Being Neighbourly (Again)

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Monday morning arrived too quick as I pulled myself out of bed despite my queasy stomach, slight headache and wounded ego. At the height of sexual arousal, I will do almost anything without ever thinking it through rationally. Caught up in the throes of passion, I don’t consider how that sex act might look, I just do it. Although performing oral sex on a beautiful woman is not one of those situations I would think of strangely the next day. Doing it in the same room as your wife to another woman, while your wife does the same to another man however, maybe requires more thought. Getting no reciprocation from your partners makes it even worse.

Plain and simple, we had been used and that’s why I was not so happy. Bamboozled, fooled, embarrassed, pick your description. Needing to get to work, there was no time for discussion with the wife, so I showered, dressed and got out as soon as I could. Luckily, the mundane tasks at work kept me pre-occupied. Before you knew it, it was lunch time. I made the call to check on Jenna, my wife. It was a short conversation as she seemed to be OK. No out of control crazy thoughts, she seemed calm cool and collected. I felt better and weaseled through the rest of the day with little mental problems. As I drove into my driveway, I was happy to not see the neighbors and I scurried into the house. I did not need that discussion, now or anytime really. I just wanted to put it behind us.

After the kids went to bed, me & Jenna were left to ourselves and our thoughts. Last night she was irrational and overly emotional. Tonight, she had recovered a bit, her rational side had returned but she was still dumbfounded by our behavior. How do we allow ourselves to be manipulated and dominated by our neighbors? Well, I had thought about it and pretty much had it down. First, they were physically imposing. He was large, black, and aggressive all making him quite intimidating to smallish people like ourselves. She was my height and carried herself confidently. Throw in her glaring attractiveness and impeccable body and she was almost as intimidating. That I desired her immensely made me easy prey. The fact that she did not reciprocate, that I did zero dumbfounded me. I was really surprised that Jenna get caught up as I did. There was only one explanation and I did not like it. She was turned on by him and desired him.

So we discussed it with each other. Apparently, when alone with Shanice the previous two nights, Jenna had kind of intimated that she wore the pants which was kind of true. How I massaged her every time prior to lovemaking, and that sometimes just because she requested. Carrot and stick was how she bragged about it. Shanice apparently used the principles of Pavlov’s dog on me to get me to do the massage prior to lovemaking and it worked like a charm. That was the equivalent of drooling. My wife had given her advanced intel. All I did was get suckered into allowing Larry to ply his own advances without shutting him down. We really had been manipulated by masters. That was enough information to move forward, but I pressed for details.

“How did you fit your mouth around that thick a dick?” I asked.

She shot me a look of annoyance. “It was not easy. I really don’t have a clue,” she seemed to wonder herself.

“Why in the world were you sucking her toes,” she shot back.

I answered pretty quickly. “You know I love your feet and she had sexy feet as well. Plus she told me too. Did you tell her that I kiss your feet sometimes when I massage them?” I asked back.

“Yes I did. I told her I hate it,” she shot back.

“Well you obviously didn’t hate that huge cock,” I replied annoyed.

Whoa, this was getting out of control. She had a look of pain in her face from that last comment. She did not shoot back in this argument as is her way. Pick a topic to argue about, she would just come up with something no matter how ridiculous to back her side of any discussion. Here she just took it in and thought about it. Not her style at all, but then again, this whole weekend was not her style.

With a look of embarrassment, she responded to my retort. “You’re right Honey,” she said quietly. “I never wanted anything that bad in my life. I would have done anything he asked.”

Great I thought to myself. The one thing I’ve been right about in our whole relationship is that she loved another guy’s cock. I really didn’t know what to say. So my supposed straight laced wife kept going.

“It just felt so good that I was pleasing that man that amazing. He was built like a God. He was strong, built, sexy and he smelled good. And that cock was just so huge. All I was thinking as I sucked it was how good it would feel when he fucked me,” she explained to me with brutal honesty.

This was not a talk I was expecting to get from Jenna. She usually would change the topic of sex to anything else. Yet here she was talking to me about sex in a dirty way that normally I would have loved, except for the part of some other guy being superior to me in just about every way. And let’s face illegal bahis it, he was:

•Better looking

•In shape

•More successful financially

•More personable

•More powerful

•More confident

•Bigger cock

•Better sexually

“So he’s better than me?” I asked the rhetorical question.

