Bad Mother Ch. 03

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Beware: Contains BDSM and incest.

Your comments from Chapters 1 & 2 continue to be rewarding and inspiring. Thanks so much!


On a Friday night, the doorbell rang. Matt, the 18-year-old high school graduate who had recently taken control of his hot mother, was upstairs showering. Janice, his submissive mother, was surprised to see Alex, her horndog nephew, standing outside.

Alex, also 18, was only a couple of months younger than her son, Matthew. Janice’s sister and Alex lived in the neighborhood and he was Matt’s best friend. He was wiry, not as tall or built or cute as Matt, but Alex was sexy in his own way. Not only was Janice a bad mother, she was also a bad aunt, who had been mercilessly flirting with Alex for the past year.

“Hello, Auntie,” he said, grinning lecherously. “You look excited to see me.”

“Oh, Alex,” she stammered, seeing the leering smirk on his wise ass face as he gazed unapologetically at her chest. Janice flushed with shame as she felt her dark nipples, visible under her tissue-thin white blouse, growing bigger beneath her smart-aleck nephew’s brazen stare.

“Matt didn’t tell me you were coming.”

“He wanted it to be a surprise. I’m here for a whole weekend of. . . fun activities.”

“Oh. . . ” she whispered, not understanding. “Well, there’s enough dinner for you too.”

Alex, accustomed to being at Janice’s house (his second home), took a beer from the fridge and sat in the kitchen as Janice nervously put the final touches on dinner, wondering what new schemes Matt was planning and what Alex was looking at on his phone. Since she’d long had the hots for Alex, she was already aroused. From the lustful look on Alex’s face, she suspected he was staring at the seamy photos of her that Matt had taken during their depraved scenes together.

Matt came down and set the video camera facing Janice’s seat as she uneasily served them chilled vichyssoise soup while Matt heated a container in the microwave. The second that Janice smelled the microwaving substance, she flushed with humiliation and excitement. Sure enough, Matt poured a large mound of steaming semen in the center of her soup bowl.

Alex’s cock was torturing him, crushed against his jeans, while Janice’s nipple stalks were aching, imprisoned by her blouse, and her clit was throbbing against the material of her skirt. They both had the same thought at the same time: that this moment, with wisps of steam from Alex’s cum rising to her face, was incredibly bizarre and unreal.

Matt turned on the video camera. “Go ahead, Mother. Alex knows that you’re now my sub, that you’re being punished long-term. He even knows that you’re a cum slut. Eat your soup and special topping.”

Janice shook her head. “It’s disgusting to do this in front of Alex,” she complained.

Matt immediately slapped both of her tits. “Is that why your nipples are so hard? We all know you’ve been cockteasing him for a long time. Not exactly appropriate behavior for an aunt, is it? Anyway, it’s his cum, not mine. This is the beginning of your punishment from Alex.”

Alex sat there, a huge grin on his face. When Janice heard that the jism in her bowl was Alex’s, she resisted no further. She’d thought the spunk in front of her looked a little thinner and slightly more yellow than Matt’s glorious seed. But Alex’s teen jizz still smelled intoxicating.

Eyes lowered to her plate, she dipped her soup spoon into the stuff, remembering that Matt had forbidden her to dilute the first taste by mixing the cum with the rest of the food. She loaded a large amount onto the utensil the way that Matt insisted, and opened her big mouth for a first taste. Alex didn’t fail to notice the heaping amount on the large spoon. No dainty dabbling for his slutty, cum-obsessed aunt. He began shooting photos with his phone.

Janice’s long tongue swirled the jizz around her mouth, savoring the taste and comparing the saltiness, sweetness, thickness and consistency to her son’s hot cream. Alex’s was not quite as delicious, but still good.

Once she swallowed, the dinner course proceeded, Janice now permitted to mix the cum into the soup. Matt noticed that casino oyna she completely emptied her bowl. Upon putting down her spoon, Janice’s thick lips were coated white. Alex didn’t know if the residue was potato soup, his spunk or both.

When dinner was over, Matt said, “Let’s go to the movies.” When Janice asked what was playing, Matt explained there was a new, erotic European movie that was supposed to be hot.

At the theater, Matt directed them to the last row. Janice sat between the boys, Matt on her left. All the way in the rear, the stadium seats created a sense of privacy. Apparently word had not spread about the movie, since the showing was sparsely attended. The protagonist, a pretty, young woman, was not Matt and Alex’s favorite type because she was too slim, unlike their voluptuous companion. But the actress spent much of the time nude.

As the onscreen action heated up, Matt instructed Janice to place both her arms along the tops of his and Alex’s seats, whispering that after months of torturing Alex, Janice was now going to pay back her nephew.

