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This story is pure fiction. Please vote and let me know what you think. I welcome constructive criticism. If you do criticize though offer a suggestion of how to improve it.

Molly and I had first met in a chat room and hit it off very good despite our 20-year age difference. I was 57 and she was 37. We found we had several things in common one being that we had both been widowed three years earlier and both of our spouses had died unexpectedly from heart attacks when they appeared to be healthy.

We started talking several nights a week in a private chat room and exchanged pictures.

I sent her a few of me. I stand 5 ft 7 in 200 lbs. light brown hair with a few streaks of gray appearing. My eyes are blue/gray. I wear glasses and have no facial hair.

Molly is about 5 ft 5in 150 lbs 36c breast. She has short naturally blonde hair and blue eyes.

One night she surprised me when she asked if I had any unfulfilled sexual fantasies. We had never mentioned sex in any of our conversations before this. I said I had two that I knew I would never get to fulfill. One was having sex with two ladies at once. The other was to go “Round the World”.

Molly said she had never heard of “Round the World’.

I explained that it was to have oral sex, vaginal sex and anal sex all in one night. I told her I had never had a true blowjob. My late wife would take my cock in her mouth during foreplay but would never let me cum that way. Also we only had anal sex a few time and never after our children were born because she was torn so bad in child birth that she bleed anytime we tried anal sex. I also explained that at 57 I didn’t think I could cum three times in one night and the amount of cum I produced was also reduced by the fact that I had a vasectomy.

I then asked Molly if she had any fantasies. Since I told her mine it was only fair for her to tell me hers. She said she really only had one. She had never had anal sex. She and her late husband had done a lot of things sexually but not anal sex because he said it was dirty.

I thought that was the end of our sex discussion until about a week later she asked me where I lived. I told her I lived in Eastern Missouri near St. Louis. I asked her why she wanted to know.

Molly said she lived in Western Missouri near Kansas City and that she though we could help fulfill each other’s sexual fantasies.

This really shocked me because I had not really thought of meeting. She asked if I was free on Saturday.

I told her I was.

She told me to meet her in Columbia, Mo. As it was about half way.

I was excited about the prospect of having sex with her but was unsure we had never met before. How could we be sure the other person sent a true picture?

I asked her if she was sure she wanted to have sex with me. We had never met in person.

She said we could meet have dinner and then let nature take its course.

We had both been to Columbia several time so we agreed to meet at the Quick Trip near I70 and Hwy 63. We figured this would be a good neutral place and then decide where we wanted to eat.

On Saturday I was in Columbia 30 minutes before our agreed meeting time. I parked my white Buick Century to the side of the canlı bahis lot and waited. About 15 minutes later I observed a blue Plymouth Voyager van pull onto the lot.

I waited until it parked. The lady who got out was defiantly Molly. She was wearing light blue slacks and a white blouse. I was wearing a pair of khaki pants and a green polo shirt. I exited my car and walked towards the store.

She saw me walking over and a smile crossed her face. She spoke first. “Ed?” she said with a questioning tone in her voice.

I just gave a one-word response. “Molly.”

She smiled and said, “You look just like your picture.”

I thanked her and said, “You look even better than your picture.”

We both decided we wanted something lite for dinner. We found a small restaurant and both had the soup and salad combo. We made small talk during dinner. Neither of us said anything about sex.

When we were just about finished Molly said, “There is a hotel across the street. Why don’t you get us a room? I will park my car behind the hotel. You can pick me up and then we can go in the hotel together. Then we can fulfill some of our fantasies.

After Molly had parked her van she came to my car with an overnight bag.

Walked in the hotel and asked for a room. We got a room with a king size bed on the 9th floor of a ten story building.

When we got into the room. We embraced and kissed for the first time. She then broke the kiss and headed for the bathroom with her overnight bag. She said, “I’ll be back in a few minutes. Why don’t you start getting ready?”

I turned the sheets back on the bed and stripped down to my briefs and T-shirt. I sat on the edge of the bed to wait.

I did not have to wait long. In a few minutes Molly can from the bathroom wearing a sheer see through blue gown. I could see her blue silk bra and blue silk bikini panties under the gown.

I got up and met her and we engaged in a kiss that she broke. She said let me take care of you first. When I tried to speak she put her hand over my mouth so I just stood quietly.

She took the bottom of my T-shirt and pulled up pulling it over my head. She tossed it to the side. She then went straight for my briefs and pulled them down. I lifted my feet and let her remove them. She then smiled as she saw my erect 6-inch cock.

Molly pushed me to the edge of the bed and forced me to sit. She knelt in front of me and stroked my cock a few times and then licked the head of my cock like an ice cream cone. She lifted it up and slid the tip of her tongue along the sensitive underside of my cock. She then took just the head between her lips and tickled the tip with her tongue. She reached between my legs and gently stroked my balls, which drove me crazy. I placed my hands on her head to steady myself. I felt the tingling sensation in my balls and finally spoke.

“If you don’t stop I’m going to cum soon.”

She just said, “That’s the idea.” She then took most of my cock in her mouth, tightened her lips around my cock and started bobbing up and down on my cock. All the while she was gently messaging my balls.

I let out a low moan as my cock erupted. I only shot two or three jets of cum into her mouth. She easily bahis siteleri swallowed all I gave her. She then proceeded to clean my cock.

I fell back on the bed.