She answered back easily, “I love you honey but he is a really attractive man who has a certain quality that makes him sexually desirable.”

I cringed as I asked the follow up, “So if he offers you another chance, you’re gonna take it then?”

“No, I don’t think so,” she answered. “I don’t want to lose the man I love and I’m pretty sure I can resist the temptation. It’s not like you don’t wanna Fuck Shanice.”

She had me there. I kind of nodded in agreement and kind of understood how she felt. We were going to have a lot of fantasy thoughts from next door as time went on I guessed. We kind of cleared the air and I thought we had a good feel for going forward. I just didn’t know how our next encounter with the neighbors would work out. I hoped we would get along and the weirdness would dissipate over time. Time would tell. We went to sleep. Tomorrow was another day.

I awoke on Tuesday with a fresh outlook on life and the feeling that things were going to be OK. Work was busy, and I didn’t have much time to myself, so I did not have any thoughts blurring through my mind. I got home in a great mood and was hoping I could get a little from Jenna if I played my cards right. When we got to bed that thought left my mind as she brought up the neighbors again. I really wanted to get some pussy and not talk about the people next door.

She started. “What are we going to say to them?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I testily replied. “We talk after sex, we can talk with them as well. Have you even seen them?”

“Well, no but I have done my best to avoid them,’ she said.

This was getting ridiculous. “Jenna, you didn’t even meet or see her until we went over there. You saw him once for a half a minute. Don’t worry about. They have something over us. I ate her out. You blew him. Big deal. It will all blow over.” I assured my wife.

Conversation closed, but she was a bit perturbed at my attitude, so no fun tonight. Before you know it, three weeks had passed with only a couple of quick waves hello with the neighbors. Hey, I was right. And things had been better than before on the sexual front for me. The wife did give me sex on three consecutive Friday AND Saturday nights. That was pre-baby sex rate. She was attentive, sucked me a bit, let me eat her with little resistance and I got her to say “FUCK ME!” a couple of times. It had to have something to do with the neighbors I knew, but if greater frequency and quality of sex was going to increase, having her suck Larry’s huge cock off was a fair price.

I also noticed a slight change in my wife. She did not start dressing slutty, but she did start with a few subtle changes. She started wearing tight shorts and pants around the hose instead of sweats. She stopped with the capri pants and wore nice if not slutty dresses and heels when she left the house and was meeting people. I liked this version of Jenna.

July was coming to a close when I encountered Larry on Monday night after work. We had rolled the garbage cans down to the street and stopped to say hello. I was really hoping not to get into an uncomfortable conversation and thankfully Larry did not begin our talk with ‘Hey, how did you like the taste of my cum I plastered on your wife?’ or anything close.

“Hey Randy, how you guys doing?” he pleasantly asked.

“Things are good, no complaints,” I replied.

“I was hoping to get together again if you have time. How about coming over our place on Friday?” he posed.

“I’m n n not really sure, I’ll need to check with Jenna,” I stumbled out.

“Hey Randy, didn’t we talk about this before?” he laughed. “If you don’t want to …”

I cut him off mid-sentence (was I getting assertive?) “No not that. We may have plans. I will get back to you.”

He then cautioned, “I hope to get a text from you later tonight, so we can get ready or make other plans.”

“Sure, no problem,” I replied thinking Jenna was not going to go for this.

I headed back inside and finished up the rest of my mundane tasks while Jenna was busy with the kids. We did not have a chat until we were in the bedroom together before getting into bed to sleep.

“I ran into Larry when I was taking out the garbage,” I began.

She responded cautiously, “What did he have to say?” she weaseled for information.

“Nothing about last time. He invited us over for Friday.” I told her.

“What did you say?” she asked in an irritated demeanor.

“That I had to check with you if you had any plans. Do we,” I said.

“We do, dummy. We are going to my parents. Dad’s birthday. Can’t you remember anything?” she spewed.

“No problem. Let me text him we can’t make it. He asked if I could let him know as soon illegal bahis siteleri as possible,” I relayed to her.

“Don’t keep him waiting. Make sure you do as he asks,” she snidely commented.

