AirBNB Part 5

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AirBNB Part 5
I had been live for a week and in that time had 4 guests in total, all were good times and I had 4 good reviews from a good cross section of people. I wasn’t planning anything for today in fact I wasn’t even dressed, just an old pair of boxers so imagine my surprise when I saw my little Swedish friends car pull up outside, I hadn’t seen her since the first introduction so I was hoping all was ok.

I totally forgot how I was dressed as I opened the door and was greeted by Anika’s sweet smile, I invited her in and the first thing she did was comment on my tatty boxers, I apologised and told her I wasn’t expecting anyone, she apologised too and we both laughed.

She was a sweet girl and I liked her, she looked good today in a thin white tee shirt which showed the outline of her bra and a short black skirt, I could feel a chubby coming on just looking at her.
“So what do I owe this lovely pleasure?” I asked looking at her breasts heaving under her tight shirt and she coyly explained that this was just a first week review and to discuss any changes to my bio, all pretty simple really.

As we got to the lounge and sat down Anika looked across at me, “I hope you don’t greet your guests in those Frank, I can see your cock hanging down” she said with a smile, I knew she wasn’t complaining and to be honest hadn’t realized just how tatty these shorts were, even the button had come off so it could fall out at any time, too risky!
“Of course not” I replied, “Although they might like it, want to take a pic and test the water” I said jokingly but Anika as quick as a flash took me to my word, taking her phone out she asked me to stand up which I did and was very conscious that my cock was hanging down the very short leg of my boxers,
“Oh Yes!” she said looking up and taking some shots of my cock hanging low, of course this had an effect on my and my cock began to rise lifting the leg of my shorts with it, this was too good an opportunity to miss and she captured it at every angle.

“Awesome Frank” she said as she flicked through her shots, “I will edit them for you” she continued. She told me that she loved the reviews I was getting and the ‘happy to please’ attitude which customers seemed to like, every guest had given feedback on how comfortable I made them feel which was a comment that Anika had herself made.
She was busy taking notes as I stood in front of her, my cock getting harder by the minute as she periodically glanced up at it, I really need to throw these shorts out, they hide absolutely nothing.

“The other reason I called was to ask you a question” she said in a more business-like manner, I looked down at her with interest,
“Well” she said, “I have an opportunity to do a deal with a foreign exchange student company and they want to send over this French girl as I trial, you are my best host and I wanted you to look after her” she looked at me with those sad blue eyes waiting for my reaction.

I nodded in agreement as I thought it would be a good challenge, Anika’s eyes lit up, “Yippee” she shouted as she stood up and threw her arms around me to give me a big hug, she totally forgot that I had a boner and I could feel it jab her in the belly, “Oops” she said as she stepped back only to change her mind and resume the hug, my cock pressing hard against her belly.
I reciprocated by placing my hands on her arse and gave her cheeks a playful squeeze through the fabric of her skirt, her perfume filled the air as we held each other close for far too long.

My cock was solid against her belly as I gripped the cheeks of her arse and was guessing she wore a thong as I couldn’t feel the panty lines. I felt the flesh of the back of her thighs as I moved my hands back up and under her skirt and nearly shot my lot as I felt the soft bare cheeks and I heard a soft moan as my finger searched within the crack.
Our embrace was disturbed by the ring tone on her phone and she retreated to take the call, I sat in my chair as Anika spoke and she sat back on the sofa with her legs just separated enough to give me a glimpse of white panties.

She finished her call and smiled across at me, “Good news Frank” she said feeling pleased with herself, “That was confirmation of your student booking, she is arriving tonight” she said with a smile.
I looked across at Anika’s smiling face thinking there is no peace for the wicked but at least the room was ready.
I nodded my approval and was told an email will be sent with the students details, Anika opened up her email and opened the email, she went silent as she read the content, “Wow!” she said, “You’re going to be challenged” she said as she read out the content.
Her name was Monique, she was in college, she spoke very little English and was shy. She showed me the attached picture and she looked like a normal teenager, dark complexion with dark hair and thick eyebrows.
Anika then laughed kaçak bahis as she looked across at me, “You better not wear those” she said pointing at my shorts which showed my cock sticking out the leg.

