Anything For A Lady Ch. 02

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Daniel watched as Sami’s round white ass disappeared through the balcony doors into her apartment.

He could barely get up off the mat and the little vixen was dashing around as spry as a baby lamb.

Damn, he’d had no idea she was such a wild thing! The music began to fade and he pictured her turning down the stereo. Naked.

A moment later she reappeared – still naked, the vixen – and looking down at his reclining form, she crooked that come-here-boy finger of hers again.

He didn’t need any more encouraging than that. After all, she had said she planned on being on top next time…

Damn if the idea didn’t almost make him hard again instantly.

Following her to the bedroom he’d never seen before he saw another side of her.

Tastefully done in dark neutral tones the room had a sensual overtone. The fabrics were rich and plush. None of that surprised him. It was the artwork on the wall that gave it its naughty appeal.

Two good-sized gorgeous paintings of a woman dominated the wall over the bed.

A large naked woman…

In one painting the woman was sprawled on the bed, head at the bottom, feet at the top.

She wore red fishnet thigh-high stockings and nothing else. Her legs were crossed and bent to one side, hiding as much as they revealed. One arm draped over a breast, hand covering most of the other large white breast…the other arm flung over her head in abandon.

She looked boldly at the artist with a mischievous grin.

The other painting featured her kneeling with her back to the artist, ass cheeks flat on her red-fishnet-clad heels, arms lifting her hair off a lovely plump neck. Her face was turned in profile looking again at the artist as she peeped through the crook of an elbow.

Classic pin-up poses…of a big beautiful bold woman.

A naked beauty who looked a lot like Sami.

Catching his eyes on the portraits, she grinned.


“I see that,” he replied.

“A friend did them…you like?”

What could he say without drooling? He managed a nod.

“We weren’t sleeping together at the time…” she commented.

“And after?” He couldn’t help prying. He was trying to imagine any man being cold-blooded enough to paint those wonderfully erotic pictures and not join Sami on that bed afterward.


Her giggle was impish. “Oh yeah…after…”

“What?” he pressed, knowing there was a story there. One he knew he wanted to hear.

“Well…it happened halfway through the first one…the one of me on my back…Had a lot of trouble getting through the second one.”

“I don’t blame him,” Daniel admitted.

“Him?” Sami’s eyebrow rose. “Did I say him?”

If he hadn’t been already half hard he knew that would have done the job.


Sami nodded, obviously enjoying the reaction it was having on him.

“Yea, she was a friend of mine from university. I knew she was gay, but I’d never been interested in trying it really, and she’d never asked me or shown that she was interested.

I’d illegal bahis seen her work and wondered about having one done. She loved the idea.”

“I bet,” Daniel laughed.

Sami’s laugh was deep and warm. “It wasn’t like that. She was so professional, and she never made any comments, or any moves.”

“So, how did it happen?”

Sami crawled up on the bed and sprawled onto her round belly, patting the bed beside her.

Daniel scrambled up and sat cross legged at the bottom where he could see Sami and the paintings. It was a luscious effect, one that was keeping him persistently up and ready.

“Well, she was so professional it began to bug me! I mean, here I was…all sprawled out. Displaying it all, in red fishnet and everything, and this very sexual lesbian wasn’t affected at all. So, I couldn’t resist trying to tempt her. I kept breaking the pose and playing with my nipples and licking my lips…I was being a real brat.” Daniel could picture it. He could see it in her eyes in the picture. The vamp was shameless. He loved it!

“Anyway she went to get a cool drink and when she came back I had my legs spread and was…well…”

He knew exactly what she’d been doing. He’d just witnessed it himself. No wonder the friend had given in.

“Anyway, she laughed and told me she’d cool me down, and before I knew it she’d dropped an ice-cube onto my pussy….and I just about jumped off the bed…next thing I knew she was warming me up with her mouth…damn, she was unbelievable.”

Daniel’s cock gave a little jump and Sami didn’t fail to notice.

“Lips and tongues…They can be such delicious toys…” she grinned, moving forward.

She wrapped a small chubby hand around the base of his cock and dropped her head on his thigh.

She took her time studying his hard-on as if it were a sculpture, thumb running over the large vein on the underside, a finger tracing over the sensitive purple tip…

A drop of precum oozed out to meet it and with a quick movement her tongue darted out and scooped it up on the tip…delicate as a hummingbird the tip of it exploring the source as if hoping for more…

It was the perfect tease, offering just enough to keep him hard, just enough to make him want to hold on to her head and thrust in deep.

Having shown itself her tongue was now going to work, lapping up the sides of his cock, flicking quickly over the tip…

She was strong as she shoved him back, and Daniel didn’t resist.

Back and forth she went up each side of his aching cock with luxurious wet flat licks.

For a second she caught the ridge under the head of his cock between her lips and sucked…

His balls tightened in response…and he let out a deep groan.

She shifted, letting him straighten out his legs and settled herself between them.

In a moment her mouth was gulping him in and her tongue was driving around the head of his cock…

Her hand wrapped itself tight around the base again, and she pressed her lips to her fist making illegal bahis siteleri a delicious mini-pussy, hand firmly jerking as her mouth sucked the tip in. In and out, she mouth-fucked him, driving him wild.

