An Incest Birthday Chapter 30

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Only five stories left. Got another long one here at 68 pages. Enjoy.


Both Rita and I were instantly jolted out of our sleep by someone screaming not three feet away from us, and that someone turned out to be Stephanie wearing the biggest grin on her face sporting pigtails and a spaghetti strap shirt with a skirt.

“Jesus Christ Stephanie! What the hell! How the hell did you get in here?” I said disoriented, still coming down from the shock she gave us.

“Rita left her keys at our house, I can’t believe you didn’t notice. We didn’t need them anyway, the door was unlocked when we got here, and you talk about us…”

“Ours was an accident, yours is on purpose. Crap thanks a lot Stephanie, now my ears are ringing! Did you have to scream so loud?” Rita asked.

“Hey I saw an opportunity to scare two naked ass kids sleeping in their parents bed, so I took it. Why exactly are you sleeping in your parents bed anyway? You know they have sex here too.”

“Because WE saw the opportunity so WE took it, and not on these sheets, mom practically changes the sheets every time she and dad have sex.”

“Where’s Chris? is he gonna pop out from under the bed or something?” I asked.

“No he’s in your room playing Assassin’s Creed, he’s been there since we got here.”

“And when exactly did you get here? How long you been staring at us sleep?”

“Got here about twenty minutes ago, watching you sleep? No. I don’t do that creeper stuff. You weren’t in any of the other rooms so it was only logical that you were in here.”

“Well it could’ve been worse, you could’ve poured cold water on us…”

“Awwww dammit! I wish I’d thought of that! That would’ve been so funny!”

“And you would’ve been so dead, I literally would’ve killed you,” Rita said.

“Yeah yeah, you cold water, me dead, got it. Ok time to get up, we got a long day ahead of us,” Stephanie said as she pulled the blanket off of us, exposing our naked bodies to the air. “Some of us longer than others,” she said as she looked at me before I could cover myself.

“Wait a minute… how did you know we were naked? We were covered up,” Rita said.

“Ehh, well I might’ve took a little peek or two, just to see what I was walking into.”

“Yeah not a creeper my ass. Look at her Rita, she can’t stop smiling. She probably took a picture of us, by this time tomorrow were gonna be all over the internet.”

“If we are she’ll be too, don’t forget the little attachment she sent us yesterday,” Rita said.

“That was a good picture wasn’t it? I like how I got both of our bodies in it without really showing our bodies or our face. I just straight took it, no photoshop or anything.”

“We’re proud for you, now since we were so rudely woken out of our sleep at 11:37 in the morning after the late night we had we might as well get up, if you’ll excuse us…”

“What? I have to leave? Seriously? By now after all we’ve seen we should all be walking around naked with no problem! I’ll even do it too,” she said as she started sliding her skirt down.

“Nope, that’s not necessary, just tell your boyfriend not to get killed or screw up any missions, my records damn near perfect and I don’t need his sloppy play messing it up.”

“My boyfriend… I like the way that sounds. I’ll go pull my skirt down in front of him then.”


“I MAKES NO PROMISES!” she yelled back.

We couldn’t help but laugh as we headed to the shower. I loved our friendship with them, who else could we be that comfortable with that they had no problem fucking in our room, or us walking in on them, and trusted each other completely around each other? That’s rare. i grabbed us both a towel from the linen closet as Rita got in the shower and without even bothering to close the door (they’d probably pick the lock anyway) I got in with her.

“How much you wanna bet they’ll be doing at least something when we go in there? Rita said.

“I’d be better off just giving you the money, I already know they’re gonna do something.”

“As long as they don’t scar Tibbles for life, speaking of, where is he?”

He’s in here somewhere, I heard his collar jingling when we came in here. We closed the door to the room yesterday so he couldn’t get in there with us.”

“Awww I feel bad, I kinda forgot about him when we got back yesterday.”

“After everything that happened I did too, we forgot to lock the front door apparently.”

“We better not be forgetful like this when we get out on our own, pass me the shampoo.”

“By then, we’ll have more than enough practice, here get the body wash too.”

She lathered herself from head to toe while I just stood there under the water with just shampoo in my hair. She grabbed me from behind and rubbed her girly body wash all over me.

“Oh come on Rita! I don’t wanna smell like lavender and orchids all day!”

“What’s wrong with smelling like a girl? We’re the cleaner of the two sexes.”

Yeah but I’m a man! I need to smell like a man! I can’t act tough smelling like fresh picked roses and shit! Now I need to go roll around in dirt, get my man smell back.”

She pulled me down to kiss her. “You smell like a man to me, but do you still taste like a man?” she asked as she kissed her way down my body until she got to
my cock. “Let me find out.”

Even with the hot water running down my back it wasn’t even close to how hot her mouth was when she took my entire cock in. I threw my head back and caught a face full of water, but it was well worth it for how good her mouth felt when she first took my cock in. I held onto the soap dish and the shower rod to steady myself as she effortlessly took my cock in and out of her mouth over and over again. She looked up at me as the water ran off my body and down her face, but it didn’t slow her down even a little, she just kept right at it.

“Fuck Rita that feels good,” I moaned.

“You’re not worried about them walking in on us, you?”

“At this point I don’t care, it wouldn’t surprise me either, we seen enough of each other.”

“Now I hope they do come in, I kinda put on a show when they’re watching.”

“And I thought you were doing that just for me…”

“I have your cock in my mouth, I must like you a little bit.”

“If this is how it feels when you like me then I’m set for life.”

She winked and let my cock disappear in her mouth again and took one of my hands and out it on the back of her head. She still had the shampoo in it which made my fingers slide right through her hair like I was combing it, not an equal trade off but she wasn’t complaining so I wasn’t going to. She dropped down to her knees in the tub and put her hands on the back of my ass and pushed me forward, using my body to fuck her throat. I had no choice but to put my other hand on the back of her head because of how fast she was moving me forward, I don’t know how she was even able to breathe, she had water running down her face and she was plugging her throat with my cock but she never slowed down, she just moaned louder and used my body to fuck her face faster, which was starting to get to me.

“Rita, slow down or I’m gonna cum!” I warned her.

Her response was eye contact followed by a smile without taking my cock out of her mouth before she went back to sucking me off. I did my job, I let her know I was close, and she wrote it off, anything that happened after this point was out of my hands. I felt my balls continuously slap the underside of her chin as she took the entire length of my cock in her mouth over and over. I could feel myself start to get tingly like I usually did before I came, and she picked up on it and started tickling the head of my cock with her tongue while she sucked me, hitting every sensitive spot I had, and that did it.

“Fuck Rita, I’m about to cum!”

I grabbed her head and matched up with the speed she already had and after a few more strokes I thrust my cock fully into her mouth one more time and burst right in her throat. I was looking down at her for a second, and she was looking back at me dead in the eyes as I came over and over in her mouth. I leaned my head back and held onto hers as the rest of my cum slid out of my cock and down her throat like it’s done many times before, and when I finally finished cumming and looked down at her, she was still looking up at me smiling as she milked the last drop of cum out of me and let my cock simply fall from her mouth.

“Oh my GOD Rita! Holy shit!” I said trying to stand up on my now weakening legs.

“Just the reaction I was going for,” she said as she stood up and switched places with me, washing the soap off her body while I tried to simply keep standing.
I leaned against the back wall and lazily washed up while she hummed in front of me without a care in the world, knowing I was behind her struggling with simple things after what she just did to me. When my legs finally tensed back up I did the same thing to her that she did to me earlier and rubbed my body wash all over her while feeling her up at the same time.

“You almost made me collapse in the tub after that, but that would’ve been a happy accident.”

“Good, I definitely got a little carried away, I don’t know why but it felt really fucking good when I made you fuck my mouth faster, a almost came every time your cock hit my throat.”

“Maybe it’s the water, or that fact that Stephanie and Chris are twenty feet away?”

“Probably both of those, I don’t know, I just know every time you went deep my throat tingled and it went all the way down to my pussy, that’s when I grabbed your ass and took over.”

“You had control the whole time, you just basically went supersonic on me, but I liked it.”

“Liked it, yeah right you loved it. Now you’re gonna want me to do that from now on.”

“Only if you’re cool with it, which I hope you are, because that was fucking amazing.”

“Anything for my boo thang.”

I tried to blow past that, but was having a hard time doing so. “Ummm, boo thang?”

“Yeah I’m trying out nicknames for you, boo thang, chuckle bunny, firefly, just a few so far.”

“Yeeeeeeeah let’s just stick with honey, or baby, or sweetie, the hell is a chuckle bunny…”

“That’s because you’re just hearing it for the first time! Once you get used to it ahh whatever.”

“Well it’s out there, and it’s a lot more creative than Ashley bear.”

“What do you think she’s doing? Should we go crash her house?”

“Are we at that point where we can just show up to her house unannounced?”

“I guess we’ll see when we get there, you know if we ever get out of the shower.”

I took that as my cue and rinsed myself clean and got out. We toweled ourselves off and headed back to our room and couldn’t help but laugh to ourselves. We knew they were capable of doing it, we just didn’t think they were going to. While they weren’t having actual sex, Chris had Stephanie’s legs propped up on the arm rests of our computer chair and was eating her out, both of them completely oblivious to that fact that we were there, for obvious reasons.

“So you guys really are just gonna have sex in our room that easy huh?” I asked.

Chris looked up for a second and dipped his head back down and Stephanie turned and looked at us with a look on her face that said she was enjoying everything Chris was doing. “At least we didn’t get on the bed, we saved it in case you wanted to come in and join us.”

“We already handled our business in the shower,” Rita said.

“I knew it, Chris you owe me ten dollars now. I get head and money, it’s a great day so far.”

“So what are we supposed to do, stand here and take notes? We need to get dressed!”

“Go ahead, we’re not stopping you, and like you could learn something from us that you haven’t already done six months ago, oh fuck Chris right there! That’s it!”

We shrugged it off knowing Stephanie was right and dropped our towels to get dressed.

“Whoooooo! Now that’s what I’m talking about! Now all I need is some titties in my face and we don’t even need to leave the house!”

Rita walked over and motorboated Stephanie for like ten seconds. “There, that’s all you get, you can’t get the best of both worlds in somebody else’s house.”

“That’s ok, I’m about to cum anyway, he’s been down there since you got in the shower.”

“Really! Go Chris! That’s one way to get a blowjob for no reason at all.”

“Yeah it took him a long time, but I think he’s finally catching on, oh my god, I’m about to cum! Keep flicking it, keep flicking it! Oh my god! I’m cumming!”

She reached for something to grab, but there was nothing around, so she grabbed the back of Chris’ head and held him in place. If she was a squirter his face, and his shirt for that matter would’ve been drenched. She had his head locked in place the whole time she came while her legs shook in the air, and we had a front seat to the whole thing. We had almost finished getting dressed by the time she finally released Chris’ head, and he stood up without a care in the world as she fell back in the chair.

“What’s up guys, we ready to go yet or nah?” Chris said as if nothing happened.

“Uh yeah, almost, shouldn’t we give her some time to recover?” I asked.

“She’ll be ok, you should’ve seen what she did to me this morning, that was payback.”

“Slowly but surely you guys are turning into us, give it a few more weeks, watch,” Rita said as she pulled on a mini shirt and a pair of black yoga pants that stuck to her like a second skin.

“Those are some cute pants, I’ll bet my ass will look good in those,” Steph said out of breath.

“Randy bought em for me, he likes to stare at my ass when he’s not fucking it.”

“Truer words have never been more spoken,” I said. “Love that ass.”

“See? I have a closet full of ‘make Randy want to fuck me’ clothes.”

“That’s easy, just show up naked and say fuck me, nothing else need be done,” Chris said.

“Where are we going anyway? You said are we ready to go, where we going?” Stephanie asked.

“We’re gonna go crash Ashley’s house and see what she’s up to. She tried to call us yesterday but we were busy fucking each other to answer the phone,” I said.

“Yeah she called us too, but we rushed off the phone with her, good thing we don’t have iPhones. She usually calls all of us when she wants us all to go somewhere or if she’s doing something at her house, she never just calls me and Chris.”

“She’s probably still scared to hang out with just you two by herself, after that brutal questionnaire Chris gave her it’s probably gonna be a while before that happens,” Rita said.

“Hey I had good intentions, I asked the hard questions, and lucky for her she passed, so now we don’t have to ask ‘what if’ or anything because now we know. I’m ready to go whenever you are, Rita those pants are definitely gonna be see through when the sun hits em,” Chris said.

“That’s what thongs are for, I don’t need you staring up the crack of my ass, that’s Randy’s job.”

“Yeah that’s my job. Shouldn’t we let our hair dry completely before we go outside?” I asked.

“It’s hot as hell outside, you’ll be fine. Let’s go before I get stuck to this chair,” Stephanie said.

Rita got her keys back from Stephanie, who was still wobbly in her walk, and we locked the house up and headed outside. We started to get in our car before we changed our minds and jumped in the back seat of their car with them just as they were about to leave.

“Why aren’t you driving your own car?” Chris asked.

“Because it’s pointless to drive two cars to the same place when we can fit in one,” Rita said.

“But why is it always our car? How come we never burn up your gas?”

“Because you live in the richer neighborhood, and were in a Lincoln, case closed.”

“It was our father’s car, he only gave it to us because we won a freaking drawing!”

“It’s still yours, and it’s still a Lincoln, you have no argument. You know you can’t win a fight with a girl, just because your breath smells like pussy doesn’t mean you get a break.”

“Oh shit! Rita with the low blow! Damn you gonna take that Chris?” I laughed.

“Yep cuz it’s not a low blow. It would only be if she was saying Stephanie had a stank pussy, which is DEFINITELY not the case, so I take that as a compliment.”

“You’ve been quick on your comebacks lately, all that time you spend fucking Stephanie and avoiding doing anything else must’ve improved your brains reflexes.”

“Ask Stephanie, that’s not all it improved,” Chris said on the sly.

“He may have leveled up in a select few areas, but he still needs more practice,” Steph said.

“But he still needs more practice, that sounds really promising,” Rita joked.

“All I heard was he leveled up in select areas, that’s progress in my book,” Chris said.

“Well as long as Stephanie’s not complaining you’re ok. And seriously, if the windows are gonna be up can you turn on the a/c? it’s burning up in here!”

“I thought you liked the heat, you’re always in it when Randy’s around.”

“Haha yep. All you have to do is say Randy’s name and her panties are soaked, like how the hyenas kept saying Mufasa’s name in the Lion King but sexual,” Stephanie joked.

“Yeah, well thanks for ruining one of my favorite childhood movies for me,” Rita said.

They didn’t pay her any attention, they just kept poking fun at her, Chris especially. “Randy!”

“Oooooooooooh!” Stephanie played along. “Do it again do it again!”

“Randy Randy Randy!”

Stephanie faked an orgasm in her chair. “Ok ok stop it, I can take it anymore!”

“You guys are real funny. Randy doesn’t have a problem with how much I wanna fuck his brains out all day every day for the rest of our life, do you Randy?”

“The day I have a problem with that will be the day hell freezes over,” I said.

“And that’s why I love you,” Rita said as she pulled me in for a kiss. “There’s nothing wrong with a girl who’s constantly horny for her man, no matter what these heathens say.”

“Especially since they’re about two public fucks from being exactly where we are.”

“One can only hope. I can only imagine what it must feel like to have sex so much that YOU have to tell your girl no and she keeps asking for it,” Chris said.

“After a while she’ll stop asking and just wait until you go to sleep, right Rita?” I said.

“It never fails. Let him go to sleep then wake his ass back up, works every time.”

“I never had to go that far since Chris never turned me down for sex when I want it, but that sounds kinky though, I might have to try that anyway,” Stephanie said.
“I could feel Chris smiling from the back seat. “Any other ideas you guys wanna throw out there? I know you have a million of these stories, don’t stop now!”
“Noooo that’s ok, we don’t wanna give away all of our tricks, most of everything we did was an on the spot thing anyway, it’s a lot better when it’s not planned,” Rita said.
“Shit we got enough ideas to last us a while anyway, a few more wouldn’t hurt though.”

“Yeah maybe another time, we’re here, and all the Ashley’s are too. You’d think since they were coming to the same place they would carpool or something,” I said.

“It’s easier to burn your own gas than someone else’s?” Chris said snarky.

“The $20 you were gonna give me for the pops from the movies, keep it, now we’re even.”

We got out of the car and headed for the front door. We rang the doorbell but noone ever came to open it. We called Ashley a bunch of times but she never answered, we all got her voicemail. Finally we turned the handle just to see if it was open and it was, so we walked in cautiously just in case something happened. The girls stuck right to our backs as me went through the downstairs of the house calling everyone’s name with no answer. We were actually starting to get a little worried, everyone’s cars were there but they weren’t, it had all the makings of an episode of Law and Order, except for the crime scene. To our relief, once we got near the kitchen we could hear playful screaming and water splashing, so we knew they were outside in the pool. The girls eased up from behind us and we went to lock the front door and went out the back to everybody splashing around in the pool except Dana, who was laid out in a sun tan chair in a small two piece with everyone’s phones on the table right next to her.

“Dana what the hell you didn’t hear the phone ringing next to you?” Rita asked.

Dana popped up from the little nap she was taking. “SHIT! Don’t sneak up on people like that!”

Ashley and everybody else swam up to the side of the pool we were all standing at. “Hey, when did you all get here? I was gonna call you and tell you to come by with bathing suits.”

“Were just got here, your front door wasn’t locked. The house looked all deserted and shit like somebody came in and kidnapped everybody,” I said.

“Awww were you worried? This is a good neighborhood, nobody steals or anything around here, practically everybody who lives around here leaves their door unlocked.”

