Amelia Ch. 02

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It is hard to believe that so much has changed and yet so little has changed. That young couple who were so in love before they got married were even more in love. I was really surprised that they weren’t pregnant yet.

Come to find out, their parents asked them to wait awhile because there had been a rash of separations. That was nothing big; Amelia liked sucking off Jeremiah or having it blown on her. I couldn’t wait to see what they had planned for this time. I knew that I was going to have to draw a line at some point but I hadn’t seen it yet.

The couple lived maybe 100 yards from her family. We sat around and talked for a while but avoided most real world subjects unless they inquired about an explanation of something. Amelia and I went to see her mom while Jeremiah helped her dad feed. I don’t think her mom likes me much, only if she knew.

She was hurting and I could tell it. She was large-chested so no one could walk on her back. I asked her to give me a hug. She agreed and as she breathed out, I squeezed gently and she cracked loud. I held her for a second and then let her go. She took a deep breath, it didn’t hurt as much. Then I asked if she wanted the rest to pop.

Before I did it, I said, “A guy cannot do this; my chest is what enables me.” I put her in an arm lock and leaned back and she zippered. Amelia held her mom up when I let go. You could see the relief in her face. She right went back to work. As we went to leave, she gave me a quick smile and I nodded.

Amelia couldn’t believe what I had done as her mom did not like me at all. I told her I needed a little work done while Jeremiah was gone. We shut the door and I kissed her. I lay down and first she walked on my back and then rubbed me down. I taught her about chest muscles, and she was good.

The next thing I knew, I was waking up to Jeremiah beside me. He asked me to move to the corner and be real quiet. He walked out and I moved into the chair. He brought Amelia in and the first thing she said was, “Where’s Kelli?”

“She went for a walk.” He made mad passionate love to her and it was really hard for me to stay quiet. They went on and on. Finally, he was lying beside her when he made eye contact with me. He sat up and stuck his dick in her mouth so she couldn’t see me. I got up, took off my shirt and went over to her, sticking my face in her pussy. She wrapped her legs around me and I was buried. I teased her and pleased her. I finally set up and she went to say something. I shoved two fingers in her pussy and winked at her. Jeremiah gave me room.

I intended to use the move I use with my girlfriend, turning my fingers downward. I was slowly working her and then pointed my fingers down and placed my lubed thumb in her ass. I went to town and she was going nuts so I added another finger and then another. My thumb was in her ass and she was going insane.

I fucked her hard till she came; I took out 1 finger and thumb and gave her another orgasm or two. Finally she went limp and collapsed. Jeremiah gave me a funny look and said. güvenilir bahis “Why aren’t you moving your hand?”

I looked at him and said, “This is why,” and pulled very slightly. She clamped down harder and squirmed. I told him, “She is trying to break my fingers but I would rip her inside out if I pulled out.”

He came down and looked, my upper knuckles were turning white. She finally calmed down and started pushing my fingers out. She sat up and grabbed my hair, pulled me to her and kissed me like she needed air. Then she grabbed my tits. I could see the hunger in her eyes, she was in a trance.

I told Jeremiah he better get comfortable because she is not going to quit until she does what she thinks she needs to do. I laid back because there was no arguing with her. She licked and sucked leaving a very large hickey and then she headed south. She stripped me down and face dove right into my pussy. Instinct took over and she rocked my world.

I was coming as hard as her and then she pulled my trick and finger fucked me. I was in control still and I saw Jeremiah was hard. I asked, “Do you want to know what I felt just a couple of minutes ago?” I got into doggy and had him insert. I whispered in her ear to work my clit. He was fucking me hard and then I clamped down and I stopped him in full stroke.

I came on his dick, twice before I let go but then there were aftershocks. I looked over my shoulder and practically yelled, “FUCK MY BRAINS OUT!!!!” Amelia was sucking and playing with my clit. She got a facial as he pounded me and then I flooded everything and collapsed. She curled up in front of me and Jeremiah was behind me and we fell asleep.

I was awakened to Jeremiah’s dick head at the entrance of ass. I shifted my hips and he slid into my pussy. I was going to finger his sleeping wife, but he stopped me and said, “I want to say thank you for helping us celebrate our anniversary.” He proceeded to fuck me slow and deep. It was amazing. He rolled on top of me and continued a nice slow fuck.

He leaned down and whispered in my ear, “I love fucking you and pleasing you but there is something I want to see.” I looked at him with a questioning look. He kissed me and then said, “I want my anniversary present to Amelia to be a threesome with you and your girlfriend, with me watching. She wants it but she is afraid that you will say no.”

I looked away for a second and then said I will do it on 3 conditions-

1.You provide your dick if asked

2.It take place at my house cause we wouldn’t have enough room here and my girlfriend is way too loud

3.Fuck me now to show me how bad you want this to happen

I don’t remember the next 20 minutes or so. He fucked me till I was practically begging him to stop and then he flipped me over and fucked me till we both came. I guess he really did want this to happen. I told him that we would tell her that I wanted to take you two somewhere special. She won’t tell me no.