With her arms out of the way, Matt unbuttoned his mother’s blouse, pushing the fabric to the sides so Alex had a clear view of her heaving tits, the magnificent dark nipples and areola visible above her shelf bra. At the same time, Alex rolled up her skirt and tucked it into her garter belt, exposing her thighs and panties. Roughly, he rolled the panties down her thighs and legs, then pushed her knees as far apart as possible. Even in the dim light from the screen, they could see her heavy labia had spread apart, the inside glistening with her arousal.

Janice couldn’t believe that she was letting her son and nephew expose her in a public theater, or that her pussy was so wet with excitement. The boys lost no time in abusing her tits and nipples: squeezing, pulling, twisting and, in general, mauling them.

After a few minutes, Matt gave Alex a black leather shoelace and told his cousin to tie it onto her right nipple while he wrapped the left one. Janice swooned with the unreal reality of her son and nephew stretching her nipples and knotting shoelaces onto her bulging nipples in a public movie theater, where anybody could see her, exposed and bound, at anytime.

Matt gave the end of the other shoelace to Alex and told him to pull. Her tits lifted from the boys’ painful yanking. After a couple of minutes, Matt pushed her forward. Janice slid off her seat onto the floor. She knew what was required, turning on her knees to Alex, who had moved forward in his seat, yanked down his zipper and extracted his cock. It was a bit longer but thinner than Matt’s.

The slut mother set to work, relishing a new cock, especially that of her nephew, and blew him like he’d never experienced before, her thick lips engulfing the head and soon the entire shaft, while her left hand diddled herself, her fingers stroking her heavy labia while her thumb caressed her big clit.

The entire time, the two cousins pulled the shoelaces with varying tautness. As the actress onscreen was herself servicing a young guy, Alex quickly shot off into his aunt’s big mouth. Janice felt that his load was almost as large as her son’s, swallowing a little to avoid from choking. She came as well, shaking and shuddering on her widespread knees.

As Matt had earlier specified, Alex immediately withdrew his prick to smear his dripping cockhead all over Janice’s upturned face. He coated her forehead, cheeks and chin with the final discharges of cum that seeped from his slit, but also wiped off the cum-covered sides of his dick.

When finished, Janice opened her mouth to show the two boys her mouth brimming with spunk. Alex left her kneeling there for long seconds, the light from the projector above them flickering on her mouth, filled to capacity, and obscenely coated face. Matt had brought out his camera and took several fast photos, the flash adding to Janice’s dazed state.

“All right,” Alex said, and Janice gratefully swallowed his load. By then the movie had ended and the few people in the theater had quickly departed. A shadow fell across her and she turned, horrified to see a teenage usher standing there. canlı casino Gawking up at the pimply faced kid, her face coated with cum, she was in too much shock to even think of covering her tits. Of course she never considered whether Matt and the usher knew each other.

“Having sex in a public auditorium is illegal,” the usher intoned gravely. “The manager has a strict policy of reporting offenders to the police.”

“Wait a minute please,” Matt interjected. “Maybe we could work something out?” he suggested.

“Like what?”

Janice looked incredulously at her son, who nodded his head toward the usher and then stared, unblinking, at his submissive mother. “Now?” she stuttered pleadingly. Matt just nodded his head.

Obediently, Janice inched over on her knees, pulled out the boy’s cock, and sucked him off, Matt and Alex enjoying every minute while Matt took photos. She was such a great cocksucker that, in two minutes, the boy blew his load, down her throat until his knees buckled, he lurched and his last several spurts flooded onto the MILF’s chin and solar plexus. Stunned by such a great blowjob from this MILF, he staggered away to the men’s room.

Little did she suspect that this entire scenario had been contrived and prearranged by Matt, who owed the usher a favor. Before arriving at the theater, Matt had meticulously removed the tissues from his mother’s handbag, so she had nothing with which to clean herself.

Glowering at Matt, Janice used her fingers to wipe off the spunk from her face and chest as best she could, so she could at least make it to the women’s room with the hope of not attracting attention. The boys grinned as she licked the usher’s jizz off her hands and smoothed down her straight short hair.

“Good movie!” Matt said. He and Alex each grabbed an arm of hers and walked her outside, preventing her from stopping in the ladies’ room. Beneath the thin fabric of her blouse, the black shoelaces could be seen encircling her turgid nipples and the opposite ends of the laces were visible, hanging below the bottom of her blouse. It was a shocking sight to a few stunned men walking down the street. In the parking lot, an older woman simply stared, an appalled expression frozen on her face.

The next morning at breakfast, Janice sat in her regulation baby doll, fully aware of Alex, her nephew, ogling her jutting dark nipples – the oversized nipples that he’d tied and pulled at the movies the night before as she blew him, swallowed his load and then sucked off the young usher.

For breakfast, Matt poured a fresh helping of Alex’s microwaved cream into Janice’s bowl of oatmeal. Alex snickered as the debased mother and aunt dutifully ate his hot cum for the second time in a row at the kitchen table.