She stood up saying that she had to run and would leave me to prepare for Monique, I stood up and gave her a hug, “Behave” she said softly as we walked to the door. I smiled at her and thanked her as she left.

I spent the afternoon making sure everything was spick and span, took a shower and decided on a more conservative pair of shorts and a button up shirt, I thought I looked pretty good and I sat in the lounge with a beer contemplating the challenge ahead.
I decided to just play it by ear and go with the flow which often turns out the best method, I had no preconceived expectations.

It was just after 6 when a taxi pulled up and the driver got out and got a small case from the boot, I then saw Monique who did look like a typical teenager, she was about 5’2” tall, quite slim, definite dark complexion and quite average looking. She looked a bit tomboyish dressed in a baggy tee shirt and baggy shorts, no socks and trainers.
I opened the door as she walked up the path, “Hello Mr Frank” she said in very broken English, something I will have to adapt to. “Hello Monique” I said with a smile, “Welcome to my home” I continued and welcomed her inside.

She looked at how I was dressed, “We dress the same” she said with a giggle which I thought was a good start. “Yes” I said back, “I have very relaxed dress code, you wear what you feel comfortable in” I said slowly so she understood.
She nodded, “I need shower, me smelly” she said as she pulled the cloth from under her arm and smelt it,
She offered me to take a sniff which I thought was a bit weird but in the spirit of being a good host I accepted fearing the worst, I leant forward to sniff her shirt and my head accidently leant on her boob, it was obvious in that short moment that she had no bra on. Her tee shirt didn’t smell as bad as I thought and actually her sweat mixed with her perfume was actually quit stimulating.

“Mmm” I said softly and I think she took that as agreeance, “it’s not that bad” I said giving her a smile
I showed her up to her room and explained how the shower worked, I then went into my room to sort out a few things. As I left my room I met Monique in the hallway about to shower wearing just a bath towel, “Ooops” she said as she scurried into the bathroom.

I grabbed a beer and waited in the lounge for her to sort herself out, I undid a couple of buttons on my shirt just to feel more relaxed and was on my second beer when Monique appeared, Wow what a transformation.
She walked into the lounge in nothing more than a small bathrobe tied tightly around her waist and ended halfway down her thighs.
“Is this comfortable Mr Frank?” she asked in her cute broken English, I looked her up and down thinking that she looked perfect and she took a seat on the sofa, somehow another button had come undone on my shirt but I don’t think she noticed.

“Can I get you a drink?” I asked her, she thought about it for a moment, “You have squash?” she asked and I knew I made a good squash so I nodded. As I stood up she looked across at me and I wasn’t sure if she noticed my half open shirt or the slight bulge that was bouncing around in my shorts.
I went to the kitchen and made her squash putting a little of my own special ingredient and grabbed another beer.
She watched me as I walked in and handed her drink, she took a big gulp, “Mmm” she said, “That’s nice” and she took another gulp. I had a wry smile on my face as I sat opposite her wondering what, if anything, she had on under the robe.

As we talked, and I found her broken English accent so damn sexy it was difficult to keep control, she did relax a little and make herself more at home and I think the drink was helping that, it was only when she asked for a refill that I realised just how aroused I was, I know she saw the bulge but didn’t say anything and while I was fixing the drinks I undid another button, only 2 to go.
As I returned with the drinks I did get a glimpse and could see she had white panties on and from the angle I was I could also make out that she seemed quite hairy which based on her complexion and hick eyebrows was not a surprise.

