A Taboo Family Meeting

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Authors notes: This is literally my first time writing an erotic story. I am going to do my best with grammar and punctuation. Please comment and let me know how I did. Hope you enjoy.

A Taboo Family Meeting

Picture a normal family of four. There is the Father, Mark, he is 45, 6′ 2, about 250 pounds, salt and pepper hair. He is well built, a little on the hairy side, a dark full beard on his chin. He’s an attractive man, but he’s not a model. He does not have a six pack, in fact he has a bit of a beer gut but his shoulders, arms, and chest make up for his little bit of extra around the midsection. Mark has the libido of a teenager. Him and his wife have a very active sex life. Mark is bisexual and has enjoyed group activities with his wife and a few of his work buddies.

Moving on to the Mother, Cindy. She is 40, about 5′ 6, 145 pounds, beautiful red hair. Cindy is also an attractive parent, she’s a little on the chubby side, but not fat. She has nice round 36DD breast that sag a bit due to her age, but remained relatively perky. She has nice thick strong thighs that lead up to a firm, but aging butt.

Cindy like Mark is bisexual, she enjoys sexual acts with both women and men but prefers men, mostly.

Then there is Mark and Cindy’s oldest child James. James is 19, a decent looking boy, he’s tall like his father 6′ even, about 175 pounds. He is not as hairy as his dad, however shares his mother’s red hair. James played sports in high school and is in good shape. Although he is not as big as his dad he is very lean. James still lives at home and attends a local college. James of course is not a virgin, playing sports he got a decent amount of attention from the opposite sex, but just like mom and dad James likes both pussy and dick.

Last but most definitely not least we have Rachel. The “baby” of the family. Rachel is 18, 5’8, and about 145 pounds the same as her mother. Rachel carries the weight a little better being a bit taller and more active since she too played sports in high school. She is another beautiful redhead. The spitting image of her mother. Rachel just graduated high school, and works a part time job at a grocery store. Rachel is also not a virgin, she had a few hook ups, but is currently between boyfriends.

Our story begins on an average Texas June afternoon, it’s hot, its humid, it’s Texas. Rachel our “star” if you will, is finishing a shift at the grocery store she works at. The cute boy she likes Dillon (whom also works at the store) is also finishing his shift.

“Hey Rach!” Dillon says doing a short lazy jog to catch up to the cute ginger girl. “Wait up.”

“Hey Dillon, want to walk me home?” Rachel says with a sparkle in her eye. Right now she is hoping he says yes, as the last few times Dillon has walked her home they have fooled around.

“Sure” he says exchanging that sparkle. After the general chit chat, the two teenagers dip behind the alley between some houses for sale.

“Ok big boy drop those pants and get that dick hard, I’m going to treat you to a BJ today!” Rachel says biting her lower lip. Within no time Dillon’ s pants are off and his relatively small 5″ dick is out and immediately hard. Rachel gets on her knees and starts her approach. She licks his shaft on the left side, then the right, and continues her back and forth assault on his cock.

Dillon grows impatient and grabs Rachel’s head, he immediately jabs his cock against her face and starts trying to cram his cock down her throat. “Open up sweetie” he whispers, he continues his thrusting. Rachel wanting to please the “cute” boy, opens her mouth reluctantly only to be blasted in the eye by his premature ejaculate.

“What the fuck Dillon?!!” She yelled as another string jets out onto her cleavage. “Oh damn that was nice Rach” he says retiring his quickly deflating dick into his pants again. “Same time tomorrow?” He yells back doing another lazy jog back out of the alley towards his house. Leaving Rachel still on her knees, cum on her face and breasts.

“What a fucking douche” she says out loud whipping the jizm off of her face. “I’m totally telling everyone about this bullshit” she thinks to herself, changing her mind shortly after realizing that would basically tell everyone how much of a slut she is. Now Rachel had only been with a few guys, but you know how the word around a small town can get, especially when people are giving blowjobs behind some unoccupied houses.

Rachel walked home, alone, and a little sticky. Still thinking about how much of an asshole Dillon was. She walked up her driveway to her parents modest house. There were no cars in the driveway which meant nobody was home and she could get up to her room and masturbate before anyone else was home.

She went upstairs flipped open her laptop got on her favorite porn site and unbuttoned her jeans. She lay on her back with her computer next to her, she slid her hand down her thong brushing the red bush (yes people most times with true redheads the carpet matches the drapes) on the way down. She lazily started rubbing her clit to get herself wet so she could finger herself. After a few minutes of clit rubbing she dips her small thin finger inside her pussy. She continues this and eventually adds a second finger.