After breakfast, they changed into swimwear and went outside to the pool. Janice knew what to wear: the skin-colored bikini which Matt had bought for her, intentionally a size too small, so her 34Cs, stiff nipples and fleshy pussy lips pressed against the ridiculously thin fabric. She gloated when she saw Alex stare at her bulging cameltoe.

Even though the pool was too cool for her so early in the morning, Matt insisted that she briefly submerge herself, so that she climbed out of the pool for both boys to see that the thin bikini had become transparent, as if her tits and dusky nipples were on permanent display for their pleasure – and punishment. Her long labia actually were on display.

Emerging from the pool, the tiny bikini bottom had been sucked into her pussy, leaving her lips fully exposed. Matt videoed her emergence from the pool. As her son handed her a vodka, she protested weakly. “It’s too early for alcohol.”

“Drink it,” he growled, “it will warm you up.” The sun quickly dried her dripping body.

As she drank, Matt ordered her to stand in front of them and slowly coat her body with sun block oil while he recorded it, until her smooth Mediterranean-toned skin glistened.

Her cocktail finished, Matt attached the video camera to the tripod and pressed Record. The boys stripped off her bikini top, tied her wrists to a large umbrella pole, pulled the bikini bottom below her ass, and whipped kaçak casino her front and rear simultaneously, Matt’s crop and Alex’s flogger making loud “Thwack!” sounds as they struck her wet flesh.

Afraid of the neighbors hearing, Janice gritted her teeth to avoid yelling. Matt worked over her belly and tits while Alex flayed her ass and thighs. Janice was now grateful for the alcohol, as the vodka anesthetized the double whipping.

Once she was well marked, the cousins untied her wrists from the pole, led her to a flat chaise lounge, pushed her onto it face-down and moved the camera and tripod to the chaise. Once Matt removed her bikini top and bottom, Alex fastened her wrists to the legs of the chaise, spread her legs and bound them to the other feet of the chaise.

Matt roughly forced her fat tits through the thin plastic bands that formed the surface of the chaise, aided by the greasy oil coating her jugs. And as Alex shoved the tiny bikini bottom into his aunt’s mouth as a gag, Matt kneeled down and from beneath the chaise lounge, clamped and weighted her hanging tits. She grimaced at the taste of the sun block mixed with the cunt juices which had drenched the bikini panty.

Alex pulled up on his submissive aunt’s hips so she was kneeling, her heavy, shaved lips hanging down and her darkly ringed anus slightly distended from all the anal plugs and ass-fucking Matt had subjected her to. Since her clamped and weighted tits were still hanging beneath the seat of the chair, they were severely stretched.

Relentless, Matt gently clamped her clit, provoking the first of many climaxes. But she was shocked when he added a small weight to the clit clamp. Janice had had her clit hood and even her clit clamped before, and even suctioned, but never weighted. She immediately came again.

Alex could barely believe this was happening. For the first time, he fucked his hot young aunt, her tight, striped ass shaking with his hard thrusts, relishing every moment as his bound and oiled, nude and whipped, gagged and abused aunt writhed underneath him. He was amazed that her cunt was tighter than that of several high school girls he’d fucked. Finally, she thought, I’m getting fucked by my sexy nephew.

Matt handed Alex a lubed anal dildo and Alex cautiously pushed it in. This was the first time he’d done anything anal with a woman, and he was surprised at how easily the 6″ instrument sank into her depths.

Janice accepted every moment of the discipline: the whippings, the nipple and clit abuse, the anal dildo, and being fucked in broad daylight by her nephew in the hot sun, although Matt fucked her better than Alex – her son’s fucks were much harder, far longer and significantly rougher. Meanwhile, Matt made a video recording of the incestuous fuck.

Once Alex had shot his load and pulled out of her gripping cunt, her knees slid down and she lay flat on the chaise in a semi-conscious daze, smiling faintly. As Alex raised his listless aunt’s head, removed the saliva-drenched bikini bottom and shoved his cock into her mouth for a languid cleaning, Matt positioned a martini glass on the ground and pushed it under the chaise till it was beneath her cunt hole, just in time to catch the stream of thick spunk that flowed out and dripped down. As he unclipped the nipple and clit clamps, she moaned in pain but said nothing.

Her lecherous nephew, who’d spewed sexual innuendos to her for years, had finally joined her son in abusing her. She delighted in shocking him. Admittedly, Alex did not have quite as good a master’s touch as her Dom son, but Alex was more than adequate. And so was his cock, which had a bountiful supply of fresh young cum. She loved being used by the two boys at the same time, but what she really desired was three.

Once the discharge from her pussy had stopped, she turned over onto her back. Matt stopped recording and the boys left her sprawled in the sun while they went inside and played a computer game.

Matt was pleased that Janice had immediately and fully submitted to Alex, and Matt already knew the next person his mother would submit to. He was an influential person who was helping Matt’s education, a person who’d met Janice several times, had made several educated guesses, had asked Matt a series of questions, and soon made clear to Matt how much he wanted to discipline and fuck the boy’s wanton mother.

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