“Do you know any French?” she asked and she was now quite relaxed, to be honest I knew no French at all,
“Only kissing” I said with a smile and I think it totally confused her,
“I’m sorry, please explain” she said with a serious look and I wasn’t sure if I had crossed a boundary, I was now regretting unbuttoning my shirt but I had to give her an explanation.
“French kissing” I said, “Have you not heard that term before?” thinking this could go one of two ways
“I don’t get” she said trying to find the right words, “No understand” so I did my best to explain
“It’s when tipobet you kiss someone (I didn’t want to assume sexuality) and you explore each other’s mouths with your tongue, have you ever done that?”, she kind of blushed a bit and then giggled,
“No Mr Frank, I never did” which didn’t really surprise me, I decided to go for gold,

“Really, do you want to try it” I asked in a very hopeful voice, she gave me a look that could kill thunder,
“Oh No” she said coyly, “I never done” but somehow I got the impression that she just needed persuading.
She took another gulp of her drink and rethought her decision, “OK, I try it” she said so I stood up and asked her to stand up as well, her robe had loosened at the top and I got a quick glimpse of her boobs as we positioned ourselves and she did the cover up.

“Ok then, when our lips meet open your mouth and let your tongue explore” I said as I held her shoulders, she nodded and we moved our heads closer while our bodies stood apart, as our lips met I felt her open her mouth and then our tongues met, I let her do the running and for a first time I though she did well, I could feel myself getting harder as her tongue explored my mouth and after about a minute or so she pulled back,
“WOW!” she said as she regained her breath, I could see her nipples poking at the thin cotton of her robe,
“WOW!” she said again as she sat back down and stared at the flagpole that had appeared in my shorts.

“Did you enjoy that?” I asked standing there looking down at her and judging by her bullet nipples I think I knew the answer.
She didn’t speak, “Shall we try it again but this time we embrace” I suggested allowing her the opportunity to practice, she looked up at me and nodded and as she stood up I sneakily undid the two remaining buttons so my shirt was now open.
We came close and our lips met, her tongue darted in my mouth full of enthusiasm and I put my arms around her back and pulled her close, our tongues were intertwined as the kiss was filled with passion, I could feel my cock pressing hard against her lower belly and my arms dropped to her arse.
She didn’t flinch and kept her tongue in my mouth and then started to suck on it, OMG the feeling of her sucking on my tongue was sending shivers down my spine and my hands were soon up the back of her robe feeling her bare arse cheeks.

Her kissing was relentless and she held on to my head pulling me closer, I grabbed her arse cheeks pulling her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist, my cock was lodged between her legs and her passion increased.
I walked back to the sofa and put her down, she seemed upset that I broke up the passion but that was short lived as I pulled at her robe tie and her tiny robe flung open, I stood there staring at her body, her boobs were small but pert, her nipples erect and she had slightly dark skin, my eyes wandered down to her white thong, a large bulge of pubic hair and was visibly escaping out the sides and up to her arse, she sat there with her head back and legs open, such an inviting sight.

I knelt down in front of her and pushed her knees wider, she had a look of anticipation on her face which was a mix of nervousness and excitement as I started to kiss her knees and the inside of her thighs, licking my way up until I could feel the warmth of her pussy on the side of my face, I turned my head and licked the outside of her panties while looking up at her and seeing the expression on her face.
She tasted nice and I could hear her breathing getting heavier as I explored the fabric, flicking my tongue all around the gusset, I put my hands under her arse and pulled her closer, I could see her hairs disappear up her crack, can’t say I have been with a girl with a hairy arse and was excited at the prospect.

She had her legs around my shoulders as she pulled me closer, her angle allowed access to her crack and I wasted no time trying to get my tongue up there, I decided to remove her panties which gave me better access and it wasn’t long before I could taste her juices, my tongue exploring beep between her labia lips and my nose being tickled by her hair.
Her head went back and her eyes closed as she started mumbling something in French and then her body shook violently as she reached orgasm, I gripped her arse cheeks tight as she filled my mouth with her sweet French sauce, my cock was bursting at the seams of my shorts so I decided it was time.

I slipped my shorts off and edged forward and held it against her belly, teasing her by running it up and down through her pubes, her eyes lit up as she saw my hard monster for the first time, she mumbled something else in French as I teased her by rubbing it around her wet pussy lips almost begging for me to push in, I wasn’t going to disappoint her and slowly entered the head.
She gasped as I slowly pushed in, she was tight, very tight and shouted tipobet giriş out something in French which got louder the deeper I went,
I lent forward and we embraced in another kiss, OMG she was passionate about it and instantly started to suck on my tongue as I began to thrust in and out, very slowly while maintaining the tongue contact.

