Back to the Vicar

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Back to the Vicar
You may have read in my last story how, after getting extremely wet in a storm, a local Vicar, Geoff, helped me out with a different kind of shower, that being lots of hot cum.

Well this stayed in my mind, as you would expect, and I wanted to see if Geoff would take it further. His huge cock had left a lasting impression on me, but I wanted a lasting impression ‘in me’.

I returned to the church on what thankfully was a much sunnier day. I walked up the gravel path, with my excitement growing, and as I had a cheeky butt plug in as well, my cock was growing too. I thought it prudent to at least help my tight arse along, remembering how big Geoff is.

I tried the door, but it was locked, so went just around the corner to Geoff’s house, and knocked there.

He answered the door in a pair of loose jogging bottoms and a t-shirt. I could already see the outline of his soft cock pressing against his joggers, no shorts again I thought to myself.

‘Hi John’, he said. ‘Come on in’.

‘I hope you don’t mind, I thought I would pop in to say hello’. I said as we entered his kitchen.

‘ That’s ok, I wasn’t doing much. I enjoyed our last meeting, I just don’t know what came over me’.

‘I know what came over me Geoff’. I laughed.

‘Are you back for more John?’ He asked, as I felt my cock twitch in anticipation.

‘Well, I’m not sure what your thoughts will be Geoff, but I want to know how your cock would feel inside me. I want you to fuck me’. With that I stroked the enlarging bulge in his joggers.

‘Oh, I’ve never done that before…..but would be happy to oblige, kaçak bahis it has to be safe though’.

‘That’s not a problem’ I said, as I undid the drawstring on his joggers, letting them fall to the floor. He stepped out of them and came towards me sitting on the kitchen chair.

His smooth cock was semi erect, but was rock hard seconds after I wrapped my lips around it, licking the shaft and the cum slit with great dexterity.
He moaned as I stroked him up and down with my hands, occasionally thrusting into my mouth, which given the size of it was hard to handle.

Geoff pulled away, and told me to remove my jeans shorts and t-shirt, and as soon as I had, he was kneeling between my legs, sucking and licking my own cock, for all it was worth. I was in heaven.

‘What’s this then?’ Geoff asked, as he twisted the blue butt plug secreted in my hole.

‘You’ve got a very big cock Geoff, so that is the warm up act. It might help, it might not. shall we find out?’

And with that we swapped places. Geoff took a seat on the kitchen chair, and leaned over to a drawer, retrieving a foil packet. I held and gently stroked his long, thick shaft as he unfurled the condom down as far as it would go. It didn’t even reach the bottom of his shaft. He really was big.

I reached into my jeans pocket to get my small bottle of lube, and even though I had used copious amounts before slipping my plug in, I knew that more was required.

I released the plug from my tight arse and squirted the lube onto my hand, working it around, and into my hole.

‘This is your last chance Geoff. Are you going perabet giriş to fuck me? Do you want to fuck me?’

‘Yes please’. Geoff replied.

I straddled Geoff, my hard cock only a few inches from his face.

‘Hold that hard meat upright’. I said.

I placed my hands on the cheeks of my arse, and pulled them apart as much as possible, and lowered myself slowly. At first I felt Geoff’s large mushroom head nudge the area between my slippery hole and my balls, but after a little repositioning, I felt it nudge my hole.

Geoff’s massive cock head was being cupped by my willing and waiting hole.

I looked at Geoff.

‘Stage one Geoff, lets get that purple knob inside me’. I said.

‘Mmmmmmmm yes’, He replied.

My legs started to shake a little as I began to lower myself down, at the same time making tiny rotations with my hips. I could feel the pressure of this huge cock build against my slippery hole, and as soon as I momentarily relaxed my muscles, the head of Geoff’s cock was inside me.

‘Holy shit!!!!!!!’ I exclaimed, ‘That is soooo good’.

Geoff simply let out a comforting moan, and placed his hands on my hips.

‘Stage two, lets get more of you inside now’. I said, as I placed my hands on the back of the chair for support.

I began to lower myself very slowly, it started to sting as Geoff’s cock stretched me open, but that subsided the further down I went.
My mind wandered off to who knows where, it was ecstasy, feeling this massive length slide into me, so little pain, so much pleasure.

I looked down and realised that I had all but about the last inch inside perabet güvenilir mi me. My cock was dripping pre-cum, he must be rubbing my prostate with his shaft. Geoff gathered it with two of his fingers and licked them clean.

Once I had time to adjust to his cock being so deep inside me, I began to raise myself up, then lower myself down, then again, then again, gripping the back of Geoff’s chair, making my knuckles white. Geoff slapped my arse cheeks sending shivers of pleasure to my cock.

‘Wank me’. I demanded  ‘Wank my cock, I want to spunk on your chest’.

Geoff’s cock had loosened me up nicely, as he pistoned in and out of me.

I was just wondering how much more my legs could take bouncing up and down on Geoff’s lap, when he announced he was close to shooting his load.

‘Oh good’, I said, ‘shoot your hot spunk inside me, let me feel your cock throb. I’m going to cum too’.

And with that Geoff let out an almighty cry, as I could feel his hard cock fill the condom with a huge load of hot sticky spunk, twitching with every shot.

Then I felt the surge of cum exit my own cock, as it splashed Geoff’s chest, chin and lips with hot jizz, which he happily licked away with his tongue.

I remained sitting on his lap for a moment, both our cocks twitching and softening, sweat rolling down our bodies.

As I removed myself from Geoff’s cock, the condom remained inside me, but emptied itself down my legs, still hot.
I left it in place until I got on my knees to lick the last sweet spunk from Geoff’s now soft, but still impressive, cock.
It was only then that I reached behind to remove the now empty rubber, from my very satisfied hole.

It took a short while for both of us to return to the land of the living, but we both had massive smiles on our faces, just maybe not as massive as his cock.

Here’s to the next visit. 

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