“Yeah and somebody probably notices and you’re gonna come back and all your stuff will be on eBay getting sold by a crackhead for a hundred dollars,” Chris said.

“Always so freaking dramatic? Are you guys getting in the pool or what?” Carina asked.

“Well we never got the call to bring a bathing suit, soooooooo no,” Stephanie said.

“You don’t need a bathing suit, it’s just us here, just get in with your bra and panties, it’s practically the same thing, unless you’re not wearing any,” Becky giggled.

“Always a pervert. I have a bunch upstairs, you should know where they are,” Ashley said.

“That’s too much work. Fuck it. bra and panties it is,” Stephanie said as she started undressing.

“Fuck it, if you’re doing it, I’ll do it too. You getting in the water Dana?” Rita asked.

“Wasn’t planning on it, I’m doing fine just laying here and looking beautiful for everyone.”

“Hell no, if we’re getting in the water in our underwear, you’re definitely getting in,” Chris said.

“Don’t make me stuff my foot in your mouth again. I’ll get in when I’m good and ready.”

Chris got slightly embarrassed when she mentioned the dare he had to do, but it quickly turned sinister, like he instantly hatched a plot to get her in the water. “Randy, come with me.”

I followed him back into the house and watched as he rummaged around looking for something, then stopped when he picked up a big bucket. He filled it up with cold water and went to the freezer and dumped every ice cube he could get into the bucket.

“Now every time she brings that up, I’m gonna bring this up,” Chris said.

“Man if she catches you, she’s gonna beat your ass,” I laughed.

“She’s not, I’m jumping in the water, she’s not getting in until she feels like it remember?”

“If you dump a bucket of ice cold water on her I think she’s gonna feel like it!”

“Then I’ll just swim away from her, she won’t chase me the whole time I’m in there.”

“Alright man, it’s your funeral, not mine, she’s not gonna be chasing me.”

“Depends on how she looks at it, I need you to distract her while I sneak up behind her.”

“Uhh, pass. She could be one of those ‘hell hath no fury of a scorned woman’ girls. No dice.”

“Come on man, like you said she’ll be coming after me anyway, don’t be a scaredy ass. Just talk to her for a little bit then walk to the edge of the pool so I know she’s ready.”

I paused for a second. “You know what, fine. I’ll do it just to see what she does to your ass.”

He stirred the ice around in the bucket for a little longer and we went back outside, by now both Rita and Stephanie were in the pool with the other girls. I walked up to Dana who was on her phone laying out in the chair and set my phone on the table with the other ones and stripped down to my boxers.

“You sure you’re not getting in Dana? It’s pretty hot out here.”

“I wanna get hot, the water will feel that much better when I do get in.”

I walked towards the edge of the pool as Chris crept up behind her, completely oblivious to him behind her. He waited for her to put her phone down and lay back down, and then he struck.


He ran up and doused her in the cold water, making her draw up and shriek from the instant cold and making everybody else laugh. She was so cold her nipples went hard instantly.

“Haha! Now I have something on you whenever you bring up that foot thing!” Chris laughed.

Dana stood up and eyed him down. “You’re dead Chris, you hear me? You’re fucking dead!”

She chased Chris and he jumped into the pool, thinking he’d gotten away from her, but she followed right behind him. He started swimming to the other side of the pool, but I immediately knew he wasn’t gonna make it for two reasons, one, he jumped in like every other normal person, sloppy, and she did this perfect ass Olympic dive into the water, and two, he swam away freestyle, but she swam after him doing the butterfly. I could tell he knew he’d messed up when I saw his smile fade as he tried to get away, but it wasn’t happening. I followed around the side and watched as she closed the gap between them so fast I didn’t have time to be shocked. She swam faster than Aunt Lisa, who is the fastest swimmer in our family by far, and Dana looked like she could beat her easy. She caught Chris before he got to the halfway point in the pool and kept dunking him underwater, using her weight as leverage to push him under.

“Don’t think it’s so funny now huh? Didn’t think I could catch you?” Dana fumed.

“What the hell? What are you part fish? Who swims that fast?” Chris said in between dunks.

After a couple more dunks she let him go and he hung onto the wall to catch his breath. I jumped in beside him and laughed with everybody else as his plan backfired on him.

“Yeah you might not have noticed, but Dana’s pretty much a professional swimmer. She won the championship for the butterfly two years running,” Ashley laughed.

“That would’ve been nice to know before I jumped in the water!” Chris yelled. “How the fuck are you so fast with those big ass flotation devices sitting on your chest!”

“She could probably break the record easily if they weren’t slapping her in the face every time she came up for air,” Becky joked.

“Damn Chris, now she has two stories to use against you, nice try though,” Carina said.

“You just can’t catch a break,” Rita said. “Maybe you should mess with somebody else.”

“No. Small setback. All I gotta do is stay away from dares, and water,” Chris said.

“That’s only what you know about,” Dana said. “I have a lot more tricks up my sleeve buddy, and for the record, these tits are all real, no silicone flotation devices here.”

“This is crap man, I didn’t even get halfway across the pool!”

“Well you never were the fastest swimmer, shit dad can beat you and he’s like a turtle in the water. On the bright side, you were winning BEFORE she jumped in
the water,” Stephanie said.

“I’m snitching. Randy helped me, he distracted you so I could sneak up behind you!”

“The hell man! Don’t take me down because Michael Phelps little sister caught you!”

“Nope, he gave me the green light, dunk him too!”

“I should, but you poured the cold ass water on me, so you’re the one who gets it, and don’t think I’m done either, I’m letting you catch your breath then you’re going right back under.”

“HA! That’s what you get, trying to take me down with you,” I said.

“Shit it was worth a try. If I’m going down might as well take somebody with me.”

“If you’re gonna die then that’s not a bad way to go, she was using her tits as weight on the top of your head to help push you underwater.”

“And you just happened to notice that?” Stephanie asked as she swam over to me.

“I may have, observed it happening, I can recall speculating it.”

“Well speculate this!”

I was suddenly pushed underwater by Rita who’d snuck up behind me while Stephanie was distracting me, basically the same thing we did to Dana, and like Dana, Rita also used her tits to help push me underwater. I came back up to see the other girls swimming towards Chris and I to make sure we didn’t get away. They all jumped on us, easily outnumbering and overpowering us as we could do nothing but go underwater whenever they pushed us under. They weren’t cruel or anything with it, they didn’t hold us down there too long or keep doing it so fast that we couldn’t properly get air, they waited a few seconds in between and sent us right back to the bottom. I’m not gonna lie, in my haste to get free I was reaching for and grabbing whatever I could get ahold of, and nine times out of ten I was grabbing someone’s tit or ass, and it wasn’t always Rita’s or Stephanie’s, but noone ever complained, soooooo yeah. It took a good while, but we were finally able to turn the tables on them, kinda, by grabbing them and dunking them two at a time. Whenever one of the free ones came to help we’d splash them in the face and go back to dunking the others until we all tired ourselves out. I got out and grabbed my phone and snapped pictures of everybody messing around in the pool, I got some of everybody ganging up on Chris, just Rita and Stephanie, and some of all the girls. Everybody else got out and took their own pictures so I could get in on some too. By the time we were done everyone snapped at least ten with their phone and we had enough pictures to fill an entire book. We got back in and went back to dunking and slamming each other in the water over and over, Chris picked on Dana more than the others after the way she messed with him earlier, since she was stationary in the water she wasn’t as deadly, and he took full advantage. I straight up just took turns powerbombing and choke slamming and RKO’ing everybody in the water from off the side into the deep end, they even joined in and started slamming each other, so it turned into a big Wrestlemania type free for all for the next hour plus until everybody finally had enough of being tossed in the water like rag dolls.

“Ok, ok, let’s take a break, I’m tired now,” Rita said huffing for air.

“What’s the matter Dana? Can’t help since we’re not swimming?” Chris teased.

“Don’t get cocky, I can still take you one on one, or did you forget already?” Dana responded.

“I was caught off guard earlier, I didn’t know you could swim faster than everybody ever, but in one spot you can’t do nothing, I have way more strength than you.”

“If that’s what you wanna keep telling yourself go ahead, I’ll even play along with you.”

“Why don’t you two go bang underwater somewhere and get it over with,” Carina jumped in.

“Please, he wouldn’t know the first thing about satisfying a woman like me,” Dana said.

“That’s easy, do like every other man you’ve been with, be alive, and show up,” Becky laughed.

“We all can’t live by your way of finding a husband Becky,” Dana retaliated.

“I smell a catfight! I thought cats hated water though,” Stephanie said.

A funny thought popped in my head, but I chose to keep it to myself even though Rita and Ashley noticed me hold in a laugh. I let myself drift in the water and float past everybody as the water kept me cool but the sun baked my face. “OK, where we going from here? We can’t stay in the pool all day and I’m starting to get hungry.”

“Why can’t we stay here all day? I’m lazy today, Ashley has enough food in there to feed the whole neighborhood, and enough liquor to drink too,” Carina said.

“She has food, but whose gonna make it? I know I’m not,” Chris said as he looked around.

“That better not be a ‘women in the kitchen’ stare Chris,” Ashley said loudly.

“How is that… I looked at everybody, including Randy, last I checked he was a boy!”

“Well whatever we decide to do we need to hurry up, my hands are all pruny and I need to take a shower to wash off all this chlorine and change my clothes…” Becky started.

“Yeah yeah we get it Becky, so are we staying here or going somewhere?” Dana asked.

“We could go somewhere and eat, we’re all too lazy to make something and I kinda wanna go back to Café Stratos and get the parmesan again,” Rita said.

“Is that the little restaurant next to the Applebee’s uptown?” Ashley asked.

“Yeah you been there? Their chicken parmesan is the best thing out there.”

“I drive past it all the time but it always looked like one of those ‘hole in the wall’ type restaurants so I always kept going on went to the Applebee’s next to it.”

“We went the last two days, you gotta go in there, their food is way better than Applebee’s!”

“Well we know where we’re going now, so we need to get up and go before we all turn into some lazy fat asses and don’t wanna do anything,” Carina said.

“Well since we’re currently in our underwear we need to go home and shower first and get a change of clothes, we can just meet everybody up there,” I said.

“Sounds like a bet, as long as everybody doesn’t stay in the shower until all the hot water’s gone, I’m not gonna namedrop or anything but Randy and Rita,” Ashley laughed.

“I will not apologize for taking full advantage of showers, and I’m sure Rita won’t either.”

“Just try not to take up the rest of the day with it, we’ll all probably stay here and use my showers, it’s what, 3:45 now, we’ll meet there at 5:30, is that enough time?”

“Yeah it should be, we carpooled here so Stephanie and Chris will have to drop us back off at our house but yeah that should be long enough, we’ll just meet everybody there.”

“Ok well let’s go now, everybody talking about food made me hungry now,” Dana said.

“You’re always hungry, it’s just not always for food,” Becky laughed as she got out of the pool.

“You little slut, bring your skinny ass back here!” Dana yelled as she got out and chased her.

“DON’T TAKE THE DOWNSTAIRS SHOWER, I LIKE THAT ONE!” Carina yelled going after them.

“Your friends.” Stephanie laughed. “We’re gonna leave now too so we can get back on time.”

“I got time so I’m staying in for a little bit. Try not to be too late!”

We got out and dried off a best we could and headed for the car. As we walked through the house to the front door we witnessed Becky running for her life from Dana but still laughing as Carina followed behind them recording the whole thing. They didn’t even notice we were in the house as they ran upstairs right past us. We laughed as we went back outside through the front door and piled in the car and headed back to our house to get dropped off.

“So was Chris being flirty with Dana or was I just imagining things?” Stephanie asked.

“Nope, you definitely weren’t imagining it, that was good old fashioned flirting,” Rita said.

“What? I was not flirting with her! I poured ice water on her remember!” Chris said.

Stephanie wasn’t convinced. “That’s how you start the flirting, you do something to get their attention and then you build on it, everybody knows that. You were on her the whole time.”

“I was not ‘on her’ the whole time, I was dunking everybody. She almost drowned me at least five times while you were laughing! Help me out Randy…”

Fuck. I was hoping he didn’t do that, now I have to pick sides, nothing good ever comes from having to pick sides. “It looked pretty straight forward to me, he didn’t grab her or anything.”

“That we saw. How we know he didn’t cop a feel underwater or something?” Stephanie asked.

“Because her face would’ve gave it away, or when she punched me in the face for doing it. Where’s all this coming from, are you getting jealous Stephanie?” Chris grinned.

“Nooooooo, I’m not getting jealous of a girl with tits bigger than all of ours put together, which we’ve all seen by the way, bouncing them off your head in a tiny bathing suit!”

“Awwwwwww, she’s jealous, the shoe’s finally on the other foot now.”

“What are you talking about, I don’t flirt with anyone!”

“Not consciously at least, but you do. It’s so natural to you that you don’t even know you’re doing it. Remember last week when we went to the store to pick up some stuff for dinner? The cashier was hitting on you and doing that LL Cool J lip thing and you were just soaking it all up.”

“What! That didn’t happen! He told me my dress was nice and I said thanks!”

“Nooooooo, he said your ass looked nice in that dress and you giggled and did a pirouette, I was right there. I stepped away for a second and you were soaking up the attention, and I’m just gonna forget the guy looked like fucking Justin Beiber!”

“That’s not the same Chris. Girls flirt is different than boys flirt.”

“Different as in girls can get away with it and boys can’t? That’s a big difference.”

“Different as in girls mostly do it for the compliments, whereas boys do it to get in their pants.”

“So knowing this you still continued to let him do it, knowing he wanted in your pants?”

“Just because he wanted to get in my pants doesn’t mean I was gonna let him.”

“But you entertained the idea, even right now he probably thinks he still has a chance.”

“Well you don’t give me compliments so I’m happy whenever I get one.”

“What! I do give you… how did this go from you obviously flirting with him to I don’t give you compliments? That’s a classic female turn it around so it’s your fault move!”

“Well it’s true, if you gave me more compliments I wouldn’t have to seek them out.”

“Wha… I don’t! Nope, ok. If you can use that I’m using it too. If you would put your titties on my head more often I wouldn’t have to find somebody to do it.”

“You guys are fucking hilarious!” I laughed. “I feel like those Michael Jackson pictures everyone keeps putting on Facebook with him eating the popcorn.”

“Please tell her I wasn’t flirting and she was, she won’t believe it if I say it,” Chris said.

“Yeah Stephanie, he’s actually kinda right, and I don’t say that often,” Rita said.

“You’re supposed to be on my side Rita! How is he right?” Stephanie complained.

“He actually was getting drowned so any body parts he might’ve grabbed was in an attempt to not die, and we were standing there laughing so we can’t fault him for that, and if that store thing happened like that, then you were definitely flirting. Girls are sensitive though Chris, if we can’t get something from our man we look for it somewhere else, it might not be right but that’s how it usually goes, we need to be loved, like I said, we’re sensitive.”
They were both quiet for a minute, Stephanie spoke first. “So yeah. What she said I guess.”

“I knew you weren’t gonna do anything, I was just pointing it out as an example. I couldn’t do anything with Dana anyway, I was too focused on not drowning, she’s pretty damn strong.”

“I thought you were about to say she was pretty, I was gonna jump down your throat again.”

“Nobody’s prettier than you babe. See? I do give you compliments.”

Stephanie tried not to smile but she couldn’t help it. “Jackass.”

“Jackass? That’s a step up from kiss-ass, you’re making progress Chris!” I laughed.

“And in less time than it took you when you were in my spot,” Chris retaliated.

“I don’t like this new fast response Chris, go back to the nothing to say Chris.”

“Nah I like the new one. Ok we’re here, try not to fuck each other for too long.”

“We makes no promises,” Rita said as we got out and headed for the door.

We went in the house and I went for the bathroom and Rita went to mom and dad’s room, most likely to clean up from us sleeping in there. I turned on the shower and stripped down, we’d taken a shower this morning so basically we were still clean, but you can’t fully wash chlorine off with just water, so I grabbed a bar soap from the cabinet to use, no need to waste good body wash on a clean shower. I ran back to the room and grabbed our towels and sat my phone on the sink and got in the shower just as Rita was coming in. She stripped and got in with me and since we knew we were strapped for time, we didn’t try anything sexual, we just straight up took a shower.

“Pass me the soap, what is this again, Dove?” Rita asked.

“Yeah, it’s the only one worth using, it actually cleans and doesn’t do that streak thing.”

“OK it was around 4:20 when we got in, we’ll probably be out at like 4:45, that leaves us with fifteen minutes to get dressed and thirty minutes to drive there.”

“We don’t have to kill ourselves trying to be on time though, it’s not like everybody else is gonna be waiting there at exactly 5:30, especially Stephanie and Chris.”

“Yeah after having to drop us off first too, I just wanna get that parmesan…”

“I think you finally found something you like more than me!”

“More, no, but it’s a really close second, it’s just so good I can’t help but get it!”

“I’m getting steak again, she can eat of each other’s plates.”

“Ehh, I’ll share a little, only because I love you, but only a little, I want my own today.”

“Fine be like that, I didn’t wanna share with you anyway. Still eating off your plate though…”

“You don’t get to eat off my plate but I don’t get to eat off yours!”

“I’m still growing, I need all the food I can get, you’re pretty much done.”

“Nice try. I guess we’re gonna be fat again and get a table full of food.”

“Look at it as we’re helping Denise get to college faster, not we’re being a bunch of fattys.”

“I like that version better. Ok I’m done, I’m getting out.”

“Me too, I’ll clean up in here since you fixed up mom and dad’s room.”

