone like me to bring the woman out of her. Besides we have a deal, remember?” Elizabeth smiles devilishly. “I have fulfilled my part of the deal. I’ve brought 2 piece of candy for you”. Pastor Jose look over at the two muscular teens as they booth are holding their crouch. His mouth quivers as he says “Oh my”. Elizabeth laughs, turn, and move toward the door as she says, ” go to them Pastor and enjoy. I’ll be in touch.”

Elizabeth, Hugh, Delia, and Anna enter into the limo. Elizabeth is in the passenger front sit Hugo, Anna, Delia are in the back seat. As the car pulls away Anna looks back at the one place she knows as home with uncertainty. Anna is asking Sister Delia a lot of questions ” Where are we going? Is it a new place? When will I return I have homework to do? Anna is starting to feel uneasy as Elizabeth removes her sunglass. Anna can sense the cruelty in Elizabeth eyes as she looks over her shoulder at her. Delia tries her best to ease Anna while stroking her hair back and says. “Don’t worry Anna you’ll be back in a few hours I just want to show you where I am staying, that’s all.

Hugo is grinning while slowly rubbing his cock under his pants to erection. This fact has not gone unnoticed by all in the car. Elizabeth turn back around and states, “patience Hugo there will be plenty of time for that” Delia offers Anna a cup of cool water. What she don’t know is it been spike with a depressant d**g. Half way along the ride to Tijuana Delia and Hugo are openly groping the young semi conscious 15yr old. Elizabeth who is looking back at the action says, “Anna is perfect she will be a big hit. I have a special plan in store for her. Welcome to the Slut Farm Anna Diaz”

Three men waited as the limo pulled into the under ground garage. Elizabeth, Delia, and Hugo exit to car leaving Anna half naked, slump in the back seat. Elizabeth instructions was clear & sharp, “get her ready as I prescribed, than call me in my office”

One hour later Elizabeth Delia and Hugo are sitting at her desk sharing a glass of wine watching the office CCTV monitor. Elizabeth Jack prescribed method of breaking a young girl’s will was sure proof. Anna Diaz was her latest victim. Anna is completely naked. Her hands were chain to a pole in the middle basement floor. A burlap hood is completely covering her head a hole was cut out allowing Anna breath. Anna is struggling to breath to breath thru her mouth while is crying for help ” POR FAVOR “Please” NO MAS “no more” 3 men are slowly walking around Anna, in their hands are stun guns buzzes keeping Anna on the verge of panic.

Anna sexy body is sweating profusely as the men take turns in shocking her nude body. Anna is crawling around the pole in a fail attempt to avoid the next shock The 3 men are only referring to her by 1 name PUTA and asking 1 question “Will you suck my cock?” The answer finally came ” YES, NO MAS, NO MAS, POR FAVOR

Elizabeth smiles at Delia and said; “I think perabet giriş our young slut is ready. Go in and save Anna, and make sure the cameras get a good look of her face.” Delia rushes into the room yelling “Stop hurting her” Delia hugs the Simi conscious Anna as she remove the hood and hand cuffs.

Anna is completely devastated; her eyes are blood shot and puffy from crying. Snot is flowing from her nose. Delia place her hand under Anna’s chin and hold her head in full view of the camera. The naïve Anna is still babbling “NO MAS, NO MAS. As Delia whispers, “I’m here baby, Sister Delia is here” As Delia wipe the snot from Anna face Delia asked. ” What has happen to you I’ve been looking all over for you. What does these men want you to do?” Anna half consciously repeated the words they ask, “suck their cock.” Just than a hard cock appears in front of Anna and Delia face. Delia with a concerned look said, “Than you must do as they say. These men are bad Hombres

And they will hurt you if you don’t do as they say.”

Sister Delia looks at Anna and said, “watch me” as she leans toward the cock and engulf the entire member into her open mouth. Anna is looking in disbelief, as she shakes her head no. Anna Diaz she sees the one person she has look up to most of her life … Delia slowly moves her lips off the rigid cock, and said, “Now you try”. Anna say “no I can’t it’s a sin” Sister Delia said, “than these men will just have to continue to hurt you, until you do it” Delia than stands up and looks down mercilessly at naïve 15yr old. Sister Delia signal the man and a shock delivered to Anna back causes Anna to screams “NO MAS NO MAS PLEASE!” as she grabs Delia ankle. “WHAT IS YOUR ANSWER PUTA” Delia yells

Anna begins to pray as she holds Delia ankle. Anna is praying to be delivered back to the Orphanage. What she hears from Delia crushes all hope as Delia squats down and look Anna in the eyes “There no hope for you here PUTA this is your new future”

Elizabeth sitting in her office turns off the monitor, seeing Delia has the situation under control.