Just as things are getting good, she hears something strange, what sounded like a moan. “That’s odd” she thinks to herself, resuming her fingering. As she continues she hears another moan sound. This time a bit more identifiable. She could have sworn nobody was home. She didn’t even lock her door, hell it wasn’t even closed all the way.

Rachel quickly closed her laptop and pulled her jeans off to slip into PJ bottoms. She got up to the door, and remembered Dillon’s dick cream was still on her chest and shirt. She darted down the hall to her and her brothers bathroom to get a washcloth. She knew she had another top in there. She whiped the cum from her chest and switched tops, now in a very thin tank top that did not leave anything to the imagination she crept back into the hallway to her parents room.

Rachel had heard her parents going at it before, but she was never bold enough to spy on them.

As Rachel approached her parents bedroom door she confirmed her previous assumption of the sound being a moan, it was more clear now. She could even tell it was her father grunting. She wasn’t sure why, but she was still very wet and seemed to get even wetter the more she thought about her hunk of a father railing her hot mom.

“Shit” Rachel thought to herself. “The door is closed” she slowly turned the knob, almost so slow she thought her wrist would give out before she could fully turn it. The door was finally cracked open, she was careful in making sure no light peeked through, she looked across the room and sure enough, across the room on her parents King bed, her father’s ass, slamming into her mother in the doggy position. Her mother’s head buried in the pillows to muffle her screams of pleasure.

“Damn, my dad has a nice smooth ass!” She whispered under her breathe. She could see his nice round eggs flapping back and forth, every now and then, a slapping sound after a hard thrust. Rachel subconsciously slid her hand under her pants waist line. And starting tugging lightly at her pretty little red bush.

“Oh god baby I’m going to blow soon” she heard her father say. Before Rachel could get out of the doorway she hears “oooh yea baby fill that hot ass with a big load”. “That’s not coming from the canlı bahis bed” Rachel thought. She was shocked. Now she had to see who it was, she could have sworn it was her mom being humped. Just then another body appeared from her parents bathroom connected to the bedroom. Rachel gasped audibly but she knew nobody heard her. Sure enough her mother was the other person in the room, not getting railed by her father!

Rachel’s dad ass clenched! He was unleashing a flood into someone! “Ughhh yea take that hot cum!” He yelled. “Shhh Mark! Rachel will be home soon! I am not sure if she is ready.” Cindy slowly approached the bed almost blocking Rachel’s view. “Who is my dad fucking” Rachel basically said this at a normal volume. Just then her dad slides his nice juicy cock out of a man’s ass! Rachel can see another dick and balls dangling semi hard, and a clear wet spot from an ejaculation.

“Mmm dad I love your cum in my ass”

“James!!” This time Rachel was audible. She rushed back to her room and shut the door quietly as to not seem suspicious. The scene kept replaying in her head, over and over! It was so wrong! So dirty! Her father fucking a man, and not just any man, but her brother. They both enjoyed it too! “Why is this turning me on so much!” She thought as she lay in bed reliving that split second over and over, watching her brothers asshole close up after a meaty cock slid so smoothly out of it, a small droplet of cum seeping.

Rachel pondered what she had seen all night. Almost getting no sleep. She lazily got out of bed in the morning. She didn’t even change out of her wet thong last night. As she slowly got started she brushed her hair, changed her clothes, she got out a new thong, and bra. Grabbed her favorite pair of booty shorts, they were pink and hugged her curvy ass nicely, she grabbed another thin tank top and put it on. She took a minute to admire her young figure in the mirror. It was Saturday and her whole family should be home today. “How awkward” she thought.

Rachel has a nice rack, a large C cup, borderline D. Not as big as her mother’s but certainly more perky. “God why am I thinking about moms boobs?” She questioned her now perverse thoughts about her family. Rachel mustered up the courage to head downstairs. As she got to the living room she saw her mom. Wearing the same robe as last night.

“Morning sweetie” her mother greeted her. “Morning mommy” Rachel returned. Rachel’s eyes wandering over her mother’s body, curvy and sexy were the best two words to describe her. Rachel followed the path of the living room into the kitchen, half expecting to see her brother and dad talking about college, that was their usual Saturday routine. They were absent.

Rachel poured herself a cup of coffee and went back to the living room, her mother was bent over looking for something in between the couch cushions. Her bush and pussy slightly visible. Rachel subconsciously licked her lips right before her mother stood up and turned around. Her robe a bit off to the side and one of her big areolas fairly visible. Cindy adjusted her robe.