She got out and wrapped herself in a towel and headed back to our room. I washed the last bit of soap from my hair and got out too and rinsed the tub out and cleaned the sink off and whatever other messes we made in our rush to save time. I wrapped up in a towel and went back to our room and saw Rita siting on the bed, still wrapped in her towel and staring at a picture with a smile on her face, the one we took at the fountain when it was raining.

“I casino oyna love this picture, this is by far my favorite out of all the ones we have,” Rita said.

“I still don’t know how we managed to get such a good picture in the rain.”

“It looks like a cover for a romance movie, like if the made The Notebook 2 this would be it.”

I sat next to her and looked at the picture. “Yeah it kinda does, you can tell it’s us perfectly. We should go back and take some more pictures there.”

“No we can’t, this is the only picture I want us to take at that spot, it’ll mean that much more.”

“You sure? I mean we don’t have to frame them or anything like this one, or kissing or anything, just normal pictures in case anyone asks where we took it at.”

“And whose gonna ask that? If we even show this picture to anybody it’ll be someone who already knows about us, that’s IF we show anyone.”

“You said it yourself though, it’s such a great picture, it’s a shame if noone can see it.”

“I know, I wish I could show everybody, I don’t even remember if we showed mom.”

“I don’t think we did. It’s kinda good noone sees it though, our own little Picasso of pictures,” I said as I put my arm around her.

She let out a sigh as she looked at the picture and then sat it down on the stand and turned to me and kissed me. She held my face as she leaned into me kissing me just as soft as her lips felt. She put all her body weight on me and lay on top of me as I fell back on the bed, but she never took her lips off mine, even when her hair towel fell down around our faces.

“Rita, I don’t think we have enough time for…”

“I know, I just wanna kiss you for a little bit, they can wait a few minutes.”

My towel fell off from around my waist and she manually took hers off and took my hands and put them right on her ass. I took her hint and squeezed and kneaded her ass in my hands as she ground herself against me, both of us wanting to take the next step but knew we couldn’t because we were time constricted. She rocked with me as I moved her hips up and down my cock, but made sure not to penetrate her, which probably was a bad idea from how much louder her moans were getting, she wanted to fuck, bad.

“Rita, we can’t, we don’t think we can…”

“I know, I just wanna feel it against my pussy, I won’t push it in.”

She said she wouldn’t push it in but I could tell by how horny she sounded if she had even the tiniest chance of doing it and getting away with it there was no doubt in my mind she’d take it. She groaned in my ear as she finally slung the towel from off our heads and went back to kissing me. I could practically feel her heart racing since her chest was pressed completely against mine, it felt like it was beating a thousand times a minute and her body temperature was so hot neither of us was still wet from the shower. She slid off my lips and kissed around my cheeks and my neck and made her way to my ear and started nibbling on it like I do to her. My hands were still cupped on her ass rocking her slippery pussy against my cock, but I was careful not to penetrate her. Apparently she didn’t like being teased so bad because out of nowhere she doubled up her speed and was sucking on my neck so hard I would definitely have a hickey.

“Please Randy, just a little bit, just put the tip in, please,” Rita begged.

“You know we won’t have sex for just a little bit, they’ll be waiting on us.”

She groaned in disappointment but didn’t slow down dry humping me one bit. She even tried to get slick, her stroke would slide down all the way past the tip of my cock and she would slide back up slow, hoping to “accidentally” let my cock slip into her. I was impressed by her subtle tactics, but I warned her not to play this game, the whole process made me really horny too, but having her be so close to sex and not be able to get it was a new kind of thrill for me, I had to make sure to save this and use it a lot more. I ran my hands along her back, up and down, side to side, all over, and she shook a little from the chill that went through her, and I think that might’ve been the last straw. She turned my head on the side and went back to nibbling on my ear while still sliding her pussy up and down the length of my cock. She twirled my earlobe around her tongue and then trapped it between her teeth, and that’s when she struck. She waited for me to slide my cock back up her pussy and when I got right to her opening she bit down on my ear, causing me to jump, squeeze her ass, and thrust into her all at once.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yeeeeeees!” Rita moaned.

“What are you… we don’t have time… you set me up, I can’t believe you,” I grinned.

“I didn’t push your cock into me, you did, and I’m soooooooooo fucking glad you did…”

“Well there’s a small matter of you chomping down on my ear right when my cock was sliding past your pussy, what do you make of that?” I asked as I bottomed out in her.

“Uuuuuuugh! Coincidence, and perfect, beautiful timing. We won’t be that long, all that teasing made me so horny I’ll probably cum in the first few minutes, ugh, maybe seconds.”

She pushed up off my chest and rode me, staring me in the eyes the whole time my cock was pushing in and out of her. Her face was pure ecstasy, there was such happiness in her face, like a little girl getting a pony for her birthday, or when you wake up Christmas day to a tree full of presents, and I was loving it. She was trying to draw it out my moving slow, so slow that her tits were barely moving on her chest, but like she said earlier, she was so horny she could cum within minutes, and no matter how hard she tried to delay it, her body wasn’t having it.

“Stop trying to fight it Rita, I can tell what you’re doing,” I said.

“I don’t wanna cum yet, I wanna ride you for as long as I can! Do we have to go back out? You sure you don’t wanna stay her and just fuck?”

“They’ll be waiting on us, and with Stephanie and Chris meeting them too it’ll be hard to explain where we were after we were just hanging out with them all day.”

She tried to hide her disappointment be failed. “Fuck! We should’ve fucked each other before we went to Ashley’s, that way I wouldn’t have to limit myself to just one orgasm!”

“Well at least it’ll be a good one by how tight your pussy is closing around me.”

She went back to riding me, but abandoned the slow, steady approach, now she was attacking my cock with full force. She gripped my shoulders and for lack of a better term, fucked the shit outta me. She was switching between grinding and bouncing on me, each stroke sending a jolt through her body, since she only had time for one orgasm she was determined to make it the best one possible. She pushed back off my chest and went to just straight up slamming herself down on me, and she threw her head back and closed her eyes so I knew she was just about there. I decided to help her get there faster and used my thumb to tickle her clit, and the moment I made contact with it she was done. Her eyes popped back open for a second to look down at me before they were closed shut again as she dropped her body on top of mine and put her face in the pillow and screamed as loud as she could. I could feel my lower half suddenly get wet as her pussy squirted all over me with each jerk her body did. I held still and wrapped my arms around her and held her until all her moving stopped, then I picker her head up off the pillow and put it on my chest. I stroked her hair and kissed her forehead and cheeks until she turned her face to mine and kissed me back.

“God I love you. You just made me cum so hard and I still want more.”

“Think of it like this, they won’t be back from vacation until tomorrow morning, which means we still have all night tonight to just fuck and fuck and fuck, and then fuck some more.”

“That sounds like the fucking best plan ever, I agree with that completely. Let’s go eat so we can get back here and get started, I wanna burn at least three thousand calories tonight.”

“What about us? We can’t show up smelling like sex, and we don’t have time for a shower.”

“We’ll just wet rag it, cold water, wipe down, that’ll be good enough.”

“Sounds like a plan, you go first, I’ll do something with these sheets.”

We got up and she went to the bathroom while I rolled the sheets in a ball and tossed them in a corner for later. Her cum had soaked through into the mattress a little but it would be dry by the time we got back. She came back in and I went in the bathroom next and wiped off with the same rag she just used. While the cold rag didn’t completely kill the smell, it did take out a big chunk of it, and the rest should be almost gone by the time we get to the restaurant. I went back in the room and threw on a pair of jeans and a black and white NWO shirt from when wrestling used to be good, and Rita was deciding between white yoga pants and a belly shirt or jeans and a normal shirt, you can already guess which one I pushed for her to wear. We got dressed and since we were in a rush for time we left the room as is and got in the car headed for the restaurant. It was 5:20 when we got in the car and the restaurant was at least twenty minutes away, so Rita being the speed demon she is decided to drive.

“If I jump on 71 south we can get there in half the time maybe,” Rita said.

“Just don’t get pulled over again, we might not get a warning this time,” I said back.

“Oh I forgot about that, yeah that would suck mom and dad getting back from their vacation and finding out there’s a ticket on their insurance for speeding.”

“They won’t say anything about us being a couple minutes late, we’re not going to work.”

“I just don’t want it to turn into something they bring up all the time like with Chris.”

“It happens to Chris because Chris is Chris, and Chris won’t change the way Chris is, not even to benefit Chris, that’s why Chris gets picket on by the others, because Chris is Chris. He’s Chris.”

“How many times was that, ten? You cheated on the last one though.”

“No! I was finishing off with by referring back to the beginning in an ending sense, it’s legit.”

“Yeah not so much, it was funny though. It reminded me of that scene from Super Troopers when Foster bet Mac he couldn’t say meow ten times.”

“I haven’t watched that in a long time, they need to make a second one with the same cast.”

“They’re all old now, it probably wouldn’t be as funny now as it was then.”

“If they get the same people and a good script it will be. I don’t know why they wait so freaking long to make sequels, if the movie was successful make another one right away!”

“It depends on the movie, they did that with Mortal Kombat remember? The first one was epic, and the second one sucked ass. Some movies can pull it off, like The Terminator, they waited for CGI to expand a little bit and when they finally did make the second one it was way better than the first one. And since we’re talking about both those movies in the same sentence, is it me or did Sarah Connor from Terminator 2 look like Sonya Blade Mortal Kombat 9?”

“Yeah I thought that same thing, even though technically Sonya Blade looks like Sarah Connor since Terminator 2 came out first, but yeah her alternate costume did look like her.”

“We did it again, we went from worrying about being late to talking about something that had nothing to do with anything without even noticing.”

“Yep, and we’re almost there, still a little late, but it shouldn’t matter too much.”

A couple minutes later we pulled up to the restaurant expecting everyone to be standing there waiting for us, but to our surprise, we were the first ones to show up.

“What the fuck? It’s 5:37 and noone’s here yet? We could still be fucking right now!” Rita said.

“Wow, but on the bright side we could make it seem like we’ve been waiting all day on them.”

“That’s not a bright side, a bright side would be me having had a few more orgasms before we left, trying to hurry up and get here so these fuckers wouldn’t be waiting on us and look!”

I laughed to myself. “Never deprive a nymphomaniac of her sex if you value your life.”

“You’d think they’d know that by now, well Stephanie and Chris and Ashley at least.”

About ten minutes later Stephanie and Chris pulled up next to us looking just as calm as possible, but we knew they’d fucked each other before they left too, you could just tell. We got out and sat on the bench by the front door and waited for everybody else to show up.

“How long yall been waiting here for us?” Stephanie asked.

“All damn day! I could’ve baked a cake in the time it took ‘yall’ to show up!” Rita mocked.

“Sounds like she didn’t get to finish. Stephanie wouldn’t leave until we did,” Chris said.

“No she did, but only once, once isn’t enough to hold her over all day,” I said.

“You had at least a twenty minute head start on us, as many times as you cum for no reason at all how’d you only cum once? Was it at least a really good one?” Steph asked.

“Because we weren’t going to at first because we knew if I got worked up I wouldn’t wanna go, but then stuff happened, and I came one really good time, which made me wanna fuck him that much more, but then we had to go, so we left, and everybody’s late, sooooooooooooo yeah.”

“You can make it, it’s only gonna be a few hours at the most, then when you get home you can fuck Randy to within an inch of his life like we all know you’re gonna do.”

“You have no idea, I’m still tingling. When we get home it’s over!”

“Is that them? Yeah here they come now, they all carpooled in Ashley’s truck,” Chris said.

They pulled up and you can see them bickering about something before they even got out. With Dana and Becky sitting in the back with each other they were probably cat fighting the whole way here, I wouldn’t be surprised if they got out with scratches all over themselves the way they were going after each other before we left. Despite the cattiness though, they were still smiling, so whatever they were doing didn’t escalate into anything serious.

“How you gonna set a time and then miss the time you set?” Chris asked.

“You can probably already guess, I had to wait for twiddle dee and twiddle dumbass to stop chasing each other. Carina wasn’t helping either filming the whole thing,” Ashley responded.

“Hey I wanted proof in case something happened, you never know with them. Last time Becky punched Dana in the titty and took off, and when Dana caught her she punched her back in the munchbox, I will NOT miss catching another incident on camera,” Carina said.

“Which I still feel every once in a while, you bitch,” Becky said.

“Good. It took that bruise two weeks to go away, I regret nothing,” Dana said back.

“Wait hold up, munchbox? Who in the history of ever calls a vagina a munchbox?” I asked.

“The same people who want to avoid calling it a vagina, it sounds so much better and you know what we’re talking about as soon as we say it, get with the times man,” Carina said.

“Ok enough with munchboxes, we’re talking loud enough for everybody around us to start saying it! Now I’m hungry, among other things, but I’m willing to put the other things aside and go in here and get some chicken parmesan, so can we…” Rita said.

“It still does kinda look like a hole in the wall place, but looking back now I can’t judge anything prematurely, so let’s try it and see what all the buzz is about,” Ashley said.

We walked in and just like the last couple times we came in there were only a few tables occupied, two by elderly people and one by a middle aged couple. The Ashley’s looked around and sized up the place, they didn’t frown so it was a good start.

“So just by looking at the inside what do you think?” I asked noone in particular.

“Just by looking… it looks small on the outside but it looks a little bigger on the inside, they have a salad bar, which is good, it’s clean, and the tables aren’t all bunched together, if I took points off for anything it’d be how small the interior is, but so far its ok, B-,” Ashley said.

“Wait until you try the food, you won’t give two fucks about the size then,” Chris said.

Just then Denise came from the back and walked over to us with the biggest smile on her face. “Hey guys! It’s what your third day in a row? If you keep this up we’ll be rich in no time!”

“Hey Denise, we told you we’d be back at least three times a week, sometimes those three days are gonna be one right after the other,” Rita said as she gave her a hug.”

“And every time you come back you bring more people with you.”

“Yeah this is Ashley, Becky, Carina and Dana, they’re a foursome, just call them the Ashley’s.”

Denise’s smile quickly faded when she locked eyes with Ashley. “YOU! I know who you are! You humiliated my brother when he asked you out on a date, get out!”

“What? I did what? I don’t even know who your brother is!” Ashley responded shocked.

“Probably because he didn’t run in your circle of ‘cool friends’ or whatever, but I remember you. He was the blonde haired boy, a little taller than you, wore glasses, ring a bell? He asked you out at the bowling alley, as a matter of fact they were all there, all of them, and you laughed at him and embarrassed him in front of everybody! Remember now?”

She thought back in her head and made a face like she finally recalled what Denise was talking about, and so did Becky, Carina and Dana. Rita, Stephanie, Chris and I just stood there as confused as our faces were probably showing at that point.

“I’ve never seen my brother so humiliated in my life, he wouldn’t talk to anybody for days, and it’s because of you. Rita you all can stay but they need to go now!”

“Ashley went into full apologetic mode. “Denise, was it? I am so sorry I did that to your brother! I know you probably don’t believe me but I really am.”

“Of course I don’t believe you! Why would I believe anything you say! You were just straight up nasty to him for no reason! How are you guys friends with them?”

“Please Denise, a lot happened since that day, I’m not the same person anymore. I really am sorry about what I did. Is he here? I’ll apologize to him right now if he’s here.”

“No he’s not here, but he probably wouldn’t accept your apology if he was. How could you be so nasty to somebody like that and not even care?”

“I asked myself that for the last few months. I hate who I was.”

“Was? You mean still are? I don’t see someone like you changing who they are.”

“But I did, I swear I did! I don’t even really know you and I wanna prove to you that I’m not that same person anymore, none of us are! Whatever you think I can do I’ll do it!”

Denise stood there contemplating for a second. “You’ll do anything I ask? Anything?”

“We all will, well we as in the four of us, just to show I’m telling the truth.”

“Ok. When my brother comes back we’re gonna think of something for all of you, and it’s gonna be really humiliating, I mean really, really humiliating. You still sure you’re sorry?”

“If we gotta get humiliated, fine. I just want you to see that I really am sorry.”

“She really is a changed person Denise, all of them. Trust me, we know first-hand,” I said, finding myself defending Ashley. “Believe me, if they still acted like they used to, we wouldn’t be hanging out with them, not a chance in hell.”

“How do you know she’s not putting on an act? Someone who’s that heartless is probably a good actress too. You should’ve seen my brother’s face after what she did to him…”

“She’s not. We gave her every test we could think of, even a lie detector, she really is changed. I don’t blame you though, it took us a while before we believed her too,” Rita said.

“Like I said, we’ll do whatever, all of us, and we won’t complain,” Ashley said.

Denise stood there with her arms crossed contemplating. “Ok, you can stay, lucky for you I believe in second chances, but I’m watching you, all of you, you can sit down over here.”

The happy upbeat mood was replaced by an awkward, silent, tension-filled one as Denise scooped up some menus and walked us over to our usual table. We were suddenly reminded that Ashley’s past not only affected us, but other people as well, and I could only wonder how many more times she would go through a scenario like this. We slid another table up to the one we were at so we could all sit together and sat down in an us versus them kinda style.

“I’ll be back with some bread. There’s an unlimited soup and salad bar over there, you should check it out. Can I have everyone’s drinks,” Denise said as plain as possible.

“We’ll all be simple and get a Sierra Mist, huh guys?” Stephanie asked.

“We’ll take the same too if it’s not too much trouble,” Ashley said cautiously.

“Eight Sierra Mist’s, pretty simple. I’ll give you some time to order.”

Denise walked away and everybody kinda took a breath of relief that some of the awkwardness was gone. Everybody looked at Ashley who was avoiding looking up from her menu.

“Well I guess I’ll talk first, I did not see that coming,” Chris said.