A few hours later Elizabeth enters her office; turn on her CCTV monitor to see a different scenario. Gone was the fight and resistance in Anna. Elizabeth watches, as the 15 yr Anna and Delia are naked on their knees Delia has a hand full of Anna hair. Delia has her right hand firmly on Anna’s throat. A big cock comes in view of the monitor the man is jerking off. Big globs of cum pours out and fall directly into Anna open mouth. Delia smile at the camera knowing Elizabeth is watching and recording the event.

Anna face grimiest when she swallows the man-slime. Delia words cut into Anna spirit

“Good girl PUTA” Anna with her hands voluntarily down by her side boiled in a fist. Previous attempts to resist would earn her a vicious slap to her face by her former mentor. Delia leans in and French kiss Anna, Delia signal for the next cock.

A large black cock emerges an inch from the kissing duo. The black cock forces it way between the Delia and Anna soft lips. Delia guides Anna head to engulf the entire cock head. The unidentified Blackman man is about to cum. “The black cock back away and Delia catches 4 blast of cum directly into her open mouth. Delia turns and spits the male slime into Anna open mouth. Delia than French kiss her exchanging the male slime back and forth. Delia turns Anna head toward the camera while kissing Anna cheeks. Delia knows Elizabeth is getting a full view of male cum running out of the daze 15yr old mouth.

15 minutes later Delia walks into Elizabeth office. Elizabeth is watching Anna on the monitor. Anna is thoroughly broken. She is laying on the dirty cum stain concrete floor babbling incoherently. Elizabeth says: Bravo Delia, you have done well. In a few hours you manage to break Ann’s will completely. Not to mention the video (clips for sale) we can make from all that action” Delia is beaming with pride as she relish the praise for her cherish boss. Elizabeth leans in and said Delia I’m thinking of bring you into management if my plan is completed. Elizabeth gives Delia instructions for Anna. ” I want you to stay on her for the next 2 weeks. Give her some little pick me up “Coke and Heroin” cocktail. I want her turn into a total cum guzzler. Tomorrow I want you to start her with the BUKKAKE bowl. Remember she must remain a virgin”

For the 4 days Delia directly participate Anna decent into whoredom. The BUKKAKA bowl event was Elizabeth pet project. Elizabeth would sit in to observe Anna acceptance of ingesting the male slime. The d**gs were taking its toll on the young 15yr old. With Delia encouragement and participation men would masturbate into a bowl. Delia would spoon-feed the slime to Anna. Four days later Anna no longer grimace when slurping down male cum.

Satisfied with Anna progress Delia is told to bring Anna to the penthouse “wine and dine” her. Delia saw that a steady supply of d**gs cocaine/heroin mix was supplied. Anna was wearing latest style cloths. Frequent visits to the spa with Delia lured Anna into a false reality. Sister Delia became Anna’s mentor again, but the outcome would be for Elizabeth Jack and Slut farms benefit.

7. Party feathering Anna Diaz

On the eve of the party Elizabeth is sitting in the office with Delia. Together they are looking at the monitor viewing Anna at the beauty parlor. One would not detect that Anna was an orphan few weeks ago. Anna looks beautiful. Her long black hair was design in a French curl. Her white toga dress covered her body. A white breaded headband was place on Anna head. Anna indeed looks like a picture of purity.

Elizabeth said to Delia “Everything is set for tonight. We are completely sold out. Our guests are arriving now. This is our biggest event yet. The deflowering of Anna Diaz” Delia smiles and says ” Yes and the lucky stud is getting ready now Mr. Mandingo Warrior himself. Elizabeth said: “ticket sale went thru the roof for this event. Not to mention the live Internet proceeds, plus the DVD sells. Of course Delia, you will be getting a percentage of all the proceeds”. Elizabeth than said: “I have invited your former perverted pastor Jose to bless the event.” Delia laughs loudly she can only imagine what Elizabeth has in mind.

Delia has chaperon Anna up to party time. Delia made sure Anna remained a virgin She made sure Anna was issued her daily d**g mix. Slowly she is growing more addicted to the substance. Anna is oblivious to the party plan in her honor. The naïve 15yr old is living on cloud nine, but all that is about to change.

