Adventures of Fritz Ch. 01

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The early seventies was a young man’s Adventure land. With the new freedom of expressing yourself sexually and nothing being too far out, it was a great time to be me, Fritz.

Growing up in Chicago in the 70 “s, you had a nickname, mine was Fritz. We all grew up on the same block and hung out in the dark alley every night. The alley is where every young man learned about sex. Most of it was all talk, but I was to learn that I was different. Seems I had a knack to fall into a sexual situation.

I could never participate in the story telling, because I was the youngest in the group and all of my sexual experiences at the time, happened with family members.

My parents came over on the boat, literally, and I was an only child as well. In Europe we had many relatives. Between my father and mother there were 12 brothers and sisters. I did not know it then, but lucky me had 10 aunts and many cousins in Europe.

Which brings me to one of my early accidental encounters with an Aunt.

One of my Aunts, Auntie Ressie was coming to stay with us in our 2 flat for 3 weeks. Mom and dad took me to O’Hare, to pick her up at the airport. At 18 I really rather have stayed home and played ball, then to be stuck with an older aunt in a long car ride.

Yahoo, the great moment came as she cleared customs and we all hugged.

My auntie was 2 feet taller then I was, as she hugged me all I could feel were two gigantic breasts around my face. Her breasts were moving like Jell-O just released casino siteleri from the bowl. My face felt like it had fingers as I melted into her breasts and felt her continuous ripples of movement as she kept talking and crushing me at the same time.

My auntie was a looker, she was 35 and in great shape. She worked her small farm in Austria and rarely left her village of 25 families. This was her first trip to America and my first time to meet her. Being it her first trip she brought way too much luggage, which ment that the back-seat of the car was me, my auntie and 3 pieces of luggage.

I squeezed into the car and my auntie Ressie poured herself in next to me. Again with the breast in the face, as I felt myself competing with them to look out the side window. Her breast were sporting something sharp, must have been 1 inch points sticking out of the thick sweater. I looked again and realized it was her nipples, my God, they must be enormous.

She sat chatting with my parents, as was to be an hour ride that I would never forget.

Auntie Ressie kept fidgeting around until she got comfortable. Leaning in such a way, so as to see my parents as she talked, she had her hand on my thigh. Wow, now I started to feel some stirring in my pants. Between the breast in the face and hands on my thighs, this was the closest to the opposite sex I ever had gotten to.

I sat back pretending to look out the window, enjoying her breasts on my face, when I felt movement on my thighs. My Auntie canlı casino was making small circles as she was talking to my parents. These circles were moving upwards I thought, No, must be my wishful imagination. Damn, this all made my penis hard and made sitting still hard. I shifted so my penis could be more comfortable in my shorts.

Time stood still from this point on as I finally realized that my Auntie was really making larger and larger circles until her fingers were tracing over my erection. All this exploration was concealed from my parents because of the high front bench seat the Galaxie 500 had at the time.

Auntie Ressie never once looked at me but kept slowly rubbing my penis through her circled passes. With the on and off sensations I thought I was going to mess my shorts. The circling stopped and now I felt her fingers crawling like a spider upwards to it’s frightened prey.

As they were still chatting about who was doing that and who was doing this in Europe, my aunt was doing me. Her hand slowly crept under both my shorts and surrounded my penis. I jumped, but I was lodged between my auntie and the luggage to my left, that I barely moved. I was trapped to whatever my auntie wanted to do.

My auntie handled my penis with such care, kneading it, measuring it and at the same time making it larger. Without looking at me still, she started to slowly move my foreskin over the head of my penis and back. While talking, she kept this up in such a slow pace that I was dying from kaçak casino the pleasure of torture.

Thinking this was no accident anymore I decided to try to sneak a feel of her breast. Looking at the back of my parents head I leaned to the right and grabbed a handful of my auntie’s breast with my left hand. God, her breasts never ended, I would need five hands to hold those babies.

Then it all happened, in a blur, she grabbed my hand off her breast and then while I was shocked at this action, she preceded to jack me off quicker. Her pace quicken after each stroke. I was squirming because my penis head was so sensitive and it hurt yet I wanted to cum and couldn’t.

Oh My God her hand went faster, as I notice Wrigley field go by. Now, I was going to explode as I saw our turn coming up. My heart was beating quickly seemingly in pace with my auntie’s hand. Oh My, as we approached the alley to our neighborhood I saw my friends playing ball. The hand was going even faster still. Then it happened, I started coming. She withdrew her hand and like the rippling of her breast at the airport, I felt glob after glob of cum roll out of my penis as I spurted inside my shorts. My penis had a mind of it’s own as it throbbed and throbbed, by now just shooting blanks.

My father parked the car in the garage. My auntie got out without looking at me still, and got her first look at the neighborhood. I took this as a chance to get out of the car and to run off. I hollered to my parents that I was going to go play ball. I found the first gangway to dart into so that I could try to clean myself up. Wow, as I wiped my penis off in the darkness of the gang way, I was wondering what else my auntie was going to do.

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