Rachel snapping back out of the trance she seemed to be in. “Where are James and dad” she asks trying to play off that she was just looking at her mother’s pussy and breast. “They left for an appointment, they should be back relatively soon” her mother answered. Rachel wanted to go back upstairs and finger herself to orgasm but to do so she had to pass her mother, who seemed to be standing in the way on purpose.

As Rachel stepped closer to her mother. Cindy gently grabbed her daughter’s shoulder. “Rachel” she whispered, “we heard you last night. I’m not sure how much you saw or heard, but when your father and brother get home I am calling a family meeting” Cindy gently kissed her daughter’s cheek and gave her a firm but playful slap on the ass.

“What the fuck is going on?” Rachel thought as she walked back up to her room. Rachel was nervous, she was shaking. She even stopped drinking her coffee to make sure she didn’t make the shakes worse. What was her father going to say she thought, shit what was her brother going to say. Her heart sank when she heard her brothers truck pull into the driveway. “Why did I have to go snooping?” She questioned.

A few minutes later she heard her brother and father come into the house, she heard the muffled voices but could not make out what they were saying. “Fuck, fuck, fucking shit fuck” Rachel mumbled. “I’m wet again! Why?” “Rachel!” Her mother called, “family meeting remember?”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck” Rachel mumbled again and continued to mumble profanities the whole way down the stairs.

As Rachel entered the living room, she noticed everyone was smiling at her, “There’s my beautiful girl” her dad exclaimed. “Hey sis” James said. “Honey let’s go to our bedroom for this talk” Cindy said to Mark. “Sure sweetie, ladies first” as the three seated family members got up Rachel noticed buldges in her father and brothers shorts. Nice meaty buldges.

As the girls were walking up stairs the boys were snickering about something Rachel couldn’t hear. Unbenounced to her they were watching hers, and her mother’s ass sway with each step. Once they arrived in the bedroom Cindy invited her children and husband onto the bed.

(A quick side note, up until this point everyone has been relatively average, however to make my story as enjoyable as possible the characters in this story will have unrealistic amount of stamina and cum to share.)

“Rachel honey, we heard you outside our door last night. First off we want to make sure you understood what you were seeing.” Cindy softly said to her daughter, her brother and father still snickering. “Yea mom” Rachel said rolling her eyes ” Dad was buttfucking James and blew a load up his ass!” The room got quiet. They boys stopped their snickering and Cindy frowned a bit.

“Well sweetie clearly you have a vulgar mouth, have you ever had sex before?” Cindy questioned.

“Yes mom I’ve been fucked before…..” Rachel paused, “never up the ass though.” James giggled. ” Well Rachel, your father and brother are bisexual, I am sure you know what that means. And sometimes men have sexual urges a woman cannot satisfy” Cindy put her hand on her daughter’s shoulder, her robe coming undone and her heavy breasts coming into view for the whole family

At this point Rachel had realized her brother and father had started rubbing each other’s buldges. “Whoa mom ok this is getting too weird for me” Rachel said trying to stand up but meeting some resistance from her mother. “Rachel, have you ever kissed a woman before?” Cindy asks, slowly bringer her face closer to her daughters. “Nnnn no” Rachel replied, her mother drawing even closer. Rachel can now feel her mother’s breath on her mouth.

As Rachel’s attention had wandered to her mother getting very close, she hadn’t noticed her brother and father had pulled each other’s dicks out of their shorts. James was stroking Mark’s and Mark was stroking Jame’s. Mark was astonishingly smooth given his hairy body, it almost looked as though he had waxed. James was also very smooth. Mark was not circumcised, every time James would pull down the swollen head of her father’s cock would come into view. Glistening with pre cum. His dick looked very slick. He was about 7 inches long and girthy. Her brother was circumcised, he was 6 to 6 and a half inches long, and just like his father girthy.

Rachel was so fixated on watching her brother and father stroke each bahis siteleri other, she didn’t notice her mother had taken her robe off entirely, and was sitting with her legs spread open. “Do you like what you see baby?” Cindy asked her daughter, referring to both her son and husband, and herself. As she cupped her heavy breasts. “Uhhh…huh” Rachel answered in the affirmative.

Just as her attention shifted it was once again drawn to the 2 nice meaty cocks within reach of her. “Unghh yes! Ungh I’m cumming daddy!” James cries out as he erupts. With a flash Rachel’s mom was bent over with her son’s cock deep in her throat while her brother moaned in pleasure. His mom gobbling up his cum. Cindy’s ass and pussy were now in clear view of Rachel. It looked shiny and slick due to her mother clearly enjoying what was happening in front of them.