Delia is adding the final cosmetic touches to Anna. Delia smile and said, “You look fabulous Anna. We are going to a big hit at the New Year party. There will be a lot of movie stars there” Delia can see Anna glassy eyes barely acknowledge Delia words. Just than the door opens and to big men enter. They ask the question “is she ready” Delia smiled and said, “she sure is” They usher the 15yr Anna out the room

The party at the Slut Farm process. It is there biggest event ever. A star studded show. Famous people, stars, and VIP are all in attendance. Most wearing masks not to be recognized. Several sexual activities are happening on stage or among the audience. Elizabeth is maiden of honor. As the clock tick down 11:50 pm Elizabeth is on the microphone. ” Ladies and gentleman please take your seats. Tonight the Slut Farm II has a special treat for you. At the strike of midnight you will witness a deflowering of a virgin 15 yr. old Anna Diaz

Just than a full size bed was rolled out. The roar of the crowd was load at the obscene display in front of them. There was the 15year old Anna Diaz dazed, lying naked on white satin sheets on her back. A large red ball was stuff in her mouth and secured with a strap. She was bent at the waist; her hand and feet was cuff to the headboard. Her ankles were just above her face. The bed was position so the audience had a good view of Anna virgin cunt, which puckered from the position she was in. A black belt covers her stomach and secured her tight to the mattress.

Elizabeth walk up to Anna she could see that the 15yr old was crying back stage, but the d**gs administer had taken effect. The stage was equipped with 4-5 cameras from every angle and giant monitors were set up on stage. Elizabeth left hand middle finger tease Anna cunt lips as she talks to her audience. “Ladies and gentleman most of you my recognize our young virgin. She was the star of out latest BUKKAKA film that many of you purchase. Another roar from the crowd confirmed that many did purchase the over price CD”. Elizabeth waited, than continued ” But now she as volunteered, (Elizabeth looks down at Anna with a raise eyebrow) to surrender her most precious possession, her virgin cunt.”

Elizabeth is waiting for the audience enthusiasm to subside “So in true slut farm fashion, I have commission the proper man to achieve this monumental challenge. Bring out the Mandingo Warrior!” Out step from behind the certain, a muscular 6ft 8 in very proud, dark skin Black man with nothing more that a white towel rap around his waist. The warrior stiff penis bulge underneath. Walking beside him was Delia Sanchez she was wearing a white toga outfit. Delia hand was lightly rubbing over the Mandingo Warrior towel as she displayed a surprise look at the audience.

All 3 people walked over and stood next to Anna. Delia snatch the towel from around the warrior. The audience applauded as the ridged 12inch black cock sprung to erection Elizabeth spoke again “Ladies and Gentleman as you can see the Mandingo Warrior is certainly up for the challenge.” Delia finger is gently sliding up and down the huge black cock keeping it at full erection. The Mandingo Warrior is looking proud as he flexed his muscles. Elizabeth states, ” It is time to mount our virgin girl”

The Mandingo Warrior climbs onto the bed. Anna virgin cunt is position straight up toward the sealing. He leans in, his muscular body lays on top of Anna he is supporting himself on the balls of his feet, and his powerful arms. Delia pours oil into her hand and rub Anna cunt and coats the Warrior BBC. Delia grabs hold of the big black cock and places the head just between Anna cunt lips. Delia rubs the cock head into the cunt opening than give Elizabeth the thumps up.

Elizabeth begin the countdown 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, The Warrior begin rotating his hip in a circular motion working is BBC further into Anna virgin cunt. Anna his shaking her head no, as The Warrior is looking down at his latest victim 5,4,3,2,1, Elizabeth shouts “Let it Rip” The Mandingo muscular buttocks plows downward driving the 12-inch cock breaking Anna’s hymen.


The Mandingo Warrior is in full stride as he pound Anna’s bloodstain cunt with long powerful strokes. He knows the camera and the audience has as a good view of his stiff 12-inch cock at work. Anna Diaz has pass out during this process. As the white satin sheet become stain with Anna’s blood the crowd shouts “more”. Once Elizabeth sees approximately 8-inchs of cock enters Anna’s cunt. She leans in and talks dirty to the muscular Mandingo. ” Fuck her hard and deep don’t stop till you bust a big load,” The Warrior sounds like a lion as he roars. He pumps his man slime into Anna’s cunt with each down stroke.

After 5 strokes The Warrior raise himself up. Anna’s once virgin cunt is wide-open The Warrior cum & bloodstain black cock is now free. Globs of thick cum is pouring out of Anna’s cunt onto the satin sheets. Elizabeth final announcement is ” Ok Ladies and Gentlemen those of you who are interested in sloppy seconds please, step forward. As the midnight hour ended Elizabeth and Hugo and Delia are back in the office watching the last of the public GB of Anna. It was a white married couple from Germany; the wife was plowing into Anna’s open and bloody cunt with a huge black strap-on. The husband was Appling smelling sauce Anna each time she passed out. Elizabeth allowed this she did not want to cheat her paying customers with an u*********s pray.

Elizabeth turns to Hugo and Delia and said; when they finish with that cunt Anna throw her out in the street. She can join the other hookers in Tijuana. I don’t think her cunt will be worth much after tonight. Delia knew that Anna d**g habit would consume her.

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