“Hey, it’s only polite,” I reasoned. “Hey, what if he then puts me on the spot about Saturday? He’s a bit pushy as you certainly know,” I expressed slyly to her.

“I don’t know. If we go over there, the kids will disappear into their game room and I’m afraid …” she started to say.

“You’ll get down on your knees,” I joked.

“Funny” she deadpanned. “I’m afraid they’ll start manipulating us again.”

“So you want to just say NO and avoid them forever?” I asked. “It might be better to just get it out of the way. They just moved in and we ain’t going anywhere. We can’t avoid them forever. This may give us a fresh start,” I reasoned.

“OK,” she said. “If they ask about Saturday, we can go over.” She said.

I texted Larry and let him know. He replied thanks for getting back to me and that was that. I let Jenna know we were free this weekend and the whole thing was forgotten as I got to sleep. Tuesday thru Thursday were mundane boring days. On the way home got a text from Larry.

‘Since u can’t make Friday, how bout Sat Nite,’ Larry texted.

I was about to say let me check with Jenna, when I thought to myself, I already cleared this with her. No need to hear Larry chastise me about not being the man making decisions.

I responded, ‘Sure, why not’

‘Don’t need to ask Jenna’ he quipped.

‘I can make decisions’ I shot back laughing to myself.

‘OK, I just told Shanice. Don’t change your mind, I’ll know you’re a pussy’ he replied.

“See you Saturday,’ I wrote.

I got home and did a few things. I was going to have to run out to the in-laws tomorrow, so I had a few things to do tonight. I forgot about my Larry texts until we were in bed.

“Oh Honey,” I began. “Larry texted me today and we are on for Saturday.”

“What!” she said.

“He texted me today about getting together Saturday Night.” I already cleared that with you,” I reasoned.

“Oh God,” she said nervously. “I told the kids they could stay the weekend with their grandparents.”

“Wait, Ok. Relax. No big deal. Nothing to worry about. We’re prepared this time. No surprises,” I told her.

“No no no nooo!” she said. “Cancel, Ok. Please cancel,” she whined.

“Honey, I told him we’d be there. I don’t want him to think I can make a decision,” I whined back.

“Honey, they are very controlling.” She stated plainly.

“Jenna, relax. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. But I’m telling you, after this weekend, we can set things straight with them. Either we are friends, or we won’t get along. They are probably a bit uncomfortable as well. Why else would they have been silent these few weeks?” I told her calming her down.

We went to sleep, and Friday was a fast and easy work day. No stress. We got to the in-laws and had a good time. They were very pleasant which isn’t always the case, and they kept the kids. This meant fun for me tonight and tomorrow. I was in a very good mood. My wife was wearing a nice tight dress that was knee length with 3 inch heels so I was on her as soon as we left her folks house. The night was young so I asked if she wanted to go out for a drink, maybe some dancing. The drink was for me, the dancing for her, and off we went. We had never done this before as only a year ago we started taking dancing lessons for some reason. So the third place had a dance floor and we did our best cha cha a few times and I noticed that Jenna was getting some attention from the young guys there and I pointed it out. I wanted to give them a show, but Jenna was resistant so in short order, we were on our way back home.

After we got home, we took a shower quickly and got ready for some fucking. We were both completely naked and Jenna was face down on the bed, her gorgeous ass sticking out proudly into the air. I started with a quick neck and shoulder massage. I then worked her lower back up to her shoulders in long strong strokes as she relaxed and purred. Then, I rolled a bit further over each ass cheek and then back up to the shoulder. I did this over and over again for 10 minutes. She was now ready for advancement, so I started the lower massage of her calves and hamstrings with each hand running up the back of her thigh and brushing her delectable pussy with each pass. I really recommend this to anyone to try on their wife of girlfriend.

This transitioned her from relaxed to horny and eventually primed and ready. I started licking her sweet pussy and she accepted my tongue bathing without any resistance which had been consistent over the last few weeks. Although tonight there was NO resistance. She was really into it, grinding back into my face. She rolled over into a 69 position and took my rock-hard cock into her mouth. I couldn’t believe how great it felt as she furiously slobbered on my cock, bobbing in quick fast moves making me feel canlı bahis siteleri like a big strong stud. I broke our position and pushed her onto her hands and knees and lunged deeply into her hot pussy. She was very well lubricated and obviously enjoying it but my quick on the draw problems were there and I came much quicker than necessary. I could see that she was wanting more and I was resolved to give it to her.