Rachel was awoken from her trance when her mother withdrew her mouth, and without warning planted an open mouth tongue kiss on Rachel. There was still cum in her mouth. Her brothers cum. It tasted familiar, but sweet, and salty. “This is amazing” she thought to herself. After their kiss was broken Cindy asked “Rachel honey, why don’t you get more comfortable, your brother and father sure have”. Rechels eyes shifted and her brother and father were now naked, James lay on his back stoking his own cock back to life, while his father was kneeling above his head, slowly putting his dick to Jame’s mouth.

“Omg mom! This is so hot. I’ve never watched two guys suck each other before.” Rachel exclaimed. “Oh sweetheart, they will do so much more than that to each other and to me and you!” Cindy replies with a wink, helping her daughter out of her shirt. “My you have grown into such a beautiful woman, and I see you take after your mother in the pubic hair department.” Cindy says with another wink. Rachel looks down a bit embarrassed, then realizing her mother has the same red bush between her legs.

“Honey, why don’t you show her how the girls in this family have fun” Mark says as he continues to pump his cock into his sons mouth. Cindy smiled at her husband and pushed Rachel’s shoulder down and lay her down on her back “oooh” Rachel squealed. Her mother’s face quickly disappeared in under her pubic hairs and Rachel felt a jolt of electricity through her body as her mother’s tongue first touched her pussy.

Meanwhile Jame’s cock was nice and hard again. Cindy stopped her licking for just a moment long enough to get out “James darling come give your mommy that hard cock!” Without question James removed Mark’s dick from his mouth with a “pop” and got behind his mother’s juicy ass. “Which one mommy?” James questioned. “Dealers choice baby” his mother answered, continuing her onslaught on her daughter’s pussy.

James lined up the head of his slick cock and slid it slowly into his mother’s pussy. Her wet lips parting slowly with every inch. When he was finally all the way in he started to withdraw his member Rachel snapped back into reality when her eyes met her brothers. “Wow Rach, your tits look great from here. And you have such a cute face while moms face is buried in your snatch” James said as he started humping into his mother’s womb.

“James” Mark asked. “Yea dad” he replied. ” Do you want to have my first load? Or do you want me to give it all to your sexy little sister” Mark asked while he slowly reached down and started fondling his daughter’s breast. “Daddy give it to James! I don’t like dicks being jabbed down my throat!” Rachel spoke up between moans, remembering back to Dillon blasting on her face. “You got it baby girl” Mark said standing up and swinging one leg over his wife’s body.

James opened his mouth and just like his mother had done for him, he accepted the copius amount of cum his father produced. About 8 ounces. (Can of Redbull) “unghh oh yea buddy suck that dick” Mark exclaimed. James expertly sucked every last drop from his father’s deflating cock. “Mmmm dad your jizm tastes so go…. “Oh I’m fucking cumming” Cindy screamed interrupting James. He felt his mother’s pussy tighten around his cock as she pulsed. Her tight rosebud winking at him with every convulsion.

“Baby girl you are the only one who hasn’t had an orgasm” Mark stated withdrawing his cock from his sons mouth. Sitting down by her head. “I know daddy, this is so overwhelming I guess I can’t focus” Rachel said almost ashamed. “Rach, why don’t you let dad fuck you. He’s good at making mom, and myself cum” James announced as he kept pumping his mother’s pussy.

“Great idea James” Cindy said between licks of her daughter’s twat. “She is so wet he will slide right in this tight hole. What about this hole? I forgot about this one” Cindy said before attacking her daughter’s asshole with her tongue. “Holy shit mom! That feels so good!” Rachel said as she sat up on her elbows to watch. “I’ll continue this in a minute baby.” Cindy said standing up and letting Mark move in. “You ready baby girl?” Mark asked. “I think so daddy, will you be gentle?” She replied looking at him like she was about to cry.

Mark didn’t answer he just kissed Rachel deeply. His beard tickling her as their tongues darted between each other’s mouthes. Rachel then felt her own pussy being stretched open as her father’s thick swollen cock head entered her. Rachel felt….blissful. Her dad was a passionate lover. Not like what she had witnessed before. As hot as it was to watch her dad and brother, or her brother and mother fuck. This was making love. He entered her slow and at a steady pace, she would feel his smooth balls against her ass, they would slowly drift away, only to come back again in a slow methodical pattern.

