At First Sight Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Addiction

A/N: I just want to thank everyone who wrote, rated. Without you, this chapter never would have happened. So, for better or for worse, here it is. Sit back and enjoy!


Josh looked down at the heavenly creature underneath him. She felt stiff in his hands, faint shudders still coursing through her tiny frame. He tried to suppress the grin that threatened to burst to the surface at any second. The encounter had left him high, almost giddy. Everything about what they’d done that afternoon was wrong. Every decision he’d made from the moment he laid eyes on her was completely against anything he would have considered possible in him.


A pang of guilt ripped through him at the thought of the girl he had waiting for him at home. The blonde haired girl his mother would have, and for all practical purposes, did choose for him. The reality of the expectations and the sacrifices of his relationship were never completely subconscious but they were never burdens before now. Thoughts of white picket fences and fat babies faded into the background as his mysterious angel looked up at him, her brown eyes wide.


It took Vee only moments to realize she was still clinging to the stranger’s neck, her forehead pressed tightly into his chest. Her pussy pulsed around his softening cock. Aftershocks of her otherworldly orgasm. She cringed as the weight of their actions crashed down on her.

This wasn’t like her, she wasn’t a slut, she didn’t just pick guys up off the shelf and take them home. Especially not men who were clearly spoken for. Her thoughts fell upon the sweet, trusting blonde haired girl at the café.

What would she think if she realized where three-piece-suit went after he paid the check this afternoon?

The feeling of his cock sliding out of her vagina and the subsequent trickling of cum did nothing to ebb the growing regret.

We didn’t use a condom.

White hot panic flooded her brain, leaving her breathless. Through all this she failed to notice the look of serene contentment on her lover’s face.

What if he has something? It’s not so terribly unlikely that someone who randomly fucks girls for lunch while the little missus is home with the kiddies — oh god, are there kiddies?!

Her only saving grace was the half empty packet of birth control pills in her medicine cabinet. The remains of her last failed attempt at a monogamous relationship. By now, the stranger had rolled off of her and was beginning to redress. Vee clutched a tangled sheet protectively to her chest.

A little late to be modest, don’t you think girlie? Don’t think your buyer’s remorse makes you any less a guilty party.

“What did you say?”

Vee started at his inquiry. He held his hands up, almost as if approaching a skittish fawn. “Whoa there, sweetie, I didn’t mean to freak you out of your little head there. You seemed to be very comfortable in there and anyway I have to get back to work. I seem to have lost track of the time. Can’t imagine why…” Growled tall, half dressed and boyishly handsome. Vee stared back at him wordlessly, unresponsive to his meager attempt at an ice breaker.

“Look, I know this is weird… believe it or not I’ve never done this before.” Her raised eyebrow spoke volumes of her opinion of him. “Seriously. I’m usually a pretty play-by-the-rules type of guy, but I saw something in you when you walked canlı bahis in today, and I’m sorry but I don’t regret what we did. Maybe I should, but more importantly, I know you felt it too.”

Vee looked away, too perplexed by her own behavior to hold the eye contact. She knew what it felt like to be cheated on, and this was the last position she wanted to put someone in.

No matter how hard it was to deny him.


Josh ran his clammy fingers through his mussed brown hair. His words, usually a matter of surgical precision were lost. The next few moments were crucial. Not seeing her again was not an option. Though he could hardly explain the irrational fixation to himself, he knew he had to convince her to trust him. Even now he yearned to touch her, to wrap her in his arms and sink into oblivion with her.

It was completely ridiculous.

Josh sat down on the bed, suppressing the rising urge to act on his impulse to replay the last half hour over and over again until they were both too numb to continue. The same chemistry that drew him to her in the café such a short time ago still pulled at him, begging him to sink his growing length into her. He adjusted his pants as inconspicuously as possible.

Control yourself. You’re crazed. What is she doing to you?

The thought was less a concern and more a blissful surrender. Josh carefully took her slender hand in his.

“I have to go. I should’ve left after the café. Technically I’m on my lunch break right now — or, at least I was thirty minutes ago. They’ll be wondering.”

“Who will? Your girlfriend?” Josh cringed. Somehow in all of the madness he’d forgotten her again. Madeline.

“I don’t know what to say to you to make you think I’m less of an asshole than you have every right to think I am.” He paused to feel out her reaction. She was blank faced. I’m usually pretty good with words, though you wouldn’t know it by my performance right now…”

“Your performance.” Her response was deadpan.

Josh realized he was losing her, if she wasn’t lost already. His chest constrict painfully at the thought of never being able to see her again. “Ok, let’s start over. I’m Josh Benson. I’m director of sales at a small agency downtown. Yes, I have a girlfriend… I don’t know how to append to that just yet. Everything in my life up until this afternoon was pretty monotonous, I promise you. I’m not sex fiend, I’m not a cheater — well… I wasn’t a cheater, I…” His voice trailed off. “The only explanation I can offer you right now is that I saw you and I just needed to know you. When I came here I didn’t assume that this was going to happen, but I can’t say I didn’t hope.”

The girl eyed him suspiciously. Finally after a long moment her hands lowered. Perhaps it was only an inch, but he noticed and it was enough.

“I’m Vee. Just Vee.”


Josh left a few moments later. His smile of relief as he walked out of her bedroom didn’t go unnoticed. She wondered at his agenda. Sure, he said he was a nine-to-five Pottery Barn type of guy who didn’t go picking up strange girls under his doting little something’s back… and somehow she believed him. He was too clumsy to be a pro, and Vee knew pros.

She eyed the phone number he left on her nightstand.

At least he didn’t write it on the back of a business card… or a twenty…

His parting words echoed in her mind.

“I’m leaving this in bahis siteleri your hands. Call me, day or night. I have to see you again.”