Slowly her fingers unwound as she took him deeper…swallowing most of his hard length and suckling sweetly.

Damn, her mouth was unbelievably hot and wet, and making the most wonderful noises around the head of his cock, as she responded to the uncontrollable thrust of his hips.

She seemed to be having a great time feasting on him, and the sight of the pictures above her, and her magnificent round ass waving in the air as she sucked him deep into her mouth took him to the edge.

He tugged at her head gently…”Damn, girl…If you do that anymore I’m gonna shoot right now…” he warned.

She pulled away, letting him slip slowly – tormentingly slowly – from soft, full lips.

“Oh no, you aren’t,” she warned back, giving his balls a sharp tug…”as much as I’d love you to come for me, I told you I get to be on top this time…didn’t I?”

Damn rights she had.

The idea of this luscious plump vixen riding him, her large pendulous breasts swaying above his face, almost made him lose it.

Damn if she didn’t turn him into a teenager all over again.

Scrambling off the bed she disappeared into the bathroom. He watched her ass jiggle as she went out the door.

He would never look at a large woman again without imagining the sight of a large, round, fleshy ass quivering like that.

She wasted no time coming back and scrambling back up onto the bed with the condom already unwrapped and in hand she set to her task.

Not quite the way he expected, of course…

The vamp straddled his chest, faced his feet and reached for his tortured cock.

He knew it was no accident that her plump wet pussy was poised within range of his suddenly thirsty tongue.

He didn’t have to be told twice.

She gave out a soft moan as he took a long lick of her moist pink lips.

He flicked the hard nub of her clit just to hear her moan. Damn, he loved that sound she made.

Settling his hands on her thighs he pressed her wider and dove in. She was like wild hot honey. He couldn’t get enough.

Neither could Sami obviously. She was bucking back against his mouth, driving him to use his tongue as a mini-penis thrusting into her hot pussy.

“Good boy, ” she gasped, finishing with the condom, and the words made him double his efforts.

“Bite the lips…just a bit…softly…” the words were breathless with lust but he knew a command when he heard one.

“Yes, yes, yes…” she gasped…the way she had just before she’d come the last time. He slid his tongue over her clit, tempted to suck it in and draw her over the edge.

Suddenly she shifted, straightening up and rocking down on him.

He was almost engulfed by the generous flesh of her thighs and ass as she drove against his mouth. Almost gasping for air.

He loved it.

He’d never canlı bahis siteleri imagined it would feel so amazing to be engulfed this way by hot, wet, pussy flesh. He held onto her thighs to encourage her and did his best to keep his tongue hard and available for her to fuck herself against.

She was moaning loudly now, and almost flooding him with juices…

He almost came on the spot.

Only the thought of her driving down onto his cock held him in check.

He was damned if he was going to miss that.

She seemed to thrust and rock and moan forever. He did his best to keep his tongue driving in wherever she aimed..Her body seem to shake with the force of it.

She let go with a sharp moan and began to chant as she went over the edge.

He translated it as: “Yes, yes, yes, soooo good!” Sweet music.

He’d never seen a woman come so hard, so freely, and it turned him on more than he’d ever been before. But eventually she began to pull free and in a surprisingly agile move she’d swung free of him and was turning around…ready to climb back on like a cowgirl.

He grinned…and whinnied.

Her laugh was a bit hoarse as she positioned herself over his cock and began to take him in. By this time he was so hard, and she was so open and wet, he slid right in.

“Wanna be my little stallion, do you?” she teased, sliding down further, so that he was buried deep.

“Yes ma’am!” he replied, reaching up to grab the dark swollen nipples that swayed so free in front of him.

“Mmmmm yea…pull on those!” she demanded, setting up a rhythm with her hips that was sure to make it a fast ride.

“Harder!!” She gasped, so, gentleman that he was, he gave them a sharp tug, no mercy.

Yup, anything for a lady! He felt her pussy walls contract around his cock in response.

He was lost for words now as he watched her, head thrown back, take him and ride him hard.

Damn, she was so hot and tight…her pussy walls contracting to hold him in as she rose up almost to the tip of him before slamming back down…

Over and over she did this and each time she seemed to groan out a blissful moan that drove him crazy.

She was obviously going for another orgasm and he strained to hold off so she could get there before it was too late…Remembering what had pushed her into coming before he continue to work her nipples, twisting them hard.

“So…damn…good!!” she groaned and he agreed, watching her face as she bit her lip and went crazy, bouncing down on him, driving him in deep and hard, her wet pussy grabbing at him, ready to milk him when he came…

Which happened just as he felt her own muscles spasm around his thrusting cock.

“Yes! Damn, damn, damn…” she moaned out, “Daniel!!!!”

He couldn’t answer…His own cock was going wild, unable to resist the feel of her contracting around it. His balls spasmed sharply and he gave in to the feeling, coming so hard he thought he’d never stop shooting his load.

Within minutes she slumped down onto his chest, gasping for air and laughing.

Laughing, the vixen!

“That was soooo damn great, Daniel!” She told him, giving him a soft sweet kiss. “You can be my pony anytime!”

What else could he do? He whinnied in agreement.

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