“That’s the understatement of the year. What are the chances of us running into someone who Ashley treated like complete crap?” Dana asked.

“Pretty high since she used to treat everybody like that,” Becky said, making Ashley cringe.

“That’s nice Becky, pour more salt on the wound, hell the whole bottle,” Carina said.

“No it’s ok, it’s not like I didn’t have it coming,” Ashley said. “I should’ve gotten worse than that, did you see the look on her face when she was talking about what I did?”

“I think everybody in here did, she wasn’t being quiet about it. I’m surprised her father did come up to see what was happening,” Stephanie said.

“Just when I thought I was making progress, this happens. It’s nice to be reminded how much of a bitch you used to be to people you didn’t even know,” Ashley said.

“The good thing about it is you feel bad about it and you made an effort to try to fix it, that shows her you changed a little bit, even if she’s too mad right now to believe it,” Rita said.

“We were having such a good time too, then I just had to go and kill the mood.”

“We can probably get the mood back upbeat after a while. It makes you think though, exactly how many people have you been nasty to? How many apologies to you have to give?” I asked.

“I can’t even begin to count, I was nasty to almost everybody I came across.”

“Then you have to fix it with all of them. You can’t just change around us, you have to be an all-around new Ashley, which means apologizing to everybody you wronged.”

“Yeah. You all have to too,” Ashley said referring to Becky, Dana and Carina. “I may have been the one leading the charge but you all were laughing right there with me.”

“We’re not arguing with you, we’ll go too, we know what we did,” Dana said.

“We can even make it an event thing, make a whole day out if it, or week. We can make some apology baskets and take them to each person,” Becky said.

“Ok don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m not paying for that. I’m sorry and all, but I don’t have that kind of money to be paying for that many baskets,” Carina said.

“You don’t need it, I’m sure Ashley being the only child of a filthy rich father who gives her anything she wants she can cover whatever the expenses are,” Rita said.

“He is filthy rich, but I’m not an only child, I have an older brother,” Ashley said.

“Since when? How come you never said anything?” I asked.

“He lives with my mother in Italy, I haven’t seen him in over five years, I don’t even know what he looks like now. We used to be close before my parents divorced, but then she took him and I stayed with dad and we haven’t seen each other since.”

“You never visited each other or anything? You stayed apart for five years?”

“It was a nasty divorce. Mom made sure she got a cut of everything he made, and my brother willingly went with her since my dad always spoiled me, so he figured he’d have a better life with her, and that made dad even more mad because he had to pay her even more money. I was more mad that he chose to leave, knowing I couldn’t go with him.”

“Why didn’t you just go with them? You could’ve went too right?” Stephanie asked.

“My dad was never gonna let my mom get me, and once Sean, my brother, said he’d go with my mother she wouldn’t let dad get him back, so they settled, then they moved away.”

“And you haven’t seen your brother since. You miss him?” I asked.

“I hate him. He left. He hasn’t written or called me or anything. I haven’t heard a thing from him since about three months after they left. To think I once idolized him, now I can’t stand him.”

“Maybe your mother won’t let him talk to you or something,” Rita said.

“That’s bullshit, there’s plenty of ways to talk to somebody without her knowing. He could’ve wrote me letters like I wrote him, there’s Facebook, Skype, he just doesn’t care, period.”

I saw a connection from Ashley’s past that seemed like it greatly affected her future. I thought she was just another Veruca Sult, spoiled little rich girl who grew up having everything she wanted at the expense of others, but it turns out there was a reason for her behavior, well at least I think there was. The subject seemed to make things worse rather than help improve them, so I thought it best not to push any more questions about it, for now.

“Did everyone figure out what they wanted to eat?” Denise said as she popped back up out of nowhere and gave everyone their drinks.

“Crap, we were talking we didn’t even look at the menu! Well I know what I’m getting anyway, I want the sirloin steak well done with mashed potatoes and broccoli,” Chris said.

“Yeah me the same, except green beans instead of broccoli,” I followed.

“You can probably already figure out what I’m getting. Chicken parmesan with mashed potatoes, and as usual an extra chicken parmesan for the table,” Rita said.

“I kinda wanna try that, but since there’s one for the table I’ll take a piece off of that and get something else, I’ll get the Greek pork chops and asparagus,” Stephanie said.

“Since Rita’s been going on and on about chicken parmesan I might as well try it,” Dana said. “Mine with some macaroni and cheese though.”

“Yeah me too, but a double serving of macaroni and cheese,” Carina said.

“I’ll just get the parmesan thing, I’ll get a salad with mine,” Becky said.

“And you?” Denise asked Ashley, without even looking up from her notepad.

“I’ll get the chicken too, but just that, I’ll get the soup to go with mine.”

“So a steak well done with mash and broccoli, a steak well done with mash and green beans, Greek pork chops and asparagus, chicken par with mashies, chicken par with mac and cheese, chicken par with double mac and cheese, and two lone chicken pars, is that right?”

“Yep, right as usual,” I said trying to lighten back up the mood.

“Ok, I’ll put this in and I’ll be right back. I have a few questions for her.”

Denise walked away and right away Becky went to giggling at Ashley. “Ashley’s about to get beat up by a twelve year old! You know she’s gonna spit in your food right?”

“I’ll just switch my plate with yours then, and I’m not gonna get beat up, she just wants to talk.”

“Come on, really? You’re a girl, you should know what that means!” Chris said.

“It’s not the same when a girl says it to another girl. Watch, you’ll see.”

“Yeah whatever, all of a sudden now it has a new meaning. You better be ready for anything anyways, she could come back over here and say tell me all your dirty little secrets, and you’ll have to tell her if you want her to believe you’re serious about being sorry.”

“If it’s something I have to do then it’s just something I’ll have to suck up and do then.”

“Really? Just like that? You’re gonna go all confessional on someone you don’t know just for the hell of it? What if she tells everybody what you say?” Carina asked.

“I don’t know, I didn’t think that far ahead, but if I lie and she catches me then it won’t do anybody any good, then I messed up whatever chance I had to fix it.”

“She’s twelve years old, I don’t think she’s matured that much yet to be a human lie detector, plus you have more than enough experience with lying,” Becky said.

“Once again, thanks Becky, still not helping!”

“Well whatever plan you have you better use it because here she comes,” Dana said.

Denise came up to us and pulled a chair up. She sat directly in front of Ashley with her arms crossed not saying anything, just sizing her up. Ashley looked about as nervous as you could look with a thirteen year old staring at you like she’s plotting against you, but she held her ground and didn’t panic or anything, for the moment.

“I gotta say, it’s pretty weird just turning up out of nowhere and being completely sorry for humiliating someone, so weird that it’s almost unbelievable,” Denise said.

“I really am telling the truth though, you can ask any of them,” Ashley responded pointing to us.

“That’s what I was getting to next. I only known them for a few days, but I could already tell they were nice people, which is why I was confused when they came in with you, who my last experience with made me wanna punch somebody in the face for the first time ever.”

“I know that feeling, I felt that way plenty of times,” Rita said drawing a pleading look from Ashley to stop helping. “Sorry, had a flashback. You were saying Denise…”

“Well it got me wondering, if you treated my brother so bad, then you must’ve treated a lot of other people bad too, including Rita and Randy and everybody by the way they were talking earlier, but you’re all sitting together, and you looked like you were having a good time before I realized who you were, so I started wondering again, what did she do to get on their good side? I’m not stupid, I’m actually pretty smart for my age I’m told, so I know something big must’ve happened for you to be sitting with them, what I wanna know is what was it that happened.”

Ashley looked at Rita and me, then down at the table, then back at Denise. “I can’t tell you.”

Denise looked a little pissed. “You said you would do whatever I wanted you to do, this is the opposite of doing that. I wanna know what happened!”

“I can’t tell you because it doesn’t just have to do with me, it has to do with Rita and Randy too, I can’t just tell their business if they don’t want anybody to know.”

I looked at Rita to make sure it was ok with her and she nodded her approval. “You can tell her Ashley it’s cool. If she tells you Denise is it gonna help her in any way?”

“Possibly, depending on what happened.”

Ashley sighed, not wanting to bring back up that night, but knew it was a necessary step to fully being a new Ashley. “Ok. Basically, I almost got Randy killed, twice. I was being a bitch to him one night then a guy I humiliated showed up and I was being a bitch to him and hit him, then he pulled out a knife. He was about to stab me when Randy jumped in and got the knife, then he pulled out a gun and Randy pushed me and Rita outta the way and got shot twice.”
She definitely didn’t expect to hear anything like that. Her mouth and eyes were wide open in shock as she looked in my direction. “That really happened?”

“Yep, I still have the bullet wounds to prove it,” I said trying to lighten the mood.”

“When I saw him get shot all I could think about was how he didn’t hesitate to push me outta the way after the way I always treated him, he got shot and it was completely my fault, and when I saw Rita panicking I felt like the biggest piece of shit on Earth. When I saw him get carried away in the ambulance I fell down and cried, I actually cried, if he died because of my ‘fuck everybody, fuck everything’ attitude I don’t know what I would’ve done. Somebody who hated me, whose life I made my mission to ruin saved my life twice in the same night with no regard towards his own, from them on I knew I had to change.”

The mood at the table now was somber. Everyone was quiet as we relived the story as Ashley told it. We were all in deep thought with our emotions on the forefront as we recalled that night that changed all of our lives forever.

“You never told us you cried when the ambulance left,” Rita said to Ashley.

“It wouldn’t have made a difference. I didn’t know how without making it sound like a pity party. There was a lot going on and I was the last thing on your mind that day.”

“So, you got him shot, and he almost died because of you, why did that have to happen before you realized something was really wrong with you?” Denise asked.

Ashley was quiet for a minute. “I don’t know, I don’t have an answer. All I know is, as bad as it sounds, I’m glad it happened.”

“What the hell do you mean you’re glad it happened!” Denise went off.

“No let me finish, I don’t mean it how it sounds. I’m not glad he got shot, but it made me finally own up to all the shit I did. I wish it would’ve happened some other way though.”

“What did you do differently since then? How did you change?”

“I changed my entire attitude, I promised never to go back to the old me again, and I always keep my promises. I deleted any incriminating stuff I had against anybody too.”

Denise turned to me. “You guys food should be getting done, but I gotta ask, she basically admitted to torturing you for a long time, making your life hell, and in the end got you shot, I gotta know, how can you just disregard all that and forgive her?”

She wasn’t pulling any punches. For being thirteen she sure was asking the hard questions, and she wasn’t sugarcoating anything either, and I knew if she was gonna tempt giving Ashley a second chance I couldn’t sugarcoat anything either. All eyes were on me at that moment.

“In a way, I kinda had to. I was stuck in this dream like thing, but I was fully aware, I just couldn’t wake up for some reason. Yeah, I was mad at her, shit mad wasn’t the word, I hated her, I mean look what she caused, I got shot twice and I was laid up in a bed about to die because of her being her, but me hating her wasn’t helping me, it was actually making it worse for me. Then something happened, like an epiphany thing or something, I realized me being mad wasn’t helping my situation, and I got some weird feeling she was actually sorry, it probably sound funny all this happening while I was in a coma but you should’ve seen it from my end, but anyway, I got the feeling she was actually sorry, like really truly sorry, and if she could finally own up and be sorry, the least I could do is forgive her. It was hard to at first, but in the end I did, and I’m glad I did. I found out the hard way life is too short for all that crap.”

I’d said a mouthful, and everyone was still processing what I just said. Rita squeezed my hand under hers while everyone sat in silence waiting for someone to say something.

“I don’t even know what to say to that. I mean you got shot, twice, put in a coma, you almost died, and you still forgave her, it makes what I’m mad about seem like nothing,” Denise said.

“Yeah, my situation was a little more extreme, but that doesn’t mean what you’re mad about doesn’t matter. You can still be mad for what she did,” I said.

She sat there looking at Ashley for a second. “Well if you can give her a second chance after all that, I guess I can too, but you still have to apologize to my brother.”

“I can do that, we all can do that,” Ashley said referring to the other girls.

“I do have one condition though, anybody you know, and any strangers you can find that you were a complete bitch to you have to go and apologize to them too,” Denise said.

“That could take a while,” Carina said trying to lighten the mood.

“However long it takes, if you’re really a new person you’ll do it, deal?”

“Deal. You’re pretty smart for only being twelve years old,” Ashley said.

“I just turned thirteen. I’m gonna be a psychology major in college, gotta be prepared. Your food should be practically done, I’ll be right back with everyone’s stuff.”

She got up and went to the back and Ashley and Becky went over to the salad bar. The rest of us stayed at the table going over the emotional conversation that just took place.

“She never told any of us she cried,” Dana said. “She almost never cries.”

“Well when you almost get someone killed it wakes you up,” Carina said.

“I get what she said when she said she was glad it happened, she meant of it didn’t she’d still the same old bitch ass Ashley who didn’t care what anybody thought,” Chris said.

“And what about you guys? Would you still be following her around?” Stephanie asked.

“Actually, we were about to stop hanging out with her. She really started going off the deep end, she started going too far, and then she started messing with us too,” Dana said.

“What do you mean going too far, what was she doing different?” Rita asked.

“Before we would just mess with somebody like those girl cliques in the TV shows do, but she started escalating it from just teasing to torturing, then all of a sudden she was making up a file on how to really screw somebody over, she was taking it way too far,” Carina said.

“Did you tell her she was going too far? What did she say?” I asked.

“Yeah we told her, that’s when she started messing with us. That night at the ice cream shop she went over there to set you up in the worst way she could think of, but then when you got shot it was like somebody finally slapped the bitch out of her. When she finally came back to the house she kicked us all out, well more like just pushed us all out, we knew something happened because she had a completely different body language and her attitude wasn’t the same like when she left, that’s probably when she cried.”

“Looks like the powers that be stepped in just in time then,” Chris said.

“Does she know you were all about to ditch her?” Rita asked.

“She knew, but I don’t think she thought we were serious,” Dana said.

“Well just leave it at this, it all worked out for the best, so that past stuff don’t matter,” I said.

Denise made her way to the table with half of everyone’s food and went back to get the rest. Ashley and Becky came back from the salad bar with what looked like a homemade ceasar salad and a bowl of potato soup. Denise came back with the rest of the food and sat it down in front of everyone. You could see everyone salivating over the plates in front of them, everything looked professionally done as usual and it smelled delicious.

“By the way everybody’s looking at their plates I can tell you’re hungry, so I’ll let you eat and I’ll come back later and check on everything. Should I bring some more bread?” Denise asked.

“No that’s ok, we haven’t even touched the bread on the table yet, thanks though,” I said.

“Ok well if you need something else just flag me down or call for me in the back.”

“Denise can you do me a favor? You already know I’m gonna get another one, but can you put another one on for everybody else? They’re gonna want it later, trust me,” Rita said.

“So eight parmesans? Are you sure? That’s a lot of food to be cooking on a whim!”

“I’m positive, they’ll love it, and they’ll all be paid for. Thanks again.”

She smiled and walked away. Her mood seemed to pick up a little bit, she wasn’t her usual bubbly self but she was at least being nice now, Ashley’s words must’ve served their purpose.

“Ok, try this, and tell me it’s not some of the best food you’ve ever had in your life. We’ve been here three days straight and I get the same thing every time,” Rita said.

“It does look really good though. If it is I’m gonna feel so stupid for riding past here all the time and going to Applebee’s and Fridays instead, but ordering one for everybody before we even try it? Aren’t you kinda jumping the gun a little bit?” Ashley asked.

“Not even a little bit, you’ll thank me once we leave I guarantee it.”

“You won’t find out if it’s good if you keep talking, eat!” Chris said cutting into his steak.

It didn’t take long before everybody realized that Rita was telling the truth. From the moment they took their first bite I could tell they would be coming back just as often as we would. All that “eating like a lady” crap went out the window as they all tore through their food like they hadn’t eaten in days, they didn’t even wait for it to cool down. It wasn’t until everyone was almost done that anyone stopped eating to talk.

“All those times we went to all those other places…wasted. This is so good!” Becky said.

“I told you. Every chef back there if probably a master cook or something,” Rita said.

“Now I feel like the dumbest person in the world. All the times I could’ve ate here but didn’t because it was small. Even if she did spit in my food I’d still eat it, it’s that good,” Ashley said.

“That’s just nasty, she could’ve though, she was pretty pissed at you,” Carina said.

“I don’t think she did, but like I said, I don’t care, I’d still eat it.”

“Whose is this in the middle of the table? I’m about to take a piece off of it,” Dana said.

“That’s mine! If you want a piece it’ll cost you five dollars,” Rita said.

“What? I might as well just order another one then!”

“That’s the point, mine is already here, I planned ahead because I already knew it was good.”

“And because you’re a fatty who can eat more than all of us combined,” Stephanie laughed.

“This is also true, which is all the more reason to leave my parmesan alone!”

“You’re at least gonna share with me right? I had steak, I left you a piece,” I said.

(sigh) “If I must, but only you though, I’m not that nice to be sharing my food all like that.”

Denise made her way back to the table, each visit back she seemed to be getting more and more back to her cheerful self. “Everybody doing ok here?”

“Just as we knew it was gonna be, they all like the food,” Rita said.

“I’m glad, so that means I can add you slot oyna all to the list of regulars then?”

“You can add us to the VIP list, by the time we’re done everyone in the city is gonna know about this place and how good the food is,” Becky said.

“You definitely have a big enough mouth for it,” Dana laughed.

“About as big as those tits ripping through that too small shirt,” Becky retaliated.

“Don’t hate, you just wish you had these babies, they are a lot of work though.”

“Umm ok, went from talking about food to boobs, but whatever. The real reason I came back over here, Ashley, guess who I’m on the phone with right now?”