“Mmmmm daddy that feels so good, kiss me” Rachel asked her father. As he leaned in and started to kiss his daughter, Cindy asked “how does she feel baby?” In stereo she heard “amazing” from both father and daughter. Rachel was completely relaxed and was in her own world as her orgasm started to climb it’s way out of her. Rachel felt some movement near her ass and saw her mother’s hands on her dad’s hips, she could not see her face. “Oooh yea baby lick my ass” she heard her father moan as he picked up the pace of his thrusts. A little more movement and now her brother was holding his father tight from behind. “Get in there buddy, time for you to return my favor from last night.” Mark said to his son.

Rachel felt as if her fatrher was able to get deeper inside her as her brother entered his ass. ” Yea James, fuck daddy while he fucks me!” Rachel moaned as her brother was obviously balls deep in her father. Without warning Cindy brought her legs over Rachel’s face. “Ok baby it’s time for you to repay the favor for mommy” Cindy said lowering herself onto her daughter’s face. And rubbing her soaking wet, freshly fucked pussy All over Rachel.

A sight to behold. Cindy sitting on her daughter’s face, Rachel licking her mother’s pussy, while getting fucked by her father, Mark fucking his daghter while having his own ass penetrated by his son. James building to orgasm sliding his meat in and out of his father. Then a chain reaction. A chorus of moans, profanities and fluids. James was first to pop “ugnhh dad your ass always makes me blow so quick! FUUUUCCCKKK!” James yells. As he pumps his hot thick load into his father’s anus. Rachel let’s out a guteral moan herself as her pussy clenches and seizes on her father’s fat cock. “Fuuuuck yes daddy! That’s it right there!!!! Oooooh!!!” Rachel screams out in pleasure. “That’s it baby cum on bahis şirketleri your daddy” Cindy says nearing her own orgasm. “Fuuuuuuck! Omg I love you all so much!” Mark says exploding into his daughter! Pump after pump, rope after rope Mark exploded into his daughter. He filled her pussy with so much cum it was leaking out from all sides. Mark removed his pulsating cock and stroked it a few times to milk a few more ropes onto his daughter’s pussy lips, asshole, and bush.

Just then the biggest explosion of the night! Cindy. Cindy had only squirted a few times in her life, and both times were during group activities with Mark’s buddies. This time was different however, Cindy had never been so turned on before coming to climax before! This a new euphorical state for her. It seemed like she squirted a gallon. Her pussy erupted like a geiser at Yellowstone. Cum everywhere, hosing her daughter, her husband, and even spraying it upwards to arch over Mark and get James wet. Everyone was soaked. The collateral of spraying Mark made backsplash soaking even Cindy in her own cum.

“Holy fucking shit!” Mark, James, and Rachel all exclaimed at the same time. A lust in everyone’s eyes. Rachel was the first to move, she got into the doggy position and announced “James get that dick inside me right fucking now! I want you to fuck daddys cum deeper inside me!” James snapping from his trance and being covered in his mother’s juices withdrew his still hard dick from his father’s ass, gave a whipe on the sheets and entered his sister. “No wonder you came so hard dad! Rach’s pussy is so wet and tighy!” James exclaimed. Rachel was bucking and working herself to another quick orgasm. Now she seemed possessed by some fuck crazy lunatic.

“Fuck me James! Harder! Harder! Spank my ass James!” She yelled as James did his best to do as instructed. Smack! “Now the other cheek” Rachel ordered her brother. Smack! “Wow baby girl you sure loved that shower your mother gave you!” Mark said stroking his once again hard cock, small droplets of cum still dripping. “Daddy let me suck that cock! Please daddy I need another dick!” Rachel begged as her brother pounder her pussy. “Ar e you sure baby?” Mark asked. “Yes daddy, start slow though, I had a bad experience yesterday” Rachel answered. “Oh my our daughter is a sexy little don’t. Sucking some lucky guys dick” Cindy quipped. Mark obliged and offered his cock to his daughter’s mouth. She immediately sucked him in and started giving him the best blowjobs she could offer. Marks cock was sliding in and out, Rachels cheeks wer w sunk in from the strong suction her young mouth was providing. Mark started slowly sliding in and out of his daughter’s mouth. Rachel was taking about 6 inches in.

“Unghh, unghh, unghh” Rachel could be heard moaning, but couldn’t speak, every time her brother would withdraw his cock from her pussy, her father would occupy her mouth. They were exchanging a sexy kiss above their fuck doll. “Mom why don’t you lick Rahcels ass and make sure it’s ready for a hard cock” James said between thrusts.