Vee tossed the scrap of paper in the trashcan by her desk. She got as far as her kitchen before walking back against her better judgment and pulling it back out again.

What are you doing? Are you insane?! Get rid of it! You don’t think you’re really going to call him are you? What good could come of that?

Vee’s heart pounded at the thought. Her pussy still hummed with the memory of their meeting. Faintly, she heard her front door opening. She turned toward the sound just as Josh purposefully walked over to the very spot where she stood, still naked except for the shocked expression on her face.

“God help me, I couldn’t wait.” He lifted her up in his arms and though every thought in her normally cluttered brain found the clarity to shriek no, Vee’s eyes screwed tight as she surrendered to his crushing kiss.

“I got-” Josh started as he took her into her shower, “-as far as…” He pushed her up against the cold tile wall in between kisses as he pulled off his red necktie. “…the car, and then I realized that I couldn’t wait. The thought that maybe you might never call me, that I might never see you again—”Vee grabbed him by his belt as a jet of frigid water rained down on them causing both to gasp. “I couldn’t risk that. I couldn’t risk leaving here not knowing if you were convinced. Not knowing if you felt the same way I do.” Vee looked up into his eyes and then down to his soaked pants.

“I do.”


This was fuel to Josh’s lust crazed fire. He wove his fingers into her wet locks and pulled her toward him hard. He plundered her mouth with devastating kisses as tiny hands fished for the zipper on his ruined trousers in the warming waters. Within seconds he was freed. Vee sank down to her knees and with one desperate motion he was inside her heavenly mouth. It took everything in him to keep upright. Her moans sent waves of pleasure straight to his brain and back. The feel of the now scalding water down his back and the efforts of the fallen angel at his feet were almost too much. If it wasn’t for the orgasm they shared less than an hour before, he might have blown it right then and there down her tiny throat.

There are worse fates…

Josh gently urged her to her feet. He turned her back to his chest and proceeded to pepper her neck with soft kisses as his hands worked their way to her hard nipples. The streams of water rolling down their bodies made her skin feel like liquid silk under his fingertips. He savored every little moan like notes played on a treasured instrument. He let one hand wander down to the apex of her thighs, stopping only when they found her clit, anxious for attention.

Vee’s arms had since worked their way up his neck and into his hair, pulling and releasing in rhythm with his efforts. He slid a digit carefully up her snatch just as her free hand wrapped itself around his neglected member. He crushed his lips against hers; pawing at any inch of skin he could touch without breaking away from their kiss. She lifted one leg high around his waist and placed his hand under her knee for support. He managed to pull himself away from her reddening lips just long enough to see her snake a dainty hand down between them and onto his pulsing member. He watched in awe as she positioned his purple head at the entrance of her glistening slit, bahis şirketleri parted slightly from the angle. Josh shut his eyes tight then, wanting to savor the sensation of her maddeningly tight pussy enveloping him.

He was not disappointed.

They fumbled in this position for what seemed like ages, trying to find a rhythm, but her smallness of frame and his height did nothing to help them in the slick bathtub. Finally, he hoisted her up with him inside her still, both her legs now around him. He tore down the shower curtain of the rail, shooting metal rings in different directions.

Lacking the patience to clear a space on the floor of the mess he’d made exiting the tub, he lifted her off of him, and pushed her face first against the sink. The shower still ran, and with the shower curtain now a thing of the past, the steam continued to fill the cramped bathroom.

Josh spat into his hand, conscious that the water might have washed some of her natural lubricant away in all of the confusion. He rubbed her spread pussy and quickly realized it hadn’t been an issue. His eyes glazed as he slipped his forefinger up her sopping cunt.

Both Vee and his cock were growing impatient with their separation. She bucked back against him, reminding him to focus. Not wasting any more precious time, he slammed his aching tool inside her, eliciting a pained mewl from her cherry lips.


One hand clutched the counter, keeping as much pressure off her pelvis as she could. The other steadied itself against her fogged mirror, providing the backward momentum she needed to keep up with Josh’s rhythmic, forceful strokes.

Every now and then she’d look backward at him, his eyes screwed tight as he pulled her hips against him. With every thrust it seemed like it was all he could do not to savage her. Finally, when she’d drank in all that she could of his struggle, she whispered, “Just let go…”

Josh opened his eyes then. All motion ceased. “Are you sure?” She nodded. “I don’t want to hurt you…”

Vee laid her head down on the countertop, closing her eyes. “Please, Josh… fuck me like I know you want to…”


“Please… Josh…… I need it hard… fuck me hard Josh, I can take it… push me over the edge baby, I know you can….” Josh couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The words coming out of this angelic mouth literally made him drunk. “Fuck me hard baby…. I need you so badly….” He kissed her back tenderly for a moment and grabbed her hips, pulling all the way out and slamming into her as hard as he could. His wanton angel shrieked and howled with every plunge. His balls slapped against her ass as he plowed his painfully hard dick into her impossibly wet, impossibly tight snatch. Suddenly he felt her entire body tense and shudder, her thighs literally convulsing with the strain of staying upright and the sheer force of her apparent orgasm.

Finally, the combination of her loud culmination and the actual feel of her pussy squeezing around his cock in pleasure were too much and shot after shot of cum filled her trembling belly.


Josh languished in the soapy tub, admiring the mess around them. He admired the porcelain doll whose head was just now resting on his chest. His fingertips drew little figure eights on her hypersensitive clit just for the tiny sounds they made in her.

He could hear his cell phone ringing in the other room. It would only be the first of many calls. Vee lifted her face up to his for a chaste little kiss. He smiled as they parted, taking a red lacquered, raisined fingertip to his lips.

Let them call.


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