Another Boring Train Ride

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I was bored to tears as I looked out the window of the Amtrak car, seeing the Hudson River alongside for the hundredth time.

I read and reread my magazine, and finally fell into a nice dreamy state. I pulled my coat over my lap and started to feel my body relax. As the train jogged this way and that way, my body fell into a rhythm that caused my thighs to press together, then release, with each movement. Because I was wearing thigh-high stockings, I felt the tops of my thighs touch, and the lower part of them slide, stocking over stocking. I kept my eyes closed, as I put one arm across my body, over my coat.

My other arm was also across my body, but underneath the coat, and I let my hand drift over my thin blouse, and slide inside of it, feeling my breasts through the silk, my nipples stiffening, and a thrill running through my body.

My hand seemed to go naturally to the warm place between my legs. As my finger stroked along the soft fabric of my panties, I found them damp and very hot. My finger slid along my slit easily, and I let it rest there, feeling my pussy move around my finger as the train continued to jog along. I added a little pressure, and my slippery finger went deeper between my lips. I let my finger slide into my hot hole, and slowly dragged it out and pushed it back in, my muscles contracting and releasing it rhythmically.

Involuntarily, my hips started to move in slow circular movements, and I pushed my finger deeper inside. I felt the muscles of my pussy getting tight and squeezing my finger, and I started to cum, biting my lower lip to keep from crying out.

I started to slow my movements, and with my head still back against the seat, I let my body relax, and pulled my fingers from my wet hole. I let my hand rest there covering my steaming pussy.

Since my eyes remained closed the whole time I was so occupied, I never saw anyone sit next to me. I was far too engrossed in what I was doing to feel the movement of the seat, or the heat of another person near me.

Suddenly, a large hand enveloped my hand, and pushed it away, and started to feel around my pussy roughly, fingers going all over, pushing between my lips and canlı bahis into my slippery hole. They felt thick, and it hurt a little when two entered me at once.

I felt his breath on my face, his mouth was close to my ear. It was hot and smelled like mint and bourbon, and had an undertone of cigarette smoke to it.

His breath was an aphrodisiac to me, coupled with the big, rough hand that he was stroking me with. He kept rubbing my clit with his thumb, going over it and making it stiff so he could circle it again and again, driving me crazy.

His other fingers were busy spreading my wet lips wide so one finger could drive into my wet pussy while the other stroked over my asshole, not going inside, but over it and around it. I was squirming all over the seat, trying to get more of his fingers into me.

I didn’t open my eyes as he lifted me very swiftly, and slid into the seat under me, settling me on his lap, and pulling my coat into place over my thighs again. I felt a very large, hard cock under me, settling in between my ass cheeks. His mouth went to my neck, and he sucked on it and kissed it with passion, and his hands roamed over my chest, caressing my soft, full breasts. He was surprisingly tender with them, his fingertips moving over my large, sensitive nipples, making them grow hard and high. I moved my body to get the most contact from him, grinding my ass against his hips, feeling almost lifted as his big cock jumped in his pants.

It was hot and moist between us, my pussy still dripping, and I reached back as he continued to stroke my tits, and opened his pants, feeling for the slit in his boxers or briefs. To my delight, his raging cock sprang out and slapped my ass, as he wore no undergarments to get in the way. I lifted my hips to pull my skirt up, and felt him slide my panties aside, and start rubbing his dick between my pussy lips. I felt it pushing me wide apart, and the base of it was spreading my ass cheeks, letting my asshole get rubbed by it too.

As the bursting head of his cock was ground against my clit, I felt hot precum ooze out onto me. It made him slide even more easily, and I raised up a little, and captured the gigantic, bahis siteleri wet head with my hole. I was balanced on the tip of it, making my hole contract around it to tightly envelop his thick cock, and he grabbed me by my shoulders and pushed me down, until I was stuffed full of his huge dick.

His hands moved down to my thighs and pulled them upward, so that I was spread wide and he could control my movements. He pulled my legs as high up as was not too obvious and open as wide as the seat would allow, and shifted his body down so I was almost lying on top of him. He pumped me hard, stroking me long and deep. I had no choice but to lie there and be taken, but I struggled to keep from moaning out loud as this stranger plunged into me again and again.

Suddenly, I was lifted high up by my hips, and almost sat on my lover’s chest. He held my legs high and wide apart, and I felt him sit up slowly, his cockhead sliding in between my ass cheeks, and rubbing my tiny hole. He kept rubbing it back and forth and groaned as a stream of precum sprayed out of his dick, making my asshole very wet. I felt the head of his cock press harder, and he held me tightly by my ass cheeks, fingers digging into my asshole. I felt his hips jerk upward, and felt a splitting pain as the fat cockhead rammed into my tiny anus. I felt his teeth on my neck, and the wide shaft of his dick slide up into me.

It was burning hot, relentlessly pushing inside me, and he pulled me up until I was almost off it and let me slide back down on it fast, bucking under me at the same time, and I felt a burst of air come from his mouth, as the first spurt of his boiling cum filled my asshole, and I felt it squish around him as he plunged upward hard, holding me tightly pressed into his lap.

He stayed inside me until I squirmed to get up. He slipped out from under me and into the other seat again, and I heard him rustle around a bit. I kept my eyes closed, and let my head fall back against the seat, and pulled the coat up to cover my legs, and rested back again, worn out.

I felt the coat on my lap move, and felt his head move between my legs and at once I felt his warm tongue slowly licking bahis şirketleri along my pussy. He sucked my clit into his mouth, then swirled his tongue around it and moved up and down between my puffy, swollen pussy lips.

He pulled my body forward so my ass was almost off the seat, and crept close on his knees, and pressed the thick head of his cock against my slit. I opened my thighs wider, and felt him push into me slowly, as he started to kiss my mouth. I rolled my head back and pressed my wet pussy against his body, and he responded by grinding harder into me, giving me the whole length of throbbing dick, then stroking me with long, slow strokes.

My wet pussy lips were sucking around the base of his cock, and he was moaning against my throat as he stayed deep inside me, moving back and forth slightly, letting the suction build before pulling out a little more and pushing back in with great force.

We slid back and forth on the edge of the seat, locked together, and I felt his hands roaming around my chest, stroking and squeezing my tits, pinching my nipples roughly. Then his tongue followed, and he rolled my hard nipples around with his tongue, and he sucked them gently into his mouth.

I started to cum violently, barely mindful that I couldn’t cry out loud. I felt him stiffen and stop moving as my pussy clenched, and pulsed, a stream of juice gushing out around him, wetting us both. He pushed me back, and his cock popped out of me with a loud, sucking sound. He pulled my head down, and I let him push into my mouth, tasting my pussy juice, my tongue sliding around him as I sucked him with fast, deep slurps.

His body was tight as a wire, and his cock was so thick that it stretched my lips almost to tearing. I felt the surge from his balls, as they tightened up, and the tube of his shaft expand as the cum rushed up it. I squeezed my eyes shut tighter as he pushed my head down, and exploded in my throat. I barely tasted the hot spurts that coated the back of my mouth and throat, as he moved my head around and back and forth, cum still pouring from his bursting dick.

He held me to him, pressed against his stomach, his softening cock against my cheek, murmuring sweet words of how lovely that was. I heard a few movements, and then felt that I was alone again. I settled back in my seat, never having opened my eyes, and smiled to myself. So much for boring train rides.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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