“Ummm, I could guess buy I probably already know the answer,” Ashley said.

“Yep, my brother Sean, I told him everything that happened, and he said he’ll accept your apology with one or two conditions, but he wouldn’t tell me what, he said he’d tell you in person when he comes back next week. Are you sure you’re still up to it?”

“Yeah, I know it’s gonna be bad, but I have it coming. I said I’d do whatever and I will.”

“Good, I’ll let him know right now, and the other parmesans are coming out of the oven now.”

Denise went back the cooking area again and everybody stared at Ashley, ready to poke fun at whatever it was she was gonna have to do for Denise’s brother.

“He’s gonna embarrass the hell outta you,” Becky laughed.

“What do you think he’s gonna do? Make her go to a public place and dance or say something embarrassing in front of a lot of people? I’m so excited!” Dana said.

“I don’t know why, whatever it is you all have to do it with me,” Ashley said.

“Umm no! She just said you, not all of us,” Carina said.

“But you were all there too, it’s only fair. I’ll take the bulk of whatever it is but you guys have to at least be in on something, it looks better that way. On the bright side though, the parmesan was really good and I definitely want that other one, guess you were right Rita.”

“When am I not? I’m always right, darling,” Rita said imitating her best English accent.

“While we have a second, how are we gonna pay the bill? We gonna go everybody pay for what they got or we split it between all of us?” Stephanie asked.

“Don’t worry about it, I got it. Might as well use dad’s money on something good,” Ashley said.

“With all that extra stuff we got coming it’s gonna come out to damn near $200,” Chris said.

“Ummm, dad, filthy rich, ring a bell? He doesn’t even own a pair of boxers that cost less than $200, hell he’d spend $200 on food in a restaurant just for himself!”

“Ok you don’t have to twist my arm, I’ll gladly keep my money in my pocket.”

“Such a gentleman. What happened to men picking up the bill for women?” Dana asked.

“That all changed, now women are working construction, driving race cars, running multi-million dollar companies, it’s time you start paying for us now.”

“You sound just like every other man, I guess chiv…”

“You better not say chivalry is dead! It’s not, women just wanna have it all. You can ask for independence and still wanna be treated like a lady, that’s like saying ‘I don’t need a man to do anything for me, but then get mad when don’t open the door for you, I mean what the hell!”

“That’s the way it should be, ladies should come first at all times, it’ all about manners.”

“Ok, I’ll remember that if we hear a noise in the house and somebody needs to check it out.”

“So you’d take the chance in me getting grabbed up by somebody?”

“You said ladies first at all times! What it has a negate factor in certain situations? That’s that bullshit, you can’t have your devils food chocolate cake and ice cream and eat it too.”

“Speaking of ice cream do they have some here? Ice cream sounds good right now,” Becky said.

“Yes we can, we are precious creatures that can do no wrong no matter what!” Dana joked.

“Who bit the apple?”

“What are you talking about who bit the apple what apple?”

“You know what apple I’m talking about, the apple in the garden of Eden! Who was it that listened to a damn snake in the grass and bit the apple after God said specifically not to?”

“That doesn’t matter because tha…”

“That’s right it was the woman! Women are so high up on the chain they’re even able to defy god! Took a big ass bite outta that apple! Can do no wrong my ass…”

“You guys just range from a variety of subjects don’t you?” Denise said as she popped up unbeknownst to us holding eight individual trays of parmesan for each of us.

“Yeah that’s what we do, we can never stay on the same topic for too long,” I said.

“Well at least you’ll never be bored with each other. And in my opinion, you’re both right, yeah women are delicate creatures and we should be treated like it, but that doesn’t mean it HAS to happen, it’s nice when it does though, and men should make it a priority to try to give women the best of both worlds, but that doesn’t mean women can’t do the same for men either.”

“Look at that, words of wisdom from a thirteen year old,” I said.

“How are you so big on stuff like that at only thirteen?” Dana asked.

“I read a lot, and I like reading stuff like that, I’m gonna be a psychology major at school and maybe have a small background in some criminal justice, but psychology for sure.”

“That tuition is gonna bleed you dry, those are two expensive ass majors,” Stephanie said.

“I’m saving up now, that’s why I’m busing tables all day every day, it’s not cheap at all. I’ll go get your bill, is it separate or am I ringing everybody up on one bill?”

“Everybody on one bill, we already figured out how we’re gonna pay,” Ashley said.

“Ok, I’ll be right back, and remember tip me or I’ll spit in your food.”

“There she is,” I said as Denise got back to her usually happy self.

“I’m gonna leave her a really big tip,” Ashley said.

“What’s really big, you mean like a hundred dollars big or a thousand dollars big?”

“I mean like ten thousand, maybe fifteen thousand dollars big.”

Needless to say we were all surprised. “What! Give me fifteen thousand dollars!” Becky said.

“She’s going to school, you’d just spend it all on clothes and makeup and stuff.”

“Did I mention I’m going to school for chemical engineering?” Chris joked.

“Be quiet Chris you’re having trouble with regular school,” Stephanie laughed.

“Well that’s definitely one way to get back on her good side, if it works,” I said.

Denise came back with the bill. “Here you go, it comes out to $176.83. We don’t usually get that high a bill with only eight people. How are you gonna pay?”

“Debit card,” Ashley said. “I’ll come up there with you.”

She walked to the front with Denise and gave us a little smile as she looked back at us from the cash register. We watched Denise’s face to see what she’d do when Ashley told her how much her tip would be, and when she did tell her, she went from casual to shock. She shook her head no and pushed the credit card back towards Ashley, but Ashley was persistent. Her body language showed she was trying to convince Denise to take it, and then I guess she said something else with a little more impact because Denise gave her a stare and then nodded. Ashley asked for a hug and to our surprise Denise gave her one, and then Ashley made her way back to us smiling, a little proud of what she just did.

“So she took it? How much did you end up giving her?” Becky asked.

“Yeah she took it, I went ahead and gave her the fifteen thousand,” Ashley replied.

“What did you say? It didn’t look like she wanted to take it at first,” Stephanie said.

“I told her if she wanted to major in psychology and criminal justice she was gonna need it, and when she became a certified psychologist I’d let her examine me first.”

“That’d be enough to make me take it if I already didn’t before,” Chris joked.

“Yeah but then she still kinda didn’t wanna take it so I had to fake threaten her, I said I’d file a complaint with her dad if she didn’t take my tip, then she finally agreed.”

“Well at least you didn’t lose your power of persuasion,” I said.

“You never really lose it, you just change it up a little. Anyways I gave her my cell number so she could get ahold of me when her brother came back so I can hurry up and get that over with.”

“He’s gonna get you good, just watch. Well if we’re all done here we can grab our parmesan and leave, unless somebody doesn’t want theirs, then I’ll take it,” Rita said.

“You’re not getting mine, you just turned us on to what’s probably the best undercover restaurant in the city, and we haven’t even tried the other stuff,” Dana said.

“Alright let’s go back to Ashley’s, I wanna drink a little before I go home,” Carina said.

We grabbed up all our stuff and headed for the door, all of us holding a tray of chicken parmesan, Denise was standing there hugging all of us as we left out.

“See you guys next time, and Ashley, I’ll see you guys in a few days,” Denise smirked.

“I don’t like the way that looked. Ashley, how screwed are we?” Carina asked.

“On a scale of one to ten? Probably a nine, but at least it’s not a ten!”

“I’m definitely getting drunk after that day,” Becky said.

“So what are we doing now? Are we going back to my house for some drinks?” Ashley asked.

We all looked around at each other, nobody was giving a yes or no answer, probably because nobody wanted to be the one to say no because we couldn’t get drunk on account of having to drive home, but eventually everyone kinda warmed up to the idea.

“We can go for a little bit I guess but we can’t stay, I know we’re both gonna drink something and we can’t drive home drunk,” Stephanie said.

“That’s fair. We can play one drinking game then everybody can leave, I don’t think we played questions yet. Just go straight back to my house from here,” Ashley said.

Everyone got back into their respective cars and drove off, some in a different direction because they knew a shortcut and the rest of us following the safe way so we wouldn’t get lost.

“Dammit, I wanted to go home, now we’re gonna lose out on a few hours,” Rita complained.

“I thought you’d say that. I mean it’s the least we could do, she practically paid $15,200 dollars for eight of us to eat, we don’t wanna dine and dash out on her,” I said.

“I’d pay her back, not that $15,000 part, but I’d pay back my share of the food.”

“It’s just a few drinks, we’ll be in and out before you know it. Shouldn’t I be the one trying to hurry up and get home so I can fuck you? Something’s wrong here.”

“Yes it should be you, so what’s problem? Why don’t you wanna fuck me all the time?”

“I do wanna fuck you all the time, I just have more of a grasp on my hormones, that and you wearing me out every time we do have sex. It’s like I can push my hormone button on and off, but your button as jammed and it’s stuck on all the time.”

“That’s one way of putting it, another is I get massive urges where I need to be fucked by you immediately and for a long time or I’m gonna lose my shit.”

“Every man’s fantasy, and I live it every day.”

“Thirty minutes, an hour tops, then we’re outta there, I’m not playing.”

“I can tell, you have that look like you’ll pull over and fuck me right now.”

She slowed the car down and glanced at me. “Don’t think I won’t.”

“I know you will, but the sooner we get there the sooner we can leave.”

She picked back up speed and drove the rest of the way to Ashley’s a little agitated over another speed bump we’d have to get over before we went home. Unlike earlier when we were the first ones to get to the restaurant, we were the last ones to get to Ashley’s. Everybody else’s cars were already blocking up the driveway so we parked on the street.

“Remember, just an hour, any more than that and I’m not responsible for my actions,” Rita said as we walked up the porch to the door, which as usual was unlocked.

“Bout time you slowpokes got here! Why’d you take the long way?” Carina asked.

“We took the only way we knew how to get here,” I responded.

“Yeah well I’m already two drinks in, come on and catch up, we’re gonna play questions.”

“I already know you’re gonna ask what questions is so I’m gonna explain it,” Ashley said as she walked in with a bottle of vodka, tequila, and Jack Daniels. “I don’t remember if we played it before but it’s real simple, we go around in a circle, each person asks anyone they want a question, the person either has to answer the question or take a shot, simple.”

“Sounds like an easy way to get drunk without all the work,” Chris said.

“Basically yeah. Especially if you’d rather drink than talk like me,” Becky said.

“You can’t drink too much of you’re gonna be driving home,” Stephanie said.

“Don’t worry, we’ve done this a hundred times, we have a really high alcohol tolerance.”

“Yeah that doesn’t make us sound like alcoholics at all,” Dana said.

“Nope, not by a long shot. We’re still functional, we don’t drink every day, and we don’t go to extreme lengths to get a drink, not alcoholics.”

“Well when it’s provided for us whenever we want it there’s no need to go to extreme lengths, but just for the sake of my dignity and not starting a debate I’ll agree and say I’m not an alcoholic, cheers,” Dana smirked as she downed a shot of Jack Daniels.

“None of us are, it’s a stress reliever, it just happens to be one that gives you a nice little buzz. As usual I’ll ask the first question, and I think I’ll ask Chris the first one. Chris, do you flirt with Dana so much because you secretly wanna tap that ass?” Ashley laughed.

“What? Where are you getting flirting from? When she tried to drown me?”

“Nope, you can’t do that, you can’t answer the question with a question. You either answer the question right or take a shot, but if you don’t answer it makes you look guilty.”

Right off the bat she manipulated it to where he almost had to answer the question. She may not be a bitch anymore, but even while being nice Ashley she’s still as conniving as ever.

“(sigh) Fine I’ll play this game. I still don’t see it as flirting, but I will admit she does have a nice body and I wouldn’t mind hittin that, there happy?” he said and still took the shot.

“I knew it. I keep catching you looking on the sly when you think I’m not watching. Rita’s probably gonna beat you ass when you leave, but thanks for the compliment,” Dana said.

Rita played along and pretended to be pissed and gave him a meanmug and punched him in the arm to help sell it. If Stephanie was pissed she did a good job of hiding it.

“See? Thank you for getting me hit. Lose-lose situation with women,” Chris said.

“We’re gonna go around this way, my turn.” Becky said. “Rita, which would you rather do, eat everyone’s pussy whose here, or suck everyone’s dick?”

Almost immediately Rita picked up the shot and knocked it back. “That’s some good tequila.”

“Becky what the hell kind of question is that? That’s her brother!” Dana said.

“Duhh, exactly! Obviously I was making it so she had to drink!”

“If it was me, I’d definitely eat everybody’s pussy, except you Becky, fuck you,” Ashley laughed.

“Please my pussy would be the first one you ate you not fooling anybody!”

“Yeah you keep telling yourself that, Stephanie it’s your turn.”

“Alright, alright. “Ashley, would you rather give up all your money and have all the sex you want, or keep your money and never be able to have sex again? Not no type of sex, nothing.”

“Shit, that’s kind of a hard one. I think I’d rather give up the money though, you can always get more money, sex is irreplaceable. When you get that urge you just gotta do it.”

“Really? You’d rather give up the money? I didn’t expect you to pick that, maybe we should strap you back up to the lie detector machine again just to be sure,” Chris laughed.

“So you’re telling me never having any form of sex again won’t phase you?” Ashley asked.

“Hell yeah it’ll phase me! I’m a man! I can’t even go a day without thinking about sex in some kind of way let alone having it, I just thought it wouldn’t phase you.”

“Let me let you in on a little secret that most women don’t want you to know Chris, we think about sex just as much as you do, sometimes more, we’re just not as obvious with it as men are. Nine times out of ten you won’t catch us staring at your dick like you stare at our asses.”

“Touché. I guess that makes it my turn. Becky, whose hotter, me or Randy?”

She took a good look at both of us before she answered. “I’m gonna answer but I’m still gonna take a shot. That’s kind of a tough one, Randy’s strong and I love muscles, but Chris got the dimples and I loooove that, but then Randy has that boyish charm, and Chris has that stubble starting to come in, but Randy with those eyes… I don’t know, I’ll just take the drink.”

“Damn Becky I didn’t know you thought about it that much,” Chris laughed.

“I tend to notice features I like in all men, well mostly all men, and some women too.”

“Rita it’s on you, make it a good one, like a secret-telling question,” Ashley said.

“I have one, it’s a good one too, kinda pervy, so obviously it’s a Becky inspired question. It’s more of a two parter to set up for the second question. First, do you have a father or brother that lives at home, or did at some point?” Rita asked.

“Yeah my father, and older brother and a younger brother,” Dana said.

“Have you ever touched any of them while they were sleep or drunk?”

All eyes were on Dana waiting for her to either drink or answer the question, and oddly she was taking a while to do either, then she picked up her shot of vodka and knocked it back.

“No no no, I don’t care if you took the shot, tell us what happened!” Carina said.

“It was a long time ago, I barely remember what happened anyway, it wasn’t even anything.”

“That ‘wasn’t even anything’ made you take the shot, come on, spill!”

“It’s nothing, I was like twelve and my parents were gone somewhere, I don’t remember where, and I had a sleepover with some friends and my brother threw a party. When everybody left we was passed out drunk on the couch and my friends wanted to see what a penis looked like, so we, for lack of a better term, ‘fondled’ my brother while he was passed out, he still doesn’t know it happened and if he ever finds out I’ll hunt every last one of you down and kill you!”

“HO-LY SHIT! Did you get your younger brother too or just the older one?” Rita asked.

“He was way too young, all my friends had a crush on my older brother, obviously because of him being in high school, why am I still talking about this! Give me another shot!”

“That’s gonna be a tough act to follow, but yeah,” I said. “Stephanie, your choices are give oral sex, receive oral sex, and have sex with, the people are
Channing Tatum, Scarlett Johansson, and Becky. Who gets what?” I asked.

“Ooh that’s a good one! Well obviously I’m fucking Channing Tatum with his sexy ass, I’m giving oral sex to Scarlett Johansson, and Becky can give me head since I know she wants to anyway.”

“Why does everybody think I want their pussy in my mouth? I mean what the fuck!”

“So are you saying you wouldn’t give Stephanie head?” I asked.

“No I would, but why does everybody just automatically jump to me doing it?”

“Because everybody knows Becky, there, I even just gave you a title for a TV show, win-win.”

“Somebody ask me a question like that, that was a good one,” Carina said.

“Well it’s my turn so I’ll ask it,” Dana said. “Ok, same categories, give oral sex, receive oral sex, and have sex with, your choices are, Randy, Chris, and Ashley, who gets what? Hahaha.”

“I knew you were gonna do that shit, but I don’t care, I’m not scared, I’ll answer anyway. I’ll get oral from Chris, I’d get oral from Ashley, and I’d have sex with Randy, like Becky said I like muscles, I remember you hit the bell at the amusement park, you can probably spin me and flip me and do all kinds of shit that’ll get me off.”

“Hey I’m strong too! I can probably bench press all four of you!” Chris said.

“why are you trying to make a case to fuck me with your girlfriend sitting right there? Probably is not a certainty, we actually saw him hit then bell, can you?”

“Please, who do you think got Randy in shape to be able to hit the bell in the first place? This guy right here. Direct all you cutesy stares and affections towards me.”

“What! Now we need to hook YOU up to the lie detector test!” I said.

“I got the last question, and since you’re as bold as ever I might as well ask you Chris, if you had your pick of any girl in here for one night, with Rita’s permission of course, maybe even her participation if she’s up for that kind of thing, who would you pick?” Carina asked.

“We all know who he’s gonna pick, Dana and the tits she rode in on,” Becky said.

“Jealousy, thy name is Becky, I did not choose these magnificent breasts, they chose me.”