I had a conscience thought not to leave her short with a pending visit to Larry on the books. In fact, the thought of Larry with my wife might have put me in this predicament to start with. So when she tried to move, I pushed her down and held her down. I grabbed her foot and started to massage it. The relaxed feeling put her with ease and then I started kissing and fondling her foot, eventually sucking each toe like it was a cock. Now this did not make her horny, just relaxed so the real reason was to stimulate me for another round. I massaged and kissed and sucked her feet for 20 minutes as the submissive feeling started to work on my dick and it was awoken. But she was not excited, so I did what I thought I had to do. I put my face into her pussy from the back and after an original knee jerk reaction to stop me, the licking of her slit started to pay dividends. Of course, there was a ton of my jizz all over the place, so I was essentially eating my own cum. I at least was just dabbling on the edges and not hoovering out her deep snatch, but I could taste and smell the cum I had deposited moments earlier. The first three or four minutes was tough, but as I went on the humiliation of eating a creampie (even my own) started to really affect my cock and it stiffened. Jenna was moaning so I was on the way to a second helping. This occurred last back in my early days of dating and never with Jenna. A near back to back fucking was unthinkable yesterday.

“Oooh come on baby, Fuck me!” Jenna screamed as I set the hook with a liberal licking of her creamy snatch.

I was ready and again plunged my cock as deep as I could go all in one motion into her warm filled pussy. I again started to jackhammer her as hard as I could. I was banking on having shot my load not that long ago would give me staying power, so I savaged her with the hardest sustained strokes of our entire relationship. Twenty minutes later after constant pounding, she screamed out as she came from the virile fucking and I felt like a king. But now I needed to cum and I was not ready just yet. And I had worked so hard that I was tiring, and my back was hurting. I slowed down and slowly pumped her to try and ease my discomfort, but Jenna was done.

“OOOOh cum baby, cum for me,” She moaned as I was aware that she wanted to stop. Now the opposite problem was beginning to seep in. Could I not cum again? I was desperate and then I turned to something I would not thought I would ever do. I fantasized that Jenna was Shanice and I picked up the fucking pace. This did not help however. Then instead, I started thinking of Larry being the one drilling Jenna. And then I started to build and build. In my imagination I saw Jenna sucking on his huge dick and then I imagined that huge cock plowing her pussy. Her reaction was one of pure slut ecstasy. I started pumping again like a madman possessed. It pushed me to the edge and I blew my second load into her well used cunt.

“What’s gotten into you?” she asked with amazement.

“I don’t know, you’re just so hot and beautiful,” was my response.

I was totally wiped after a thrilling evening. I just blew two loads on a Friday night and had the rest of the weekend to get some more. I slept well and so did Jenna.

I awoke in a great mood and reached over and started my morning with a kiss from my sexy wife. I had quite a few things to do so I left all the stuff to bring and the timing of everything to Jenna. We were supposed to be there at 5 o’clock, so I did the chores around the house that were pressing. I had time to myself, so I naturally thought forward to what might happen. Quite a few possibilities. The hope was that they mention it, agree it was a mistake and let’s be friends. But I also envisioned walking into the house and them being naked and ready to go. I also kind of wanted to know what was going to happen with Jenna. Sex had been great since that night. Was it that a switch was turned on? Was it that she was fantasizing about them resulting in the new fun attitude? I did not know, but I hoped it would not put an end to our recent fun.

Around 4 o’clock I took a nice long shower and got myself ready. Jenna was somewhere else getting herself together as I got dressed in nice fitting navy blue chinos and a nice blue striped button up shirt. I was ready to roll and waiting on the couch downstairs for her appearance. Normal stuff. But she came down the stairs, not at all normal. She feigned worry just to go over there yet as she came down the stairs she looked awesome. She had a tight yellow form fitting dress that while not overly huge on cleavage, her breasts were displayed as big as possible. The dress stopped midway up her thigh and she had 3-inch heels showing her sexy and shapely legs. She had on more make up then was her way, and her hair was down (as I like it) but she had a put a wave in it. She looked incredible.

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