We woke her up and got ready to go. I told her mom and she said, “Pop my back türkçe bahis again and I will pretend I didn’t see you leave.”

I told her I was just taking them to meet my husband and a few of my friends and celebrate. “Can I have them for 3 days?” She agreed. I told her that I would pop her back again and asked if there was anything she needed. She told me what she could use if it wasn’t an inconvience and I went back to the house and said, “Let’s go.”

I would find something special for her mom that wasn’t practical.

“Mom said yes?”

“Well, no but she said she would look the other way. Plus I am going to bring her a few things she needs.” We left and she was looking out the window, then she turned her back. In truth I think she kind of wished she could go.

When I got in range, I called James and Texas to set things up. James would have to watch from our bedroom with all the camera feeds. All Texas said is, “If this is what you want, I will help.”

We drove around for a little bit before going to my place. When we got there things were kind of weird as the kids had never really been off the farm. We sat in the living room and talked. Finally Amelia asked me to show her where the restroom was. When she walked in, she asked me to stay. “What’s going on?”

I leaned over and kissed her and said, “Ask your husband.”

She went out and I hollered at James and Texas to come to the bedroom. The kids needed some alone time. I kissed Texas and asked her, “What do you think?” She shrugged. I asked, “Is everything okay?” and she nodded it was. James was watching the monitor intently so I knew something was happening.

I walked into the living room and she was on his lap. I started kissing the nape of her neck. I took her hand and led her to a soft mattress on the floor. I was keeping her attention when Texas came up behind. Amelia started to freak and looked at Jeremiah. He said, Honey I love you. I know that ever since you have been with Kelli and knew she had a girlfriend this is what you have wanted. This is my anniversary present to you, have fun. I gently turned her face toward mine and I kissed her. As I looked deep in her eyes, I said, what do you want? She was quiet and then said, can I start by watching you and Texas so I know what you do to me. I kissed her again and then I said only if you kiss Texas, Texas waited till she moved in and then very tentatively at first kissed and then Amelia got bolder. I looked at Jeremiah and winked. I sat back. Amelia and Texas started to undress each other. I gave small tips along the way. Finally they both turned on me. They worked very well together. We fucked and sucked for a long time. I told Jeremiah to fuck his wife and James came and fucked me. We all fell asleep shortly there after.

The next day I took Amelia and Texas with me to go shopping. We picked up all the things I needed for Amelia’s mom and then I dropped them off to go find something special. I found a Boyd’s Bear in a kitchen that said, Love begins in the kitchen. It was perfect. I went back güvenilir bahis siteleri and the girls were talking on my bed. I kissed them both and laid down. It wasn’t long before we were at it again. I told Amelia to sit back and watch what a wild ride looks like. I fucked Texas hard and put her away very wet. We had a very nice dinner and went to bed early. I wanted to get Mom’s stuff to her before she got into her routine.

She had just finished cleaning the kitchen when we walked in with her stuff. I sent Jeremiah and Amelia away and said I would see them before I left. As she was putting things away, I set the bear on the table and walked into the other room. The next thing I knew, she was standing behind me. She asked, why? Because I wanted to say thank you for everything you did for me and for trusting me. She turned me around and hugged me. I popped her back but still she didn’t let go. She tried to walk away but there was a tear in her eye. I went to hug her again but she turned away from me so I started to rub her back and she melted in my hands. I had her lay down on her bed and I rubbed her good but I hadn’t found her tension spot. I knew it was her chest muscles, so I asked her if she trusted me. If you do, turn over. She did and I laid my hands on her chest and she tried to move. I said trust me and I started to work her over. She finally started to relax and then she caught me off guard. What did you do to Amelia to make her so happy? I kept her from doing something dumb for what she read in a book. Show me, please. I leaned down and kissed her and you could tell that she was hesitant but didn’t pull away. I proceeded to let my hands wander as I said, I just showed her how to make her body feel good and to please Jeremiah. Show me, please. I was very soft and gentle and made her like putty in my hands. She finally stopped me and said; I am feeling things I never felt before. I feel ashamed. I said I didn’t do anything but relax you, minus the kiss.

Every person is different. Older women just want to be appreciated and loved and relaxed. You are very easy for me to do those things for you and I do other things to your daughter. This is between you and me and no one has to know. Amelia has my address if you need me. I leaned up to kiss her on the cheek but she turned her head and kissed me. I walked out and went to say good-bye to the kids. Some months later I got a note, which at first I thought was from Amelia, but it was from Anna. It read:


I talked to Amelia this morning and we both need worked on. If you could, would you come next Saturday, as the men will be gone.


I drove out to see them. When I walked in Amelia got up, kissed me on the cheek and walked out. I looked at Anna and said, I have something for you and handed her a box. It was a sewing Boyd’s Bear that read, Life is sewed with love. I spent several hours doing exactly what she wanted. She wants a `little more every time. I went down and took care of Amelia and then we came back to the house. Over a glass of tea it was decided. I would come every 6-8 weeks to relieve stress. It is a nice reliever for me and sometimes I bring Texas to visit with Amelia while I take care of a very beautiful woman, or two, or three. How lucky can a girl be?

To be continued…

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