“And you choose to let everybody see them, even that pizza guy from a while back.”

“Oh yeah, you gotta admit that was funny though, his face was priceless!”

“Umm excuse me? I recall I was asked the question! And I don’t know why everybody thinks it’s Dana this and Dana that, I wouldn’t even pick her, I’d pick Ashley.”

“That came straight out of left field. “What? Did you say Ashley,” I said completely surprised.

“Yep, I have my reasons, which I will not be discussing at this time.”

“Oh no fuck that you better start talking! Holy shit! Ashley?” Carina said.

“Dana you look a little disappointed, surprised he didn’t pick you?” Becky teased.

“I’m wondering why he picked Ashley like everybody else, you can’t just leave it at that!”

“Yep I can, and just for the heck of it I’m gonna take the shot anyways.”

“And on that note, everybody take a shot,” Ashley said. “One way or another Chris, you’re gonna let me at least know why you picked me, bottoms up!”

We all downed a shot, some of us a more than others (Becky, Carina) and played the game long enough for everyone to get a couple more turns. By this point you could tell everyone had a slight buzz starting to come out, so since we all had to drive home we used that as an excuse for a stopping point, which I knew was a huge sigh of relief for Rita.

“Ok, before we stop, I got one more question, for everybody,” Becky said. “What’s it gonna take for all of us one of these days to have a big ass naked orgy thing right here?”

“ONE MORE DRINK!” Stephanie yelled as she breezed past Becky’s request.

“Was that you answering the question or ignoring it? I’ll take it as you answering it, cheers!”

“Ok, on that one I think it’s time we went home. I don’t wanna risk taking another drink and my buzz kicks in while I’m driving home,” Chris said.

“Yeah us too, if we’re gonna be drinking all night I’d rather have a cab drop us off or make it an all-nighter, especially since I’m basically still a rookie at this drinking thing,” I said.

“Well since everybody wants to be all responsible and shit I guess I’ll leave too,” Dana said.

“Ugh, fine, me too, but I’m taking the bottle with me,” Carina followed.

“The offer of you eating my pussy is still on the table,” Becky said as she looked at Ashley.

“And that’s where it’ll stay. There’s no way in hell I’m going down on you before you go down on me, you’ll be bragging about that for years, I’ll pass,” Ashley said.

Since it wasn’t really a mess we all helped Ashley clean up before we left, which mainly consisted of throwing away empty liquor bottles and chip and cookie bags. I was surprised noone was even showing any signs of being drunk, well noone except me, we threw away five full size liquor bottles and everyone was still functioning as if it was coffee they were drinking. As we were about to walk out the door Ashley pulled us back for a second.

“Hey can you guys hold up for a second?” Ashley asked me Chris, Rita and Stephanie.

“I don’t know Ashley, we’re on a time limit, our parents get back tomorrow…” Rita started.

“Come on, I have more liquor, that’ll make the sex that much better, I know that’s why you wanna leave, you were fidgety practically the whole night.”

“Then if you know let us leave! You still have the Ashley’s to hang with!”

“I wanna ask some questions I don’t want them to know about…”

She sighed, knowing she’d have to wait even longer for sex. “These batter be some damn Albert Einstein NASA space center Jenna Jameson questions Ashley I swear!”

We caught back up to the others and let them know we’d be staying a little longer.

“Yeah ok, I got what I came for so I’m good,” Carina said referring to the liquor she was holding.

“Already ditching us for the new crew, don’t work Chris too hard,” Dana laughed.

“You guys are gonna bang aren’t you? Why else are you staying and we have to leave? You’re about to have a big ass group orgy aren’t you? Can I stay?” Becky asked.

“We’re not having an orgy, I just need to clear up some stuff with them that’s all.”

“If that’s the case then why can’t we stay?”

“Because it’s their business and I’m not in the business of telling peoples business anymore.”

“Oh, it really is just boring talk then? Yeah I’ll pass on that then, see everybody tomorrow.”

They all left out and got in their cars and drove off in three different directions, I know because we were all on the porch watching them as they left, don’t know why, but Ashley was, so we figured we might as well too since she wanted us to stay longer for some reason.

“Ok Ashley, why are we still here when we could be other places doing stuff?” Rita asked.

“There’s something going on with Stephanie and Chris isn’t there?” Ashley asked.

“What? Why would you ask that? What gave you that impression?” Rita asked back.

“Earlier, when we first started the questions game, when Chris was talking about Dana’s body, Stephanie was tense, like she was holding back saying something, then again when Dana picked Randy to have sex with instead of Chris and he made a big show, she clenched up again, basically any time Dana flirted with Chris Stephanie had a tell, and you guys were acting like you were covering for them, so I’m asking, no pressure or anything, I’m not judging, is there something going on with you guys too or am I just crazy?”

We looked at each other, unsure of how to answer her, but if we stood there silent any longer then that would be the same as confirming her suspicions.

“You got all that from some body language? That’s a nice stretch Ashley, you might’ve had one too many shots tonight to think I’d be messing around with my sister!” Chris said.

“So you are messing with each other. I had a feeling you were.”

“I didn’t say we were, I said we weren’t, those are two different things.”

“You’re saying no, but you’re practically screaming yes, your body language is off the charts. I’m not gonna tell anybody or anything, I just had a feeling, that’s all.”

They didn’t try to fight it anymore, Ashley had them dead to rights and they knew it. “So now what? You’re not crazy, yeah we do stuff, you should be accustomed to it now after being around Rita and Randy for a while now,” Stephanie said.

“I wasn’t trying to cause a scene or anything, I was just curious. I used to do some stuff with my brother too, not a lot, but enough, and I made the same faces you made whenever he talked about another girl Stephanie, that’s how I knew something was going on.”

“How come you noticed her faces but you never noticed any of mine or Randy’s?” Rita asked.

“I don’t know, I never picked up on anything, I mean I noticed a few tiny things here and there but I chalked it up as a twin thing, that any you’re good at hiding it I guess.”

“So what did you do with your brother?” Chris asked going back to the subject.

“Nothing much, I was young and impressionable, and my brother and I were close. We caught our mom and dad having sex once and we wanted to do it too, but we didn’t know anything about anything, so we just touched each other and stuff, some kissing, but we never had sex, we didn’t know how to do it. Yeah, umm, yeah. I can’t believe I finally said that out loud.”

“Well you almost had to after playing Sherlock Holmes against us,” Chris said.

“How do we go from just me and Randy messing around with each other to everybody around us doing it? I thought this wasn’t that common of a thing,” Rita said.

“Mine doesn’t really count, I was like six and I didn’t even know what we were doing, me or Sean, we were just copying what our parents did, it never went any further.”

“Young or not you still did it. What do you think about it now then?” Stephanie asked.

“Now there’s a bunch of different things to throw in, I’m not speaking to my brother, and I have friends who do it, but looking back I’m not ashamed I did it, like I said I was young and impressionable, and I loved my brother, but now it’s to each their own I guess.”

“Why don’t you try getting in contact with your brother again, you never know,” I said.

“Why? He never tried to so why should I?”

“You might not be getting the whole story. If you were as close as you said you were you’re not just gonna up and stop talking just like that, something else happened.”

“What about him going with my mother? He had a choice then.”

“Probably not, kids don’t really get to pick where they wanna go even if the parents make it seem like it. If it was a bitter divorce one parent would never let the other get both kids, they’d basically be giving up all the leverage because by that point they just wanna one up the other.”

“Since when did you become an expert on life after marriage ends?” Chris asked.

“I used to watch a lot of those divorce court shows, basically the parents always wanna take as much as they can from the other, and kids are the biggest cash cow, child support.”

“Dad won but he had to pay to keep my mother living the lifestyle she was living.”

“Which sucks, but it could’ve been a lot worse. They system usually gives the woman everything, he’s lucky he got away with just that.”

“Even still, he could’ve made an attempt to find me, I looked for him for years,” Ashley said.

“So why stop now? He’s probably still looking, he just doesn’t know where to look,” Rita said.

“There’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all he has to do is type in my name!”

“You should too, I couldn’t even imagine going all that time without seeing Randy, it’s impossible. If you still miss your brother, even a little bit, you gotta find him.”

Ashley stood there contemplating what Rita said, really what we all just said, and she plopped down on the couch and grabbed the bottle of Jack Daniels. “You’re all probably right, but it’s too much to try and process right now, instead, I’m gonna finish this bottle.”

“That’s a lot of whiskey for one girl to try and drink by herself, pour me a shot, I’ll help you finish it, shit we all will, right?” Chris asked as he looked around at us.

We all nodded and sat around the table as Ashley filled up five shot glasses and sat them in front of us. “The last one to drink theirs has to tell a dirty secret,” Ashley said.

“Damn Ashley how many drinking games do you know?” I teased.

“One for each day of the year. Ok everybody, bottoms up!”

Me being the lightweight I knew I would be the last one to finish my shot at least until the later rounds, depending on how long we stayed, so I was already thinking of a secret as I was taking my shot, and just as I already knew, I was the last to finish, it wasn’t even close.

“I already knew it was gonna happen, so I was ready for it. When I was twelve I accidentally grabbed the music teacher from schools tit, and I liked it.”

What? That doesn’t count, how is grabbing a titty a big secret?” Chris asked.

Rita was already laughing. “Our music teacher was an 67 year old woman with dentures.”

In came the laughter. “Damn Randy, I didn’t know you were into the GILFS!” Ashley teased.

“I was twelve and it was my first tit grab, that soft soggy ball of fat was heaven to me!”

Chris was especially laughing. “STOP! My ribs hurt! I’m never gonna let you forget that!”

“Whatever, it doesn’t bother me, all I’ll hear is I grabbed a tit when I was twelve.”

“Ok, next shot before I start getting images of Randy and grannies in my head,” Ashley said as she poured another shot of whiskey. “I hope Randy loses again, bottoms up!”

This time I didn’t lose, Stephanie did. I got my glass on the table a piece of a second before she did, but it was obvious that she was the loser, as surprised as everyone was.

“I’m still protesting that last slam, but I’ll let it slide this time,” Stephanie said. “My confession is a little more recent, I came in your jacuzzi earlier Ashley.”

Ashley wasn’t even upset, not even a little. “We weren’t even in the Jacuzzi today! When did you sneak away and do that… skip that, why did you sneak away and do that?”

“It was on my bucket list, and since you had a Jacuzzi, and we were over here, why not.”

“Haha, so that Stephanie juice is circulating through the water as we speak,” Rita laughed.

“You’re lucky I like women, if it had been Randy or Chris I would’ve ripped into them.”

“I make it a habit not to cum in peoples jacuzzi’s, pools are a different story,” Chris said.

Ashley poured the next round of shots. “Ok, next shot, bottoms up!”

I was getting a little better at knocking them down the more I had, which also meant that I was getting that much more drunk. This time I finished in the middle and it was a close last place for Ashley and Stephanie, but neither would relent to being the last one, so we took another shot, and this time neither of them lost, Rita did.

“I really don’t have any more secrets I don’t think, at least nothing sexual since that’s the only direction our conversations seem to go, but I’ll answer a question or something, but just one.”

“Nooooooooooo you gotta tell a secret, you know you have one!” Stephanie said.

“I really don’t, I can’t think of anything, except for this one little thing.”

“Well spill it, whatever it is inquiring minds wanna know!”

“I’m just gonna come out and say it, I made a sex clip.”

“A what! Who did we ask that a while back and you didn’t say anything! When?”

“Like a week ago, it was just me by myself, I was horny and I couldn’t sleep, and Randy was worn out, and I wanted to see what I looked like playing with myself so I did it.”

“Where is this said tape? We’ll need to see it for proof,” Chris said.

“I have it, me saying it’s there is proof enough, you don’t need to see it.”

“Bullshit we don’t need to see it! go home and get it, I’ll hook it up right now,” Ashley said.

“I’ll save it for another time, isn’t it time for another shot?”

Ashley stared her down as she poured the next shots, but in a “I’m gonna see that video if it’s the last thing I do” kinda stare. “One more down the hatch, bottoms up!”

Chris was the last one to finish his shot this time. “Hey, we should probably slow down a little bit with the shots, I mean we still have to drive home.”

“You’re just saying that because it’s your turn! Come on, out with a secret,” Ashley said.

“I don’t have any more, I’m too liquored up to remember any other ones.”

“I don’t wanna hear that, you should’ve finished your shot before everybody else. Ok then, you get a choice, you either tell a secret or get asked a question and you HAVE to answer!”

“How come you’re not getting drunk? We all look like we got a buzz going and you, nothing.”

“Because I can hold my liquor better than anybody here thanks to my dad, now don’t try and change the subject, what’s it gonna be, secret or question?”

“Who gets to ask the question? I already know it’s gonna be something about sex.”

“I will, but I know we’re all gonna ask the same question anyway.”

“Do I even need to guess? I already know what you’re gonna ask.”

“Why’d you pick me?” Ashley asked as she grabbed a full bottle of Absolut Vodka.

Chris sighed. “Yeah I figured that’s what it was. Is it really bothering everybody that much?”

“Yeah! Noone in here thought you were gonna pick Ashley, not even Ashley!” Stephanie said.

“For a bunch of different reasons I guess. You can find out a lot about somebody during sex, me being the first guy she had sex with in a long time, she probably knows tricks none of us even thought of after only being with women for so long, you know stuff like that.”

“I like how you said it all casual like it’s no big deal. If anything it got me curious with the whole ‘being with only women’ thing, she probably does know some stuff,” Rita said.

“I’m sitting right here! You’re talking like in not even in the room!” Ashley said.

“Well you were awfully quiet since he started talking, like you were thinking about something, like you were thinking about a big something,” Stephanie teased.

“It’s gonna take a little more than that to just give in, I’ve been on the other side too long, I can’t just jump back into it, or onto it for that matter,” Ashley responded.

“Well if you’re considering it in the near future I might let you borrow Chris to use as practice for a few times, it’s gonna cost you though,” Stephanie said.

“What the? You can’t sell me! What kind of shit is that!” Chris yelled.

“And on THAT note, we’re killing this entire bottle right now,” Ashley laughed as she pulled out the double shot glasses and filled everyone’s up to the rim. “Bottoms all the way up!”

We didn’t even play the game anymore, we were just taking shot after shot after shot until the bottle was gone. By now I was way into buzzed and was on my way to being drunk, but unlike the last time I was trying to be more aware of my surroundings. Everyone else looked like they were feeling the effects of knocking back 5+ straight shots too so at least I wasn’t alone, but being the only lightweight I was definitely farther along than everyone else.

“Yeah, I’m d-definitely not gonna be able to d-drive home tonight,” I said stuttering a little.

“Us neither, the liquor will really kick in when it’s time to go,” Stephanie said.

“We’ll probably be too lazy to do anything anyway once it kicks in,” Ashley said.

“Speak for yourself, look at Rita, she’s feeling something, but it’s not lazy,” Chris said.

We all looked at Rita who had her eyes closed rubbing her pussy through her pants, either completely oblivious to the fact we were there or she just didn’t care, either way, she was putting on a show for all of us and none of us dared to look away.”

“Too much alcohol made you a little frisky Rita?” Ashley asked.

“Made me horny! Are all the doors locked in here?”

“Umm yeah, why?”

“Is anybody coming back the rest of the night for anything?”

“No I don’t think so, why what are you about to do?”

She didn’t say anything, she just hopped straight into my lap and had her lips on mine within seconds. The liquor was really strong on her breath as she occasionally broke the kiss to kiss another part of my face before she went back to my lips.

“Holy shit they’re gonna fuck right here!” Ashley said with excitement.

“This is nothing new, happens all the time with us,” Chris said.

“Not nearly enough as them though, but we can change that,” Stephanie said as she did the same thing Rita did and climbed in Chris’ lap and started kissing him.

“I don’t know whether to be excited of frustrated, how the hell is all this sex about to happen in my house and I’m not a part of it?” Ashley whined.

“Just sit back and enjoy the show, and open a window, it’s gonna get real hot,” Chris said.

“I don’t wanna sit back and watch, I wanna participate!”

“If you’d let us go home you wouldn’t have to torture yourself, now you’re gonna have to watch me fuck Randy like there’s no tomorrow,” Rita said.

“And that’s not even the alcohol talking, that’s regular Rita!” I said.

She lifted my shirt over my head then pulled hers off and flung them off into the sunset. I tried my best to stay focused on everything going on around me, but the shots were definitely making it hard, in both ways. She reached behind her to unclasp her bra when she saw Ashley sitting there staring intently at us, or maybe just at her.

“I can’t reach it Ashley, can you come give me a hand?”

We paused for a second, not knowing what to make of the situation, but Rita held that smile on her face letting her know she was serious, and Ashley hopped up out of her seat to help her before Rita changed her mind. The liquor was definitely playing a role in what was going on, but I think some of it was still Rita as she let Ashley slide her bra off and toss it into oblivion. Almost immediately Ashley’s hands cupped Rita’s tits in her hands as she kissed her hard on the lips.

“Holy shit, is this actually happening?” I said to myself not knowing if I was really seeing what I was seeing or if the alcohol was making me hallucinate.

“Yeah man it’s really happening, Ashley and Rita are making out in your lap!” Chris said.

The sound of their wet lips smacking together was amplified in my head as I watched them make out in front of me. Never in a million years did I think I’d ever see anything like this, they hated each other for so long and now look at them, kissing each other in Ashley’s house by Ashley as Rita got felt up while sitting in my lap. Rita sitting there naked from the waist up and wearing those tight black yoga pants that I loved so much pushed my buzz to the side a little bit so my brain could send some much needed blood to my penis, I was horny, I was Rita status horny, and I wanted her to know it. I grabbed her hips and dragged her across the length of my cock so she could see I was erect and ready to play, and almost immediately she broke the kiss and turned to canlı casino siteleri me and bit her lip the way she does when she wants to be heavily plowed.