Cindy spread her daughter’s ass cheeks apart, Rachel’s asshole was winking “looks like she’s cumming boys! Keep up the good work!” Rachel’s moans were muffled by her father’s cock but she was cumming, and hard. Her pussy was pulsating and pushing her dad’s cum back onto her brothers dick. “Mmmm mommy will lick your ass anytime sweetie!” Cindy said as she circled her daughter’s tight asshole with her tongue. Ensuring her crack was wet with saliva.

“Think she’s ready champ?” Mark asked James. James nodded yes. Both men withdrew their dicks from Rachel. Cindy crawled up to her daughter’s ear and asked “big or small in the butt?” “Big” was all Rachel could say between breathes. Cindy winked at Mark. He took that as his queue and laid on his back, James helped Rachel up into a reverse cowgirl position. Naturally she sat on her daddy’s stiff prick and rode it for a minute. “I don’t think you are ready for that yet sweetheart” her father said to her lifting her off his dick and repositioning his prick to her slick asshole.

Rachel lowered herself on Mark’s cock. His head finally. Breaking the tight seal on her virgin asshole. “ugmnh” was all Rachel said as she lowered herself even more. Once she was all the way in Mark whispered into Rachel’s ear “ride daddy’s cock with your asshole baby.” Rachel was obedient and started her slow process of riding her father. She felt so full. Her ass being stretched, it hurt but also felt good. She had never even had a finger up her ass before. She wanted to try anal. But never had a guy ask her. Cindy was busy sucking James until Rachel was acclimated to her father in her ass.

After a few minutes James stood up and brought his wet cock and presented to his sisters mouth. “Mmmm yea suck me sis” he said slowly humping into her mouth. Cindy slid over and buried her face in her daughteres snatch again. “Honey your cum tastes so good out of our daughter’s pussy” she said between sucks and licks. “That’s wonderful darling, save some for me” Mark replied. “Move over mom, I’m going to make a new flavor” James said pointing between his sisters legs.

“Oh my fucking god yes! DP me! I can’t beleive this!” Rachel yelled awaiting the royal fucking she was about to receive. James lined up and slid in. A loud “mmmmmm” came from all three of them. Cindy was fingering herself watching. “Fuck sis your pussy feels so tight when dad is up your ass.” James said pumping into his sister. “And dad your dick feels so good rubbing against mine inside Rach” he said between thrusts. “Ughhh daddy is my ass nice and tight for you? Rachel asked? ” Your ass is so tight baby girl” Mark replied “how about my pussy big bro?” She asked James. “Its so tight sis! I can’t wait to explode in you at the same time he does!” James answered. Cindy had moved up and started fondling her daughter’s breasts. “Actually boys I have a different idea for all that hot cum” she said winking at her son. “You boys tell me when and I’ll tell you where!” She winked again.

Rachel was in heaven. “Kiss me bro!” James did. “Kiss me daddy” Mark did. “Kiss me mommy” Cindy did. “Let’s have a four way kiss!” Rachel exclaimed. All four mouthes conjoined into one. All tongues, and lips were touching and kissing each other.

The boys started to pick up their pace. Mark would withdraw from Rachel’s ass and James would plunge into his sisters twat. Their balls slapping, Rachel screaming “Fuck me daddy! Fuck me big bro! Suck my tits mommy! Oooh I’m going to fucking cum!” Rachel started convulsing her holes opening and closing tight on the two big cocks inside Her!

“Fuuuuck mommy I’m going to cum!” James proclaimed. “Right here baby!” Cindy said holding Rachel’s tits together. James withdrew and exploded all over his sisters chest and neck “fuuuck yes! Never thought I’d paint my sister with cum!” He yelled. “My turn darling!” Mark chuchImed in. “Here honey” Cindy said patting Rachel’s bush. Mark pushed his daughter off and onto her back. Pumped his cock twice and blasted his seed all over her pussy, ass and bush. “Ungh” Mark moaned as he unloaded another 8 onces onto his daughter.

“Holy fuck mom there is so much cum on me!” Rachel said rubbing her breasts and bush. “Yes baby there is, now boys it’s lunch time! Let’s dig in” father and son obliged excitedly as they licked their own and each other’s cum off of Rachel’s limp body. Cindy helped and before she allowed her daughter to drift off to sleep she whispered into her ear “wait until my sister hears about this!”

Thanks for reading every one. I hope you enjoyed. If you didn’t I will still write more. So please constructive criticism.

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