Molly stood up and let her gown fall to the floor. Still wearing her panties and bra she crawled on the bed and said, “I’m all yours.”

I pulled her to me and we met in a long passionate kiss. I could taste the remnants of my cum in her mouth. It didn’t taste bad. But I could understand why some women don’t like it. As we kissed my hand moved down her back to the clasp on her bra, which I easily released.

I began kissing my way across her cheek, down her neck to her breast. He areoles were about the size of a quarter with the tip of her nipples standing out about ¼ inch.

I placed my lips on one nipple and gently kiss licked and sucked on it. I didn’t want to get too rough with them because I knew some ladies don’t like and rough play with their nipples. Molly immediately began slowly moaning in pleasure While playing with one with my mouth I rubbed the other nipple with my fingers. I moved my mouth to the other nipple and gave in the same treatment I had given her other nipple.

I then started kissing my way over her tummy to her panties. I took hold of the waistband. Molly lifted her hips of the bed to allow me to remove them.

Her pubic hair was trimmed for her bikini. What was left was blonde and very sparse.

I went straight for her pussy and licked the outer lips a few times before gently parting them at the top to find her clit. I gently inserted one and then two fingers in her pussy as I licked her clit.

Molly was squirming and moaning as I licked her clit and finger fucked her very wet pussy. I thought I detected a few mini contractions on her pussy before she let out a long “OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” as her orgasm hit. She squeezed her legs together on my hand as waves of pleasure flowed through her.

When she started to come down from her orgasm she rolled onto her elbows and knees and said, “Fuck me doggy style.”

To my surprise my cock had recovered from the blowjob.

I stood beside the bed and Molly scooted over so she was near the edge of the bed. I lined up my cock with her pussy and slowly slid all the way in. When inside I stopped for a moment and savored the exquisite warm feeling of Molly pussy around my cock. I slowly started moving my cock in and out of her pussy enjoying the feeling.

After 4 or 5 strokes Molly looked over her should at me and said “Fuck me hard.”

I started picking up the speed knowing it would be a while before I came. Soon I was fucking her pussy as hard as I could. I grabbed on to her hips as I kept ramming my cock in her.

Molly reached for her pussy and began rubbing her clit. She kept saying between her moans don’t stop. I felt her pussy start to contract around my cock. I kept up the thrusting through her orgasm. I was beginning to wonder of I would be able to cum again.

Finally I felt the unmistakable feeling of my balls tightening. My cock then twitched a few times and shot a couple small jets of cum.

I fell forward on top of Molly and then rolled of her onto my side.

Molly kissed me and said Thank You. That was bahis şirketleri wonderful. Lets rest a little before we continue our journey.

I quickly fell asleep.

I don’t know how long I slept but sun was streaming in the window of our room when I woke because Molly was starting the play with my cock.

“Wake up sleepy head.” She said. “We haven’t finished our journey.”

I told her to stop because I needed to use the bathroom. When I came back I had a small bottle of KY Silk E in my hand. “If you’re going to get it in the butt.” I said. “I need to get you loosened up. I had her get on her elbows and knees and squirted a little of the cold liquid on her ass. She squealed in shock from the cold. I put some on my finger and slowly worked a finger in her back door. I slowly pushed in and out and moved my finger in a circular motion.

Molly began moaning from the work on her ass.

When I thought she was ready I put more KY on her and inserted a second finger. This got and even louder moan from her. While working two finger in her ass I reached for her pussy and began rubby her clit.

She started moaning louder and started wiggling her ass and said Oh that feels soo good. Before long I had her on the verge of orgasm and decided to take her all the way before fucking her ass. I rubbed her cit even harder. I felt her ass squeezing my fingers as her orgasm hit. This time she had a silent orgasm. But her body tightened as the waved of pleasure flowed through her. I kept my fingers in her ass as she began coming down from her high.

I kept my fingers in Molly’s ass as I helped her roll onto her back. I pushed a pillow under the small of her back and added more KY to my fingers sliding in and out of her.

I put some KY on MY cock. And placed Molly’s legs on my shoulders. I moved so my cock was near her ass and as soon as I pulled my fingers out I pushed my cock in. I got the head just past her sphincter muscle and stopped. I could see a little pain on Molly’s face.

I asked, “Are you OK?”

She said. “Yes, just wait a little bit. I’ve never had anything that big in there.” I stood motionless until she said “OK, just take it slow.”

I slowly slid my cock inside her until I was all the way in. Before starting to thrust I started to rub her clit.

She pushed my hand away and said, “I’ll do that you just fuck me hard.”

I started out with a few short strokes and gradually build up speed. Molly started pushing her hips to meet my thrusts. I didn’t know if I would be able to cum. I came twice just hours earlier.

When Molly started rubbing her clit her orgasm approached quickly. She came loud and hard squeezing her cock with her ass but still I did not cum. I slowed my thrust as she started to come down from her orgasm.

She looked at me and asked, “Did you cum?”

“Not yet.” I said.

She then reached around and caressed my balls and started thrusting back to meet my thrust. After a few minutes I felt my balls tighten and I shot a small amount of cum inside her. I tried staying in her as long as I could before my cock slid out of her.

We lay on the bed for a while recuperating.

When we finally did pull ourselves off the bed we made our way to the bathroom and showered together. We did a lot of kissing and feeling each other in the shower but no more sex.

When we checked out of the hotel she said to me. “We’ll have to do this again.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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