“There he is, I was wondering what was taking him so long,” Rita said.

She stood up and turned around and slid her fingers in the waistband of her pants and slid them all the way down to her feet, thong too, without even bending her knees. I was looking straight at her soaked pussy and took in her scent that was getting stronger and stronger by the second. With Rita no longer blocking my view I glanced over in Chris’ direction who had already stripped completely down and was getting a blowjob from an equally naked Stephanie. I wasn’t staring at them too much longer as I was slowly being pulled to the floor by Rita.

“Take a seat right here Randy, lean your head against the couch cushion,” Rita said.

I did as she asked and watched as she pulled Ashley’s shirt over her head and took her pants to the floor, leaving her standing there in her panties. Ashley looked embarrassed that her tits were only an A cup and tried to cover them, but Rita was having none of that and moved her arms outta the way and took one of her nipples into her mouth, or she was about to at least.

“Are you ok with this Randy, I mean really ok with this?” Rita asked.

“If you are, then I am,” I said working on still trying to sober up a little.

Ashley didn’t even wait for Rita to turn her head back around, she did it for her and put her nipple right at Rita’s lips who in turn sucked it right into her mouth. Ashley was cradling her head like she was a baby as she threw her own head back in pleasure.

“Oh fuck yes! I haven’t had my titties sucked on in a long time!” Ashley said.

“I guarantee it doesn’t feel better than this,” Chris moaned. “Yeah Steph just like that!”

“Yeah I think it does, it feels soooo good after so long not… oooooh fuck!”

Rita slipped one of her hands inside Ashley’s panties and was fingering her pussy. She didn’t know what to concentrate on, Rita’s lips on her nipple or her hand on her pussy. Rita must’ve stuck another finger inside her or something because Ashley’s eyes got really wide out of nowhere before they shut closed. Rita pulled her hand out of Ashley’s panties and held it up, Ashley was so wet her juice made Rita’s fingers look slimy, and then Rita did something that surprised both me and Ashley, she sucked the fingers she had inside Ashley into her mouth and licked them clean, making sure she cleaned every finger as best she could and kept eye contact with Ashley the whole time.

“Mmmmm, you taste just as good as I do,” Rita said as she finished licking her fingers.

“That was the fucking sexiest thing you could’ve done,” Ashley said.

“Maybe you can return the favor so I can say the same thing to you.”

“Fuck yeah I’m gonna return the favor, and then some! Oh my god Rita shit!”

I’d had enough watching. I pulled Rita back towards me and essentially made her sit on my face. She leaned over so much that Ashley had to get down on her knees so that Rita could keep sucking on her tits. The weight of her ass made my head lay back on the couch cushion as I licked at her pussy basically from under her as her juice ran down the sides of my face.

“Yes! Eat that pussy Randy while I sit on your face!” Rita groaned.

I was all too happy to do what she asked, I licked her pussy, sucked on her pussy, I even nibbled on her pussy as my nose sat right at her asshole. I had to keep coming up for air in between licks, and no matter how much I licked and licked she just stayed wet, which was normal when she was this horny. My cock was trapped in my pants aching to get out, but I couldn’t get to it with only one hand because I needed the other hand on Rita’s ass so she wouldn’t smother me, luckily she noticed my distress and began to undo my pants for me.

“Is this for me baby? He looks like he needs some attention…”

“He does, real bad,” I said as Rita started stroking my cock.

She grinned that grin at me. “Let’s see if I can do something about that.”

She pulled my pants and boxers the rest of the way off and directed me to sit on the couch. I did and she positioned herself between my legs with my cock in her hand, sticking her tongue out at it but not touching it, making me really anxious.

“Fuck Chris, right there! God you eat my pussy so good!” Stephanie screamed.

I looked over to see Stephanie and Chris had switched places and he was holding both her legs in the air with his face buried deep in her pussy. She had his head firmly in her grip, making sure he wasn’t going anywhere until she came on his face, but I don’t think he cared one bit. I cringed in shock, followed by the relaxing relief of pleasure as I was brought back to reality when Rita closed her mouth around my cock. She was looking me dead in the eyes as I watched my cock disappear completely into her mouth. She looked to be really enjoying herself as much as I was at that moment since she was finally getting the sex she’s been craving all day, even if it wasn’t just us. Her hands were planted on my thighs as her head bobbed up and down in my crotch, sliding my cock in and out of her mouth with ease after having done it so many times. I let my head rest back on the couch and closed my eyes so I could focus solely on the sensation of her hot wet mouth engulfing my cock over and over. I was enjoying myself so much and was so focused on not trying to cum from how good her mouth felt that I was caught off guard when Rita accidentally bit down on my cock and giggled. My eyes shot open and I looked down at her to see what the cause was and I immediately found my answer, Ashley had her hands spreading Rita’s ass cheeks apart and her face was buried in it as deep as it could go.

“She’s licking my asshole!” Rita giggled. “It tickles!”

It’s gonna more than tickle by the time I’m done with you,” Ashley said.

“Is that a threat or a promise?”

“It’s whatever you want it to be, but you’ll definitely be happy when I’m done.”

“When you’re done with her you should come make me that same promise,” Stephanie said.

“I will, if Chris doesn’t mind me slobbering all over his sister’s ass.”

“No I really don’t, but I couldn’t stop it if I wanted to anyway,” Chris said.

Rita went back to sucking on my cock but could barely concentrate with Ashley trailing her tongue from her pussy to her ass and back over and over again. Every few strokes she would moan on my cock when it was down her throat and send shivers down my spine, and Ashley in turn would do something else to entice her behavior, like sliding a finger into Rita’s pussy while she licked her ass, or pinching her clit between her fingers, or darting her tongue at her asshole like it was a cock. That last one was most effective because by that point she’d had enough oral play and was ready to be fucked. She spun around so her ass was pointed at me doggystyle and looked back at me silently while on all fours, waiting for me to shove my cock into her. As horny as I was I didn’t waste a second. I slapped my cock against the underside of her pussy just to confirm what I already knew, that she was wet, and pushed my cock into her balls deep.

“FUCK YES! I’ve been waiting all fucking day for that, god that feels so good!” Rita moaned.

“It looked like it, you look like you just came right now,” Ashley said.

“Pretty fucking close,” Rita said as I grabbed her hips and started plowing into her, making the clap of my hips against her ass echo around the room. “You don’t know what you’re missing Ashley, there’s no better feeling than a guy grabbing your hips and forcing hid cock into your pussy over, and over, and over, and over, and over…”

“I get it, but it’s still gonna take me a little while before I jump back into men again. Right now I like watching, but I’m still gonna keep the physical part to just ladies for right now.”

She started to get up but Rita wasn’t having it. “Where the hell are you going? Get your ass back over here now!” Rita said as she pulled Ashley’s leg out from under her.

She moved her around until her head was between Ashley’s legs and then pulled her close so that her pussy was directly in her face. From where I was at Ashley’s pussy looked like it was trembling, just aching to be touched, licked, anything, and Rita’s face being mere inches away from it but not touching it was killing her. Every time I slammed into Rita she would bounce closer to her pussy, but she would avoid touching it just to fuck with her. Ashley’s legs were starting to shake from being teased so much, and when she got to the point where she was about to lose her shit Rita had mercy on her and suctioned her lips around her pussy.

“Oh my god, oh my god, finally! You’re such a fucking tease Rita!”

“That’s the key, get them all worked up, and then right when they’re about to burst you attack. You can’t tell me you’ve never done that to anyone, not you…”

“Not for that long! I was about to cry from being teased to bad, I’m fucking horny!”

“Then stop talking and let her eat your pussy!” Stephanie said from the other couch.

“Hey you let me enjoy this, you enjoy sitting on Chris while he’s still hard!”

“You don’t have to tell me that, that’s a given. I’m gonna fuck his cock until he cums inside me, and then I’m gonna get him hard again, and then I’m gonna fuck him some more!”

“That’s exactly what I have in mind for Rita, and I know she’ll appreciate every second of it, especially the ‘fuck her some more’ part,” I said.

Rita went to say something, but I gave her a quick powerful thrust that threw her off balance and made her fall into Ashley’s pussy, rubbing it all over her face in the process.

“You shouldn’t talk with your mouth full Rita,” I teased.

Ashley recognized it was a good joke and actually gave me a high five, but then took it back when Rita threatened to stop eating her pussy. I spread her ass open so I could see my cock going in and out of her pussy. The skin of her pussy would drag along my cock each time I pulled it out like it was trying to keep hold of it. Stephanie and Chris groaning on the other couch made me look up to see Chris’ hands underneath Stephanie’s ass helping her bounce on his lap. They were making out heavily and looked like they had no intentions of letting up on each other any time soon. Meanwhile back in front of me Rita was apparently eating Ashley’s pussy so good that she gripped her head with her left hand and leaned back on her right hand and smashed her face into her pussy as she locked her eyes shut, she was cumming.

“That’s it, right there Rita! I’m fucking gonna cum on your face! Oh my god!”

Her little outburst made us all look down at Rita’s handiwork, and while Ashley didn’t squirt or leak or anything, you could clearly see her pussy pulsing really fast and hard, like she was trying to push a baseball out or something, and then she did leak, only it looked how it would look if I came or Chris came, she busted a creamy white orgasm, Rita had really gotten to her.

“I don’t know if it’s all the liquor I just drunk, or the fact that I’m horny as hell, or both, but I haven’t come like that in a long fucking time, I mean a long, long fucking time,” Ashley said.

“You must be messing with the wrong girls then, I… fuck! Oh yeah!”

“I thought that’d get your attention,” I said as I slid a finger into Rita’s asshole.

Rita pulled herself off my cock and straddled me on the couch, leaving Ashley creaming on the floor. She sat down on my cock and cradled my head next to her tits so I could suck on them while she rode me. Stephanie and Chris made their way down to Ashley while she was still getting her energy back on the floor. Stephanie climbed over top of her and started to kiss and suck on her nipples and Chris got behind Stephanie since she was already on all fours and started fucking her again. Rita must’ve thought I was watching them too long because she grabbed my head with both hands and made me look at her in the eyes.

“You know, there is an extremely horny, slightly drunk girl riding your cock at this very instant, just because there are two girls over there don’t mean you get to keep looking.”

“One of the same girls whose pussy you just had in your mouth?”

She smiled and kissed me, tonguing all over the inside of my mouth. “How does she taste?”

I’ll admit it caught me off guard her saying that, but it wasn’t like she just sucked off another guy and asked me how he tasted, plus I was still kinda drunk too, so I wasn’t upset. “Not bad, it might be the liquor messing with my taste buds but I taste lime and oranges.”

“I tasted that too, it’s why I was down there so long.”

“I noticed, way longer than you were down there with me.”

“Oooooh fuck Chris! Don’t stop! Go faster, fuck that pussy!” Stephanie screamed.

“This turned into an awesome fucking night! I need to get you guys drunk more often! I haven’t been this turned on in a long time!” Ashley moaned as Stephanie sucked on her titties.

“I’m blaming it on the goose, it’s got me feeling loose,” Rita said turning back to me.

“What? Isn’t that a song? We didn’t even drink any goose tonight!”

Rita closed her eyes as a chill ran through her body. “Randy if you don’t stop talking and fuck the living hell out of me I’m gonna break your dick off and fuck myself with it!”

Her sudden change in attitude shocked me sober a little bit, and only served to help m give her what she wanted. I flipped positions with her so she was under me on the couch and I hiked one of her legs up and slammed myself into her, making sure each time I went back inside her I threw my whole body into it, she wanted me to be rough, that’s what she was gonna get. I balanced myself using the top of the couch and the arm rest and just ravaged her pussy. I was fucking her so hard she kept scooting forward on the couch until she was pressed into it as far as she could go before she fell off the edge, which if I continued down the path I was going would be her next destination.

“There they go again with that machine gun fucking,” Chris laughed while still fucking Stephanie from behind. “Ashley? Any memories? Ashley? ASHLEY!”
Ashley wasn’t paying Chris any attention, Stephanie still had her nipples in her mouth and by the way her hand was moving had a couple of fingers inside her pussy.

“This is exactly what she wants Chris, isnt it Rita?” I asked.

“Yes!! I fucking love this! I’ll do anything to be fucked like this all the time!” Rita groaned.

“See? The harder I fuck her the hornier she gets, which always means…”

“I’m cumming! Don’t stop Randy! Don’t stop, I’m fucking cumming!”

“Which always means plenty of orgasms,” I finished.

Rita grabbed my arms and dug her nails into them about as hard as I was plowing into her, maybe even harder, it would definitely leave a mark. I let my body fall on top of hers and she immediately cradled her arms around my back and her legs around my waist, which made it hard to keep fucking her fast, but I still kept fucking her through her orgasm nonetheless. I could hear every girl in the room moaning clearly, but Rita being right next to me and breathing hard while she moaned took the cake, and made my cock swell up even harder inside her. Even though she’d just came, and I usually slow down after she comes, she still asked me to fuck her hard, and I was still just as horny as ever. I got off of her and guided her semi-limp body to the coffee table and let her lay across it on her back. I got on my knees in front of her and pushed my cock back into her, making her jolt for a second before lying back down on the table. I held her legs open wide and watched my cock penetrate her swollen pussy lips, which is one of the best views next to doggystyle. Ashley crawled her way over to Rita and started to suck on her tits while her own tits were dangling over Rita’s face, so she did the same thing to her. Stephanie then crawled up behind Ashley and gripped her ass like Ashley did Rita earlier and started to lick her pussy from behind, and Chris came right back up behind her and started fucking her again. it was definitely a sight for sore eyes, I was fucking Rita, Rita was sucking on Ashley’s titties who in turn was sucking on Rita’s, Stephanie was eating Ashley’s pussy from behind, and Chris was plowing into Stephanie’s pussy while she ate out Stephanie. If a picture was worth a thousand words, then this scene would be worth a billion.

“Best. Fucking. Night. Ever. Look at this shit man!” Chris said waving his hand over the girls.

“I know man, who would’ve thought! They hated each other and now look at them, in a big sex ball helping each other get off!” I said.

“Well downing all that liquor earlier didn’t help, but shit I’m not complaining!”

We leaned forward as far as we could and gave each other a high five, knowing stuff like this usually only happens in pornos, but relishing that it was happening to us. Stephanie came around the side and sucked on Rita’s other tit and flicked at her clit while I was fucking her, and Ashley hung her ass right over Rita’s face, which she grabbed in both hands and picked up where Stephanie left off. The sounds echoing around the room changed from a lot of moaning to a lot of smacking noises between Rita getting her tits sucked on, Ashley getting eaten out, and Stephanie getting fucked by Chris, and what an amazing sound it was. I could only imagine what we’d be doing if Becky had managed to weasel into staying, we’d probably still be drinking, or would she have joined in at some point? That would have been something if she did. I focused back on the scene in front of me as I had to do so many times tonight and couldn’t help but notice the change in positions that happened while I was daydreaming. Steph and Rita were 69ing each other while still getting fuck by us, and Ashley was kissing Chris, I mean actually kissing him, full on spit swapping tongue twisting kissing. To say I was surprised of course would be an understatement. I wondered how long I was daydreaming for this to take place. Ashley just said she wasn’t ready to jump back into guy stuff just yet but there she was making out with Chris with his hand cupped firmly on her ass. Maybe she meant full on sex wise, but either way she took a big step at that moment, and Chris was soaking it up.

“What’s this you said about not wanting to jump back into guys yet?” I teased.

“It’s a baby step,” Ashley said breaking the kiss with Chris. “We’re not fucking, we’re not doing oral, and his mouth tastes like pussy, I’m ok with that.”

“What about his hand on your ass, all it takes is a slip of the finger…”

“Then I’ll give him a slip of my fist, he knows the boundaries.”

“FUCK! I NEED TO CUM AGAIN!” Rita screamed from underneath Stephanie’s pussy.

“I came twice already, but that third one is sounding pretty good right now,” Stephanie said.

She got off of Rita and pushed him back onto the couch and started riding him again while Ashley watched as she played with herself. Rita got up and bent over the arm of the couch so her elbows were touching it and spread her legs like she was getting searched. I was right behind her with my cock in hand ready to push it back into her when she stopped me.

“No, not there, I want it in my ass now, and I want it hard too!”

“What?!” Ashley said from over by the couch. “You’re about to let him fuck you in the ass?”

“Fuck yeah! It won’t be the first time, and it definitely won’t be the last.”

“I gotta see this. I never actually seen anyone get fucked in the ass in real life.”

I don’t know how, but she fit herself in between the little space between our legs and the couch and was looking up at my cock about to be shoved into her ass. Since I didn’t warm her up for it or anything throughout the night I dipped into her pussy to lubricate my cock and opened her up a little with my thumb, and when I felt she was ready enough I put my cock at her asshole and pushed in. it only took about ten seconds before I was completely buried in her ass.

“Holy fucking shit Rita! You just took the whole thing! Does it hurt?” Ashley asked.

“No, it feels so fucking gooooooooooood! Fuck me harder Randy, fuck me!” Rita moaned.

I pulled my cock out slowly just to tease her a little and when she started to whine I slammed it back into her, making her lose her balance for a second before she gathered herself. She regrouped herself and was way more stable as I stopped the teasing and rammed inside her ass over and over with Ashley right under us. I could feel my balls swinging around and slapping the underside of her pussy, it kinda hurt a little with as fast as I was going, but I was too far along to stop now, I couldn’t if I wanted to anyway, I was on autopilot and Rita’s constant moaning and the sound of her ass clapping against me made stopping impossible.