She tried to cry out as we were kissing which just came out muffled but judging by the shaking and the wetness around my bollocks I would guess that she cum again, this just spurred me on and I increased the speed and got into my rhythm, she just loved the kissing.
I knew I was close and made the decision to pull out and let her see me ejaculate but my timing has never been good in that respect so why would today be any different, I could feel my balls tighten and my cock start to pulsate but the first spurt always catches me out and Monique gasped and nearly bit my tongue off as she felt the hot liquid hit her belly.
I pulled back just in time for the second spurt to shoot up her belly landing squarely onto her left tit.
She looked down open mouthed at what was happening, the third spurt landed on her belly.

“WOW! Mr Frank, you good” she said with a smile, she looked down at the mess that was made on her belly taking a bit with her finger and licking her finger clean, she screwed up her face at the taste. Then totally unexpected she did it again, this time she didn’t screw up her face and actually smiled, she scooped up again but this time offered her finger to me, I couldn’t refuse and sucked her finger clean, we continued like this until she was clean and just to make sure I then gave her belly and left breast a licking paying close attention to her nipple.

She looked up at me a bit blurry eyed, “I need bed” she said, I passed her robe and helped her up the stairs and showed her to her room.
I returned to the lounge with another beer and still naked, I noticed her panties on the floor and couldn’t resist. I picked them up and felt the wet gusset which I then held up to my nose, Mmm they did smell nice. They had elastic waist so I decided to try them on and OMG when the wet gusset came against my balls I nearly cum, they felt quite comfortable so I sat in them for a while rubbing my cock through them.

Monique had been in bed an hour when I decided to go to bed and check on her on the way, I don’t think she will need her panties overnight so decided to keep them on.
Monique’s room door was ajar so I poked my head around it and through the moonlight shining through the window could just make out Monique laying on the bed on her stomach totally naked. I tried to focus as my eyes adjusted to the light, she was on her right side with her left knee up so her little bubble butt was slightly up in the air and with her legs apart could clearly make out her hairy mound.
I moved into the room and stood at the end of the bed where I had a clearer view of her hairy arse, it looked quite cute seeing a few stray hairs appearing from her crack.

I leant forward and gently parted her cheeks to get a view of hr arsehole and OMG she did have a few hairs, it looked very much like a guys arse. As I held her cheeks apart she didn’t flinch at all and I could feel myself getting hard and my cock had popped out the top of Monique’s panties I was still wearing.
I quietly got on the bed between her legs and while holding her cheeks apart I gently tongued her hairy hole, OMG it did taste nice and while I flicked and licked she didn’t stir.
She was like a ragdoll as I ran my tongue up and down her crack and down between her legs although I did hear some kind of murmur as my tongue tried to get in her arsehole.
I got in close and using my saliva I slowly inserted a finger into her back door, I felt her body jerk a bit as I slowly pushed it in. I wiggled it a bit before slowly finger fucking her.

She murmured a bit more before to my amazement lifted her arse up and pushing back on my finger, this was my signal and I pulled her panties down and lodged them under my balls before offering up my cock and running it down her crack, I found the wet opening and slowly pushed in, she cried out something but I could still feel the pressure of her pushing back and once I had got the head in the rest followed easily.
She grabbed hold of the pillow as I pushed in right up to the hilt and then slowly started to fuck her arse.

With her face buried in the pillow her cries were muffled as I started to pound away at her tight arse and with the tightness of her panties under my balls I knew I wasn’t going to last long, I felt it coming “OMG! YES!!” I shouted as I felt the first spurt sheet deep inside her, she cried out something in French as she felt it followed by two more with equal intensity.
“OH YES!” I shouted as I slowed the thrusts down and I felt her arse sucking every drop from me.
As I pulled out she turned to look at me, her smile said it all and then she looked down at my softening cock, “You wear my panties” she said with a giggle. I was speechless. “It nice” she continued.
“Goodnight” she said and turned over and went back to sleep.

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