“This is fucking amazing,” Ashley said still under us. “He’s fucking the shit out of her ass and she not only loves it, she’s begging for more! I wish I had a camera for this!”

“You got the best view in the house, enjoy it while it lasts,” I said.

“Oh I’m not fucking going anywhere, even if you cum I’m gonna stay right here!”

“That’s good to know, because that’ll be happening in no time if I keep this up.”

I continued pounding Rita for all I was worth, enjoying the tightness of her ass, but flinching every once in a while when my balls slapped against her too hard, but it was a necessary sacrifice for the deed I was doing. Rita had her back arched the whole time I was fucking her and then changed it up when she pushed up on her hands.

“Fuck Ashley! You just can’t get enough of my pussy can you!”

“Not I know why Randy eats it so much, it’s always so juicy, just waiting to be licked!”

Rita had the best of both worlds. She was getting oral and anal at the same time. I grabbed her arms at the elbows and used them to manually arch her back, exposing more of her pussy to Ashley who was only too eager to step in and clean her up, or at least try to.

“Right there Chris, right there! Don’t you stop, I’m cumming!” Stephanie screamed.

“You either Randy, I’m about to cum too, keep fuck me harder, harder! Harder!” Rita said.

I could feel her muscles contracting over and over and I knew she was close, but there was a problem, so was I. I almost always came after she did, I don’t know if it was the liquor, or Ashley being there, or whatever new circumstances popped up tonight, but I knew I was about to cum too, it was just a matter of who would get theirs first. I knew Rita would kill me if I came first and she lost her orgasm, she’d literally kill me, nymphos can’t afford to miss out on a really good orgasm, so I mustered up all my drunken energy and will power and made it my mission not to come until I was the floor get wet with Rita’s pineapple flavored squirt. I had to build her up fast, me fucking her fast like that was the only way to make her cum, but it was pushing me closer too. I needed her to come now, and to do that, I needed some help.

“Ashley, work your magic. Let’s give her the best of both worlds.”

Turns out that was all I needed to say. Ashley’s hands went directly to Rita’s nipples and judging by her immediate reaction her tongue went straight to her clit. She had one of the best tongues around eating her pussy and the cock she loved so much stuffed up her ass again and again with growing force, she was done. Right away I could feel her walls squeeze tight and clamp down, and she let her head drop with her hair swinging wildly everywhere.

“Here it comes! Ashley you better move or you’re gonna get fucking drenched!” I said.

“Nope, I said I’m staying right here and I’m staying right here, if she soaks me, good.”

“Ok, I tried to warn you,” I said as Rita threw her head back up as her body tensed up.

“I’m cumming! Oh my god! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Just as I said, Ashley got drenched. Rita’s cum just poured out of her all over Ashley’s face and naked body, but she stayed there and let it happen. Rita was up on her tippy toes, but had her back arched, but had her head leaning forward, and was switching from gritting her teeth to exhaling a long silent moan as her body emptied everything she drunk in the last week all over Ashley. I was still fucking her the whole time she was cumming, and when her orgasm finally came to a rest, her body was almost unable to stand up on its own, so I went back to holding her up by her hips while the top half of her body just basically dangled there until she fell forward on the couch, accidentally propping herself up. Not having to force myself to hold back anymore I relaxed myself and kept on fucking her. Ashley was still under us wiping her face off from after Rita gushed all over it, but miraculously her hair was untouched. Rita squeezed her muscles around me one more time before she propped herself back up on her hands.

“Come on baby, cum inside my ass, I know you want to,” Rita moaned.

Yes I did, and I was about to. I could feel it about to happen and I grabbed her hips and smashed into her as hard as I could before I lodged myself inside her and squirted who knows how much cum inside her. I gritted my teeth and she huffed for air each time a hot stream of cum shot off inside her, which was plenty often. I could actually feel my balls pumping cum inside her, it was both a weird and amazing sensation to actually feel it as it happened. When I finally let up I was so spent I didn’t even try to find anywhere to sit down, I just collapsed backwards on the floor behind me, which was good because the floor was nice and cold, and spacious, something that I needed a lot of at that moment. The spacious part didn’t last that long because Rita was laying on top of me with her head on my chest in a matter of seconds after I hit the floor, but I was willing to do without for her. I turned my head enough to catch a glimpse of Stephanie and Chris, they were sitting on the couch with Chris still inside her, but they weren’t moving, like he already came and she didn’t want him to pull out yet, and Ashley was sat on the floor with her back to the couch with the biggest grin on her face.

“Holy mother of fuck!” Ashley said. “If I smoked, I’d need a whole frickin pack after that!”

“It’s so hot! What happened to you opening up the windows?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, I forgot because I got distracted by the orgy that was going on in my living room, my bad. What the fuck though Randy, you were fucking her so hard I could feel it!”

“That’s how she likes it, you see she kept asking for it harder.”

“Your ass doesn’t even hurt a little bit? After all that?”

“Nope. I guess I’m one of those girls who can take it better than others.”

“I bet! I had a first person view of it, you were getting wetter the more he fucked you. That’s an image that’ll be burned in my head for the rest of my life!”

“Hey how about that air though, turn on an a/c or something, please,” I begged.

I could feel my buzz slipping back since I wasn’t moving around anymore. I heard the a/c come on and breathed a huge sigh of relief as the room slowly started to get colder by the second. I wrapped my arms around Rita who was still on top of me and kissed the top of her head since it was the only thing I could reach, and she slid up my body and kissed me on the lips.

“Mmmmmm, you taste like whiskey, pineapples, and pussy,” Rita grinned.

“Yeah I can still taste it too, I think my buzz is coming back, everything’s getting all droopy.”

“We gotta get you used to alcohol more, none of us are feeling the effects anymore except you, we practically sweated it out and you still have a buzz going.”

“You had mom and Aunt Lisa as your drinking buddies, it’s no wonder you built up a tolerance.”

“Yeah, and dad doesn’t drink nowhere near as much as they do.”

“That’s all I’m trying to say. Hey Stephanie, Chris, what you doing over there?”

“The same thing you’re doing, only we do it sexier,” Stephanie said.

“Yeah right, we wrote the book on sexy and sold it to you two,” Rita said.

“Must’ve been east to write since you were basing it off our sex life,” Chris jumped in.

“Even after all that liquor and sex still quick with a comeback,” I said. “Damn buzz, as long as I don’t drink anything else tonight I should be good by tomorrow morning.”

Right on cue, Ashley walked in with another big bottle of liquor. “Alright, time for round two!”

“Round two? I still need time to recover from round one!”

“Awww you’ll be fine, it’s not like you’re going anywhere tonight anyway.”

She brought new shot glasses and poured everyone a glass and sat them in front of us. I just looked at mine. All the glasses looked like they had three shots worth in each one. Once I downed it I knew there was no chance of me waking up without a hangover, at least not without a chaser. Rita sat up in my lap and picked up her glass and handed me mine, Stephanie and Chris picked up theirs, and Ashley raised her glass for a toast.

“To you sex crazed freaky brothers and sisters, never in my life have I been a part of something like that, nor have I ever came white cream. To many more nights like this!”

Everybody raised their glasses and finished their drinks in seconds, but I was having a hard time talking myself into drinking it. I know she’ll wanna finish the whole big ass bottle, and I also knew if I had too many more shots like this, I’d be done for the night.

“Come on Randy, bottoms up! We’re waiting on you!” Ashley said standing there still naked.

Everybody was waiting on me to drink, and I didn’t feel like drunk arguing with anybody, it would get absolutely nowhere, so a sighed and raised my glass and finished the shot, even though it took me about twenty seconds to do so. “Just to let everybody know, when I get pass out drunk like I know I’m gonna, if I throw up, you’re all responsible for cleaning it up, and making sure I don’t run down the street naked, and getting me dressed, so you know.”

“It wouldn’t be the first time for a couple of those,” Chris laughed.

“Speaking of naked, you got comfortable around us pretty fast Ashley,” Stephanie said.

“After everything that just happened there’s no need to be shy anymore,” Ashley said.

“Just don’t get too much like us, after a while you won’t even care where you’re at, you’ll find yourself more naked no matter what time of day it is,” Rita said.

“Like today? It’s not even midnight yet, we still got a long night ahead of us!”

A long night ahead of us indeed. Just as I thought Ashley kept refilling the shot glasses until the bottle was gone, and noone sounded like they were getting re-drunk, except me. She got at least six more shots for each of us out of that bottle that I could remember, but I was phasing out by the third one. I could still hear everybody laughing but it was getting to that point where everyone’s voices were getting to that slowed down deep voice thing, but still I kept taking my shots. I could feel Rita’s hand massaging my cock and balls, but she had to know with the state I was in anything that happened she’d have to make happen herself.

“Don’t you pass out yet, I’m not done with you,” Rita said with that slowed down voice.

“Too late,” was all I managed to get out before I felt my eyes close and I welcomed sleep, the surroundings slowly fading to black as that last shot put me out for the night.


I don’t know what time it was when I woke up the next day, but I immediately noticed three things after I had a minute to shake off being disoriented… nothing else happened after I passed out because everyone was still in their same spots, it was cold as shit, and I had a headache the size of the empire state building. I sat up slowly, making sure not to make any sudden moves or too much noise. It looked like there was a frat party here, all our clothes were thrown all over the living room mixed in with a bunch of empty liquor bottles and couch pillows thrown all over the place, I’ll say this, it was definitely a night to remember, I’m actually surprised I was able to remember anything with as drunk as I was. I must’ve been making too much noise in my effort to be quiet because one by one everybody started to wake up.

“What’s that… oh, it’s just you. Pass out a little early did you?” Stephanie teased.

“Ugh, I might’ve took a little nap just to reset myself,” I said back.


Right away my head started pounding. “Damit man shhhhhhhh! Not so loud!”

“Oh right I forgot, you still have you training wheels on when it comes to drinking!”

“Rather when I’m drinking then when I’m having sex!”


More ringing. “Ok man, jesus, chill! I knew I should’ve quit drinking!”

“Why the hell are we still naked? And why is it freezing in here?” Ashley asked.

“Because it was hot when we finally went to sleep, six bottles ago,” Rita said.

“What happened after I passed out? I can’t remember anything after that.”

“Rita tried to fuck you again but you were too far gone, so we just finished a couple more bottles since we were too lazy to get up and get more then we all passed out,” Ashley said.

“Can you turn that a/c off? It feels like Antarctica in here!”

“And how would you know what Antarctica feels like? You’ve never been there,” Chris said.

“I know it’s cold as fuck just like it is in here, and can we keep the noise down please.”

“Why didn’t you take a chaser? I had some on the table,” Ashley said.

“I forgot to ask for one, I was already too drunk to remember bringing it up.”

I stood up and sat on the pillowless couch. “Well at least we were kinda clean drunks, all there really is to clean is some shot glasses, throw away a few bottles, and put the pillows back.”

“Not to mention all these clothes thrown around the living room,” Rita added.

“We’ll be putting those back on when we leave so that’s not a big deal,” Stephanie said.

“Ahh, my head! Is anyone else even close to having a hangover or am I the only one?” I asked.

“Looks like you’re the only one, everybody else looks fine, but look at it this way, you just leveled up your alcohol tolerance level by at least three levels after last night.”

“Yay. All I need is for this headache to go away and I can celebrate.”

“With more liquor. I like your thinking. But not right away, I don’t want you guys turning into alcoholics, much less think I’m one,” Ashley said.

“I wouldn’t worry about that part too much. Ok I need to find my clothes, I’ve been naked for a little too long and it’s still cold as shit in here.”

We got up and started scoping around the living room, looking for anything that resembled what we were wearing the day before. The only thing I found of mine was my boxers, everything else was either womens clothes or Chris had already put it on.

“Dammit where’s my stuff? Where’d you throw my clothes Rita!”

“They’re in here somewhere! I threw everything over in that area I think.”

I went to the area she pointed to and found my shorts behind the TV and a shoe tangled in the wires, but I was having trouble finding the other stuff. “I’m never gonna find my stuff.”

“You got all day, I’m not doing anything today I don’t think,” Ashley said.

I put on my shorts (which took longer than it should have) and checked to make sure everything was there… phone, wallet, keys, I was good. I pulled out my phone to check if I had any missed calls or anything, and boy did I, seven missed calls, and five texts, all from mom.

“Shit! The vacations over today! What time is it?” I said hurting my own head.

“You’re looking at your phone genius just check,” Chris said gathering his stuff.

I bypassed the dumb moment I had and checked the clock, it was 11:37, they were no doubt already home, but after reading some of the texts I found out they stopped off to get something to eat first and were trying to get us to come, too bad we were passed out.

“Man I completely forgot, or it slipped my mind, whatever, we gotta go!” I said.

“Relax Randy, it’s not the end of the world, they won’t kill us for being late,” Stephanie said.

“Yeah I guess, and it’s not like they know we had a drunken rager or anything, ok.”

“Call mom back and find out where they are, I’ll find our stuff,” Rita said.

“No you call her, I’ll look, she’ll hear me and know I was drunk, you know mom.”

Rita agreed and called her and I looked for our stuff, some of which was in places I don’t know how it got there, like my shirt under the couch, or Rita’s pants with the underwear still in them in the fireplace, or my other shoe all the way in the kitchen. I decided to table that discussion for another time and focus on finding our stuff so we could catch up to our parents. I could hear Rita laughing on the phone with mom, so I knew everything was good on her end, I just needed to find her shirt then we could go. I looked everywhere for it but for the life of me couldn’t find it, and then I heard her hang up with mom.

“So what did she say? Are they at home yet?” I asked.

“They left the restaurant a little bit ago, they just dropped off Steph and Chris’ parents and now they’re going home, we can meet them there if we leave now.”

“We can’t leave yet, I found everything but your shirt.”

She started giggling. “Don’t worry about that I know where it is,” she said as she went into the kitchen and pulled her shirt out of the toaster, and came back to
what had to be the strangest look from me. “What! It was cold as hell, and I was a tiny bit drunk, sue me.”

“So putting your shirt in the toaster was easier than putting it in the dryer, or turning off the a/c? You know what? I’ll let it go, at least you didn’t put it in the microwave.”

“That would’ve been a whole lot easier,” she said getting another look from me. “Hey, we’re all allowed dumb moments from time to time, I just happened to use mine when I was drinking.”

“If you don’t get dressed you’re never gonna get out of here,” Ashley said.

“We’re going we’re going,” Chris said putting on his shoes. “You got this cleanup by yourself?”

“Yeah I can handle it, it’s nothing. I’ll just hold it against you three months from now.”

“For some reason I believe you. Don’t hold it against me, at least I said something.”

“And here I was thinking you were done with all that kiss ass stuff,” Stephanie laughed.

He frowned at her as we finished putting on our stuff and was heading out the door. We all gave Ashley some form of a hug and she followed behind us so she could lock the door. the bright sun made me squeeze my eyes shut and cover my face, I wasn’t ready for all that brightness, and that didn’t help too much with my already throbbing head.


“Bye, and thanks for not yelling!” I said back sarcastically as I opened the car door.

“Just suck it up for another hour, you’ll be fine you big baby!”

I frowned at her as she closed the door smiling at me. It was wearing off little by little, and now I was getting hungry. Good thing we still had that parmesan in the trunk.

“Let us know what your parents got you,” Rita said to Steph and Chris.

“Yeah you too, we’ll meet back up in a couple hours or something,” Stephanie responded.

We all agreed and got in our cars and drove off. I slowly climbed in the passenger seat, there was no way I was driving, I still needed an hour or two for my headache to go away. Rita noticed this and left the radio off so I could ride back in silence, I smiled at her and she smiled back and squeezed my leg before I turned over in my seat to rest my eyes for however long it took her to get us home. Bad idea. Trying to go to sleep in the car is never a good idea because it always seems like you teleported to wherever you were trying to go. It felt like I was only sleep for two minutes before she was shaking me awake, and I sat up to see us in our driveway. The van was already there so we went in the house to see mom and Aunt Lisa sitting on the couch in the living room, holding new shirts and skirts up in the air.

“Hey mom! Hey Aunt Lisa! How was the trip!” Rita said walking over to them and hugging them, and me following right behind her.

“Oh it was amazing! There was so much food, the entertainment was spectacular, and there were so many things to buy, we had to get a cab to hold the rest of our stuff!” mom said.

“What? I thought you stopped off to get something to eat? The cabbie just sat there while everybody else ate in a restaurant?” Rita asked.

“We paid for him to eat too, and we were on the clock,” Aunt Lisa said. “With as cheap as everything was on the boat that little cab fare was nothing.”

“So what did you bring us? I know you didn’t buy all that stuff and not bring us anything back,” I said trying to block out what remained of my headache.

“Of course we brought you some stuff back, it’s not as much as we bought ourselves, but we still brought you stuff, your fathers putting it up in your room,” mom said.

We took the stairs slowly, but kinda in a hurry to see what we got, we didn’t wanna look too anxious. “I bet you dad picked out everything I got,” I said.

“I probably got nothing but clothes, definitely a couple dresses,” Rita said.

We turned the corner into our room to see the bags of stuff they’d gotten for us sitting on the bed. We saw dad standing there and were about to say hi when we were frozen in shock, literally frozen to the floor in shock. Dad was standing there, holding the picture of me and Rita kissing at the water fountain. He was gripping it so tight in his hands you could see the veins in his arms. Of all the things we ever forgot to do, not putting up the incriminating picture of us kissing had to be the dumbest, by far. Fuck.

“I’m only gonna ask you this one time, and you better give me a straight answer. WHAT. THE FUCK. IS THIS!”

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